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Example sentences for "skate"

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  1. Skate may either be boiled, or fried in crumbs, being first dipped in egg.

  2. Crimp skate should be boiled and sent up in a napkin, or it may be fried as above.

  3. But he was forced by the stronger Neale to skate under the burning wharf.

  4. Skate right under, if you want," and he laughed again, believing Neale in fun.

  5. They have seen us; so we will skate toward them.

  6. Mother can skate like a bird," Donald declared admiringly.

  7. After a few lurches and tumbles, she found that she could stand alone, and in a short time could skate a little.

  8. I hated like poison to do it, but I reckon Betty'll look a heap better on you than she does on that skate she rode today.

  9. Kelton will lend you a halter to lead that skate you're on.

  10. One no longer dined at two o'clock; one could no longer skate on Back Bay; one heard talk of Bostonians worth five millions or more as something not incredible.

  11. The Somervilles could all skate well, for Castleford was a cold place in winter, and often registered frost when more southern counties had open weather.

  12. She had no lack of partners to skate with, and was kept so busy among all her many friends that it was not until late afternoon that she was able to get a word with Mildred alone.

  13. Magnificent rooms, on a scale of extraordinary magnitude, will be laid with sheets of patent ice, upon which the common skate can be used with the same facility as upon the frozen Serpentine.

  14. Servants will skate in and out with real ice.

  15. But, Fred, she is not without hope; she can skate faster than either of us, and I am sure none of them was in front of her on the creek or she would not have made the turn she did.

  16. I do not see why I am not as safe as either of you; neither can skate faster than I.

  17. Both can skate fast enough to leave the wolves behind; they would have done so at once if they had not been bothered by having me with them.

  18. Or do as that explorer who is to set out in search of the north pole--have a combination skate and boat, so when fairly going we can keep straight on.

  19. You used to ask me to skate with you on the lake, didn't you?

  20. You'd only get in a bunch of suburban shoppers and cheap-skate art students.

  21. No ray of sunshine ever struck it from autumn until spring, and it seemed impossible to imagine our venturing to skate merrily in such a sombre looking spot.

  22. Having no respect for boys who would not play, he would skate into the midst of their group, pushing them about, seizing their arms and forcing them to waltz round and round with him like weather-cocks.

  23. Unless you call the skate he was riding natural history.

  24. I hung my saddle on the rack and was just about to lead the old skate to water when we all heard the sound of a horse galloping on the road.

  25. Every day after that, Kit and Kat went out with their skates to the ditches and tried and tried to skate as Father and Mother did--they did so want to skate to town and see the sights before the feast of St. Nicholas!

  26. They worked so hard that in a week they could skate very well; and then they planned a surprise for their mother.

  27. Many times Kit and Kat would have fallen if Father and Mother Vedder had not held them up; but before the lesson was over, both Kit and Kat could skate a little bit alone.

  28. He went zigzag across the canal; once or twice he stopped to skate in curves.

  29. If you learn to skate well enough, we will take you to town before the feast of St. Nicholas," said Father Vedder.

  30. Kit stopped playing and began to skate as fast as he could.

  31. I think our parents must skate the best of all the people in the world," said Kat.

  32. They took hold of hands and began to skate toward home, four in a row.

  33. Kit and Kat ran to him and said, both together, "Dear Father Vedder, will you please teach us to skate before St. Nicholas Day?

  34. I'm going to skate awhile on the canal, father.

  35. You can skate out to the fork, where it joins the river, and see us all.

  36. Twice Hugh saw the crafty Leon skate up alongside and speak insinuatingly to the other, as though trying to persuade him to agree to something; but on each occasion Nick shook his head in the negative, and broke away.

  37. I even believe he was refusing Leon and Tip Slavin, who were urging him to join in with them, when I saw him shake his head and skate away yesterday.

  38. Now this morning, just as I started to skate through the crowd to say something important to you, the coach called me back and said they were ready to start play.

  39. All right, I'll skate around the block once or twice, and then we'll go and see if there are any little cakes left over from yesterday.

  40. But there were long hours when the girls were alone, and both patient Dolly and impatient Dotty deeply wished they had never tried that roller-skate race.

  41. Then to the girl he was assisting into the sleigh, he said in a low voice: "Rosie, may I have the first skate and the last, and all in between?

  42. I broke one of my straps, but since you aren't going to skate today, may I take one of yours?

  43. Skate across and go back to your work at Colonel Wainright's, but before you go, Danny, promise me that from now on you'll be the kind of a boy your mother wanted you to be.

  44. On the point that Peter should come and skate too, however, Archie was firm.

  45. But at last Viggo had him cornered, but just as he would have caught the goose, Peter stretched out his left leg and meant to trip Viggo, but his skate caught in a frozen twig and--thump!

  46. One thing Viggo had promised his father before he got permission to go, and that was that he should be very careful and not skate far out from the shore.

  47. He could do the corkscrew, skate backwards as easily as forwards, and lie so low and near the ice that he might have kissed it.

  48. She can climb a tree in her knickers, and fish and skate and row and swim and fence, and play golf and tennis, and shoot, and dive from a spring board, and she can ride anything that has four legs.

  49. Do you remember what I did to the red-headed boy from the Ridge who said he wouldn't skate with the crowd if there was a girl in it?

  50. She can skate as far as I can, and almost as fast.

  51. Bess had been taught at home to shrink from association with the mill people and that is why she had urged Nan to take this long skate up the pond.

  52. I just love to skate with you, Nan," sighed Bess ecstatically.

  53. When he reached the opposite bank he took off his skates and asked Jane, who strayed intentionally in his direction, to tell Miss Wylie that he was gone, and would skate no more there.

  54. I can skate for an hour without sitting down," said Jane.

  55. You may skate over there if you wish," she said, after a pause for consideration, pointing to a deserted spot at the leeward end of the pond, where the ice was too rough for comfortable skating.

  56. She was a Canadian, and could skate well.

  57. We can skate as far as the ice goes, and then, if there is no boat, we can put on your papa's arctics, and walk across the water to the other side.

  58. We've got to land directly below where we are now, skate to the edge of the ice on this bank, row over to the other, and then skate again directly to the palace.

  59. From there it's only a forty-minute skate to Jack's home.

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "skate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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