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okra; okrugs; olas; olav; olde; olden; older; oldest; oldfashioned
  1. When I met him later he expressed himself after the usual style, about having missed me, but I had loaded up my old blunderbuss, and gave him a corker.

  2. After we had exhausted all the old chestnuts, and strained our relations almost to the breaking point by manufacturing some atrocious new jokes, we decided to call the waiter to settle the matter.

  3. And speaking about sailors reminds me of a queer old character I once knew down at the docks.

  4. We gave a little show on the sands, and we had with us one jolly old actor who only once attempted playing in the legitimate.

  5. I don't believe I've ever felt so cheap since I was a boy and used to join the other fellows in a genuine old country serenade when a wedding took place.

  6. Well then, how about the maiden who paid the mortgage on the old home by sacrificing her wonderful crop of hair, depending upon the use of this stuff for a new supply--ain't that straight?

  7. I hear old Judge Pennytobacco is breaking up housekeeping," I said.

  8. It's the same old story, so common--a champagne appetite and a lager beer pocketbook.

  9. An old farmer had a girl attending school at Fort Worth, and in course of a letter home to the old folks chanced to say "I'm just in love with ping pong.

  10. He kept an arm on the seat back of my old friend Reginald, and every now and then spoke to him soothingly.

  11. Now, there's old Nantucket, for instance, once the most noted whaling center of America.

  12. There was one vinegary old maid to whom he applied who gave me a cold chill.

  13. There was a queer old fellow standing on the steps of the court who got me by the arm as I came out.

  14. I thought he was simply a good old sport with lots of money, which he knew how to spend in sensible ways.

  15. It was middling late in the evening, as it might be six or seven o'clock, and he was thinking of stopping his work when all of a sudden he came on what he thought might be an old petticoat bundled away in the thatch.

  16. Well, one day my grandfather was dragging off the old thatch near the chimney.

  17. Poor old Cotter limped pitifully on parade, but he did not say a word about rheumatism.

  18. We all joined the corps, even poor old Cotter, who must be close on seventy, and who retired from business three years ago.

  19. If that wasn't the death of him, and him not more than twelve years old at the time, is it likely the Germans would be able to kill him?

  20. But my dad used to wander about He's a sporting old bird and likes to know what's going on.

  21. At home in the old days men spoke of her as a good sport, who rode straight and played the game; but they seldom tried to make love to her.

  22. The old doubts of my reality, of the realness of everything I had seen, surged up again, and swept over me in a tide of disillusion.

  23. So there are partings here, and the old sadness of the end as on earth; but the gaiety of children, the ambition of youth, the devotion of parents is unknown.

  24. I will satisfy your curiosity, and, you in turn, must tell me what has happened in the old home.

  25. I find in an old note book of my father's, dated 1879, "chlorophyllous matter in leaves encouraged by electric energy, presumably by the blue rays.

  26. The psychic fluid is susceptible to the light, absorbs and emits it, and so the spirit forms are shining like great ignes fatui on our old earth.

  27. My old acquaintance, Chapman, leaped up in the dense clusters, and springing on a table shouted, 'To the Patenta.

  28. If I were you, I'd ask the old parrot about it; he is a wise bird, and perhaps he knows.

  29. So the Rajah ordered the poor old woman to be thrown into prison.

  30. Having travelled a long time he found himself at last in a deep forest where he met a wretched old woman asleep in a thicket.

  31. The old man declined, and desired to say farewell, as he intended to depart for Babylon at break of day.

  32. As soon as the wedding was over, the Prince said to his wife, "Gentle wife, tell me how much longer you intend to wear that old skin?

  33. Toward evening she reached the place, and found it rose from a small hut in which sat an old woman warming her hands over a fire.

  34. Then the portcullis was raised, and in the opening appeared the tip of an enormous nose, located between the sunken eyes and fallen-in mouth of an old woman uglier than sin.

  35. The old man was so delighted with the saké that he drank cup after cup.

  36. The old man said, "Someone is, but that's nought to do with you nor anyone else.

  37. The Black Horse Once there was a king, and he had three sons, and when the king died, they did not give a shade of anything to the youngest son, but an old white limping garron.

  38. The Grateful Crane[1] "Fighting sparrows fear not man," as the old proverb says.

  39. Wellhausen points out that Teman and Bosrah are names which do not occur in the Old Testament before the Exile, but this is uncertain and inconclusive.

  40. Duhm, however, inclines to authorship by Isaiah, and would assign the composition to Isaiah's old age.

  41. Even the Beduins' old cruel rancours are often less than the golden piety of the wilderness.

  42. The old terms wilderness, the giving of vineyards, Valley of Achor, are, as it were, the wedding ring restored.

  43. The plural [Hebrew: tzvvt] is never used in the Old Testament except of human hosts, and generally of the armies or hosts of Israel.

  44. Perhaps, because it was held fitting that prophecy should occupy the last outposts of the Old Testament towards the New.

  45. The old ecstasy of Saul's day has become delirium and fanaticism.

  46. With these there was the old Semitic symbol of the Maccebah, or upright stone on which oil was poured.

  47. Here at this town the good old man our governor suffered us to stay two days and two nights, having compassion of our sick and weak men, full sore against the mind of the young man his companion.

  48. In a few hours I saw the Western Isles, and soon after had the inexpressible pleasure of seeing Old England.

  49. What must not a poor old man have suffered in that severe weather and climate, whom I saw on a bleak common in Poland, lying on the road, helpless, shivering, and hardly having wherewithal to cover his nakedness?

  50. The result is a curious medley, which testifies clearly to learning and wit, and also to the turning over of musty old books of facetiæ written in execrable Latin.

  51. Hearing so many persons talk about raising the "Royal George," I began to take pity on that fine old ruin of British plank, and determined to have her up.

  52. I met my old acquaintance Omai, who had been in England with the great navigator, Cook, and I was glad to find he had established Sunday schools over all the islands.

  53. The old cat was as fond of it as of any of her own four-legged progeny, and made herself very unhappy, when it flew out of her reach, till it returned again.

  54. When they grow old they do not die, but turn into air, and dissolve like smoke!

  55. He chatted gaily with customers over the counter, and his old life went on much the same as before.

  56. But they might believe what they liked, if only he could carry out what he wanted to do, and be left to himself in the out-of-the-way old boathouse.

  57. She looked old and angular as she bent over the reindeer-skin that she was spreading out in the sunny weather.

  58. There sat a little grey-clad old fellow, with a cap like a milk-can on his head, staring at the livestock on the mountain-side.

  59. She took on terribly, and cried and wrung her thin hands when she saw their old foreman told to go to the devil, and shamble off with his cap in his hand as if he were deranged.

  60. It was the old fellow who lay there and kept watch over him.

  61. The old fellow, however, only blinked his eyes a little savagely.

  62. But Jack had something else to think about besides marvelling at the old Finn.

  63. On the island lay a rusty old ship's anchor half out of the sea.

  64. We raced with the surf as it rolled at our feet, And the lurking old Merman we always did cheat.

  65. Do you fancy they're gone out in a rotten old tub, then?

  66. But when Eilert became a man, and mixed more with the people of the parish, he began to fancy that this old companionship lowered him somewhat in the eyes of his neighbours.

  67. She went swiftly inland, looked behind her, and beckoned him after her; and then she threw open the door of an old iron safe in the midst of the wall.

  68. The Finn was so old that he could scarcely move.

  69. Did he not try to stop old Peter Stuyvesant from rowing through Hell Gate one moonlight night, and did not that tough old soldier put something at his shoulder that Satan thought must be his wooden leg?

  70. His friends lamented his absence, especially at the tavern, but they anticipated no attempt on his part to express the distinguished consideration that he had felt for his old chums.

  71. The old sachem advanced upon him, but as he raised his axe to strike, the wife of the Wolf threw herself before her husband, and the steel sank into her brain.

  72. Here in the old days two lovers held their tryst: a sturdy and honest young farmer of the neighborhood and the daughter of a man whose wealth puffed him with purse-pride.

  73. John Hopkins, owner of the land, cried to the bird, "Squawk, you damned old Pat Jenkins!

  74. She told them that she was dead and that her people could go to her only after death, but that they would be happy in their old home.

  75. Some days later, old Baron Castine, going to Norridgewock to bury and revenge the dead, finds a woman seated on the earth and gazing over a field strewn with ashes and with human bones.

  76. The old negro heard the call and hastened forward.

  77. There was good reason for doing so, people said, for on windy nights the spirit of the old man used to haunt the place, using such profanity that it became visible in the form of blue lights, dancing and exploding about the building.

  78. In the midst of tears and kisses the woman started with a faint cry: she remembered that a poor old creature was about to expiate on the gallows a crime that had never been committed.

  79. Seven of its members were old office-holders of the ordinary "ministrable" type.

  80. Waldeck-Rousseau, and it called forth vain protests in the name of liberty from Radicals of the old school, such as M.

  81. There was the semblance of a reconciliation between him and Ferry, and his name was the rallying-cry of the Republic at the general election, which was conducted on the old system of scrutin d'arrondissement.

  82. There he benefited from the study of the old masters whom he was set to copy--always remembering Boucher's parting advice not to take Raphael and Michelangelo too seriously.

  83. Sarrien, a Radical of the old school from Burgundy, who had been deputy for his native Saone-et-Loire from the foundation of the Chamber in 1876 and had previously held office in four cabinets.

  84. The gains of the extreme Left were chiefly at the expense of the moderate or progressist republicans, who, about 120 strong in the old Chamber, now came back little more than half that number.

  85. Having fought the oligarchy of privilege, the monarchy next tried to rally it to its side, and all the springs of the old regime were strained to the breaking-point.

  86. He therefore soon reverted to the old and worse measures, including the debasement of coinage, and put an extreme tension on all the springs of the financial system.

  87. Out of this uncertain state of affairs was evolved the constitution which has lasted the longest of all those that France has tried since the abolition of the old monarchy in 1792.

  88. I'd make the cunningest little office assistant to busy old Dr.

  89. On the contrary, you'd brace up my far-too-casual old housekeeper and get the machinery running.

  90. It's a very old family, but most of the buttons are off.

  91. Suspicion had departed from him at the first sight of that old and still face, leaving only sympathy and pity.

  92. He lifted his eyes, startled, and looked out across the quaint old city.

  93. Senator Richland, of the Committee on Foreign Relations, is an old friend of my family," said Carroll, in his measured tones.

  94. Olivares summoned his kin, headed by the wisest of them, old Baltasar de Zuñiga.

  95. And this I speak without respect of any security they may offer, except ye never look to see your old Dad again, whom I fear ye shall never see if ye see him not before winter.

  96. In vain the Constable of Castile besought the stiff old Lord Admiral to take shelter in a coach.

  97. Richelieu, would never suffer without a struggle a return to the old state of affairs.

  98. The old Infanta Isabel ended at last her strenuous life in 1633, and Fernando was sent by way of Italy to the States of Flanders to govern the fatal dominion for Spain once more, to Spain's ultimate undoing.

  99. This was open rebellion, but Olivares was too old a hand to gainsay the King, who, like all weak men, was obstinacy itself when once his mind had been made up.

  100. And as the youth was hesitating which to choose the expiring old woman cried, "My son; for heaven's sake take the dark one.

  101. But he courteously saluting them again, asked them, saying: Is the old man your father in health, of whom you told me?

  102. Now he was thirty years old when he stood before king Pharao), and he went round all the countries of Egypt.

  103. Besides the males from three years old and upward, to all that went into the temple of the Lord, and whatsoever there was need of in the ministry, and their offices according to their courses, day by day.

  104. Isaac was threescore years old when the children were born unto him.

  105. Neither do they put new wine into old bottles.

  106. And being spent with age he died, and was gathered to his people, being old and full of days: and his sons Esau and Jacob buried him.

  107. Cunningly devising took for themselves provisions, laying old sacks upon their asses, and wine bottles rent and sewed up again, 9:5.

  108. Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, the young men and old men together: and I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them joyful after their sorrow.

  109. Moreover of the sons of Manasses, by the generations and families and houses of their kindreds, were reckoned up by the names of every one from twenty years old and upward, all that could go forth to war, 1:35.

  110. And the whole number of the children of Israel by their houses and families, from twenty years old and upward, that were able to go to war, 1:46.

  111. So Abram went out as the Lord had commanded him, and Lot went with him: Abram was seventy-five years old when he went forth from Haran.

  112. The references to them in the later historical books of the Old Testament Canon are rare and scanty.

  113. In this case the difficulty of accounting for the existence of the two names would have been solved in the old myths by making her the daughter of Derketo.

  114. To Mr. Skene, for many years the English consul at Aleppo, is due the credit of first discovering the true site of the old Hittite capital.

  115. Indeed, it may be that in one passage of the Old Testament allusion is made to an attack which Hadad-ezer was preparing against them.

  116. In the south of Palestine the Hittites must have lost their old language and have adopted that of their Semitic neighbours at an early period.

  117. A very readable little book, which tells the general reader all he need care to know about the life of the old people of Chaldea.

  118. The Hittites whose cities and princes are thus referred to in the later historical books of the Old Testament belonged to the north, Hamath and Kadesh on the Orontes being their most southernly points.

  119. But we hear no more about them in the subsequent records of the Old Testament.

  120. Nothing can be more interesting than the resurrection of a forgotten people, more especially when that people is so intimately connected with Old Testament story, and with the fortunes of the Chosen Race.

  121. Cuneiform tablets have been purchased at Kaisariyeh which come from some old library of Kappadokia, the site of which is still unknown, and Dr.

  122. Here too the old Phoenician letter does not in any way resemble an ox, but it bears a very close likeness to the head of a bull, which occupies a prominent place in the Hittite texts.

  123. He doesn't seem to be a close friend of this old man; he just seems to have met up with him at the river, and the old man steered him up here.

  124. Didn't old Hiram leave a will, giving this claim to his brother Ezra?

  125. He had the clerk mail it for him, and got him to witness it, saying it was his will--and what did that old hound have to will except a mine?

  126. They saw what seemed to them a white-haired old wanderer of sixty years or more; but at first they were wholly at a loss to explain Ben's fascinated look of growing interest.

  127. He remembered now that Ezram had always been the most intimate friend of his own family: a spry old godfather to himself and young sister, a boon companion to his once successful rival, Ben's father.

  128. Ezram, something of an old Isaac Walton himself, managed the canoe with unusual dexterity and chuckled in the contagion of Ben's delight.

  129. Old Hiram was hunting down some kind of a scent in the vicinity of that old cabin you speak of, last heard of him.

  130. The cracked old voice he had learned to love did not speak in relief, in that moment of unutterable suspense.

  131. He had added a postscript: Son, old Hiram made a will, and I guess I can make one too.

  132. It's getting too tame for you here, old boy, isn't it?

  133. Let me talk, Beatrice," he said, with just a whisper of his old determination.

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