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befoir; befool; befooled; befoor; befor; beforehand; beforementioned; beforetime; beforn; befouled
  1. No little Gradgrind had ever seen a face in the moon; it was up in the moon before it could speak distinctly.

  2. The combination of coercion and religion is ridiculed in the theological constraint of Mrs. Pipchin, when she told little Miss Pankey "that nobody who sniffed before visitors ever went to heaven.

  3. There was one clear shining star that used to come out in the sky before the rest, near the church spire, above the graves.

  4. Half the establishment was writhing and crying before the day's work began; and how much of it had writhed and cried before the day's work was over I am really afraid to recollect, lest I should seem to exaggerate.

  5. I have never felt the want of parents in your goodness and affection, but that I might have done so, and might have been equally helpless and unprotected with this poor child, have pity upon him before it is too late!

  6. Whenever words are given before thought, or as a substitute for thought, and without definite relationship to the thought already in the mind, they lie in the mind as unrelated, and therefore unavailable knowledge.

  7. I tumble down before I get to the old place, at a point where I was all right before, and stop to think.

  8. And there was humanity in those mothers who clasped their babes to their breast and fled before the bloodhounds that they might escape the enslavers of men.

  9. Never before have so large a number been here at the beginning of the term.

  10. There was humanity in those slaves who toiled their way over mountains and through swamps before the war, with their eyes focussed upon the North star of freedom.

  11. Gordon's intrepid courage, and Emin Pacha's brave endurance have all succumbed before it.

  12. Carlyle tells the story of a woman in the North of Scotland in the old days before charity was organized, who wanted help.

  13. And herein I give my advice: for this is expedient for you who have begun before not only to do but also to be forward a year ago.

  14. There were others who had never tasted them, and they watched closely to see how the teachers managed them, before they ventured to eat theirs.

  15. I said to go ahead, figuring that we had the whole winter before us.

  16. Now, before breakfast of a morning, she was deathly sick; afterwards she was tired, and ready to cry over anything.

  17. While he laid open before her the great books of the past, illuminating their pages with his knowledge and reflections, she listened with an air of tranquil pleasure.

  18. As he advanced in this manner, small flocks of sparrows rose before him, and flew away with dissatisfied cries.

  19. Arranging her three dolls, made of rags and sawdust, on top of the bin, she stood before them, with her fingers in her mouth.

  20. The cows were in pasture; in the wagon shed the two men, before a tin basin, plunged their arms into water, flung it on their faces, and puffed and sighed.

  21. But Anna was tipsy with youth: she swore she'd be dead before she was old.

  22. Come along now; I've plenty still to do before supper.

  23. A thrush sang in the woods, where Mr. Jeminy heard before him the light voices of children.

  24. Mrs. Wicket received each book with gratitude, and looked to see if there were any pictures in it, before giving it back again.

  25. Unobserved by the others, they had stolen away before the wagon reached Milford.

  26. To you, these few slow hours before the dawn are no different from to-morrow or yesterday; they will never pass.

  27. Rebecca had learned of the war long before it ended and knew its import.

  28. The master told Mary and her mother that before he would take the chance of them running away on account of her meanness he would leave her.

  29. These were singled out and before the rest of the slaves began their work they were treated to the sight of these delinquents being stripped and beaten until blood flowed; women were no exception to the rule.

  30. Mary and family arose before daybreak and prepared breakfast for the master and his family, after which they ate in the same dining room.

  31. It was necessary for Union soldiers to make another visit to the plantation before "Big Jim" would allow his former slaves to depart.

  32. Mr. Jamison had never before been heard to curse, but this was one day that he let go a torrent of words that are unworthy to appear in print.

  33. Before I got it, though, I helped a lot of others get theirs.

  34. Wagons, carriages and stages passed along this road in the days before the War Between the States, Coker says.

  35. So a whole lot of 'em went on North to other parts of Ohio, or to New York, Chicago or Canada; Canada was popular then because all of the slaves thought it was the last gate before you got all the way inside of heaven.

  36. Hall; who several years before the Civil War moved from Richmond to Washington County, Georgia, carrying 135 grown slaves and many children.

  37. A few years before he left to enter the war the slave owner came into possession of a store near his plantation.

  38. He had heard of ice long before he looked upon it and he only thought of it as another wild experiment.

  39. The Halls, who were born before slavery worked on the large plantation of Lenton which was devoted primarily to the growing of cotton and corn and secondarily to the growing of tobacco and pumpkins.

  40. The field hands were to be in the field by five o'clock and it meant to rise before day, summer and winter.

  41. The jet is giving forth the gas, but you see it does not take fire--it comes out into the air, but it waits till it is hot enough before it burns.

  42. The only reason why I have not the same bright light when I thus blow upon the flame is, that the carbon meets with sufficient air to burn it before it gets separated in the flame in a free state.

  43. Well, never mind the name: it was given in old times, before we had a good understanding of what the real power was.

  44. Whether I was to have the honour of appearing before you this evening or not, seemed to be doubtful upon one or two points.

  45. It is, I think, very pretty to see the time it takes before the bad air which I throw into this part of the apparatus has reached the candle.

  46. You see how the carbon is coming out, and before long we shall have a solid mass of charcoal, all of which has come out of sugar.

  47. The gradual loss of memory and of my other faculties is making itself painfully evident to me, and requires, every time I appear before you, the continued remembrance of your kindness to enable me to get through my task.

  48. This I can easily do by the little apparatus you see before me.

  49. Before we leave the subject of carbon, let us make a few experiments and remarks upon its wonderful condition as respects ordinary combustion.

  50. I ought to have held my tongue for four or five minutes before beginning this experiment, because it depends upon my lungs for success.

  51. It is in a fixed, almost unchangeable condition before the combustion; but afterwards it is in the form of gas, which it is very difficult (though we have succeeded) to produce in a solid or a liquid state.

  52. Before I go into these experiments, let me hope that none of you, by trying to repeat them, for fun's sake, will do any harm.

  53. I purpose, in return for the honour you do us by coming to see what are our proceedings here, to bring before you, in the course of these lectures, the Chemical History of a Candle.

  54. Ralph drew up before the house, tied his horse, and entered.

  55. Mr. Jinks was on his knees before the beautiful Sallianna.

  56. By the afternoon, he had done a very good task; and then mounting Cloud, with the bundle before him, he took his way homeward, via Apple Orchard.

  57. Such a picture was unrolled before the four individuals who now took their way toward the fine hill to the west of the Bower of Nature, and they enjoyed its beauty, and felt fresher and purer for the sight.

  58. The lawyer's office was on Loudoun-street, and cantering briskly along the rough highway past the fort, he soon reached the rack before his door, and dismounted.

  59. He holds the necklace up before Verty there, and says, in a husky voice-- "Where did your mother get this?

  60. He also leaned upon his desk, and his idle hands traced idle lines upon the paper before him.

  61. The shamrock rises--wild and overwhelmed with terror, recreant to Ireland, and quailing before Michael, who has stumbled over Sheeley.

  62. If even our friend the Signor, before mentioned, could not do her justice, how can we, with nothing but our pen!

  63. In fifteen minutes he had completed the change in his costume, and stood before Mr. Jinks the same forest-hunter which he had been, before the purchase of the elegant clothes he had just taken off.

  64. And subsiding gracefully upon the sofa, Miss Sallianna made Verty sit by her, and even gently moved her fan before his face, smiling and simpering.

  65. Leroy cried out, before Ned could answer the question.

  66. This was a pretty good description of the man who had just stood before the door of that room.

  67. But we may be able to get the stuff before dark.

  68. Not if we catch the Nelson before it gets out of the country," Jack objected.

  69. But before we go I want to have a talk with those fellows.

  70. Then, fearful that the owners of the food might seek to remove it before another meal time came, they carried a considerable portion of the cans away and hid them in a small cache near the Nelson.

  71. We can get away up in the Andes," answered Jack, with the map of Brazil before him.

  72. Before leaving for a tour of inspection he examined the broken planes and discovered that it would be impossible for him to repair them, at least without the necessary tools and materials.

  73. We've just got to get there before the Vixen sails over her!

  74. When the four reached the Black Bear club room they found Ned there with a mass of letters and telegrams before him.

  75. He knew that the Lyman concession was a valuable one, and that the cattleman would put up a long fight before sacrificing it.

  76. The fellow's strange conduct of the night before naturally made the boy suspicious.

  77. Before he sprung the steel panel over the ventilator he glanced out on the river.

  78. If they haven't fed him to the mountain lions before now!

  79. As he drew nigh, he determined to have a peep at the interior before he presented himself.

  80. Only a few days before Christmas a telegram told them that Loyd had reached Trieste, and would be with them in a few days.

  81. I mean him to cash a bill for us before I leave.

  82. He awaited to see if Calvert would obey his injunctions before he proceeded to unmask him to his friends.

  83. His thoughts were seriously turned upon his own future, which opened no bright or brilliant prospect before him.

  84. The horses were just being harnessed, for I received a telegram informing me I must be at Ancona two days earlier than I looked for to catch the Indian mail, and I was taking the last view before I started.

  85. So, I warn you, tell me nothing that you don't want to hear talked of at dinner, and before the servants.

  86. The Saxon, We have before seen, is one of the varieties of the pure-bred Merino, the foundation of which was laid by an importation of some of the choicest animals into Saxony, in 1765.

  87. Besides the accidental variation in the quantity and quality of milk in different animals, before adverted to, there are many reliable causes which influence both.

  88. This variation, with the more important ones of early maturity and good feeding properties, are by Professor Low ascribed to a Chinese cross, which has added the only characteristic in which they were before deficient.

  89. Flanders, for a time, was before England in the perfection of the arts and the enjoyments of life, and England then sent the little wool she raised to that country to be manufactured.

  90. The purpose for which animals are required, should be first determined, before selecting such as may be necessary either for breeding or use.

  91. English breed of hogs, a century or more ago: though coarse and slouch-eared, it is yet the portrait of a tolerable hog, and far before many of the swine that still maintain their ascendency in various parts of the European continent.

  92. The horse ought not to be less than four or five, and the mare one year older, before being put to breeding.

  93. In all cases the cream becomes sour during the agitation, and before the butter begins distinctly to form.

  94. These must first be provided for in all cases, before the farmer can expect any thing for the food.

  95. It was long before Mr. and Miss Kennedy could persuade her that she was not to blame for it.

  96. Then go back to the forefinger for August, and proceed as before until all the months are named.

  97. Some of them were full of half-naked brown boys, and if we threw a piece of money into the beautiful blue water, they would dive down and catch it before it reached the bottom.

  98. Just before it started, Biddy asked the little boy who had last spoken to Charley to go and tell Mr. Kennedy what had happened, and to say that she should stay with Charley till he got well.

  99. The teacher was sitting in rather a lonely and dejected mood at her window as Hetty's bright face appeared before her.

  100. Here they were compelled to wait until five or ten minutes before the train was to leave, during which interval everybody endeavored to obtain the place nearest the door, so as to be sure of a choice of seats in the cars.

  101. He had not gone more than twenty steps before a boy, who had watched him come out, stopped him, and to his great surprise gave him a message from Biddy.

  102. It is so close to the sun that it is hidden most of the time, being only seen for a while before sunrise, and at other times a while after sunset.

  103. At last when there was only one more block to walk before reaching Mrs. Brown's stall, and Biddy was just beginning to think about what she should say to the old woman, she noticed an unusual stir down the street.

  104. Before I fed it it was quite tame, and would run all about the room.

  105. Frank's thoughts were busy with the home he had left; and amid the cold and darkness, its cozy fireside and bright circle of happy faces rose before him more distinctly than ever.

  106. Much may be done before British reinforcements arrive," he reminded St. Vincent.

  107. There is scarcely a thing he has done since he has been at the Admiralty that I have not heard him reprobate before he came to the Board.

  108. As soon as these emotions were past, I laid before them the plan I had previously arranged for attacking the enemy; and it was not only my pleasure to find it generally approved, but clearly perceived and understood.

  109. Nelson had the news on the 8th of November, which, extraordinary as it may appear, was before the fact was known in Madrid.

  110. Possibly Parker had heard this, possibly the notorious disregard of Keith's orders a few months before influenced him to keep his renowned, but independent, subordinate at a distance in official matters.

  111. Is he fit to appear before the Tribunal and present his defense?

  112. There is no evidence before the Tribunal to justify the contention that the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg were invaded by Germany because their occupation had been planned by England and France.

  113. Henri Monneray [1] Only those members of the Prosecution Counsel who spoke before the Tribunal are listed.

  114. We usually waited about one half-hour before we opened the doors and removed the bodies.

  115. If the accused is unable to appear before the Court, then according to Article 12 of the Charter he could be tried only if the Court deemed it necessary in the interests of justice.

  116. A few days before the end of the war the whole organization was transferred back to the Reich Finance Administration.

  117. Hague Conventions In the 1899 Convention the signatory powers agreed: “before an appeal to arms .

  118. The official German Naval historians, Assmann and Gladisch, admit that the Treaty of Versailles had only been in force for a few months before it was violated, particularly in the construction of a new submarine arm.

  119. The Polish Government were informed of this, but with the example of Schuschnigg and Hacha before them, they decided not to send such an emissary.

  120. Thither the flotilla set sail, but before reaching the Greek shore, an unexpected and unseasonable tempest scattered Guiscard’s argosy, destroying many of the ships and drowning many crews.

  121. It was known, however, to exist somewhere at the base of the great northern cliff, so that only a very small portion of the coast-line had to be explored, before its tiny inconspicuous entrance could be rediscovered.

  122. Bow down before her from whose lips the secret names of the immortals, and of the things near their hearts, are about to come, that the immortals may come again into the world.

  123. I have let some years go by before writing out this story, for I am always in dread of the illusions which come of that inquietude of the veil of the Temple, which M.

  124. The only thing that seemed new was a square bronze box which stood upon the altar before the six unlighted candles and the ebony crucifix, and was like those made in ancient times of more precious substances to hold the sacred books.

  125. Aherne made me sit down on an oak bench, and having bowed very low before the crucifix, took the bronze box from the altar, and sat down beside me with the box upon his knees.

  126. I crossed the quay quickly, but had not gone many yards before he turned away, as though he had seen me, and hurried down a side street; I followed, but only to lose him among the intricate streets on the north side of the river.

  127. I had been accustomed to welcome the most singular speculations, and had always found them as harmless as the Persian cat who half closes her meditative eyes and stretches out her long claws before my fire.

  128. A few moments before they had been excitedly watching for quite a different denouement.

  129. It is all that is left of Castle Ellsworth, that was built before the Revolution by Love's ancestor, Baron Ellsworth.

  130. Though brimmed with blessings pure and rare Life's cup before me lay, Unless thy love were mingled there, I'd spurn the draught away.

  131. Oh, there are looks and tones that dart An instant sunshine through the heart; As if the very lips and eyes, Predestined to brave all our sighs, And never be forgot again, Sparkled and smiled before us then!

  132. Love and Dainty had gone along the corridors hand in hand like happy children, pausing to say good-night before their own doors.

  133. Before long, say a week at furthest, he would tell Dainty of his love, and ask her to be his wife.

  134. Vernon Ashley's love was a frenzy, a tornado, sweeping all before the wild rush of its passion.

  135. To-night the white chip was festooned in tulle, and the dewy lilies pinned on just before starting, to keep them fresh and crisp.

  136. And you, daddy; I will fill your leather pouch with gold pieces before I have done.

  137. The stage of mistiness and development must have passed unobserved, and there she was in all her beauty and passion and distress, as clear-cut as if she were really in the flesh before me.

  138. Before him stood the messenger who had brought it, a swarthy little Italian, whose black eyes were glazed with want of sleep, and his olive features darker still from dust and sweat.

  139. Put me, then, before her," said the Christian.

  140. It was a great stroke of luck meeting Eric, for he was able to give me some idea of how things stood before I was shown into the presence of Kenna, the leader of this particular ship.

  141. Each was clad in some sort of saffron tunic, with a chain-mail shirt over it, and a helmet with the horns of oxen on the sides, laid upon the table before him.

  142. He came nearer, his heavy face thrust forward, his flabby brown hands, like two sponges, resting upon the table of yellow jasper before him.

  143. For he and his son--even this youth whom I see before me--will also be in the minds of all men when lands beyond the Pillars of Hercules shall have taken the place of Phœnicia and of Greece.

  144. In the early morning my landlady found me stretched senseless before the silver mirror, but I knew nothing myself until three days ago I awoke in the deep peace of the doctor's nursing home.

  145. That you have dared to stand before my face and say as much is a proof for ever of the gentleness of our rule.

  146. Maybe you'd best rest a wee before we gang further.

  147. They stood now, earnest and a little abashed, before the throne of the viceroy.

  148. The prince instantly gave chase, and where the stag led he followed, till at length he found himself in the depths of the forest, where no man before had trod.

  149. In the morning, the ogress bade him sweep the dust out of the cave, and to have it clean before her return in the evening, otherwise it would be the worse for him.

  150. Before this happened, however, the king's son in passing the mother's house had seen Lizina sitting sewing in the parlour, and had been dazzled by her beauty.

  151. The old man could not believe his eyes when he saw the multitudes of horses, oxen and sheep standing before his door.

  152. However, the king paid no heed to her tears and prayers, and before many days were over the wedding was celebrated with great splendour, though the bridegroom had not taken the trouble to wash himself, and was as dirty as before.

  153. The king saw them approach with fear in his heart, for he did not know if it might not be an enemy; but the prince rode up, and bowed low before him.

  154. When Dame Ilse had set something to eat before her husband, she was curious to hear his adventures, and questioned him eagerly as to why he had gone away.

  155. You have guessed right,' answered the old woman; 'and I can give you no better counsel than to go home at once, before the same fate overtakes you.

  156. We set out with our two sons but turned back long before we got there, and are now on our way home again.

  157. The journey to Buda was long, and it was several days before they arrived there.

  158. But before he went he called his stepson to him and said: 'Listen, boy, to what I tell you.

  159. See that you are quick,' said he, 'for your friend will await your return before he starts.

  160. For two days they ran before it, and hoped that by keeping well out to sea they might be able to weather the storm, when, suddenly, the ship struck on a rock, and began to fill.

  161. When he passed through the gates all the people came out of their houses to stare in wonder, for never before had any flock returned from the lake.

  162. As soon as it was evening the prince again collected his sheep, and playing on his pipes he marched before them into the city.

  163. The Sibylla Palmifera," and "Monna Vanna," were not completed before 1870.

  164. The subject is a scene on the walls of Troy before Hector's last battle.

  165. It was "Harold's body brought before William the Conqueror.

  166. One of the last works he did before his misfortune, and the last picture for which his wife sat to him, was the water-colour of "St. George and the Princess Sabra.

  167. Before the pictures were finished they began to fade, the walls having been badly prepared and Rossetti's designs were never completed.

  168. All who came before him were ignored and a set of fixed rules supposed to have been deduced from his work was taught in all the schools.

  169. It was not long, however, before Rossetti quitted the path of the Pre-Raphaelites for a broader one.

  170. The first thought in many girls' heads would have been: "Here's an end of my good times before they've begun!

  171. Here there would be a rush to bathe and dress before a decent dinner hour: and it looked such a smart hotel!

  172. She, the woman who has the bourgeois name of Shuster, has remained at home, giving various excuses, but the true reason is to get herself safely engaged to Monsieur before the return of his daughter.

  173. Caspian had an accident just before starting time--had been out in a taxi on a hurried errand to some shop, and the chauffeur, trying to be helpful, banged the door with C.

  174. The thing is now to let Peter know his plan has failed before he begins talking about buried treasure.

  175. I had to give him my hot hand before he would believe I was warm as if sitting by a stove.

  176. Oh, dear, I wish that not quite so many things had happened before our day!

  177. Two days before we were due to start on this little jaunt three youths we'd met on the ship turned up.

  178. Mrs. Shuster impulsively engaged Storm before Caspian met him, and very likely made some sort of contract to which he can hold her if he chooses.

  179. Mine is like that already; but, after all, it doesn't matter so much for me, because Jack has promised to bring me this way once again before we go back home.

  180. She had her nineteenth birthday with a present of a motor car to celebrate it, just before leaving France, and she looks sixteen.

  181. I thought my one chance was to be off before morning.

  182. Gurley's Presbyterian church in Washington, but he was a regular worshiper long before he came to Washington.

  183. He had to work hard, and religion at this time seemed to give him little concern, for, as before observed, he had little opportunity to cultivate it had he desired to do so.

  184. In a certain formal sense the baptized man or woman is a Christian, just as all foreigners who have been naturalized are Americans before the law, but the simple act of naturalization will not make any man a good American.

  185. No higher or better type can be placed before American youth as an exemplar and spur for ambition.

  186. The mother, too, had been ground down by poverty to such a degree as to lose almost all interest in life; her burden soon became too heavy to bear, and she had to lay it down before coming to the middle milestone of life.

  187. These stood ready with their spears and swords to resist boarders, and they were protected by the shield men, who were ranged before them at the bulwarks with their shields locked together.

  188. Few words were spoken before Olaf, to the surprise of all present, declared that the jarl must let himself be christened or that there and then he should die.

  189. Southward before the wind sailed Sigvaldi in all haste, until he entered one of the wider channels; and then the storm ceased as suddenly as it had begun.

  190. When all was ready Thorkel appeared before the captives, carrying a great axe.

  191. Five of the viking ships lay with their high prows overshadowing the broadside bulwarks, and their men swarmed and clamoured upon the decks from stem to stern, clearing all before them.

  192. He was kind and lowly hearted, bountiful of gifts, very glorious of attire, and before all men for high heart in battle.

  193. But in the matter of Klerkon, it may be that I shall be before you.

  194. So many vessels and warriors had never before been seen together in the fiords.

  195. He carried his heavy battleaxe; but before he could raise his weapon to strike, the nearest of the defenders stepped unexpectedly forward and dealt him a tremendous blow which made him stagger backward.

  196. But none could say that they had ever before set eyes upon him.

  197. But he had wealth of his own and in plenty, and had no great desire to wait for the death of his brother-in-law before being raised to the Irish kingship.

  198. Before he could do more, however, there was the sound of horse's feet outside.

  199. Sigurd caught him by the hand and led him up the beach to a ledge of rock, and sat him down before him, bidding him tell how it came about that he was here in bondage in a foreign land.

  200. Then he began to speak to the king and to tell him of things that had happened many hundreds of years before and of many lands whose very names were strange to the king.

  201. An arrow flashed before him, struck against the peak of his helmet and fell at his feet upon the deck.

  202. The back must not be allowed to get too dry before it is rounded, or it will have to be damped with a sponge, to give to the glue the elasticity required, but it should not be wet, this being worse than letting it get too dry.

  203. It should be damped, and rolled with a rolling-pin before covering, or stretched out with a thick folding-stick.

  204. The first must be dry before the second is applied, and great care must be taken that the sponge is not passed over the same place twice, or the previous preparation will be taken off.

  205. The title has now to be put on, which is done in the same manner as before described.

  206. The whole of the back is now to be polished with the polishing iron, which must be perfectly clean and bright before it is used.

  207. After having taken a book from the shelves it should not be opened before ascertaining if the top edge be dusty.

  208. As before stated, this is superior work and requires more skill; takes longer, but looks much better: each panel should be an exact facsimile of the rest.

  209. The inside of a book is generally finished before the outside.

  210. The temperature must be well tested before it be applied to the cover.

  211. Finally, never attempt to take up the brush from the paper before it is well drawn over the edge of the paper, or the paper will stick to the brush and turn over, with the risk of the under side being pasted.

  212. It is perhaps better for a beginner to practise on some waste paper before attempting to beat a book; and he should always rest when the wrist becomes tired.

  213. No sleepless night had ever been so long to Sophia as the three minutes which elapsed before Mr. Critchlow came.

  214. Before she reappeared Cyril had gone to school, he who was usually a laggard.

  215. She thought: "Then I could talk to him before any one else.

  216. He had already eaten more mince-tarts than he could enjoy, before beginning upon hers, and Mrs. Baines missed the enthusiasm to which she was habituated from consumers of her pastry.

  217. I may as well tell you that he had passed away before I telegraphed.

  218. The tearful servant prepared the dog's dinner and laid it before her in the customary soup-plate in the customary corner.

  219. Constance was up early, before Sophia, and trotting about the house like a girl.

  220. Long before supplies from outside could reach Paris, the shop-windows were suddenly full of goods which had arrived from the shopkeepers alone knew where.

  221. Before the visitor had got very far, Maggie came in with a lacquered tea-caddy and the silver teapot and a silver spoon on a lacquered tray.

  222. Now take these right down into the kitchen before you open.

  223. The writing on the envelope was not Constance's; but even before examining it she had had a peculiar qualm.

  224. The train stopped at Bonnard, Chemilly, and Moneteau, each time before a waiting crowd that invaded it.

  225. I shall do that in the morning before breakfast.

  226. Don't say anything about the accident," she had a chance to whisper to the girls before replying to her brother.

  227. Cora made light of her actions as she hid the note, but in reality she had no idea of reading it before any one.

  228. But honestly Bess, I do hope she will come up before the others.

  229. Of course they were all private boats, and their flags flaunted proudly before the spellbound spectators.

  230. You worry about people before you know they are in trouble.

  231. We could overtake him in that before he had any idea we were following him!

  232. I will take all the risks," declared Cora, and before Jack could detain her she ran to the bush, pushed it aside, and grasped the can.

  233. A wave from the steamer caught them broadside, and drenched the girls before they knew what had happened.

  234. All this was dashing before Cora's confused mind.

  235. But before she could answer herself, she saw something dart across a big rock that was caressed by a great maple tree that grew over it.

  236. Without waiting for an answer the girls and boys clambered into the Petrel while Bess went to the camp with Cora who insisted upon washing her hands before making the trip.

  237. The look of terror, that Jack noticed before came back into the haggard face.

  238. Her landing was made on a different side of the island than before and she saw instantly that feet had been treading down the ferns from shore to inland.

  239. I will return before dark and bring with me the canoe I have borrowed.

  240. Before the Revolution he created the cattle industry, which has always been a main source of wealth to the country, and in the revolutionary wars he shared in the triumphs of the Creoles.

  241. It was long before the Spaniards touched on that coast again, and the name of Solis had no permanence in the land which he discovered.

  242. The philosophers of France ever urged that the Church must be overthrown before there could be any progress, and the priests ever fought against their doctrines as destructive to all religion.

  243. He is an author of long standing, having first appeared before the public in 1880 with a volume of poems which was published at Barcelona.

  244. Before the end of the year Lopez was compelled to evacuate the Argentine territory.

  245. But her history from the founding of Nova Colonia to the appearance of the English before Buenos Aires is remarkably barren in incident.

  246. With this fruitful field of dispute before them it is not surprising that angry feelings were engendered, especially among the Chilians, who have narrow territory, and were unwilling to give up a square mile without a struggle.

  247. Civil and military appointments were never before distributed with such complete partiality to the European Spaniards.

  248. Before a settlement could be made his term of office expired and he was succeeded by Dr.

  249. His main object was to crush the Brazilian troops in the Plate district before they could be reinforced.

  250. And yet a verse or two before he said, 'Ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations.

  251. And now the second observation with which I will trouble you, before I come to deal with the thoughts of the verse, is as to the connection of the last words of it.

  252. Let your light so shine before men that they may behold your good works and glorify'--whom?

  253. Still further, the words before us add another touch to this picture.

  254. In the Greek, as in our version, there is no definite article before 'prophets,' and its absence indicates that both sets of persons here mentioned come under the common vinculum of the one definite article preceding the first named.

  255. I wonder what the managers of theatres and music-halls would say if anybody proposed that motto to be put upon the curtain for the spectators to read before it is drawn up for the play.

  256. The more we know ourselves, the more wonderingly and thankfully shall we bow down our hearts before Him, as we measure His mercy by our unworthiness.

  257. There is a certain vocation to which a Christian man is bound to make his life correspond, and his conduct should be in some measure worthy of the ideal that is set before it.

  258. Out of them will come all ethics, the teaching of duty, the exhibition of a pattern of conduct, inspiration to follow the model that is set before us.

  259. Now will you apply that sharp test to yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, and decide how much of your life was pagan, and how much of it was Christian?

  260. But the context suggests the application in his mind, for it is 'boldness before him' about which he has been speaking; and so it is love and fear directed towards God which are meant in my text.

  261. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "before" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    before breakfast; before coming; before death; before described; before going; before her; before him; before hinted; before long; before mentioned; before night; before observed; before putting; before reaching; before referred; before related; before remarked; before returning; before starting; before their; before this; before thou; before using; before yee haue heard; before you; before you haue heard