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aloft; aloha; aloin; alone; aloneness; alonga; alonge; alonger; alongshore; alongside
  1. Most assuredly, if you do this, nothing will hinder you from casting yourself and your Worse Cause into the pit along with Socrates.

  2. There was a continuous thicket of thrifty second-growth young trees bordering the track along which the two were journeying, and the opening through it made by this narrow path was black with shadow, like the entrance to a cave.

  3. The objects of love and of hate we may bear along with us, but distance will intervene between us and the sources of deep sorrow.

  4. He ran his eye along the surface of the water, and discerned in the shadow of the wood, near the island, a fourth of a mile distant, a light, and below it the dark form of a boat.

  5. The night outside was cold, dark, and thick, with a pitiless snow, that was rapidly filling the track along the highway.

  6. They passed the fields and went along the hard and dry highway, till she reached the diverging trail that struck off through the woods toward the settlement on the other side, the nearest house of which was Wilder's.

  7. The other side was protected from the tempest, which was at its greatest fury, by a high and perpendicular ledge of rocks which the course of the creek followed, but leaving a narrow space of hard land along the base.

  8. Girls, what are you loitering along there for?

  9. Along this he sauntered until his eye met the dull gleam of his rifle-barrel against the old stump where he left it.

  10. One man remembered to have seen Hiram Fowler at work for him on a tree fence, along the back line of it, during the summer of his arrival on the land.

  11. But we beg Leave to offer a Reason why it may be apprehended that the Ancients were not larger in Stature than the Moderns, which seems to carry along with it something which has very much the Air of a Proof.

  12. If any one takes a Cork and ties a long Thread to it, and throws it into a Stream, he will find, that the Cork, when he draws it sideways along the Stream, changes its Place in the Water every Inch he draws it.

  13. All along the route their thoughts were turned to Naraguana, and on him rested their hopes.

  14. Their nearest way's along the river, down as far as our old tolderia.

  15. Not to sink below its surface, however; but be drawn lightly along it, till he is hoisted high, though not dry, upon the bank.

  16. Instead, something which equally interests, while more surely proclaiming the late presence of the girl, in that place, with the certainty of her being carried along a captive.

  17. So, saddling their horses, they return to, and proceed along it.

  18. His heart of brother is boiling with rage, as that of son almost broken by grief; and away ride they along the trail, with more haste and greater earnestness than ever.

  19. No more can they conceive who have been the perpetrators; though Cypriano all along has had his suspicions.

  20. Delayed along the narrow tortuous track, some time has elapsed since his entering among the sumacs.

  21. He has reached the spot where Halberger turned in along the tapir path.

  22. Once inside the thicket, he proceeds along the tapir path, groping his way in the darkness.

  23. Soon as out of the water they turned down; proof good as positive that they've gone along the riacho this side, and back again to the big river.

  24. It still carries them up the Pilcomayo, though not always along the river's immediate bank.

  25. Hector stopped suddenly, and, stretching himself along the ground, his nose resting between his forepaws, began to whine and tremble.

  26. One day she visited me, bringing along with her a very pretty covered basket for sale.

  27. For several days they continued to visit the house, bringing along with them some fresh companion to look at Mrs. Moodie's god!

  28. Thy handmaid, Nature, meekly walks abroad, Scattering thy bounties with unsparing hand, While flowers and fruits spring up along her road.

  29. The road lay through the bush, and along the banks of the grand, rushing, foaming Otonabee river, the wildest and most beautiful of forest streams.

  30. As I lay upon my pillow I could distinctly see the spot, and mark the long funeral procession, as it wound along the banks of the brook.

  31. From a child, it always had the most powerful effect upon my mind, from the great ocean rolling in majesty, to the tinkling forest rill, hidden by the flowers and rushes along its banks.

  32. The roots spread along the uneven surface of the ground so thickly that they seemed to form a vast net-work, and apparently covered the greater part of the surface of the ground.

  33. You were GREEN when you bought a farm of that man, without getting along with it the right of possession.

  34. I will go along the bank, and halloo to you if I find one.

  35. I continued slowly to advance for an hour along the broken and rocky banks, and was amply repaid by the grandeur of the scene.

  36. Rivers, their power of transporting insects along their course, 149.

  37. England, in Scotland, and throughout a portion of Ireland, presents itself along our southern shores in the form of a permanent variety; being, as the Rev.

  38. Lowe in two remote spots along the perpendicular cliffs of the northern coast, it was supposed to have been lost for ages.

  39. To prove this we have but to look at the human wrecks along the shore.

  40. The songs of the birds seemed the same; the same gentle breezes played with her hair; the same passers-by jogged along the roadside; the same family horse nibbled the tender grass in the barnyard.

  41. But a Scotchman what I worked along of one winter, he read me some potry, writ out by a Mr. Burns, in the sort of bad grammar that a Scotchman talks, you know.

  42. And walking along the sandy road that led by the margin of Lake St. Croix toward the town, he recalled Charlton's last remark.

  43. It was with much difficulty that he partly carried her, partly persuaded her to climb along that slender fence.

  44. Then I tell you, Albert, that if you go away you will sacrifice my happiness along with your own.

  45. He went along the street eagerly; he wrote with all his might.

  46. Since we all of us "rub clothes with fate along the street," who knows whether Charlton would not, by this time, have been in love with Miss Marlay if he had not seen Miss Minorkey in the stage?

  47. Charlton climbed along on the precarious footing afforded by the submerged pole, holding to the poles above while the water rushed about his feet.

  48. The line was thrown off and the boat pushed out, the wind caught the new white sail, and the "Lady of the Lake" started along in the shallows, gradually swinging round toward the open water.

  49. I know'd you'd be along to-night," cried the Poet.

  50. But the interests that shared Mrs. Plausaby's thoughts along with Katy were very few.

  51. She hadn't quite got her books packed, and the stage would be along in an hour.

  52. But they did fail, and along the banks of the river there settled a few years later a host of the defeated, but not subdued, Americans, who held that true liberty was still possible within the circle of the British Empire.

  53. Like Nova Scotia, the province has its salt marshes and dyked lands on the Bay of Fundy, and its “intervales” along the rivers, both famous for their enormous crops of hay.

  54. The Japanese do much fishing along the coasts, and from Vancouver many of their gasoline launches go out.

  55. The people drank tea made from a wild plant growing along the edges of the swamps, and sweetened it with sugar made by boiling the sap drawn in the spring from their own maple trees.

  56. Along the coast and up the river valleys of the mainland and on Vancouver island are many magnificent trees.

  57. Of something the same character as the dyked lands are the “intervales” along the rivers, which are said to be “invariably rich and productive.

  58. In a moment scales seemed to fall from the young man's eyes as he walked along gravely, and silently by Nan.

  59. He was walking along slowly, with his eyes on the ground.

  60. We have been getting poorer for along time," returned her mother, mournfully; "but if we had only a little left us I would not complain.

  61. Then Nan, who had worn all along an expression of admiring confidence in Phillis's resources, originated an idea of her own.

  62. They remained comfortably silent for along time: it was Grace who spoke first.

  63. One day he said to her: "So that you may find me I will sprinkle bran along the way; you follow the bran, and you will come to me.

  64. The others were all loaded down, but St. Peter went along very easily.

  65. So the carpenter put Cecino in his pocket, and while he went along the way did nothing but chatter; so that every one said he was mad, because they did not know that he had his son in his pocket.

  66. As he was passing along the shore of the sea, he saw a dog-fish that was out of the water; he put it back into the sea.

  67. At last along comes a woman with a basket on her head, carrying food to the reapers.

  68. While he was going along thus desperate he came across a tamarind-tree.

  69. Then she began to weep and various animals came along and tried to enter the house.

  70. Godmother Fox began to lament, when along came a dog, barking, that said to her: "What are you crying about?

  71. Every day he walked along the beach, to see if he could find a ship that would take him on board; but he never saw any.

  72. One day, however, he saw a youth coming along the road who joined him and asked: "Where are you going, handsome youth?

  73. Eye-witnesses assert that molten lead and copper were flowing in streams along the streets.

  74. He crossed the bridge and galloped through the forest that stretches along the bank of the stream, careering along at full speed on his Arab, as though in pursuit of some invisible foe.

  75. There are brave Poles ready to escort the Emperor; they will take him up along the banks of the Beresina and will get him to Vilna within five days.

  76. They had been buoyed up by the expectation of finding food and lodging in Smolensk, but now they had no further hope; they marched along mechanically wherever they were led, and halted when others halted.

  77. The soldiers took no notice of their officers, and the officers took no thought for the soldiers, every one plodded along at his own sweet will.

  78. In one place were trophies of Russian, Turkish, and Persian flags, and the huge cross of Ivan the Great; in another were bearded Russian peasants dragging along French booty of which they themselves formed part.

  79. To make matters worse, on the far side of the Beresina, and during the first stages of the retreat, the arrival of the fugitives came as a complete surprise to the towns and halting-places along the road.

  80. Napoleon answered bitterly that he himself was in favour of the simplest plan, and the straightest road—the high-road—and in the present case the road by which they had come; but he would not travel along it until peace had been concluded.

  81. The place where they fell was marked only by little heaps of snow along the wayside, covering their bodies like the hillocks in the churchyard.

  82. Along three or four endless lines of march there was a hopeless tangle of carriages and caissons, of smart barouches mixed up with wagons of every description.

  83. On our return trip the river was nearly its full width, and was rushing along with a tremendous sweep.

  84. And how will I ever get along without the Saturday afternoon talks--I've got so used to them, you know.

  85. Bullocks were supposed to be posted along the road, but at the first changing place, none could be hired.

  86. Does he usually locate upon the plantation lands along the rivers?

  87. What is the necessity, and in what degree is it difficult for those residing along the river banks to protect themselves?

  88. Jay Gould knows of the wide-spread ruin he has wrought in piling up his hundred millions; but he drives along faster than ever in his routine of plunder.

  89. I am speaking of the alluvial lands along the Mississippi River.

  90. That lying along the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers.

  91. They were scattered along the alluvial lands of the Mississippi Valley.

  92. I should like to ask this question further, whether any of the negroes along the alluvial bottoms are obtaining ownership of lands in fee-simple?

  93. In almost every instance where a man has a child who can read and write, he will bring him along with him when he makes a contract.

  94. Guards were placed along the principal streets, and the State-House was completely surrounded by a cordon of sentinels.

  95. The repulse of the foe on our right was decisive and the attack was not renewed, but his batteries kept up an active fire at intervals, and sharpshooters skirmished along the front during the afternoon.

  96. A considerable force of cavalry then swept along the Martinsburg road to the skirts of Winchester, thus getting in the rear of our left flank.

  97. The next morning General Early advanced along the Telegraph road, and recaptured Marye's and the adjacent hills without difficulty, thus gaining the rear of the enemy's left.

  98. Our trains and supplies were then put in a safe position, and all our forces were concentrated along the Chickamauga, threatening the opposing force in front.

  99. This flank march effected at a sufficient distance from the enemy, and covered by a few demonstrations along the upper Chickahominy, offered him great advantages without involving any risk.

  100. Along the whole track of Sherman's army, traces remain of the cruelty and inhumanity practiced on the aged and the defenseless.

  101. The movement having been discovered after Hood's forces had got well on the flank of the enemy, he began to retreat along the turnpike toward Spring Hill.

  102. On the morning of the 30th the enemy again advanced, and skirmishing began along the line.

  103. The line of battle extended along the Nine-mile road, across the York River Railroad and Williamsburg stage-road.

  104. The assault was repulsed along the whole line, and the carnage on the Federal side was fearful.

  105. His right stretched westward along the Germania Ford road more than two miles.

  106. On examining this person I was surprised to see her head tied up in a foulard, and along the temples a curious dark line; but I presently saw that her head was shaved.

  107. The shadows deepened, the lights shone out afar, but still he did not move, carried along as he was on the current of a meditation, such as comes to many of us, big with the future and rendered solemn by the past.

  108. Godefroid followed this advice and saw at the farther end of a little garden which extended along the boulevard a second door to the house.

  109. Persons walked on planks laid down beside the houses and along the marshy gardens, or on narrow paths flanked on each side by stagnant water which sometimes turned them into rivulets.

  110. Thus, not only did I manage to get along comfortably, but I laid by eight hundred francs a year.

  111. Godefroid therefore walked along one of the paths, at the end of which he saw an old woman whose dilapidated garments were in keeping with the house.

  112. The two men passed along the rue Massillon beside the church and crossed the open space in front of it.

  113. I sent, spies after him every time; but every time he suddenly and mysteriously disappeared among the wooded crags along the shore.

  114. Never have we seen him since, although from the very day of my awakening I had him carefully searched for all along the coast.

  115. In unutterable anguish he sprang up, and rushed all along the burning ship, straight through the flames, to Thora, He sprang upon the flower mound to embrace the body.

  116. As other freemen came, they pushed upward and inward along the waterways to find unexploited land.

  117. The Maryland colonists were English traders who, for one reason or another, had left their colony (1632) and taken up their residence among friendly tribes along the Virginia shore of the Potomac.

  118. Finally a party came along dressed partly in blue and partly in grey, and asked the same question.

  119. Major Robert Beverly and William Fitzhugh, young planter-lawyer from this area, concluded along with other prominent men that the solution lay in some type of crop control but England refused.

  120. They were the two principal organizations present along with Marr Camp of Fairfax County.

  121. Records show that a Richard Ratcliffe came to this country from England in 1637 along with John Bristoe, Robert Turner, Henry Warren, Thomas Clarke and Robert Throckmorton--Lord of the Manor of Ellington.

  122. When a death sentence was passed, the prisoner was taken out The Little River Turnpike from Alexandria to Annandale, thence along "Court House Road" to the gallows.

  123. Along with the gentry's influx into the county, however, there was also the influx of convicts.

  124. The new rich who had prospered by government contracts during the war took the place of men who had lost their business along the coast line and of men whose homes had been ramshackled by English troops.

  125. I should explain that a trenchant edge, running along the bottom of the sash, was the obvious means by which the fingers of Cibras had been cut off.

  126. I watched him from an angle of the stairs pass along the corridor and open my door.

  127. It is remarkable, by the way, that females have all along been rare in the family, and that in no instance has there been more than one son.

  128. Footnote: 'Well-made, healthy children bring much into the world along with them.

  129. Hemmed in by cottage gardens, escape was out of the question on either side, while to retrace her steps along the stony pathway was to return into the jaws of the enemy.

  130. We must return to Uncle Joseph, endeavouring to compose his mind by riding Punch at an uncomfortable jog-trot along a succession of shady lanes calculated to bring him back by a roundabout way to his own dwelling-place.

  131. Jack-tar, creeping along the deck with anything that may be spilt.

  132. Mrs. Lascelles was woman enough to defend an absent friend, and the colour rose to her brow while she thought how confidentially they were riding together along the Bragford road not twenty-four hours ago.

  133. Young in years, Miss Ross was yet an old stager in that broad road between the roses, along which it is all down hill.

  134. Here she disappeared from Uncle Joseph's sight, who had just viewed her, having bustled Punch along the hot, hard road at a pace which put them both in a white lather.

  135. But it really is too hot for walking back along the road.

  136. What a queer old woman, hobbling along the platform!

  137. Punch could scuttle along at his own pace for a good many miles, safely and perseveringly enough; but against yours, if you were in the habit of riding a thorough-bred hack, he would protest in a very few furlongs.

  138. We would meet him at night slinking along the Strand, one of the miserable shadows of humanity whom the darkness lures out of the nameless holes and corners where they hide during the day.

  139. Trains rumble across the bridges, trams screech and clang along the Embankment, tugs, pulling their line of black barges, whistle and snort on the river.

  140. But he gave me to understand through her that he wouldn't do without her, he would rather starve, he couldn't get along without her.

  141. He never saw our Adam ceilings and fireplaces, we never saw his row of gables along the River front except in Canaletto's drawing of the old Watergate which our windows still overlook.

  142. He happened to be passing along the Strand when, just in front of Charing Cross, a cab knocked over a young lady.

  143. Ellen, when they had gone with her along the road to the tram.

  144. Pelle and Morten went for a stroll along the edge of the hill, past the half-finished houses, whose red bricks shone in the sun.

  145. You've accompanied the poor child along the road as far as you could, and the living have some claim on you too.

  146. It was they that made the journey so terribly vivid--as though the devil himself were harnessed to the train and, panting with wantonness, dragging it along through the country to places that people were longing to see.

  147. The spring was beautiful, and they were much out in it; when no one could see them they walked hand-in-hand along the dikes like two young lovers.

  148. Some hurried along looking straight before them without taking any notice of the solitary street-wanderers; they had something waiting for them--a little child perhaps.

  149. It meant visitors to the prisoners; and when the gaoler came along the corridor rattling his keys, Pelle's heart beat suffocatingly.

  150. Pelle felt a peculiar pleasure in being carried along with this stream which flowed like life itself, broad and calm.

  151. As he leaped over the ditch into the field at the tramway terminus, he caught sight of Brun a little farther along the path.

  152. Pelle to himself, touched at the thought; it had not struck him before how toilsome this walk over ploughed fields and along bad roads must be for the old man; and yet he did it several times in the week to come out and see them.

  153. It rushed along with messages of young, manly strength, and people threw back their shoulders and took deep breaths.

  154. Infected by his young strength, she had shot up and unfolded into a fair maiden, at whom the young dandies turned to look when she went along the street to make her purchases.

  155. Here and there a belated woman toiled along the street carrying a clothes-basket, a mother taking her baby to the crêche before she went to her work.

  156. As he walked along with the night behind him and his face to the light, he seemed to have just entered into youth with everything before him-- everything to look forward to!

  157. The women mostly had on these baggy Turkish trousers, like the Zouaves wear, and a jacket, and a cloth around their heads, and they acted as though if the next meal came along all right they would be in luck.

  158. We went 100 miles or so on the cars, passing along valleys where all the cows wear tea bells, and it sounds like chimes in the distance.

  159. In a cavern to the right called Pool's Chamber, there is a fine echo, and the dashing of a current of water, which flows along the middle of the great vault, very much heightens the wonder.

  160. Before the havoc made in Charles's reign, there were thirteen figures representing Christ and his Apostles in the niches which are round the arch-doorway, and also twelve mitred Saints aloft along the stone work, where is now placed an organ.

  161. We climbed up on this bough, and began to work our way along it to the body of the tree; now we began to hear those sounds more plainly; so the mob had struck our trail.

  162. Even the king's reserve melted a little, though it was some little trouble to him to adjust himself to the name of Jones along at first.

  163. We tore along at a good gait, and soon left the sounds far behind and modified to a murmur.

  164. So I had to sit there and look calm and pleasant while the king stood over that dynamite mine and mooned along about his damned onions and things.

  165. I believed we could crawl along a branch and get into the next tree, and I judged it worth while to try.

  166. It was a white packet he had given me, with red seals at either end and along its edge.

  167. He got a bicycle, and, riding over the frosty road from Wandsworth to Kingston, found the thing rolling along at his side, and leaving a dark trail behind it.

  168. Each was outlined in a bluish light almost as bright as the lights of a fishing smack, a light which seemed to be smoking greatly, and all along the sides of them were specks of this, like the lighter portholes of a ship.

  169. It was in the afternoon, and he was walking along the cliff path between Sidmouth and Ladram Bay.

  170. The green glow along the edge of the sky seemed to be growing in extent and intensity.

  171. It was as dark as earthly starlight throughout its length, while the ghastly green day lay along the upper edge of its precipices.

  172. I was interested in this deadness of my emotional nature--no doubt a concomitant of my stagnating physiology; and my thoughts wandered off along the line it suggested.

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