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onliest; online; onlooker; onlookers; onlooking; onlye; onne; onnly; onno; onny
  1. Never there hovers a hope of the Spring by it-- Never a glimmer of yellow and green: Only the bat with a whisper of wing by it Flits like a life out of flesh and unseen.

  2. The grand Pacific there beyond His dirty hut is glowing: He only sees a big salt pond, O'er which his grain is going.

  3. The Curse of Mother Flood Wizened the wood is, and wan is the way through it; White as a corpse is the face of the fen; Only blue adders abide in and stray through it-- Adders and venom and horrors to men.

  4. She is only commencing to look At the beauty in which she is set; And forest and flower and brook, To her are all mysteries yet.

  5. Only once since Eve went weeping through a throng of glittering wings, Hath the holy seen Hy-Brasil where the great gold river sings!

  6. Only the hiss of the tempest is loud on it-- Hiss, and the moan of a bitter sea bar.

  7. Only once by quiet waters, under still, resplendent skies, Did the sister of the seraphs kneel in sight of Paradise!

  8. At night, his voice is only heard When it is wanted badly; For Rover is too cute a bird To follow shadows madly.

  9. It hides a secret to the birds And waters only known: The letters of two lovely words-- A poem on a stone.

  10. For a man is a man who can sharpen and set, And he is the only thing masculine yet According to sawyer and splitter-- Or rather according to Wollombi Jim; And nothing will tempt me to differ from him, For Jim is a bit of a hitter.

  11. Travelers, and even residents of Japan, have often complained of such treatment; and it is only after long stay in Japan, among the Japanese themselves, that one can tell what a jinrikisha man is capable of.

  12. At every gate is erected some token of the season, if it be only a bit of pine stuck into the ground, or a wisp of straw rope decorated with white paper gohei.

  13. Three or four dollars will cover the cost of food for a month for one person, and women servants expect only a few dollars in wages for that time.

  14. Now both fresh and condensed milk are used, where the mother's milk is insufficient, but only in those parts of Japan where the foreign influence is felt.

  15. To-day marriage, no matter how distasteful, is the only opening for a woman; for she can do nothing for her own support, and cannot require her father to support her after she has reached a marriageable age.

  16. I have dwelt thus far only upon the entirely Japanese education that was permitted to women under the old regime.

  17. The headship of an unmarried woman lasts only until a husband has been selected for her, and the headship of a widow lasts during her guardianship of the rightful heir to the position.

  18. They were only aware that it was the figure of a man: all Elizabeth's bold resolutions evaporated.

  19. It would be necessary to go once more in search of food, for they found the breadfruit too insipid to form their only vegetable diet.

  20. With a thrill of hope she hastened towards it, but long before she reached it, she realized that her hope was vain; the object was only a bit of tattered cloth attached to one of the line of poles they had seen on their former visit.

  21. Only after many days did she, almost by accident, light upon a bees'-nest in a hole in the trunk of a tree.

  22. Mary, the only unoccupied member of the party, kept her eyes fixed on the shore.

  23. There's only one way out of the difficulty that I can see.

  24. She could now see it again, circling about the rock, as if it knew that it had only to bide its time and the girls would fall an easy prey.

  25. We were here only a few seconds after you cried out; there wasn't much time for any one to get away.

  26. The mystery men could only have one object in bringing a white missionary to the scene of their dreadful orgies: he was to be offered up as a sacrifice to their heathen deities.

  27. Tommy once said that he reminded her of the 'bus-driver behind whom she had sat when on her only visit to London, who had spoken with the bitterest scorn of the motor omnibus.

  28. Having made a tour of the mission-stations, he had only reached his own island a few days ago.

  29. The worst of it was, we only had between us three hundred rois, thirty cents in Uncle Sam's coin.

  30. In 'Frisco at that time they only allowed them to go six rounds, and that night there were some hot six rounders in the Dreamland.

  31. On inquiry I learned that Palo Alto was only an hour's ride from 'Frisco, a distance of forty-four miles.

  32. I learned that the station was only a ten minute walk, and I made a bee-line for it.

  33. Although we had put up with a great many hardships, we enjoyed our tramp, and we only wished our journey had occupied twenty days instead of five, for we felt better each succeeding day, tramping over the rocky pathways.

  34. I only wanted to last the six rounds so I would be able to get my purse, for such was my only salvation.

  35. By firing the revolver several times we succeeded in frightening it away, after which we went back to sleep, only to be awakened in the early morning by a Spanish goat herder, who insisted that we had killed one of his dogs.

  36. I lay there in the bushes for only a few minutes, and when the train came by I swung the blind baggage and was again on my way.

  37. This stunned me for a moment and I could see only stars.

  38. I ended by saying, "Now, ladies and gentlemen, is the time, for there are only a few bottles of this wonderful compound left.

  39. At our hotel we only secured breakfast and dinner.

  40. Our only arms consisted of a couple of daggers, which we purchased at Toledo and a thirty-eight Colt's revolver.

  41. The night I remember as well as if it was only yesterday.

  42. Accordingly, I paid passage to Blair, trusting to luck to catch a freight train out of Blair, and I figured that even if this failed I could walk it, the distance being only twenty-four miles.

  43. The ship was pitching in every direction, and we could only keep our positions by holding tightly to the life lines which were stretched across the deck.

  44. He lived and died in exile, leaving a son, named Ranulph, heir only to poverty and misfortunes, to noble blood, and to rights which he was destitute of the power of rendering available.

  45. The sepulchral monuments of this age are very numerous, but only differ from those of an earlier date in the substitution of the members of Grecian for those of Gothic architecture, or rather in the confused mixture of both.

  46. Notwithstanding all this, the king had thought fit to name him only a counsellor, not an executor.

  47. I was given no instructions by the gentleman who entrusted me with this errand," said he, "save only that I was to hand the packet to you.

  48. There were only seventeen thousand enrolled; and of these less than fifteen thousand were fit for service.

  49. Let there be only action, and General Ward will not want for men.

  50. Only a few nights ago you had a rather poor opinion of my wit," said Ezra.

  51. The section given them to cover was rough and boulder-strewn, with only here and there a dirt road or path.

  52. But what was done at Lexington and Concord is only a beginning.

  53. Warren and Colonel Prescott, only to-day," said Nat.

  54. Then, with great parade, the British crossed the Neck and took possession of the hill that they had, only a few months before, staggered down in the retreat from Concord.

  55. He touched the bay with the spur; but it had only taken a few steps when Gilbert Scarlett once more lifted his voice.

  56. But they not only escaped this by their quick recovery, but also escaped the lights that were lowered over the side.

  57. These had happened only a few weeks before; and a smile banished the shadow instantly.

  58. The bulk of the British army lay upon Bunker Hill; only a few light horse were at this time left in Boston.

  59. Only a century before the two principal passes into Boston--Charlestown Neck and Boston Neck--had been fortified to save the town from the Indians and so preserve American civilization.

  60. He recalled that the gravitational pull of Venus was only four-fifths of Earth's.

  61. We're moving out and this dome is only a temporary base when we have cases like yours.

  62. Although his lips moved slightly, the only sound was a deep, staccato grunting.

  63. The compass dial was now his only companion and his only hope.

  64. This was the time for decision, yet within his taut body there was only a jungle of conflicting impulses.

  65. If I'd only known her back on Earth, he thought.

  66. The only thing that matters, really," she murmured, "is your walking again.

  67. It's the only way you can escape the dead man.

  68. There was only a translucent and infinite whiteness.

  69. If I'd only known her back on Earth-- Maggie, sitting alone now with a wrinkled paper and its mass of scrawled circuits.

  70. He was only helping to capture a murderer.

  71. The impression was contradicted only by the glowing whiteness of his eyes.

  72. Your only low mark in the five years was a 3.

  73. Puffing, Ben plunged into the darkness to his left, slowing only long enough to consult the dial of his compass.

  74. When we examine a minute object, we naturally contract, not only our foreheads, but all our dimensions.

  75. I thought it only fair to say something of what I apprehended to some who were entitled to be warned.

  76. And there were all the smallest incidents recorded, such as do really make up humble life, but which die out of all mere literary memoirs, as the houses where the Egyptians or the Athenians lived crumble and leave only their temples standing.

  77. The grass was tall there, and the blade of the plant is very much like grass, only thicker and glossier.

  78. There is only one thing to do,--and that is to let him talk when he will.

  79. Only I rather think life can coin thought somewhat faster than I can count it off in words.

  80. It contains no reproach, only a delicately-hinted fear.

  81. It is only a question of time, just as with the burning of college libraries.

  82. A man not only believes, but knows he runs a risk, whenever he steps into a railroad car; but it does n't worry him much.

  83. The divinity-student took it calmly, only whispering that he thought there was a little confusion of images between a galvanic battery and a charge of cavalry.

  84. Further, one should not eat only savory food, for one becomes tired of that in time.

  85. I know that some may say that we have only what we deserve for thinking that we can escape, in the laws that govern art, the rules that we have found to hold in everything else.

  86. Now, however, all is associated with heat and glare, and with the monotony of innumerable repeated impressions, differing only in scale.

  87. And not only that, but how could I have spent the time previous to this in doing other similar work to train me?

  88. I have seen carpenter's drawings, with manners of setting out work and measurements, and I feel that there is only a study to carry out.

  89. And yet it is only a poor fragment of no great period.

  90. The gate, when we look back, is only a frame, and its upper step only a balcony from which to look at the high picture of trees in shadow and sunlight across the narrow dell which we can only just feel beneath us.

  91. It is a great mistake to think that all that pleases us is good and what displeases us is bad, and that one's own taste is the only right one.

  92. The great trees near me almost hide the great pagoda, and I can see of it only a little red, and the green under its many eaves, which melts like a haze into the green of the trees.

  93. If you only hint what you feel in a kind of dumb show, it is insipid: if you have to explain it, it is making a toil of a pleasure.

  94. A few pleasures bear discussion for their own sake, but only those which are most social or most radically human; and even these can only be discussed among their devotees.

  95. I confess my error, and only wish that I had no worse errors to confess.

  96. Even then it had commenced to rise and fall, and had clarified its waters and colored them of the hue they now wear, and obtained a patent of heaven to be the only Walden Pond in the world and distiller of celestial dews.

  97. Without such loyalty friendship consists only of its routine of more or less attractive private sentiments and mere meetings, each one of which is one more chance experience, heaped together with other chance experiences.

  98. But I now thought that this end was only to be attained by not making it the direct end.

  99. Literature keeps the primacy; for it not only consists of masterpieces, but is largely about masterpieces, being little more than an appreciative chronicle of human master-strokes, so far as it takes the form of criticism and history.

  100. It was admitted, but only to a subsidiary place, by the Stoics, and has passed more or less into all the succeeding systems.

  101. But war, which is the opposite of association, can aid progress only when it prevents further war or breaks down antisocial barriers which are themselves passive war.

  102. When some Zoilus finds blemishes in Homer, and prefers, it may be, the work of some Apollonius of his own discovering, we only laugh.

  103. And then he prayed the good Lord to preserve Bobby's life and his own, and to guide them back to safety, as only He could, for they were in His care.

  104. Jimmy was imaginative and emotional, and when they were in peril he could see only the peril, and picture the possible dire results.

  105. Twould be fine, now, if I only had my sleeping bag," he soliloquized, when he had at last composed himself in his improvised shelter.

  106. It was therefore only during the two or three years preceding the year of famine, when Jimmy was old enough to care for them, and wished them, that he had a team.

  107. He watched their faint outlines, and then the swirling snow hid them, and the ice floe and only black waters remained.

  108. I only wanted them to take me off the ice.

  109. Partner and I have kept dogs only these last two years, anyhow," said Skipper Ed.

  110. Bobby, after his manner, not only decided quickly what to do, but acted immediately upon his decision.

  111. This year there are so many needy ones our stock will go only a little way.

  112. But what we find most surprising in this tarand is, that not only its face and skin, but also its hair could take whatever colour was about it.

  113. The sows in the styes when they lie-in (saving the honour of this good company) are fed only with orange-flowers.

  114. He only speaks by signs, but those signs are more readily obeyed by everyone than the statutes of senates or commands of monarchs.

  115. Then she made a bloody havoc with his puddings; and being got to the convent, brought back only his right foot and twisted sandal, leaving them to guess what was become of the rest.

  116. I see neither heaven nor earth; of the four elements we have here only fire and water left.

  117. They carry only a short whip, for they only have to whip the horse that they are upon, and the one which is by the side of him, and so they do not have to reach very far.

  118. Only I do not see," said Charles, "why they built their temples down so low.

  119. I'll tell you all about it on the way," said Rollo, "if you can only go with us.

  120. At the next hotel where the coachman stopped, there were no rooms at all vacant, and at the next only one small room, with a single narrow bed in it.

  121. These bricks had not originally been used for outside works, but only for filling in the solid parts of the walls, and for forming the arches.

  122. It must be that there are a great many in town who would like to go, if we could only find them out.

  123. We want twelve," said one of the gentlemen, "and we have got only nine.

  124. I might have brought our courier with us," said Copley, "only it is such a bore to have him about; and you do just as well.

  125. I will only say that the torches which were employed on this occasion, were different from those employed in the exhibition of the statues in the Vatican, being more like those used by firemen in America.

  126. It is only a small, steep face of a rock in a bank.

  127. Strength will be given you, Martha, if you only ask.

  128. Slowly, but more rapidly than could be stayed by human hands, the whole heavy roof crushed down upon the rest of the ruin; and under it and the beam went Nickols Powers with only one deep groan.

  129. Jacob, her father, was rough and violent with her, but only from grief, and she forgave all that.

  130. I stood and let the flood dash over me as long as I could and then with a sob I sank on the floor and rested my head on the window seat and began to weep as only women such as I know how to weep.

  131. Only one man must come forward and put his shoulder under the beam at the other end while I hold this.

  132. I met Nellie Morgan and her Annarugans hurrying to pray a pardon from Mr. Goodloe for that rock which might have killed him, if thrown an inch to the right, instead of only nicking that yellow head of his, the Lord be praised!

  133. Mr. Goodloe tried to hold up the whole side of the roof on his own shoulders and only staggered out from the very brink of being involved in the crash.

  134. America must lead the world in spiritual as well as material regeneration, and this is the only real and dispassionate America, with no foreign pull on its vitals.

  135. The sun should reach them only through the vapours of other life than theirs, inimical to them because of their selfishness.

  136. The servants said she cared only for the little toad of a baronet, and would do nothing for her comfort.

  137. If only there were a God that tried to do his best for us, finding great difficulties, but encountering them for the sake of his children!

  138. The poem was not actually printed without it until after his death: he had only put it in the errata, to be omitted.

  139. I fancy, she had ever felt, or at least given way to, "you are the only gentleman in the family!

  140. If only we believed in God, how we should hope!

  141. The aphorism of the devil sick and the devil well, is only too true.

  142. Do you think, then, that this life is only a dream?

  143. But he took care to let the house not only come awake, but come to its senses, before he sought admission.

  144. As to whether he was the legal heir or not, she would rather remain ignorant, only that, assured on the point, she would better understand how to deal with his pretension!

  145. His only anxiety was lest his father should again lay upon him the command to cease communication with his brother and sister.

  146. What a power over her ladyship would he not possess, what a plough and harrow for her frozen equanimity, if only he knew where the heir to Mortgrange was!

  147. Only please understand that I hate every one of you, and I'm never going to obey Aunt Sophia.

  148. Alice was the only woman I ever loved--the only woman I could tolerate in my house.

  149. The thing is, you can do what you like at school if only you are not found out.

  150. If only I could get the real heaviness off my mind, nothing else would matter.

  151. But he did not look again; he only continued on his way.

  152. I want to wash and be clean,' she keeps saying; and she wants Nancy and me to take her away to the seaside where the waves are big and strong, and she insists on it that she will only go with Nancy and me.

  153. The only thing that agrees with Paulie is me.

  154. Don't be frightened; it's only poor old Nancy, the girl you have known since you were that high.

  155. Now, if I can only persuade Nancy not to force us to go to that midnight picnic, and not to tell if we don't go, and if I can get the thimble back, I shall be once more as happy as the day is long.

  156. I have known what the next day meant, even when we had only shilling birthdays.

  157. It seems the only thing to do," said Patty.

  158. It's only to stay awake, perhaps to pertend to have a nightmare.

  159. The sea was only a few yards off, and the waves were coming in fresh and lovely and sparkling.

  160. The girls expected her to make some remark with regard to their appearance, but the only thing she said was to ask them to observe the exquisite sunset.

  161. To endure is the only philosophy; to believe that we shall live again in a brighter planet, is the only hope that our reason should accept from our desires.

  162. It is, perhaps, the only country in which the Constructive principle has not kept pace with the Destructive.

  163. Only to my own room, to put on my bonnet; the carriage will be here in a few minutes.

  164. He wanted not only to be a very great person, but a very great person among very great persons--and squires and parsons bored him.

  165. Let us content ourselves with injuring no man, and doing good only in our own little sphere.

  166. He was considerably relieved to find that the business referred to related only to Miss Cameron.

  167. I tell you again and again, pride of my soul, I tell you, that you are the only being I love!

  168. I once fondly hoped, to all the cant and prejudice of convention and education, the only woman I could ever respect, as well as love.

  169. That runaway rascal maliciously smashed the wheel of my only wagon this evening.

  170. At first Dave lifted only a foot or two clear of the ground.

  171. Three others Dave recognized as young loafers who followed the meets, working only occasionally.

  172. He grabbed out at some bushes, but they gave way, only briefly slowing down his progress.

  173. He took up the badge and weighted it in his hands as if thinking of it only as to its value as gold.

  174. The only thing to do, I should say,” replied the clerk.

  175. He made straight for the grounds, for two machines were racing at their best only a mile distance in his wake.

  176. The only bother is the rescue of the heroine in the mill race.

  177. Which is mighty good—only don’t run into any of the sheriff’s friends.

  178. He not only landed safely on his feet, but he did not experience the least disturbing jar.

  179. If only I hadn’t lost that pocket book, and if Mr. Warner doesn’t get track of me.

  180. He only laughed at Alberich, and hastened with his burden to my father's house.

  181. And," continued Wotan, "of course only a hero would show such courage.

  182. He was the only child of the king and queen, but he was more of a sorrow than a joy to them, for he was as willful and disobedient as he was beautiful.

  183. Then Kriemhild was very sad, and declared that she did not wish to marry any one, as it would bring her only sorrow.

  184. Only one, of all your number, will ever live to see your native land again.

  185. And now, strange to tell, Siegfried had recovered the memory of almost all his past; only Brunhilda and the magic ring remained forgotten.

  186. And there he lies day and night, guarding the entrance of the cave, and leaves it only when he goes to drink at a neighboring spring.

  187. Fafner and I asked our father to give us each a share of the gold; but he only laughed in a disagreeable way, and declared his dead son was far more precious to him than were his living sons.

  188. A consultation had taken place earlier between the innkeeper and the smugglers, the result of which was an offer on their part to assist in the work of conducting us to the frontier, which, needless to say, was only too gladly accepted.

  189. I did not say so to her, though I thought it, that I deemed it a fortunate thing, not only for himself, but also for Pannonia, that he had come to so sensible a conclusion.

  190. He had only to add that he had spent the last five years of his life in the English army to have his services declined with thanks, and to find himself in the street once more.

  191. I only hope I shall be able to repay you for your kindness," he said.

  192. He explained at some length that he had only arrived in Rio that morning, and that he was going on to Buenos Ayres in the afternoon.

  193. It was not a very long one; but, such as it was, it was sufficient to cause him not only great astonishment, but also a considerable amount of pain.

  194. From his narrative, I was able to gather something, not only of Max's past life, but also of the character of the man I had before me now.

  195. The next floor, however, was as barren as its predecessor, and now only the top remained to us.

  196. At the time I regarded this as only another proof of the old boy's idiocy.

  197. There is one man who most certainly must go," von Marquart replied, "since he is the only person who is familiar with the features of the man you saw at Zaarfburg; our friend here must undertake the mission.

  198. The majority had passed us and turned the corner; only a withered beldame, hobbling along with the assistance of a stick, remained behind.

  199. If you wish them to alter their habits they may obey you for an instant, but it is only to return into the old groove directly after; for they know better than you do what you want.

  200. The porter above is the only one who finds fault.

  201. There is only one tooth among serpents of which she takes any particular care, and that is the venomous tooth which she has bestowed on certain species, and which serves them for striking down, as it were, the animals on which they feed.

  202. Now, come; if you will promise to be very wise, and only to make the experiment when your mamma is present, I will teach you how to make phosphorescent lights without having to go to the druggist's!

  203. The oyster, who has neither head nor brain, has, as his only instrument of action, certain little masses of nervous substance scattered right and left, which are called ganglions.

  204. But only just think how far from agreeable it would be to have to take off your shoe and present your foot to the doctor!

  205. It had cleared the terrible barrier, had been allowed to slip out, and the lady was saved; but it was only just in time.

  206. C, the box of cork to diminish its tendency to sink and bring it to a specific gravity of only two or three pounds more than sea-water.

  207. If he fixes his harpoon in the bow of the enemy, it will then only be necessary to row away; the harpoon and line being fixed to the ship, will pull the Torpedo out of the boat, and at the same instant set the clockwork in motion.

  208. This reduces the attack of each boat to one simple operation, that only of firing with reasonable attention.

  209. As imports and exports are the consequence of increased population and industry, the following will shew how the expences of the British marine have not only kept pace, but gained on her sources of wealth.

  210. Yet the people in general live better, have more enjoyments, and because they have more enjoyments, they are in reality not more oppressed than the people of 1625, who paid only fifty thousand pounds to the marine.

  211. The original of 1810 is very scarce, only one copy having been sold at auction in many years: nor are copies to be found in any but a few of our libraries.

  212. But she only smiled and gave him a look of kindness, and said that nothing was amiss with her.

  213. Yet, being alone there, with only the wash of the waves for company, he felt his great resolve begin to pall, as a hundred questions rose to torment him.

  214. Strange," said he, "the near I was to crucifying the Lord afresh and swearing a mortal swear, only I remembered my catechism and the good John Wesley.

  215. Only Sir Sigfus knew the secret, and he dare not speak.

  216. Her mother's hints touched her not at all, for she only laughed at them with a little of her old gayety; but one day within the first weeks she met Jason, and then she felt troubled.

  217. But that is not to be, save in an aftermath of love, if you will only let the future bring it.

  218. It had been only the hot word of a moment of anger, and it was gone.

  219. Drivers shouted; horses plunged and tugged at their traces; the guns bounded and rattled in and out of the shell-holes that pitted the road, sometimes seeming to be balanced on only one wheel.

  220. We not only enjoyed those of outside performers, but we put on several plays, and the boys took their parts well, and a prompter was very little in evidence.

  221. It is surpassed in size only by the Royal Palace of Buckingham.

  222. But it is only necessary to persevere to get the proper, illuminating "touch" into the finger tips.

  223. I would not let him know that I was "black" blind, but I would take him out with me and show him what the blind could do unaided if they would only bring into play their latent powers.

  224. The average weight of the team was only 145lbs.

  225. Confidence would only come when one was able to navigate his way alone through busy thoroughfares.

  226. Dawn was now breaking, but night had sealed my eyes, and I could only grope my way among my comrades.

  227. Indeed, we lost only one point during the whole season.

  228. Now the cruel fact had to be faced; the only world I would see henceforth would be that conjured up by the imagination from memories of the past.

  229. Possible conditions can only be guarded against or converted into allies by being prepared to meet all eventualities, and these preparations in a formation such as the Tank Corps were at first prodigious.

  230. In order to do this a coppersmith must be kept at the unit workshop, and only part of his time will be employed in this work of brazing petrol unions.

  231. November 4 witnessed the last large tank attack of the war, large only in comparison with the number of machines at this time fit for action.

  232. This could now only be accomplished by hitting the enemy at a point which he must hold on to because of its importance or of surprising him at points where he did not expect to be attacked.

  233. Before the infantry assembled for training a new tactics had to be devised, not only to meet the conditions which would be encountered but to fit the limitations imposed upon the tank by it being able to carry only one tank fascine.

  234. Tanks were only to operate between Moyenneville and Bucquoy, as the ground south of this frontage was unsuited to tank movement; for this reason no tanks were allotted to the Vth Corps.

  235. The assembly of these machines was difficult owing not only to the intricate nature of the Sensée valley but to the fact that active operations were taking place throughout these preparations.

  236. The country was open eastwards to the horizon; only in the far distance one snowy mountain appeared in this direction, but probably our longitudinal valley extended along the north or south side of this elevation.

  237. We would only take our best men; for the others I could procure permission to return to Ladak through Gartok.

  238. The statues of Chenresi (Avalokiteswara) and of the Tsepagmed (Amitayus) can only be seen with a lamp.

  239. Scarcely two minutes' walk from the camp a horse lay dead, which had carried his load only the day before, and the black corpse-watch was beside it.

  240. We now find ourselves in a high alpine region without herbage; only moss grows among the pebbles.

  241. Here the river forms rapids, and above this point it is only 50 yards broad, often still less, and the valley above the Yeshung expansion is narrow and confined.

  242. At a late hour of the night only one of the missing ones, namely, Tsering, had put in an appearance.

  243. He only blesses people of position and monks with his hand.

  244. Only a son of the wilderness, who passes his life in the open like the wild animals, could devise such a mode of capture.

  245. Pilgrims of rank and fortune make large contributions; others only a small silver coin, or a bag of tsamba or rice; and others again come in companies in the train of some well-to-do chief who pays for them all.

  246. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "only" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    absolute; alone; appreciably; barely; but; celibate; comparatively; entirely; exclusive; exclusively; fairly; hardly; incompletely; just; lone; matchless; mere; merely; mildly; moderately; modestly; odd; one; only; part; partially; particular; particularly; partly; plainly; proper; purely; relatively; right; separate; simply; single; singular; sole; solely; solitary; somewhat; tolerably; totally; unequaled; unique; unmatched; unpalatable; unparalleled; unrivaled; visibly; wholly

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    only after; only answer; only apparent; only because; only been; only begotten; only brother; only come; only daughter; only five; only for; only friend; only know; only love; only more; only necessary; only remains; only right; only said; only some; only surviving; only then; only thought; only too; only what; only when