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Example sentences for "might have"

  • Our drivers were standing together a little way off, so I sidled up to her a step or two, that we might have a little quiet talk.

  • He was in doubt about the island, and he might have been in doubt about the speech, of which he had heard so little when he came there with the wizard on the mat.

  • I might have had my concertina weeks ago,” thought he, “and there is nothing needed in this world but a little courage.

  • I saw many green pigeons which I might have shot, only I was there with a different idea.

  • If I could have trusted the match, I might have run in still and rescued it.

  • If I hadn't lent your father the money, I might have invested it with the rest, and lost all.

  • He might have stood a class above where he was, if he had not been lazy, and depended too much on his natural talent.

  • The idea, however, that he might have an appointment at so strange an hour never occurred to me until a faint sound reached my ears from the veranda outside.

  • He might have thrown a dozen if he had but left my bonny bird alone.

  • Thank you, if I might have a glass of milk and a biscuit, I have no doubt that I should be better.

  • By the great water I spared Akut's life when I might have taken it and become king of the tribe of Akut.

  • He knew now that M'ganwazam was treacherous and that he might have to fight to regain possession of his wife.

  • But Matthew so rarely went from home that it must be something pressing and unusual which was taking him; he was the shyest man alive and hated to have to go among strangers or to any place where he might have to talk.

  • I was beginning to be afraid you weren't coming for me and I was imagining all the things that might have happened to prevent you.

  • I might have known it was all too beautiful to last.

  • Had it been any other man in Avonlea, Mrs. Rachel, deftly putting this and that together, might have given a pretty good guess as to both questions.

  • Anne's consequent humiliation was less than it might have been, however, in view of the concert and the spare-room bed.

  • He hated Rose now, he wanted to hurt him, he thought of biting things he might have said to him.

  • Certain sounds from without revealed that the town was in festivity, though little of the festival, whatever it might have been, could be seen here.

  • Had this been a case in the court of an omniscient judge, he might have entered on his notes the curious fact that Sue had placed the minor for the major indiscretion, and had not said a word about the kiss.

  • When he had despatched the note by a boy he regretted that in his hurry he should have suggested to her to meet him out of doors, when he might have said he would call upon her.

  • Now, a new preacher at the Presbyterian church, or even the Baptist--he might have a chance to create talk, and make a stir.

  • Where else, one would like to know, could the Bishop have been domiciled in a Methodist house where he might have a sitting-room all to himself, with his bedroom leading out of it?

  • Although he could ill afford it, he subscribed now for a daily paper that he might have a perpetually renewed source of good conversational topics for these more worldly calls.

  • I watched her light slowly descending the wall, as I might have watched, adown the sky, the long, swift approach of a helping angel.

  • If it had lasted longer it might have tinged my employments and life.

  • It was on the whole a rare amusement, which, continued too long, might have become a dissipation.

  • He had been comforting himself with the thought of a cottage, rude, indeed, but one which he might make neat and quiet, and where he might have a shelf for his Bible, and a place to be alone out of his laboring hours.

  • It's rather a fool-scheme, if you ask me, but it might have been a nuisance if it had been sprung on us unawares.

  • I might have put by a comfortable provision for my old age, in those days, if I had been willing to push my claims, and worry the Staff into giving me what was my due.

  • This elderly and urbane diplomat took a gift of thirty thousand pounds as he might have accepted a superior cigar.

  • To another, I replied, I might have a difficulty in explaining; but I am sure that you will admit a proposition which I am about to make.

  • We are enquiring into the nature of absolute justice and into the character of the perfectly just, and into injustice and the perfectly unjust, that we might have an ideal.

  • It was not necessary to change the course of the Thuria to permit of passing directly above the scene of battle, but Carthoris dropped his craft a few hundred feet that he might have a better and closer view.

  • And then it had been that he had legally wed one of his slaves that he might have a son to stand among the jeds when Nutus died and a new jeddak was chosen.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    many writers; mediaeval life; might also; might come; might easily; might expect; might haue; might have been said; might know; might lead; might obtain; might probably; might require; might seem; might speak; might venture; mighty army; mighty glad; mighty good; mighty hand; mighty hunter; mighty lord; mighty power; mighty pretty; mighty shout; said especially