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descensus; descent; descente; descents; describable; described; describer; describers; describes; describeth
  1. I will not attempt to describe to you the scene of desolation which greeted me.

  2. I wish I could describe to you our life in that strange inland Chinese city.

  3. Conversely, we might describe a staff-sling as a hand-trebuchet.

  4. It is curious to note how Chaucer seems to have felt that romance-writers were constrained to describe feasts, a duty which he usually evades.

  5. The real reason why Chaucer could not here describe the passage of Arcite's soul to heaven is because he had already copied Boccaccio's description, and had used it with respect to the death of Troilus; see Troil.

  6. Skelton goes so far as to describe Elinour Rummyng (l.

  7. The word worm is used by Shakespeare to describe the asp whose bite was fatal to Cleopatra; and it is sometimes used to describe a dragon of the largest size.

  8. I can find no phrase to describe it, but a sudden constraint of the brain; it was as if the membrane in which it lies, if there be such a thing, contracted, and became inflexible.

  9. I need not describe the minute industry or forethought with which the police agents collected all the details necessary to support the case.

  10. I cannot describe the feeling with which I heard these words.

  11. Gradually the process of restoration was completed; and I was able, though very faintly, to tell him how very ill I had been; and then to describe the violation of my letters, during the time of his absence from the carriage.

  12. You describe my object unfairly," I objected.

  13. Mr. Thackeray's aim obviously was to describe the career of this wretched woman and her associates with such fidelity to truth as to exhibit the danger and folly of investing such persons with heroic and romantic qualities.

  14. We shall not describe the meeting which took place between mother and son.

  15. While thus engaged he determined to trace the history and describe the existing condition of each of the arts and sciences on which he was lecturing, being perhaps incited by the Bibliothecae of Albrecht von Haller.

  16. Miners not infrequently describe a bed of rock as a "vein," if it is one that has some economic value, e.

  17. These three phrases describe the standard in management, and are particularly emphasized by the use of the standard in Scientific Management.

  18. But, to-day, it is used so often as an adjective, to describe work which is being attempted for the good of industrial workers, that any use of the word welfare has that fringe of meaning to it.

  19. To give an idea of the nature of these pictorial embellishments--which display more splendor of coloring than accuracy of design--I may describe the singular illumination adorning the sixth page, which represents the birth of Eve.

  20. Describe any case of profit-sharing you may have seen in operation.

  21. Describe any agreement of which you know, made between merchants or manufacturers for the purpose of regulating prices.

  22. Describe the characteristic features of the pool, the trust and the holding company.

  23. Describe the clearing house and define its economic advantages.

  24. Describe the practices included under the term "direct action," and contrast with the methods of collective bargaining and legislation.

  25. Describe the trade, banking and price conditions which obtain just preceding, during and immediately following a crisis.

  26. If he describe that walk he will surprise us with revelations: we can then and thereafter see all that he points out; but we needed his vision to direct our own.

  27. The naturalist who should describe a hippogriff would incur the laughing scorn of Europe; but the poet feigns its existence, and all Europe is delighted when it rises with Astolfo in the air.

  28. The scenes which they describe must have been a strong contrast to the dreary waste around him.

  29. Let me try to describe his situation in his own historical style.

  30. Some of us older people remember that it used to be a favourite phrase to describe unattractive saints that they had 'grace grafted on a crab stick.

  31. If the two sections of this passage are taken as closely connected, this one must describe the consequences of the coming.

  32. The way in which the 'Chaldeans' describe the three recusants, betrays their motive in accusing them.

  33. Then, finding so earnest a listener, he went on to describe to her the situation of other places on the Peninsula, and the character of the country, and the severities of the climate in the region of the great struggle.

  34. It is impossible to describe the simple earnestness of this speech.

  35. But I cannot describe the positions of all without offence, so I forbear.

  36. If I should see it I shall certainly describe it to you.

  37. It remains for us to describe it more precisely in itself.

  38. But that, throughout their walk, they should describe two identical curves exactly superposable on each other, is altogether unlikely.

  39. We cannot describe the outward appearance of the object without prejudging its inner nature and its organization.

  40. Whoever of my readers may care to enter into my feelings as I read, must imagine them for herself: I will not attempt to describe them.

  41. John had not the least notion where they were, but I knew the spot the moment he began to describe it.

  42. How would you describe the right sort of woman?

  43. But there are things a woman must submit to in her married life--that is the cross she must bear--which no words of mine can describe to you.

  44. Psychology has no function to describe it.

  45. To describe these lives in all their miserable detail may be of infinite value for social and reforming purposes.

  46. It would not be far wrong to describe Mr. Chesterton's philosophy as a sort of sublimated public opinion minus the opinion of the intellectuals.

  47. Will he describe the apparatus by which he intends to capture and bottle the high air, and distribute it for public consumption?

  48. It is impossible to describe the agony of that bold spirit as he lay writhing on the ground, in the vain effort to burst the cords that bound him.

  49. Even the ptarmigan were declared passable; and the venison, with an inch of fat on the haunches--words were not found sufficiently expressive to describe it.

  50. Some one has said, "if places could speak, they would describe people far better than people can describe places," and this is especially true of this great city.

  51. What words could more aptly describe the career of San Francisco than those lately written by Governor Markham?

  52. I would rather describe it as it first appeared to me, a beautiful surprise, a gracious spot of greenness and of silvery waters and splendid shade-trees, in the heart of the busy brick-bound city.

  53. For their benefit he wished to describe compendiously the 'sum of a Christian life'; to deal thoroughly with the question, 'What was a Christian?

  54. Make AD equal to AB, and with centres CC and radius in each case equal to CD describe circles.

  55. Hence Q and R describe projective rows, and hence PR, which is the polar of Q, describes a pencil projective to either.

  56. A short historical sketch will explain this origin of the subject, and describe the famous and interesting progress of thought on the subject.

  57. If the line q is made to describe a pencil about a point Q, then the line p will describe a pencil about P.

  58. Here again, as x takes all values, the point or points describe a path or paths, which constitute a locus represented by the equation.

  59. To describe a rectilineal figure which shall be similar to one given rectilinear figure, and equal to another given rectilineal figure.

  60. On a given straight line to describe a segment of a circle containing an angle equal to a given rectilineal angle; Prop.

  61. If we describe on a diameter AB of an ellipse or hyperbola a circle concentric to the conic, it will cut the latter in A and B (fig.

  62. This will make CD turn about P and move R along p, whilst QD and RD describe projective pencils about A and B.

  63. To describe a square on a given straight line.

  64. To describe on a given base a parallelogram, and to divide it either internally (Prop.

  65. I also beheld the redemption of Zion, and many things which the tongue of man cannot describe in full.

  66. Our flag has been exhibited to the above gentlemen, who will be able to describe it.

  67. Still more elaborate and extraordinary is the outside of this window, nor would it be possible to find words to describe it.

  68. Perhaps it may be better to describe the church first outside and then in, and then see if it is possible to discover from the details themselves whence they can have come.

  69. It is impossible to describe the variety of postures in which the passions of the poor people would express themselves.

  70. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "describe" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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