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  1. Stringin' this guy up would finish him all right.

  2. That guy is business--through and through," he assured Hollis.

  3. Just killed a guy that needed killing; but the goddam louse had a lot of money, so they give me twenty five years.

  4. The guy with the misplaced plucked eyebrow on his upper lip.

  5. Just tell me how long you want a guy to be out and I won't miss it a minute, either way.

  6. I shall not therefore bring any fine or fastidious criticism, whether literary or musical, to bear upon the little boys who drag about a bolster and a paper mask, calling out Guy Fawkes Guy Hit him in the eye.

  7. There is nothing so dignified as a dingy guy among the lights of Broadway.

  8. In that thoroughfare, indeed, the very word guy has another and milder significance.

  9. A guy in America is a colourless term for a human being.

  10. And a regular guy means, I presume, a reliable or respectable guy.

  11. Paulus Hook was relinquished on the following day, and the afternoon of the 25th of November was appointed by Sir Guy for the evacuation of the city and the opposite village of Brooklyn.

  12. Sir Guy Carleton arrived in New York early in May to take the place of Sir Henry Clinton, who had solicited his recall.

  13. Sir Guy Carleton was said to be strengthening the fortifications and garrison at St. Johns, and preparing to launch vessels on the lake wherewith to regain command of it, and retake the captured posts.

  14. Colonel Guy Johnson was at Montreal with three hundred men, mostly his tenants, and with a number of Indians.

  15. With him were Colonel Guy Carlton, and Lieutenant-Colonel William Howe, both destined to achieve celebrity in the annals of the American Revolution.

  16. Captain Pringle conducted the armament, but Sir Guy Carleton was too full of zeal, and too anxious for the event, not to head the enterprise; he accordingly took his station on the deck of the flag-ship.

  17. Sir Guy Carleton had given notice to Washington of the time he supposed the different posts would be vacated, that the Americans might be prepared to take possession of them.

  18. His son and heir, Sir John Johnson, and his sons-in-law, Colonel Guy Johnson and Colonel Claus felt none of the reluctance of Sir William to use harsh measures in support of royalty.

  19. Sir Guy Carleton took possession of the ruined works at Crown Point, where he was soon joined by the army.

  20. A correspondence was carried on between Guy Johnson and his cousin, Sir John Johnson, who was said to be preparing to co-operate with his Scotch dependents.

  21. Sir Guy Carleton, in the meantime, was straining every nerve for the approaching conflict.

  22. Colonel Guy Johnson, with Brant and the Butlers, had been holding councils with the Indians, and were threatening a maraud on the Mohawk country.

  23. It also afforded time for Sir Guy Carleton to cool in ardor, and calculate the chances and the value of success.

  24. They accordingly departed together for Lake Champlain, to prepare against an anticipated invasion by Sir Guy Carleton.

  25. Stuart went on to the factory, hoping to get some further information about Guy Cecil, but met with a sudden and unexpected rebuff.

  26. Could the Englishman, Guy Cecil, be to blame?

  27. A chap I know, Cecil, Guy Cecil, sort of a globe-trotter.

  28. Equally certainly, Guy Cecil, who had protected him before, would not.

  29. This view has been illustrated in Mr. Guy Thorne's book, When it was Dark.

  30. See cover of Mr. Guy Thorne's book, When it was Dark.

  31. But I had to pay the guy what wrote this piece fifty for a month's option.

  32. I'm tightwad, so s'nother guy gets chansh to buy you diamonds.

  33. Who ever told you Marbridge was the kind of a guy to stick to a woman forever--not to say when she's losing money for him?

  34. The tent, steadied by the remaining men, one at each corner guy rope, will then be raised.

  35. The guy ropes, to have a uniform slope when the shelter tents are pitched, should all be of the same length.

  36. As soon as the tent is pitched each man arranges the contents of the blanket roll in the tent and stands at attention in front of his own half on line with the front guy rope pin.

  37. At intervals of about 3 feet drive the other guy pin.

  38. The guy ropes of the tent are placed over the lower notches, while the guy ropes of the fly are placed over the upper notches, and are then drawn taut.

  39. A wall pin is then driven through each remaining wall loop and a large pin for each guy rope is driven in line with the corner guy pins already driven.

  40. The men first remove all pins except those of the four corner guy ropes, or the four quadrant guy ropes in the case of the conical wall tent.

  41. Two guy ropes are used at each end, the guy pins being placed in front of the corner pins.

  42. In the outer circle drive two door guy pins 3 feet apart.

  43. Both had made a great mistake; Guy in marrying a child whose mind was unformed, and Daisy in marrying at all, when her whole nature was in revolt against matrimony.

  44. Accidentally I heard Elmwood was for sale, and without letting Guy know I bought it, and sent him the deed, and we are going to make it the most attractive place in the country.

  45. Her waiting maid, whom we found in Boston," Guy explained when we were alone.

  46. I expected a letter so long, and went to the office so many times and cried a little to myself, and said Guy has forgotten me.

  47. I asked Guy once why he did not marry her instead of a little goose like me, and he said he liked the little goose the best, and then kissed me, and crumpled my white dress all up.

  48. Miss Frances seems really cross sometimes, and even Guy looks sober and disturbed when he has waited for me half an hour.

  49. And just then, when she was in the minds of both, Daisy came, and her gentle knock broke the silence of the room and startled both Guy and Julia.

  50. I want you to leave this house to-night--now, before Guy can possibly be harmed by your presence.

  51. It so happened that Guy was sometimes present at these readings, enjoying them so much that there insensibly crept into his heart a wish that Daisy was more like the Boston girl whom he had mentally termed strong-minded.

  52. Old Guy was by no means the only staunch warrior of the Earls of Warwick.

  53. Well, if you knew how many evenings I've sat up there in my room and thought what I'd order if I ever again got hold of some rich guy who'd loosen up.

  54. And then some guy came up to me one night at Gruber's and told me he was married already.

  55. With that guy Walters who walks the floor never lettin' up on you.

  56. He's got a job over in Haverhill you can't hold that guy under water long.

  57. Why, Buck was the guy who did the Steve Brodie through the roof; and, when we picked him up, we found he'd broken his leg again!

  58. If you ask me,' he said, 'that guy was after something better than plated spoons.

  59. I haven't even met a guy aboard this ship I didn't like at once.

  60. Now you want to call everything off because the other guy holds more cards than we do; because we might get hurt.

  61. But it won't be long before the old guy with the whiskers gets rolling.

  62. Some of the rhymes tell us about the nefarious deeds of wicked Guy Fawkes, who ".

  63. Sir Guy Carleton was sent to relieve Sir Henry Clinton in New York, and he arrived early in May.

  64. They contain many official papers from the hands of Sir William Johnson, and letters from Guy Johnson, Daniel Claus, and Generals Carleton and Haldimand, treating of Indian affairs.

  65. While these proceedings were going on, some of the Indians who had accompanied Guy Johnson to Montreal returned to their homes.

  66. The first official labors of importance which devolved upon Colonel Guy Johnson, who, after the death of Sir William Johnson in 1774, had been appointed to the office of superintendent, were to check the resentment of the Six Nations.

  67. On Guy Johnson's map of the country [see ante, p.

  68. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "guy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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