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Example sentences for "conjured"

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conjuncture; conjunctures; conjuration; conjurations; conjure; conjurer; conjurers; conjures; conjuring; conjuro
  1. By the talisman of trust in the people France conjured up those armed hosts which overthrew old Europe.

  2. He writhed at the picture the invitation conjured up.

  3. The images she had conjured up moved and absorbed her; and she continued to stand before the picture, gazing upward with moistened eyes.

  4. The parents thought much over the ideas conjured up by that last sentence.

  5. Pillule, who had been at home a week, conjured his English rival to continue his visits.

  6. How was this "conjured spirit" to find occupation?

  7. The "conjured spirit" was still weaving ropes of sand.

  8. Once more we have to think of the "conjured spirit," and the ropes of sand.

  9. A person of great honour in Ireland (who was pleased to stoop so low as to look into my mind) used to tell me that my mind was like a conjured spirit that would do mischief if I did not give it employment.

  10. Moment by moment, under their watching eyes, she conjured the formless dark into a new heaven, a new earth.

  11. The rest was a tremulous blur of hopes and fears and the thrill of his presence, conjured into one of her own people.

  12. Arrows of gold, stealing through alders and willows, conjured mere leaves into discs of pure green light.

  13. Enlightened, he set off at a trot, down another vast street, all hazy in the level light that conjured the dusty air to gold.

  14. One thread of hair that conjured up a million thoughts, and in a second upset every argument!

  15. And it meant so much to her, she was so in earnest, that her voice conjured up pictures for King to see.

  16. But Rienzi was not unpopular when he addressed and conjured them: they found no fault with him.

  17. A morbid young woman had conjured up a possible tale of wrong.

  18. It was well told--all the better because the speaker so earnestly hoped that its existence might turn out a myth--that the phantom so suddenly conjured up might depart as quickly as it had arrived.

  19. Her imagination dwelt upon the ideas which these words had conjured up.

  20. Kate's tears were streaming down her cheeks at this conjured vision of youth in dire distress.

  21. Certain personages pretended that the presence of the Prefect of the chief place of l'Isère might have conjured the storm; that the resistance might have been more animated, better arranged.

  22. I have so often conjured up all this as a vision, that now there is nothing to take me away from it, I can hardly feel it a reality.

  23. His hand swept across his eyes as if to brush away the pictures suddenly conjured up.

  24. Generally something conjured out of a book she has read; the unknown, handsome young man across the street; the leading actor in a society drama; the idol of the movie.

  25. The dried branches lay unbroken, and the leaves unpressed around; and I at last became convinced that an excited brain, and a mind harassed by a long sorrow, had conjured up the image she spoke of.

  26. Shocked at the terrified expression of her features, and alarmed lest ray story had conjured up before her disordered imagination the image of her lost brother, I spoke to her in words of encouragement.

  27. The pilgrim, William Penrose, spoke to the spirit and conjured it, according to the form prescribed by Holy Church, to speak and say what he should do to give it rest.

  28. So he sent out for his friends, and besought and conjured them to tell him if they had heard any such tidings as the man proclaimed from the tree.

  29. They called him on one side, and conjured him with fair words to tell if he had seen the bastard, and whither and by what road he was gone.

  30. The Christ must be ideal and the face could only be conjured forth from the painter's own soul, in moments of inspiration.

  31. Two things occupied his mind: the slender figure among the evening mists on the flower-crowned rock, waving to him its tender farewells; and then that other figure conjured up by his imagination as it looks at home in Komorn.

  32. I cannot believe it is anything but a dream you have conjured up, and which will quickly pass away.

  33. He informed him of all that had been executed, and conjured him to direct what he would have done with Ganem's mother and sister.

  34. The princess, who knew the consequence, conjured me not to touch the talisman.

  35. The unfortunate prince filled the palace with his lamentations, and conjured her in the most affecting tone to take pity on him; but the cruel wretch ceased not till she had given the usual number of blows.

  36. But it was a vision conjured up by a guilty brain, for it was still dark, and there was no sound in the room but a regular, heavy breathing, telling that Gartram had found at last the sleep that refused to obey him in his chamber.

  37. His wife had seen him confounding himself with a bitch ten years before; and he then excused himself as well as he could, but conjured her to keep it secret.

  38. Even a hog, he thinks, could not stand it to harbour more than one devil at a time, and would be driven to suicide by having an intrinsic and superfluous demon conjured into it.

  39. They embraced the knees of Dioscorus, as he stood with a threatening aspect on the footstool of his throne, and conjured him to forgive the offences, and to respect the dignity, of his brother.

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