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Example sentences for "draws"

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drawling; drawls; drawly; drawn; drawne; drawstring; dray; drayman; draymen; drays
  1. If your heart draws no distinction, why not indeed?

  2. Unfortunately the Sumter draws twelve feet; so we must abandon this hope.

  3. As she draws near the southern edge of the belt, she will receive the first light breathings of the north-east trade-wind.

  4. It draws up vapors from the sea and land, retains them dissolved in itself, or suspended in cisterns of clouds, and throws them down again, as rain or dew when they are required.

  5. Occasionally some fellow draws off the rough leather gauntlet, and then the contrast between his blistered, wind-and-sun tanned face and the white hand is startling.

  6. Little by little the fury of the attack draws away, and only scattering shots annoy them.

  7. When he draws his sword he must throw the scabbard away, lest in a moment of discouragement and irresolution he be tempted to sheath it.

  8. The fire of his black eyes draws attention at once.

  9. When the ship draws more water abaft than forward.

  10. The artist who draws plans or charts from instructions or surveys.

  11. One who, having obtained a warrant from a gunnery ship, is eligible to large ships to assist specially in supervising the gunnery duties; he draws increased pay.

  12. Said of the wind when it draws before the beam.

  13. The condition of a vessel which draws more water abaft than forward.

  14. As the wind draws aft of the beam the speed decreases (unless the wind increases), so that a vessel with the wind abeam, and every sail drawing, goes much faster than she would with the same wind before it.

  15. A west-country term for a man who draws a barge along by a rope.

  16. Being in the first battle; and "fleshing the sword" alludes to the first time the beginner draws blood with it.

  17. The depth of water which a vessel draws when she is empty, or nearly so.

  18. The other bolt connects the extremity of the brake to the pump-spear, which draws up the spear box or piston, charged with the water in the tube; derived from brachium, an arm or lever.

  19. By the head, the state of a ship which, by her lading, draws more water forward than aft.

  20. He draws apt lessons from it and praises the virtues and the dignity of the Blessed Virgin in a way that does him honour: “First of all you see how Mary’s faith finds expression in a work of charity.

  21. Formerly he annoyed and confuted the Papacy, now he draws his head out of the noose.

  22. These strands contract or shrink in the course of time, and this draws the isthmus of the uterus backwards, and fixes or attaches it to the posterior pelvic wall.

  23. This position rolls the abdominal organs upwards and forwards, and thus naturally draws the womb and vagina into their normal positions, much better than any mechanical appliance or operator can possibly accomplish it.

  24. Plain, business-like Sarah had drawn him after her as the moon draws the willing tide.

  25. Presently there had been the excitement of the first shy dance, and then the gradual drawing towards marriage as the tide draws to the moon.

  26. Let an air be sung in ever so tender or so furious a passage, the actor must needs bow his thanks for the applause it draws down.

  27. Now, in pictures alluding to our own history and faith, the painter is personally inspired; feeling what he depicts, retracing what he has seen, he draws from the life.

  28. Upon that institution the Canton silk firm, therefore, draws his draft in pounds sterling for the cost of the silk, attaching to the draft the bill of lading, an invoice, and the insurance certificate.

  29. In the course of his regular business, then, the American banker simply draws that many more pounds sterling in long bills, sells them, and for the time being has the use of the money.

  30. In a previous chapter it has been explained how, when merchandise is shipped out of the country, the shipper draws his draft upon the buyer, in the currency of the country to which the merchandise goes.

  31. He ships the goods, he draws the draft, he sells the draft, he has his money, and he is out of it.

  32. But in the vast majority of cases the regular course is followed and the seller here draws on the buyer there.

  33. Merchandise has been shipped and the shipper draws his draft on the buyer or on a bank abroad designated by him.

  34. The stock comes into A's office, and he pays for it with the proceeds of a sterling draft he draws on B.

  35. It is after the midcentury that the great Paulus, having met with shipwreck on Melita, draws near to Rome.

  36. For the day draws near when the Roman Titus shall weep on Scopus over its fading splendors and then shall smite it to the dust.

  37. The greatness of his own ideal is shown when he draws with a free hand, in the "Conclusions" or the "Model.

  38. So encompassing love--human love--draws out response in its object, makes it lovable.

  39. Our friend and master is not in the grave, nor in the cold underworld; he is the child of the living God, and he draws us toward him in that divine and eternal life.

  40. The laborer has gained in intelligence by the school and the newspaper; holding the vote, he feels himself one of the masters of the state; sympathy draws him to his own class.

  41. From sorrow it gets its sacred fragrance, from mutual service it draws its healing power, from the bitterness of parting it wins the sweetness of an inexpressible hope.

  42. To greatness and to joy he calls us, and draws us slowly by the changing years.

  43. Frenchmen, Piet and me and Hans draws the wagons across the road: and there be a barricade.

  44. He draws his metaphors from the clouds, the seasons, the birds, the beasts, and the vegetable world.

  45. As an evidence of the methodical precision with which he attends to business, it is only necessary to allude to the fact that he invariably draws his salary the moment it is due; his memory in this respect is prodigious.

  46. A fine woman is like a locomotive, because she draws a train after her, scatters the sparks, and transports the males.

  47. The capt'n draws us up in single file, and sets a cider-barrel rolling down the hill, and each man takes his shot at the bung-hole as it turns up.

  48. And some day when a more favored one of nature draws near with his homage, why should the old lover listen in amaze to cold words and colder sentiments?

  49. The plant draws the mineral elements from the soil, and after certain processes of combination, conveys them as food to the animal.

  50. And yet in hypnotized complacency the masses stand; for meanwhile commerce reaps its costly gains and labour draws in enhanced increment the wages of the living and the dead.

  51. The red corpuscles are the carriers of oxygen to the various tissues, which the body draws from the atmosphere, and of the other nutriments.

  52. La Joconde would seem to be the Isis of some cryptic religion, who, thinking herself alone, draws aside the folds of her veil, even though the imprudent man who might surprise her should go mad and die.

  53. The public rush to his doors, and all goes well until some neighbouring café, more sumptuous still, draws the crowd away again.

  54. The attachment of my people draws tears from my eyes at every moment.

  55. He has so arranged his affairs that young men do most of the work and he draws the dividends--and all in a little more than twenty years.

  56. And little children perhaps have remembered him most of all, for when the happy Christmas time draws near, who is so much in their thoughts as Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, as they call him?

  57. See, as you sit by my fire, how it draws away from you.

  58. Thus it is true that love deifies the mortal clay, and draws down upon earth what is heavenly.

  59. He drew back from the thought as one draws away from the rude touch upon a wound.

  60. Parkman now who breathed the enthusiasm which draws one to a light out beyond obstacle and difficulty--"I'm beginning to see the thing more and more as actual fact.

  61. She draws very finely, is a great musician, and works with her needle better than Mrs. Betty.

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