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owlet; owlets; owlish; owlishly; owls; owne; owned; owner; ownerless; owners
  1. Fortunately for the country side, John Osbaldiston never sat on the bench alone, and his own view as to the depravity of human nature could not take effect in sentences unless a majority of the bench was with him.

  2. President, glancing down at his own immaculate shirt-cuffs.

  3. The consequences be on your own head if you do.

  4. Wild, the low comedian, Lincoln with a firm belief in his wife’s honesty and a still firmer belief in his own charms, saw nothing whatever.

  5. Wild, between whom sat his wife devouring open tarts, and laughing consumedly at her own jokes.

  6. Mrs. Gillison was—to use her own expression—dying for a game of cards, and Susan Copeland refused to play except for ready money.

  7. And yet there he stood, blushing, stammering, and holding in his hand the hat which heretofore in his own house he invariably carried on his head.

  8. His bands were most disreputable specimens of man-millinery; for indeed he was his own laundress, and washed those symbolic rags in his own basin, drying them before his fire in his chambers in Gray’s Inn.

  9. He gives them in their own tongue a great body of erudition and collection of striking facts.

  10. But men who ought to be in his own set—or of whose set he ought to be—do not care for his company.

  11. Regarding your own long and honourable connection with the town, it has been resolved to consult you generally on the subject, and to request you to lend us a few examples from your magnificent collection.

  12. The sight of these great beasts made Jack think a little sadly of his own wolf, Swiftfoot, far away in New York.

  13. They partly own this gold, what do they say about giving it away?

  14. They walked over to them and soon saw that they were in an Indian camp, and after a moment's hesitation, Hugh addressed a naked man who was lying in the shade, speaking to him in his own tongue.

  15. His efforts to learn how to shoot had been a source of great delight to the small boys of the camp, who enjoyed following him about, laughing at his bad shooting, and then exhibiting to him their own skill.

  16. When we got down to the stopping place, Wilson, the ranch boss who was leading our party, asked me to go ahead down to the camp and see how many men there was there, and whether they had just their own horses, or a bunch besides.

  17. A sentence or two seemed to galvanize the man, who sprang to his feet and shook Hugh's hand heartily, talking volubly in his own tongue.

  18. Her own hay-raik, that had an M and a B neatly cut on the head of it, was leaning on the unfinished coil, and Mary was wanting.

  19. You were not so unnatural as to forget your own flesh and blood, in communing with the man who has wronged her?

  20. A five-grained one make it; at your own price.

  21. Doctor; "therefore for your own credit, and for the peace and comfort of my wife and myself, and our credit among our retainers, you must unsay every word that you have now said.

  22. He had his own reasons for it, he said, and reasons that to him were quite sufficient; but as he was not obliged to disclose them, neither would he.

  23. The evening at length drew on; the women had gone away home, and the neighbouring shepherds had scattered here and there to look after their own flocks.

  24. Isaac lost sight of his own home, and came in view of Shepherd Gawin's at the same instant; but he only gave a slight glance back to his own, for the concern that lay before him dwelt on his heart.

  25. You will be answerable at your own cost, then," said the nephew.

  26. It happened in my own day, and I believe mostly through mischance.

  27. Know, then, that I am an Englishman of good blood and fathers, travelling in these countries for my own profit and diversion, and for that of other people also.

  28. I can raise one half of what they demand, do you supply the other, we will then divide it, each shall go his own way and dispose of his portion.

  29. He went spying on Naisi, and now the worms is spying on his own inside.

  30. Draw a little back from the white bodies I am putting under a mound of clay and grasses that are withered -- a mound will have a nook for my own self when the end is come.

  31. I know well pity's cruel, when it was my pity for my own self destroyed Naisi.

  32. There's a score of woman's years in store for you, and you'd best choose will you start living them beside the man you hate, or being your own mistress in the west or south?

  33. It is I who am out of my wits, with Emain in flames, and Deirdre raving, and my own heart gone within me.

  34. It's to stop your own despair and wailing, and you waking up in a cold bed, without the man you have your heart on, I am raging now.

  35. With the tide in a little while we will be journeying again, or it is our own blood maybe will be running away.

  36. For everything serves the passion of love; it turns to its own profit the very things that would naturally tend most to thwart it.

  37. The devil is crafty, you are right, and to do right is difficult, but those whom the devil inspires, when you follow their momentary caprice and your own fancy, lead you on to abysses deeper than the lorons of the paluns.

  38. It was one evening when the beggar queen began to dance for her own amusement on the high-road, to the music of her tambourine, which she hardly ever laid aside.

  39. You must pay the tollman of your own accord, or else he will pay himself!

  40. The gipsy held Livette's hand in her own a moment, exulting to feel the palpitations of the bird she was fascinating.

  41. But they who are drowned in stagnant waters, and they who, to join them, die by their own hand, are never aught but solitary spectres.

  42. She was a personage of importance in her own eyes, and she saw nobody but herself at all times and under all circumstances.

  43. On the subject of her own influence, Zinzara knew what she knew.

  44. I have no appetite for anything in the world, unless it were a slice of bread of my mother's own baking, or a little fruit out of her garden.

  45. But, as Hercules held on so stubbornly, and only squeezed the Old One so much the tighter at every change of shape, and really put him to no small torture, he finally thought it best to reappear in his own figure.

  46. Thus, frightened as she at first was, you might by and by have seen Europa stroking the bull's forehead with her small white hand, and taking the garlands off her own head to hang them on his neck and ivory horns.

  47. And, besides, he thought that it would be still more for his own glory if he could boast of upholding the sky, than merely to do so ordinary a thing as to conquer a dragon with a hundred heads.

  48. The staff seemed to get up from the ground of its own accord, and, spreading its little pair of wings, it half hopped, half flew, and leaned itself against the wall of the cottage.

  49. If he could only succeed in putting the golden bit into the mouth of Pegasus, the winged horse would be submissive, and would own Bellerophon for his master, and fly whithersoever he might choose to turn the rein.

  50. Before Proserpina knew what she was about, her teeth had actually bitten it, of their own accord.

  51. Lastly, they joined hands, and danced around him, chanting words which became poetry of their own accord, and grew into a choral song, in honour of the illustrious Hercules.

  52. As soon as they had eaten their morning meal, and drank some sparkling water from a spring called Hippocrene, Pegasus held out his head, of his own accord, so that his master might put on the bridle.

  53. But Epimetheus himself, although he said very little about it, had his own share of curiosity to know what was inside.

  54. Show us the head if you have it, or we will take your own head for a football!

  55. My own little Proserpina," he used to say, "I wish you could like me a little better.

  56. And they awoke at peep of day, and bade one another good-morning, each in his own language.

  57. Thus, a small vexation made as much disturbance then as a far bigger one would in our own times.

  58. On went the chariot, and King Pluto seemed greatly pleased to find himself once more in his own kingdom.

  59. It was a fashion of Neapolitan writing in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and seems to correspond in its own school with that tendency in the schools of northern countries which produced the angular "gothic" of the thirteenth.

  60. The few exceptions to the rule which ecclesiastical policy had ever allowed were in the concession to the affiliated Greek, Slavonic, and Oriental congregations of a right to use their own vernacular liturgies.

  61. They learned to write and ornament books of their own in the Irish manner, and they had Irish monks in their new monasteries who fostered the art.

  62. The Transalpine Gauls retained their own speech longer than the Spaniards did theirs, because the conquest was later; but the people of Cisalpine Gaul were Romanised even earlier than the Spaniards.

  63. The cousin's wife felt Jinnet's home-baked seedcake was a deliberate taunt at her own inefficiency in the baking line.

  64. Jinnet coaxingly; but Erchie had his own way of teaching Jinnet self-confidence, and refused.

  65. Erchie to Duffy on Saturday afternoon when he came on the worthy coalman standing at his own close-mouth, looking up and down the street with the hesitation of a man who deliberates how he is to make the most of his Saturday half-holiday.

  66. Hooray, now we have a chance to beat the scoundrels at their own game.

  67. But now, if you are quite finished with the water hole, we will draw some for our own use, and then Juan can let the stock have a drink.

  68. Miss Prescott was the aunt of the two Prescott children, and since their father's death some time before had been both mother and father to them--their own mother having passed away when they were but small children.

  69. It is true, Wolfert fancied more than once that he heard the sound of a stealthy footfall at a distance behind them; but it might have been merely the echo of their own steps echoing along the quiet streets.

  70. There was a world of merriment and joking at my expense; and as I never relished a joke overmuch when it was at my own expense, I began to feel a little nettled.

  71. My own family, also, became the object of his suspicion or dislike, and felt more than once the arbitrary abuse of his power.

  72. Was I to take advantage of her ignorance of the world, of her confiding affection, and draw her down to my own poverty?

  73. I was hectored and lectured in my own green-room, and made an absolute nincompoop on my own stage.

  74. I felt assured that it was confined to its own dreary chamber, for I had, with a sort of instinctive caution, turned the key when I closed the door.

  75. Haven't we heaths and commons and high-ways on our own little island?

  76. At length she determined to drive the bargain on her own account, and if she succeeded, to keep all the gain to herself.

  77. The half-pay officer was a man of great weight among the peaceable members of the club, by reason of his military character, and of the gunpowder scenes which, by his own account, he had witnessed.

  78. Still I loved to be alone, and to indulge in the reveries of my own imagination, among the beautiful scenery by which I was surrounded.

  79. There was a perpetual tramping up-stairs of citizens and their families, to look about the country from the top of the tower, and to take a peep at the city through the telescope, to try if they could discern their own chimneys.

  80. On the day of his coronation as King of Prussia, he exhibited his own character and religious faith by putting the crown on his own head.

  81. Go away, away to your own people, and to your own life of to-morrows.

  82. It is not like that which is provided for my own table.

  83. The people heard the sounds, full of seeming expression, as though touched by airy fingers, and, as they could not discredit the evidence of their own ears, they too reported that the harp played itself.

  84. And better still is my own fair land," Said the Palsgrave of the Rhine: "There are sunny vineyards upon the hills; In the valleys are presses of wine.

  85. He attempted to ejaculate something, but was scared by the sound of his own voice.

  86. When he recovered from the fever, and heard of the miracle that he was said to have wrought, he was greatly pleased, and thought to turn the good opinion of people to his own advantage by performing other miracles.

  87. He inquired of the Black Foresters about the missing line, but they only knew as much as he, else many of them would have called the fairy banker to their own service.

  88. He was called "Black Henry" in his own country on account of his dark face and evil nature, and Valdemar had been warned against him as a false friend.

  89. Every town on the Rhine has its own songs; every mountain, hill, and river.

  90. He made the organ as it were a part of his own soul; it expressed his thoughts like an interpreter, and swayed other hearts with the emotions of his own.

  91. So, although the revolt of the Netherlands had begun and he was preparing to return to his own country, he advanced the necessary funds, and saw Otto established in business before he quitted Ghent.

  92. Sin is its own detector, and its secrets cannot rest.

  93. But also, your own art is a better and brighter one than ever this Greek art was.

  94. It does not now merely crystallize indefinite masses, but it gives to limited portions of matter the power of gathering, selectively, other elements proper to them, and binding those elements into their own peculiar and adopted form.

  95. For all good art is the natural utterance of its own people in its own day.

  96. The boys shortly retired to their own camp, and here Dick and Bob and Ben, and the rest who had been left in the city, were given a right royal welcome, and then they all had breakfast together, Dick and his boys being very glad to get it.

  97. If we could meet them on our own ground, we'd be more than a match for them," muttered Harry.

  98. The boats were left to go adrift, and then, led by Dick, who knew the way thoroughly, they set out for their own lines, which Dick judged would be somewhere below Fort Washington.

  99. The ungrateful hound won't do things for his own dad.

  100. Some day we will be back there again, and the British will be driven out and have to go back to their own country beyond the sea.

  101. The man was not so much intoxicated that he could not understand Dick's position and his own danger, and he turned pale and moved hurriedly away, losing himself in the crowd that thronged the wharf at the time.

  102. You have turned her against you by your own outrageous conduct," Dick retorted.

  103. The single survivor, the man whose words are quoted above, contrived to get back to his own party and brought them to the scene of the tragedy.

  104. They have no prospect before them but to die, or, what is more cruel, to see those of their own flesh and blood dying about them, and to be powerless to succor and to save.

  105. Questions of extraordinary moment were arising in our own country, from which terrible results were to ensue, and for the time being, indeed for years to come, everything else sank into insignificance.

  106. And she has no one to blame for her wretched feeble, exhausted condition but herself--her own obstinacy, selfishness and perversity.

  107. But the danger to our own soldiers must also from the very nature of things, be much less than it has proved to the Spaniards.

  108. Women that are not living at their own homes, or at the house of their relatives, will collect in the town of Jiguana or Bayamo, where maintenance will be provided.

  109. In proportion as nations are great and dignified, they must at least obey their own laws and treaties.

  110. Their own freedom they failed to obtain, but they were the cause of freedom being bestowed upon others.

  111. He admits that destruction has been carried on by both sides, but affirms that the insurgents began by destroying their own property, in order to deprive the troops of the government of shelter and sustenance.

  112. Finally, Senor Enrique Jose Verona, who was at one time a deputy to the Spanish Cortes, sums up the situation as follows: "Spain denies to the Cubans all effective powers in their own county.

  113. Afterwards Zertucha attempted to blacken Maceo's memory by declaring that he was disheartened and desperate, and that his death was the result of his own folly.

  114. It would be the height of indecorum for him to approach nearer, to seek to speak with her within the walls of her own home, even in the presence of her father and mother.

  115. The smugglers, besides obtaining what they desired for their own use of this preserved meat, established an extensive illicit trade in it.

  116. Cows are driven about the streets and milked in front of your own door, when you desire the lacteal fluid.

  117. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "own" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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