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  1. If it has taught me that it is all good, but at present no test has come.

  2. Yes, business chiefly has stood in my way.

  3. One has to build, to begin again, not count over the destruction that has been wrought.

  4. It has made me a little more like a woman.

  5. The story of a young wife left by her husband at a Continental watering place for a brief summer stay, who, before she is aware, has drifted into the feverish current of a French Monte Carlo.

  6. For this purpose she called Lady Dover by her Christian name, as one has to begin some time.

  7. She says (she has just read it) that it is too business-like.

  8. I needn't go into that, but you know what the surface of a lane looks like when a flock of sheep has passed?

  9. It is seldom that an author has succeeded in depicting with such grim horror the sufferings of a mind that feels itself slipping over the brink of sanity, and clutches desperately at shadows in the effort to drag itself back.

  10. And you tell me, as Evelyn has told me, that there are vital pains of living, as clean and as essential as those joys.

  11. One has to know what one is, first of all, one has to know what one likes.

  12. He was like a child which has hitherto regarded its legs merely as agreeable though silent play-fellows, who begins to see that a hitherto undreamed-of power of locomotion resides in them.

  13. His idea, I think, was that somehow and somewhere the balance is struck, that if one is overloaded with joy, some compensating pain has got to be put in before one is complete.

  14. He nodded, as understanding her, and said in a low voice: "Katharina has been here?

  15. But to a man who has such a son to carry him the saddest and hardest lot floats by like a cloud before the wind.

  16. My little wife, by your leave; the time has come, little pigeon!

  17. The man who has not seen this has seen nothing.

  18. No one else could have betrayed us; if she has also revealed what Rufinus did for the sisters we must deny it, positively and unflinchingly.

  19. Can we wonder if the Almighty has at last disdained and rejected the wretched substitute, and claims once more for His Nile that which was formerly given?

  20. In this foolish heart of mine passionate hatred has given way to no less fervent love.

  21. No Head of our Church has ever hurled such a curse at the Moslems who adore the One God!

  22. Have I not heard from your own lips that you never give up all hope of a sick man till death has put an end to it?

  23. Not a thing that human foresight and prudence could devise or execute has remained untried.

  24. You know what my past has been, and when I am reminded--when I must listen to the praises even of the wretches to whom my father and brother.

  25. Old age no longer forgets; it is youth that has a short memory.

  26. And if the gifted Cicero has just gone tragically out of life, let it be hoped that he has reached the harbor.

  27. He has put to scorn the fidelity of the Roman sentinels at the tomb of Joseph; he has reversed the laws of nature; he has appeared again, in unique proof that there is to be a resurrection of the dead.

  28. If this was what the augur meant, no Roman in the days of Tiberius has ever set forth upon a more serious adventure.

  29. From the evidence which Quintus has heard in Jerusalem he has now fulfilled his prediction.

  30. Never have I heard another speak as he has done about a future world.

  31. Let him say if their deliverer has now come.

  32. Of late into my heart an untold peace has come.

  33. The time has come--as it comes to all--when he must commune with himself, and make the decision confronting every soul that has heard the resurrection story.

  34. In their assemblies, on the first day of the week, Quintus has his influential place.

  35. In a shop where Egyptian wares are sold he says to Aulus: "Look on this scarab, this sacred beetle, which has been shaped by some workman down in Thebae on the Nile.

  36. The Roman knight has made the great decision.

  37. They hear the Aramaic speech of Palestine, which Quintus has been taught by his Athenian tutor, and their ears also catch the accents of other foreign tongues.

  38. Nor does Quintus forget that he too has his charge.

  39. The other has spoken a revelation, and then has returned to prove that revelation true.

  40. It is tiny, tiny, no bigger than a rat, but it has a bushy tail and four dark stripes like finger marks down its goldy-coloured back.

  41. Little Akbar has found his own darlingest mother, and there is not a dry eye in the whole assemblage.

  42. My lord has a sword," put in Roy eagerly, "and so has Faithful.

  43. I am not the first man who has been outwitted by a woman.

  44. He has them fast closed; for so, he knows, he can see his mother.

  45. The touch of kinship has power, and if I do not mistake me, there is that in thy blood that is in mine--royalty!

  46. Bring cooling sherbets, slaves, while she tells me all that has happened.

  47. Only that perhaps the dog has eaten the child.

  48. But Foster-father said swiftly: "I would it were some other helper, for the time has come for help.

  49. She has had kittens," said Foster-mother; "I wonder if they are white or black.

  50. And a little flying figure in rose-coloured satin has dashed across the floor to fling itself into the arms of--Queen Humeeda.

  51. He has his headquarters somewhere in your district.

  52. There is only one so far who has objected to reprints, while there have been several asking you to reprint A.

  53. The Vice-president has hit the mark," he said, with a dramatic gesture of his arm.

  54. Lieutenant Maynard found a good landing field within a half mile of here, as you said he would, and he has his Douglass camouflaged and is standing by.

  55. The prophecy of the Great One has been fulfilled even as it has been written.

  56. After all, he does stand for that aristocracy that has disappeared from the modern world, does he not?

  57. Gentlemen," he said, "the Invisible Death has already reached Charlotte.

  58. A gang of thieves has invented a paint that renders them inconspicuous, has created a panic, and is taking advantage of it to terrorize the country.

  59. Further, every case has happened within a circle with a diameter of three hundred miles.

  60. He has met her--I tell it to you--and it must have been last night.

  61. Gentlemen," he said, "the President has disappeared from his office in the White House, and there are grave fears that he has been kidnapped!

  62. If that is all the good the menthium I have injected has done you, I might as well have saved it.

  63. When the anniversary of his being carried into captivity comes round, he declares, as has already been quoted, that the year just elapsed has appeared longer than all the forty years of his life that had preceded it (sonnet 60).

  64. There has already been quoted a line describing Spenser as 'the southern shepheardes boye.

  65. The phrase 'country lass' in this rapturous passage has been taken to signify that she to whom it applied was of mean origin; but it scarcely bears this construction.

  66. Grosart has discovered that this lady belonged to the Boyle family--a family already of importance and destined to be famous.

  67. Florenc Spenser, the daughter of Edmond'--it has been conjectured that the poet was married before 1587.

  68. But, as Mr. Richard Morris has remarked to me, he could not have drawn from Chaucer those forms and words of a northern dialect which appear in the Calendar.

  69. As has been already remarked, it is scarcely probable that this can have been the poet, then a youth of some seventeen years on the verge of his undergraduateship.

  70. Yes, Elfinhart, The hour has come, and you must play your part.

  71. The twilight deepens when the sun has set; In memory golden glories linger yet; But these avail not.

  72. And so it has to be answered particularly, and you haven't made me able to answer it particularly to you.

  73. The old highway leading from Ramoth village to the valley has been grass-grown for generations, but that is because the other road is more direct to the Valley settlement and the station.

  74. Revelry has need of a certain co-operation.

  75. I think it right to add, that the window in question has been mended by your brother, with evident purpose.

  76. It has not been usual in my experience to find the Court a pleader in opposition.

  77. Nor has a man a right to use another man for a pincushion whenever, as it may be, he finds something about him in a way that's like a pincushion.

  78. New England has been spilling over these many years.

  79. My life lately has been what you would call, perhaps, a study in realism, and you want me to be, perhaps, a symbolic romance.

  80. We are not under the French law--at least I have not heard that England has relinquished her power," retorted Tewfick not without malice.

  81. But there has been no communication with France for twelve years or even longer?

  82. And if the locket proves the duplicate of the other it indicates that it's a portrait of Madame Delcassé, but it doesn't indicate what has become of Madame Delcassé.

  83. Your new mistress has met with an accident, out boating--a curse upon me for gratifying forbidden caprice!

  84. But your father has been strangely remiss with his discipline.

  85. Perhaps the French girl has sent a maid on ahead?

  86. Tewfick Pasha has no right to give me to you--" Indulgently he smiled down at her, then his narrowed eyes traveled slowly about the room.

  87. Not even for a wedding would they deeply infringe upon that rule which keeps the Moslem women indoors after the sun has set.

  88. It has some remarkable representations of the jackal Anubis--" It seemed to McLean a most extraordinary time for a disquisition upon Anubis.

  89. On the contrary," and the pasha's eyes met hers frankly for the first time and he seemed delighted to indulge a laugh, "he has the reputation of good looks.

  90. I am afraid that it is my stupidity which has kept you from the knowledge of this for some weeks," McLean went on.

  91. You are like a crystal in which the world has thrown no reflections.

  92. Lyell has made similar observations on some of the later tertiary formations.

  93. The ass not rarely has very distinct transverse bars on its legs, like those on the legs of the zebra: it has been asserted that these are plainest in the foal, and from inquiries which I have made, I believe this to be true.

  94. The same has been found to hold good when first one variety and then several mixed varieties of wheat have been sown on equal spaces of ground.

  95. Lamarck first called attention to this distinction, and he has been ably followed by Macleay and others.

  96. Yet the structure of each of these birds is good for it, under the conditions of life to which it is exposed, for each has to live by a struggle; but it is not necessarily the best possible under all possible conditions.

  97. Let it be remembered how powerful the influence of a single introduced tree or mammal has been shown to be.

  98. And I believe that this process has been repeated, until that prodigious amount of difference between the fertile and sterile females of the same species has been produced, which we see in many social insects.

  99. The journey back has now begun, The Chariot winds along the road-- The road which seems for aye to run To me with my sad load!

  100. As this book of translations is chiefly intended for readers who do not understand the Chinese language, no attempt has been made to insert the Chinese characters for the names, &c.

  101. The wind has slackened but dark clouds affright, And wintry is the fast approaching night; My bed is worn and hard, my clothing spare, I cannot sleep for pain and anxious care.

  102. In depths of night it seems the human soul Its sway o'er other things has lost control; I and my shadow play upon the strand That marks the boundary of the silent land.

  103. Since the days of Chen and Wei,[39] When confusion filled the land, Music rare of ancient style Has found but scant demand.

  104. Tis evil fate that has despoiled my heart!

  105. For thirty-seven centuries there has been water at Beersheba, since, in fact, Abraham sank the wells in the neighbourhood, and these have known many vicissitudes.

  106. It is one thing to attack with numbers at least equal, if not superior, to those of the enemy; it is quite another when the advantage of numbers lies heavily with the enemy, and the attack has still to be made.

  107. Flogging has little effect on him and profanity none whatever; violence is necessary.

  108. Painfully the long line struggled on, halted a little while and lay down, for human endurance has its limits, then went forward again.

  109. It is a melancholy and ironic fact that this land, hallowed by the gentle footsteps of the Prince of Peace, has seen more bloodshed than any country on the earth.

  110. Arab tradition has it that the river now flows underground, which probably accounts for the fertility of the wadi, or valley, and ultimately for the existence of the town.

  111. Later in the evening we learnt what has already been told earlier in this chapter: that we had still some fourteen miles of the country to cover before we could get in touch with the Turks.

  112. I suppose every unit at some time or other during a period of enforced stagnation has had this grievance.

  113. It may be thought that undue prominence has been given to an affair which after all was one in which a few thousands only took part--little more than a skirmish, perhaps, judged by European standards.

  114. Nor has he the chance of obtaining more, except from a comrade.

  115. It has also been called Angendre’s powder, White German powder, American powder, and Baron and Cauvet’s powder.

  116. Power (swing of ballistic pendulum) 2·72” but the permit has been repealed.

  117. It has been used for charging grenades, and by the Austrians for trench howitzer bombs.

  118. Ammon-Halalit A, which has been introduced recently, is similar to Astralit V.

  119. Power (swing of ballistic pendulum) 2·50” The permit has been repealed.

  120. It has been tried as a constituent of a smokeless powder, but it belies its title as it is readily hydrolysed with the formation of picric acid.

  121. Power (swing of ballistic pendulum) 2·61” but this also has now been repealed.

  122. It consists of guncotton mixed with a nitrate and compressed into blocks or cylinders, but a small percentage of a nitro-compound has sometimes been added.

  123. The composition has been varied somewhat, and one formula, No.

  124. So I suggested: but she has her eyes on his particular portion of it.

  125. Nothing has happened--perhaps that is just the worst of it.

  126. You might not suspect it from her conversation, but my wife has no feeling for art--Italian art, that is; for no one is fonder of our early Victorian school.

  127. She has chosen what Catholics call the higher life--the counsel of perfection.

  128. Youth is a high-colored season; but he had the satisfaction of feeling that he had entered earlier than most into that chiar'oscuro of sensation where every half-tone has its value.

  129. You know every Breton house has its ghost-story; and some of them are rather unpleasant.

  130. Her hair enveloped her head in the same thick braids, but the rose color of her cheeks had turned to blotches of dull red, like some pigment which has darkened in drying.

  131. Or is that the Light of the World, extinguished on yonder stormy hill, and is this lady the Pride of Life, feasting blindly on the wine of iniquity, with her back turned to the light which has shone for her in vain?

  132. The family are mad to sell the place, and the old guardian has orders--" "Very likely.

  133. There are no adjectives in the language fresh enough to describe such pristine brilliancy; all their brightness has been worn off by misuse.

  134. He has lived for years in Italy, exploring its remotest corners, and has lately picked up an undoubted Leonardo, which came to light in a farmhouse near Bergamo.

  135. He has always respected my preference for living in England; he likes to hear me give my reasons for it.

  136. All this excitement has been too much for me,' he said.

  137. The scene that followed has no parallel since similar disturbance took place in Dotheboys Hall when Nicholas Nickleby revolted and "took it out" of Squeers.

  138. Y is the Yorker, that's fatal to some, And Z shows the ending has really come.

  139. This truth my simple Fable doth attest, He who has strongest jaw argues the best!

  140. When a batsman has piled up a hundred, or more, Though five twenties he's hit, he has made but "a score.

  141. Here genius has touched the dead past and made it glow again with an intense reality.

  142. This has a certain importance in the history of French art.

  143. It has been told that Fanny Imlay, Mary's sister, likewise committed suicide because Shelley did not care for her, but this has also been disproved.

  144. It has been said of Feuillet that he was a sort of "domesticated Musset.

  145. Most remarkable of all these accusations is that which has to do with the relations of Carlyle and Lady Ashburton.

  146. Geraldine has one besetting weakness; she is never happy unless she has a grande passion on hand.

  147. Such is the story of Dean Swift, and it has always suggested several curious questions.

  148. He has his bank-account, and I have mine.

  149. An immense literature has grown around the subject of their relations.

  150. Reade's was toughened, and he learned to resist pain and to resent wrong, so that hatred of injustice has been called his dominating trait.

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