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beiden; beige; beim; bein; beine; beinge; beings; beir; beis; beith
  1. It was reported to me as also being of Banuáon origin and make.

  2. The whole country flocks to the house at the appointed time, the relatives of the bridegroom being loaded down with the marriage presents, which are all carefully concealed in baskets, leaf wraps, etc.

  3. No attempts at ornamentation are made, the heavy ends of the hide being left protruding in an ungainly way.

  4. Hence divorce is never allowed, as far as my observation and knowledge go, being considered an infringement of tribal customs that would provoke divine wrath and bring disaster on the settlement.

  5. I have heard various accounts of this fabulous being all over eastern Mindanáo.

  6. I have attended many and many a Manóbo arbitration at which the wrongdoer, after being condemned by the consensus of opinion, was asked over and over whether he recognized his fault and whether he received the sentence with good will.

  7. The monkey spring trap[51] is on the style of the bamboo spear trap described above but is much smaller, being set on the branch of a tree without any attempt at concealment.

  8. I know of several such feasts which were not held until nearly a year after the decease, the delay being due to inability to secure sufficient edibles for the death revels.

  9. THE AFTER WORLD The land of Ibú is described as being somewhere down below the pillars of the earth.

  10. The missionaries, not yet being able to reunite the Manóbos, directed their activities to the conversion of Mamánuas.

  11. It is said that when encamped near the present site of San Luis these tailed folks slept on a kind of nettle[8] and being severely stung, took it for a bad omen and returned.

  12. It is usual to employ a little gaging rod of bamboo for measuring the amount of evaporation, this being done by inserting it into the bamboo cylinder in the center of the pot, but an old hand at brewing can gage by the smell.

  13. After being chewed, it is rubbed across the teeth.

  14. The heart motion being derived from that of the rollers, will necessarily vary with it.

  15. By the dissipation of the water, and careful agitation of the pap, an uniform doughy mass is obtained; which, being taken out of the trough, is cut into cubical lumps.

  16. The bar d is stationary upon the guide pins, being fixed to the heads h h, by nuts and screws passed through ears cast on their bosses.

  17. The air blast, moreover, by being diffused round the glass of the condenser apparatus, would somewhat mask the appearances.

  18. The tree is cut down, cleft lengthwise, and deprived of its pith, which being washed with water upon a sieve, the starchy matter comes out, and soon forms a deposit.

  19. These were high powers, infinitely remote, perhaps, in the imagination of the man whose dust was now being brought toward them.

  20. Guns were being fired somewhere in the distance.

  21. The Florentines, being entirely without arms, sent ten thousand Frenchmen to take Pisa, whereby they ran more danger than at any other time of their troubles.

  22. But being upheld by powers, to which the human mind cannot reach, I shall speak no more of them, because, being exalted and maintained by God, it would be the act of a presumptuous and rash man to discuss them.

  23. And of all princes, it is impossible for the new prince to avoid the imputation of cruelty, owing to new states being full of dangers.

  24. Being informed of the circumstances of the bringing up of Castruccio he felt a greater desire to have him near to him.

  25. Harmony of colour is essential to being well dressed.

  26. It may happen that both the lady and her suitor are willing; but that the parents or guardians of the former, on being referred to, deem the connection unfitting, and refuse their consent.

  27. Those who may have called on the bride without having received wedding cards should not have their visits returned, unless special reason exists to the contrary, such visit being deemed an impolite intrusion.

  28. Persons who have met at the house of a mutual friend, without being introduced, should not bow if they afterwards meet elsewhere.

  29. The rules for carving a hare sufficiently direct the mode of carving a rabbit, except that, being so much smaller, the back is never divided into more than two or three pieces, and the head is served whole, if demanded.

  30. A] A pack of cards being spread upon the table with their faces downwards, the four players draw for partners.

  31. Therefore, if she have no love for him, she ought at least to evince a tender regard for his feelings; and, in the event of her being previously engaged, should at once acquaint him with the fact.

  32. A circle of chairs is arranged round the room, the centre being left clear; the spectators stand behind the chairs, so as not to interfere with the dancers.

  33. Thompy, who has four thousand now, is not quite as happy as Harris, and complains a good deal of being poor.

  34. You must have good manners, which is mostly being courteous and sympathetic and doing sundry social things according to the social code which happens to be then in vogue.

  35. Be simple, even to the extent of being severe.

  36. We want the sense of being useful and the sense of being respected.

  37. Various "processes" were continually being tried at great expense, but none of them seemed yet to be the "success" she desired.

  38. But it was found that good crops could also be grown on her uplands, and year by year more of these were now being reclaimed and sown.

  39. In all this part of Kansas, the Indian had already had his day, and everywhere was being fast eliminated.

  40. A few refractory ewes refused to enter the corral--a slight enclosure of brush--and these were being hotly pursued by the boy-braves and dogs.

  41. But it proved no easy task to settle down again into the harness of civil life, after being six years in the army, as all "old soldiers" at least well know.

  42. They moved by company front, and being near the reviewing station, we made a rough count as they straggled by, and estimated the total force at about a thousand infantry, five hundred cavalry, and a battery of artillery.

  43. The Legislature, however, being wholly Mormon, paid no attention to his recommendations, and he did not suppose it would very soon.

  44. Better "processes" were continually being looked for, as in Colorado, with which it was hoped much poorer ores would pay well.

  45. Her streets were fast being graded and macadamized, and the guttering especially was most solid and substantial.

  46. Grandmamma of course had been used to being rich, but I never had.

  47. I had hardly ever been in a carriage before, and Sharley drove so nice and fast; she was very proud of being allowed to drive the two ponies.

  48. Well, they will be here directly, and then I must give them a little scolding for being so unpunctual,' said grandmamma, cheerfully.

  49. But the idea of being something of a martyr pleased me.

  50. It's like being a baby, and I don't care for babies.

  51. But only for a moment; the dull heavy feeling, which had been hanging over me for so long of not being cared for, of having no place of my own and being in everybody's way, seemed suddenly to have increased to an actual certainty.

  52. I don't mind for coming back about being tired; there'll be nothing to do then but go to bed, it'll all be over!

  53. Kezia smiled, though I think in her heart she was much more inclined to cry, and said she hoped to hear of our being very happy indeed in London, though of course she would look forward to seeing us again.

  54. It all came from Gerard Nestor's being at Moor Court that Easter, and feeling so sorry for grandmamma and so sure that she was in trouble.

  55. We had got as far as grandmamma telling me most of what I have now written down, but still I did not see why the letter had so upset her or why she had whispered something to herself about being 'thankful.

  56. I remember one day being so offended at his lifting me over a stile, that it was all I could do not to burst into tears!

  57. It was because he was such a boasty boy, about never being frightened,' said Sharley, getting rather red.

  58. Being assured that he would resist the decree relative to the nonjuring and seditious priesthood, they sent it to him for the purpose of provoking his resistance, that the citizens might see his lack of cordiality towards the revolution.

  59. In front is Loch Laggan, which is very extensive, being about eight miles in length, although not so picturesque as most of the Highland lochs.

  60. The bill having been subsequently reported, and being moved for a third reading, Mr. Dominick Browne expressed a wish for its postponement.

  61. His speech was rapturously applauded, but he failed in obtaining total and immediate abolition; the amendment which Dundas proposed being adopted by one hundred and ninety-three against one hundred and twenty-five.

  62. By the same bill the number of puisne judges was increased from twelve to fifteen--a new one being added to each of the courts of king's bench, common pleas, and exchequer.

  63. The peers and members being assembled, the state of the king's health was formally notified to them, in the upper house by the lord chancellor, and in the commons by Pitt.

  64. This proposal was agreed to by the peers; and a conference was held on the 19th of May, when the resolution of the commons, after being read in the upper house, was ordered to be taken into consideration on the 9th of June.

  65. On a sudden d'Orvilliers sailed out of Brest, with thirty French sail of the line, and being joined by thirty-eight Spanish ships of the line, he made his way for the English coasts.

  66. Every association and political union, tremblingly alive for the fate of the bill, was on the alert, it being conceived that it was in imminent clanger of being lost in committee.

  67. Being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the spirit.

  68. But this Epistle cannot be looked upon as being that of one who was truly an Apostle, for the author speaks in it of the Apostles, as being much their junior.

  69. If the being shorn and anointed makes a priest, then might I easily shear an ass and anoint him, so that he should be a priest also.

  70. The translation is strictly literal, and almost the only variations from the original are so marked, by being inclosed in parentheses.

  71. Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to reason, giving honor to the wife as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers be not hindered.

  72. Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels, and authorities, and powers, being made subject unto Him.

  73. These are of clay and straw,--the clay tiles being cemented with sand and clay; the roofs are flat and very roughly finished.

  74. While the packing was being done I went to take a look round Sheik el Zvoyed.

  75. From there the road runs through a short valley past some cultivated tracts, the land being elsewhere overgrown with Artemisia monosperma.

  76. They are generally well provided with horses and asses, some of the former being fine animals, of great powers of endurance.

  77. We remained but a short time for breakfast on the open meadow land, being anxious to get to Gaza.

  78. They are placed at intervals all along the line to Syria, the first station being the one I mentioned at Katya, each man having a separate section to superintend.

  79. The commerce of the place is insignificant, and what there is consists chiefly of a transit trade, for, being really little more than a large station of camel-keepers, Harish has no trade of its own.

  80. At the side of the Koubba is an old tamarisk of the thick-leaved sort, called by the people Atel, those with the thin leaves, of which there are many examples here, being known as Tarfa.

  81. No wine is made from the palms of Harish, the sap being principally used for the preparation of sugar.

  82. Fish abound in the neighbouring sea, and are caught by moonlight, with a bell-shaped net only, draw-nets being not used here.

  83. His father was a Dalmatian, whose family came from Sebenico, and he himself was born in Egypt of a Nubian mother, being therefore almost a mulatto.

  84. Being anxious to get on, we did not rest more than an hour.

  85. We travelled in a comparatively comfortable manner, being furnished with two tents for sleeping, and a third in which we took our meals.

  86. Being now satisfied that she was speaking to the proprietor of the shop, she risked her first inquiry.

  87. The only hope of finding Schwartz (the night-watch at the Deadhouse being over by that time) was to apply to his sister the nurse.

  88. The note being made payable at Wurzburg, you must take care (in the event of its not being honored) to have the document protested in that town, and to communicate with me by the same day's post.

  89. They were fortunately on the side of the house occupied by the offices, the other inhabited bedchambers being far enough off to be approached by a different staircase.

  90. The lawyer, being the bolder man of the two, added a word of warning, addressed directly to my aunt.

  91. I may look forward to being the wife of a poor Professor, who shows experiments to stupid lads in a school.

  92. Dinner being over, we withdrew to another room to take our coffee.

  93. Having declared his opinion that the malady was paralysis, and that some of the symptoms were far from being common in his medical experience, he inquired if Mrs. Wagner had suffered from any previous attack of the disease.

  94. Some of them were smaller than others, and were manufactured in glass of different colors--the six compartments in the medicine-chest being carefully graduated in size, so as to hold them all steadily.

  95. When my father founded this business, the sixth of January was the chosen date--being one way, among others, of celebrating his birthday.

  96. He is one of the many men who absolutely need being henpecked.

  97. An alarming accident has enabled me to test the value of one of my preparations on a living human subject--that subject being a man.

  98. And as for being troubled in my mind," he said, "you haven't a notion how bad I am sometimes.

  99. The chance of being discovered by Madame Fontaine never entered into his calculations.

  100. Either this, or that anterior generations were great sufferers without being aware of it.

  101. An objection may be raised by the patient to the necessary examination being then instituted, under the idea that no assistance can be rendered her so early in the labour.

  102. The doctor, however, not being wanted, as he said, went home, leaving it to be understood that he would come again.

  103. So far from the presence of a man-midwife being a source of consolation or assurance to the sufferer, as Dr.

  104. Another woman was being delivered when the earthquake commenced; the husband and three women who were attending her fled.

  105. She had been miraculously preserved by a beam falling in such a manner as to leave a small space, where she remained eight days without food before being discovered.

  106. I learned only yesterday from an insurance company complaint that an apparent systematic effort was being made to defraud by insuring boys and doing away with them to collect on the policies.

  107. Your sweet old lady didn't get out her pocketbook until yesterday afternoon when she wanted to go out for a walk, after being laid up with a cold.

  108. The car had gone down and he knew that he'd go down too, not being able to swim.

  109. You're not afraid of being thrown out either, are you, Dorcas?

  110. His head was being jounced up and down sending sharp pains through his body, and when he felt he could no longer stand it, he stirred.

  111. Since when did you give me a hand without being told to?

  112. It had been discovered that the car had been tampered with and the driver told of being drawn into conversation while he was waiting at the courthouse by a "queer-looking man, dressed like a mechanic.

  113. While he was speaking they all moved toward the bed and sat down, there being no chairs in the room.

  114. But boys your age being so nervous as to push the bed.

  115. She had gone home after her visit to the doctor and, being confined to her bed for the next two weeks with a bad cold, there had been no occasion to use her "best" pocketbook.

  116. You're going to help me find out why he's been acting so generous when I know that he isn't the type of man to do anything like that without there being money in it somewhere.

  117. The boys waited and presently they knew that there was a desperate effort being made to open the door, for the bed vibrated from the impact.

  118. Furness, the Unitarian minister; and though his preaching was far from being all it should be, his sermons had a salutary effect on my mind.

  119. McCalla, and he was vastly more of a scholar and debater, far as he was from being a model disputant.

  120. I urged them, if they thought of being preachers, to endeavor to be preachers of the highest order, workmen that needed not to be ashamed, rightly distributing the word of truth.

  121. Some great doctrines were rendered incomprehensible, repulsive, or incredible, in consequence of not being accompanied with other doctrines, which were necessary to explain their use, and make manifest their reasonableness and worth.

  122. They may be left quietly to float away without our being able to solve them, if we bear in mind the acknowledged fact, that there is a human element in the Bible.

  123. And I see no mystery in what Peter says about Christians being partakers of the divine nature; for the Divine nature is purity, wisdom and love.

  124. And all this time my heart, instead of being tortured with its customary fears, was full of a cheerful joyous confidence.

  125. Man, with a thousand times more power than the brutes, and with immensely greater capacities and opportunities for happiness, is frequently the most miserable being on earth.

  126. Man is the only being unnatural enough to drink it.

  127. The duties being various, the pay necessarily differs, but, taking free quarters into account, is higher than in the United States, as is of course necessary in a distant and tropical land.

  128. An emergency gate is also being designed, a sort of swing bridge, to close the upper entrance to the flight of locks, for Gatun, Pedro Miguel, and Milaflores.

  129. On the southern slope about the same number of steam shovels are at work, the spoil being taken to the southern dumping grounds on the Pacific side, including the trestle dump for the breakwater to Naos Island.

  130. It was then that I began to appreciate the heroic labours of the French engineers, whose achievements under circumstances of great difficulty are being daily more and more appreciated and praised by their successors.

  131. This also depends for its success mainly on the efficacy of one dam, which is now being made at Gatun.

  132. The town of Panama, though receiving much less rain, is also somewhat humid, owing to there being less breeze.

  133. The track, too, is being doubled, and the rolling stock has been greatly improved.

  134. The Canal Zone now being healthy, the life of the Americans is a cheerful as well as a busy one.

  135. Somewhere an alarm was wailing and as he swung the ship about Ben saw other ships being boarded.

  136. Work on the locks went on endlessly, and sooner than he could have believed possible they were being completed.

  137. The last of the giant gates was being installed.

  138. I worked on the new controls when they were being installed," he said, ranging himself alongside Ben.

  139. You have to be awake while it's being done.

  140. The corridor through which Ben Sessions was being led was thronged with people.

  141. Despite all his efforts he was being carried toward those planets.

  142. But most of the work was being done by the men who labored with primitive pick and shovel.

  143. The immeasurable privilege has been given to us of being alive at a time when, most literally, an epoch is being made.

  144. We must of course beware of being unduly optimistic.

  145. So I have no fear myself of the non-organised trades being left altogether out of the range of the spirit to which I have referred.

  146. This spirit can be fostered only when the masses of workmen are reached by the consciousness that they themselves are being called upon to share in the undertakings of which they are so important a part.

  147. At the same time in regard to fundamental Christian belief, the meaning which the revelation of God in Christ has for them, they are and are conscious of being at one with the Church.

  148. At the counter foods they loved were being provided.

  149. In addition to the committees there is to be in every district, it is proposed, a representative council, drawn from the employers and employed of the particular industry, and some scores of these councils are now being set up.

  150. The chaplains, who, I hope, are at least gentlemen, feel considerable shame at being the guiltless authors of these confusions.

  151. And it is so foolish, so great and difficult an end being in view.

  152. It was understood that C----'s case for exchange was being considered.

  153. In most of their conversations the question of who was going to win was not raised, for the Germans consider that they have won already, and they have no fears of being unable to maintain the territory they have conquered.

  154. In the public squares of the smaller towns, and even outside some of the country villages, groups of youths, almost children, were being put through elementary military exercises.

  155. The Huns evidently suspected that the little wood on our right rear is being used to conceal artillery, for they dropped dozens of shells into it, doing no harm to anything but the trees.

  156. Large bodies of troops were at that time being shifted from East to West or from West to East.

  157. Beyond the entanglement of the fallen trees a network of barbed wire was being laid on a depth of some two hundred yards.

  158. A very narrow corridor ran down the centre of the coach, the narrow wooden seats on each side being made to hold four people.

  159. Our game of Bridge was played at the end of the dining-table, the other end being occupied by chess, of which the Gollywog and Consul were the chief exponents.

  160. One of them, who was very seriously wounded, insisted upon being dressed by the French nurse, and would not allow the Schwester to touch him.

  161. The train into which we were now being packed was of a more antiquated type than the one we had left.

  162. He began to howl before he was touched, and during the whole time his wounds were being dressed he continued either to shout or groan, or repeat his favourite exclamation, "Oh mon pied, mon pied!

  163. Great preparations were also being made at the 106, and the staff of the hospital, forgetting for the time being their private squabbles, joined with our friends in the town in preparing a Merry Christmas.

  164. The second wall is of great thickness, so that the entrance is like a tunnel, the gradient of the road being so steep as to bring the car down to the first speed.

  165. One had heard stories of prisoners on the way to Germany being taken out of the train and shot on the accusation of having spoken of the Fatherland in an unbecoming manner or on some similar trumped-up charge.

  166. Only its real being had force to attract that real being which was shrouded in the wavering figure.

  167. We find, indeed, that it is not a solitude at all, but dense with multitudinous being: instead of being alone we are in the thronged highways of existence.

  168. Man is viewed as a compound being, a spark of this divine universal spirit being clothed with the body.

  169. They too are wronged by being placed and accepted in a position of false authority.

  170. This was the continual secret whisper of the Fathers in the inmost being of humanity.

  171. That power has been used unsparingly and at times with unspeakable cruelty whenever those who had it thought their influence was being assailed, for power is sweet and its use is not lightly laid aside.

  172. Yet there is a spirit in us deeper than our intellectual being which I think of as the Hero in man, who feels the nobility of its place in the midst of all this, and who would fain equal the greatness of perception with deeds as great.

  173. On whosoever accepts, acknowledges and does the will of the Light in these awakenings the die and image of divinity is more firmly set, his thought grows more consciously into the being of the presiding god.

  174. Girls have no need of being lazy while they rest.

  175. The despair which settles over many a girl's days, the indifference, comes from no longer being compelled to do certain tasks.

  176. Be sure that you are first accurate; then, that you have entered into the spirit of the writer and the work, that your own language is being made more copious, and fluency of speech or written discourse acquired.

  177. He is a rara avis, a glorious phenomenon, a marked consideration in the world, a being to be devoutly gazed at to come to some appreciation of him.

  178. Unless your very life is being worn out; unless your wages are ground down to a pittance, and your work is wholly disagreeable, be thankful.

  179. Mr. Emerson, in an essay on "Behavior," tells a capital story about a man who was so bent on being cheerful he put to shame the torments of hell itself.

  180. These things being true, it seems to me that character is the first requirement in the art of conversation.

  181. He always fumbled over a particular button when he recited; so, one day, the button being furtively removed by Walter, the boy became abstracted, and Scott passed above him.

  182. Though you might never guess it, from the confusion of their language, these girls were practising some of the first principles in the art of conversation, without, indeed, being conscious of it.

  183. That one who withholds it, who seeks not friends, is fighting against herself, is lonely and dreary, notwithstanding the fact that she has great capabilities; for one of the most essential elements of her nature is being starved.

  184. If they are working for the name of being college graduates, it is no matter whether electives are presented to them or not.

  185. Do not be afraid you have not the talent of being friendly, even to the most gifted.

  186. Mere words being unsufficient to express the emotion caused by this charm, a girl makes use of a large force of ejaculations, utters her indescribable "Oh's!

  187. Being too ill to hold a pen, he dictated to his favourite pupil.

  188. He doubtless recognised the fact that owing to the Scots possessing Cumberland they were in the strong position of being able to attack Northumberland on two sides.

  189. Then when the river tide went down, the Scots rushed across the ford, and the battle was soon won, the royal standard being taken.

  190. Edward came after them with an English army, and the Scots, being outnumbered, were compelled to dodge up and down in order to avoid a pitched battle.

  191. But, despite such occasional blunders, the ballads on the whole throw a vivid light on the manners and customs of the old days, as well as being usually stirring and sometimes strikingly noble and pathetic pieces of poetry.

  192. It is said that a bull's head was placed on the dish in front of Douglas, this being a sign that he was to be killed.

  193. Several of those "Fenwicks fierce," who had turned up five hundred strong at the commencement of the fray, had the mortification of being carried off in triumph by their enemies.

  194. When tried before the Scottish Parliament for treason, he made a most eloquent defence, one of the most notable of his assertions being that he had never stained his victories by slaughtering his foes in cold blood after the battle.

  195. Then, all being ready, the prisoner was brought forth.

  196. Lord William had great energy and many interests, and was remarkable as being an "all-round" man.

  197. Its original name was Bebbanburgh, so called after Queen Bebba; of its Saxon fortress hardly a trace remains, the present building being partly the old Norman castle, with repairs and additions of a later date.

  198. So the Scotts rode and ran bravely and steadily, shouting "Ride for Branksome," and when Willie looked ahead he saw the cattle being driven fast up the Frostylee brook, and to the plain.

  199. Even to-day, when new gas-pipes are being laid in the ground, it is by no means rare to dig up Roman relics.

  200. The "yellow and green" are the liveries of the house of Home, taxed by some with being the cause of the defeat.

  201. Then for a while he played at being grandfather and lying still with his eyes shut.

  202. The surface of her mind was quick to respond to suggestion, and the thought of the country struck her as being an answer to the unspoken questionings that were pricking at her.

  203. Followed the soft rubbing sound of one smooth book being drawn out from between its companions, then the crisper noise of large pages being turned.

  204. If so, then he was bereft indeed, left in an empty world, that only echoed mockery to the plaints of men and the quiet eternal laughter of the Being who made them for ends of supreme absurdity.

  205. Farming being "the thing" in Canada, Nicky, who had gone away rather despising it, came back eager to try his hand.

  206. Being what he was, this made him all the more careful to do all he could for her, but he never rejoiced in her really quick intellect as he did in the slow sensitive one of Ishmael, or even in the kittenish superficiality of Phoebe's.

  207. Even being married wouldn't seem important if you looked at it that way.

  208. Presently she heard the sound of twigs and leaves being crushed under advancing feet, but she did not look up, only started to hum a little tune, though she could not hear it for the rising beat of her own heart in her ears.

  209. Jimmy kept on turning his head to see the completed bundles being emitted from the back of the binder, and at every one he gave a whoop of joy as though it were a result of his and his father's cleverness.

  210. Two things, I hear, they particularly object against you, your secrecy, and your being incapable of being corrupted.

  211. If, indeed, a traveller had waited half an hour without being supplied he might hire a horse wherever he could.

  212. On that occasion all the exertions of six beasts, two of which had been taken from the plough, could not save the family coach from being embedded in a quagmire.

  213. The Roundheads of 1642, being unable to change the dynasty, were compelled to take a direct course towards their end.

  214. The convenience of being able to make appointments in any part of the town, and of being able to pass evenings socially at a very small charge, was so great that the fashion spread fast.

  215. He was loudly accused of being a Papist, nay, a Jesuit.

  216. In our island, on the contrary, it was possible to live long and to travel far without being once reminded, by any martial sight or sound, that the defence of nations had become a science and a calling.

  217. Several women were sent across the Atlantic after being first branded in the cheek with a hot iron.

  218. Just as the last female passenger was being hauled up, the knot in the rope that held her became unhitched-no doubt 'twas a landlubber who tied it--and the next instant she was struggling in the sea.

  219. There was some consolation in the fact that neither could they see me, nor was I within musket range; but against that there was the growing prospect of being swept far out to sea, to perish slowly in a vast waste of water.

  220. Her name, we discovered, was the Black Arrow, her burthen being two hundred and eighty tons.

  221. Her sails had been shaken loose and were being sheeted home.

  222. As it was, this floating anchor acted as a kind of breakwater, much of the force of the waves being expended ere they passed under the boat.

  223. It being close on low tide, the rise and fall in those parts being but five feet at most, there was nothing that would afford a foothold; the rocks were as smooth as a plank, and covered with a thick, dark curtain of seaweed.

  224. Here they found a path leading northwards, and after several hours' walk, during which time they made a sorry meal of berries and water, they recognized their road as being the same as we had taken when we recovered the treasure.

  225. The arm moved sluggishly with every roll of the little craft, giving the corpse the appearance of being alive.

  226. It had evidently been drawn with a considerable amount of care, the names being neatly inserted.

  227. This was, in a measure, somewhat tactless, for Clemens, not being one of the original crew of the Golden Hope, was looked upon by some of the men as an outsider who had risen over their heads.

  228. There were signs that he had made a lengthy halt, one being a large dark stain upon the damp soil, showing that much blood had been spilled.

  229. Sail had been made, and the vessel was lying over to the breeze, though, owing to being still within a landlocked expanse of water, she scarce lifted as she cut through the waves.

  230. Being extremely old, however, they have been buried deep in the bowels of the earth under the newer deposits, and hardened by the action of pressure and of heat and heated water.

  231. Yet it is evident that our gelatinous fellow-being can feel pain, dread danger, desire possessions, enjoy pleasure, and in a simple unconscious way entertain many of the appetites and passions that affect ourselves.

  232. In still other cases, they are preserved like Eozoon, the walls being calcareous and the chambers filled with silica.

  233. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "being" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    actual; actuality; animal; attendance; beast; because; being; bloke; body; bones; bosom; breast; cat; chap; character; considering; contemporaneous; contemporary; cove; creature; critter; current; customer; disposition; duck; entity; esprit; essence; existence; existent; existing; extant; fellow; for; fresh; guts; guy; hand; head; heart; homo; human; immanent; immediate; individual; instant; joker; latest; life; living; man; material; materiality; matter; microbe; microorganism; modern; monad; mortal; nature; new; nose; object; occurrence; one; organism; organization; party; person; persona; personage; personality; presence; present; prevalent; running; since; somebody; someone; something; soul; spirit; stuff; subsistence; substance; substantiality; texture; thing; topical; unit; virus; viscera; whole

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    being about; being admitted; being agreeable; being always; being baptized; being brought; being buried; being cast; being devoured; being eager; being either; being evil; being good; being joined; being married; being mentioned; being now; being once; being placed; being possessed; being pressed; being questioned; being the; being thrown; being turned; being written