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eyelid; eyelids; eyelike; eyen; eyepiece; eyesight; eyesore; eyestrain; eyewitness; eyewitnesses
  1. IV And our souls shall sing triumphant When Thy light our eyes shall see, And the vows we owe are rendered, God, the great Triune, to Thee.

  2. When the eyes of those who loved Him Shall their Lord and Master see.

  3. II May He restrain from words of sin; For bitter strife give calm within; Veil from our eyes the garish light, That lures the soul to darkest night.

  4. Thou, the Shepherd of Salvation, Bid me follow at Thy call, To the land where fulness dwelleth, And those eyes shall see it all.

  5. VI O Thou Creator wise, Soon may our longing eyes The glory of Thy kingdom see.

  6. They are as handsome eyes as ever I saw," was the answer.

  7. Mrs. Dundyke noticed nothing unusual; her eyes and her thoughts were alike absorbed in the past.

  8. He drew out of his pocket the large letter, and Richards ran his eyes over it.

  9. Benjamin had risen to his full height; his eyes glared on the clergyman; his fist was lifted menacingly to his face.

  10. I can't give it you now with those two pairs of eyes in the room.

  11. He rubbed his eyes and wondered where he was.

  12. But the lines grew hard in his face as they walked along, and his troubled eyes looked out straight before him into space, seeing nothing.

  13. Her eyes were blue as the ribbon, and altogether she looked very attractive, very young, and she was that night in one of her wild and inexplicable humours.

  14. Mrs. Arkell, as her eyes fell on the courtyard.

  15. All the time we were together at Geneva, his eyes kept puzzling me; it was like a word we have on the tip of the tongue, every moment thinking we must recollect it, but it keeps baffling us.

  16. We three just stood and gaped, and stared as if our eyes would come out of our heads.

  17. Any way, I was punished, for my words had the effect of bringing the eyes upon me in my turn.

  18. It is my name," said Tib, opening her eyes in astonishment; "how very strange!

  19. But though we stared in with all our eyes at the garden of the pretty house next the church, on our way to the station, there was nobody to be seen.

  20. We stood, dazed, rubbing our eyes and looking at each other.

  21. There was a look in his eyes to her that I had never seen before.

  22. He glanced up at us as we came trooping in, with his bright dark eyes and a half smile on his face.

  23. Perhaps you take after your mamma's family--the Ansdells have all blue eyes and dark hair.

  24. Doubtless, when the Frenchman with his prying eyes and notebook was gloating over the material sensation of the scene, the soul of the poet was hearing harmonies too long unknown to it, and was beginning to undergo the Purification.

  25. Go thou before," he cries, "And leave me to my crucifix Whose pallid burden sick with pain watches the world with wearied eyes And weeps for every soul that dies, and weeps for every soul in pain.

  26. She twits the eyes and the tongue with their present impotence, she will throw the head to the dogs and the birds of the air.

  27. From a subsequent description we learn that he was handsome with the dark languorous eyes of his nation, and that his voice was soft and musical.

  28. It may be that he wilfully shut his eyes to the truth.

  29. He refuses to be gazed at by her "golden eyes under her gilded eyelids.

  30. Let an author put to the vote his appeal to his public through their eyes or their ears, it will be found that the eyes have it.

  31. His lips, also, were like the petals of a red flower, and his eyes were like violets by a river of pure water, and his body like the narcissus of a field where the mower comes not.

  32. But the man is no coward, he does not wring his hands and bemoan his fate, he merely kept his eyes on the sun "and drank the morning air.

  33. Presently he adjures her-- "Lift up your large black satin eyes which are like cushions where one sinks!

  34. Why does the Tetrarch look at me all the while with his mole's eyes under his shaking eyelids?

  35. In his eyes the rights of a patron were merely the rights of a lord over his lands.

  36. The archbishop answered, "By the eyes you have sworn by, my lord king, it shall not be levied from any of my lands, and from the lands of the Church not a penny!

  37. But lifting up his eyes and looking about, he espied the child perched on a tree, braiding a wreath from the scarlet flowers of the lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha).

  38. Misty Eyes find his love in this blinding storm?

  39. If I shut my eyes now I see her best; therefore let me shut my eyes forevermore.

  40. Obeying the orders of the King, they took Kahulupue just outside of the house and stabbed at his eyes with laumake spears and stoned him with stones before the eyes of his father, with merciless cruelty.

  41. Kaluhe, whose eyes had often been filled with smoke while cooking luau and roasting kukui nuts for him, had not been included in the invitation, and he saw that no provision had been made for him.

  42. When it was cooked he took the eyes of the fish and offered them up as a thanksgiving sacrifice.

  43. He sees with his burning eyes the lines of the sweet form that twines with tender touch around his soul.

  44. And the starry eyes of the beautiful daughter of Uaua blinded the young warrior, so that he was called Makakehau, or Misty Eyes.

  45. This same fellow had the misfortune, one evening, to injure one of his eyes by the explosion of a kukui nut which he was roasting on the fire.

  46. Then he looks forth again, and as he gazes down by the shore his eyes rest upon the spray of the blowing cave near Kaumalapau.

  47. This is a strange repose, to be asleep With eyes wide open; standing, speaking, moving, And yet so fast asleep.

  48. Fond of cellar, barn, or stack True unto the almanac, They present to credulous eyes Strange hobgoblin mysteries.

  49. Witches' eyes are coals of fire from the pit.

  50. Take this gentleman to the fosse," said the Duke, with the ring of steel in his voice and his eyes snapping.

  51. That is very kind of you," said Mrs. Petullo, with the ring of metal in her accent and her eyes on fire.

  52. Doom's eyes gleamed, a quiver ran over his brow, and a furrow came to the jaw; his hand went to his side, where in other days there might have been a dagger.

  53. Annapla heard the music with a superstitious terror; her eyes threatened to leap out of her head, and she clutched the arm of her adorer.

  54. Scotland melancholy, but affairs more recent, and Olivia's eyes possessed him.

  55. He lashed it wildly over the eyes with his whip, and they galloped up the roadway.

  56. She had eyes only for her master; Count Victor had no existence for her, and he was all the freer to watch how she received the Baron's examination.

  57. Olivia spoke with intense feeling, her eyes lambent and her lips quivering.

  58. Her eyes were like a stag's, and they evaded him; she trifled with the pocket of her gown.

  59. He put on a pair of spurs, his fingers trembling as those of a lad dressing for his first ball, and the girl a fairy in white, with her neck pink and soft and her eyes shy like little fawns in the wood.

  60. Perhaps she did not hear, perhaps she did not fully understand, for she hesitated more than a moment, as if pondering, not a whit astonished or abashed, with her eyes upon his countenance.

  61. He jumped up and pressed his thumbs on my eyes till they was all bloodshot and when he let loose I fell down on the floor.

  62. His eyes inspected the sky, his jaw "sorta" set.

  63. I been goin' to one of these gov'ment schools and got my eyes so weak I can't hardly see to thread a needle.

  64. But she moved the coin nearer to her eyes and a smile broke and widened until her whole face was a wrinkle of joy.

  65. My eyes like to went out and do you know, when her baby was born it was blind.

  66. Aftuh we got tuh Morris Creek hit wuz bloody an dar wuz one uv de hosses turnin roun an roun in de watuh wid his eyes shot out.

  67. My eyes been goin' blind 'bout six years till I got so I can't excern (discern) anything.

  68. I used to make many a dollar before my eyes got to failing me.

  69. Ah knocked mah brothuh ovah fuh pickin um up an aftuh ah done dat ole moster taken his red pocket han'cher out and tied hit ovah mah eyes tuh keep me fum seein mah brothuh pick um up.

  70. It's eyes just looked like two balls of blood.

  71. One day I was out in the field and it was pouring down rain, and I was standing up with tears in my eyes trying to pray as she taught me to.

  72. Loss of Eyes "The doctor says I lost my eyesight on account of cataracts.

  73. I could figure a little before my eyes got bad.

  74. He has raised his eyes from his cartoon to study one of these.

  75. It was in fact a conventional feature of this species of verse that the scene should be laid in the country, where the burgher, on a visit to his villa, is supposed to meet with a rustic beauty who captivates his eyes and heart.

  76. His eyes are bright with wine; for he has come to gaze on sunset from the banquet-chamber, and to watch the line of lamps which soon will leap along that palace cornice in his honour.

  77. Mid that sweet sisterhood the loveliest Turned her soft eyes to me, and whispered, 'Take!

  78. Downward I cast mine eyes with modest seeming, And all a tremble from the fountain fled: For each was naked as her maidenhead.

  79. The eyes of a fourth are compared, after quite a new and original fashion, to stars (p.

  80. Matilda's biographer informs us that the mists of autumn veiled his beloved fortress from the eyes of the beleaguerers.

  81. Huge oxen haunt the wilderness--grey creatures, with mild eyes and spreading horns and stealthy tread.

  82. This duke is so thin and small, that when minister at Berlin, at a time that France was not in favour there, the King of Prussia said, if his eyes were a little older, he should want a glass to see the embassador.

  83. I own I prefer my eyes to anything I could ever read, much more to anything I could write.

  84. His eyes were black too, but had nothing of fierce or insolent; on the contrary, a certain melancholy swimmingness, that described hopeless love rather than a natural amorous languish.

  85. True sentiment a like expression pours; Each country says the same to eyes like yours.

  86. It was-- Why Taylor the quack calls himself Chevalier 'Tis not easy a reason to render, Unless blinding eyes that he thinks to make clear Demonstrates he's but a Pretender.

  87. She came hither to-day to a great breakfast I made for her, with her eyes a foot deep in her head, her hands dangling, and scarce able to support her knitting-bag.

  88. As my eyes have never had the least inflammation or humour, I am assured I may still recover them by care and repose.

  89. The country, from being as flat as could be conceived, now became pleasantly undulating and very pretty, especially to eyes tired of the lifeless monotony of Northern France.

  90. They were conducted with such realism as modern resources can provide, and under the eyes of General Maxse, the Corps Commander, and other important personages.

  91. Consequently, when the fire by the Battalion Headquarters tent suddenly blew up, lodging a considerable quantity of hot potato in the eyes of the cook, we were somewhat alarmed.

  92. There was such a breezy determination about the man; and his large, clear bright eyes met the eyes of every one else with a look which made them trust him.

  93. With downcast eyes he laid his hand upon the Bible and repeated the words of the oath after the duke.

  94. Most of the prisoners walked with downcast eyes and sad faces, but Caradoc marched along with so proud a bearing that the spectators wondered at the courage shown by this savage chief.

  95. Duke William was silent, and his eyes blazed with anger, as they always did when his will was crossed.

  96. But it was impossible for Hubert to burn out the eyes of his dear young prisoner; and it was impossible for Arthur not to beg for mercy.

  97. It was in vain that the boys strained their eyes to look behind.

  98. Put his eyes out,' suggested a hard-faced nobleman who had not spoken before; 'the people will not care to have a blind man for their king.

  99. What was Hubert's dismay when one day he received a letter from the king, commanding that his prisoner's eyes should be burned out with hot irons.

  100. Put out his eyes,' mused the king; 'put out his eyes; those eyes which look with unseemly boldness at his uncle and true sovereign.

  101. Presently they reached a lighted hall, and when his eyes became accustomed to the glare Arthur saw before him his uncle John, a look of triumph upon his mean face and in his shifty eyes.

  102. By the time he had found his voice, John's eyes were glittering with a cruel determination.

  103. Prince Arthur flushed with joy and pride; and his eyes sparkled more brightly than ever.

  104. The earl found the old, white-haired king lying upon a couch, his kind blue eyes dim with age and sickness.

  105. The general was not far away; and soon the old woman's little greedy eyes were looking up into his grave stern face.

  106. They were stunted in stature, with eyes round and yellow, curly hair, and teeth exposed by their parted lips.

  107. But fix thine eyes beneath: the river of blood Approaches, in the which all those are steep'd, Who have by violence injur'd.

  108. That will do, Jonathan; I'll ring for coffee presently;" and Mr Witherington was again alone and with his eyes fixed upon the ceiling.

  109. Francisco cast his eyes up to the vault of heaven, and was astonished to find that there were no stars visible--a grey mist covered the whole firmament.

  110. But Teresa's eyes were closed--she could not look upon the scene.

  111. It was not until the powerful rays of the sun blazed on the eyes of the youth that he awoke, so tired had he been with the anxiety and fatigue of the preceding day, and the sleepless harrowing night which had introduced it.

  112. The bishop threw up the arm of Cain as he fired; saw that he had missed his aim, and clasping his hands, raised his eyes to heaven in thankfulness at Francisco's escape.

  113. The chase had not been lost sight of, the eyes of the pirate-captain were fixed upon her through a night-glass.

  114. At last the face was uncovered, and, to the surprise of Francisco, a tear was on the cheek of Cain and his eyes suffused with moisture.

  115. He was now about four miles from them, and just as they were vanishing from his straining eyes he perceived that the schooner had made all sail to the westward.

  116. Francisco put his hand to his forehead, covering his eyes as his elbow leant upon the table.

  117. And the day dawned, and the sky cleared: and the first red tints, announcing the return of light and heat, had appeared on the broken horizon, when the eyes of the despairing youth were directed to a black mass on the tumultuous waters.

  118. When we met at Mahableshwar he was a stout youth with dark eyes and hair and a very composed manner.

  119. I think that it must have been in 1864 that I had a bad attack of chicken-pox which temporarily hurt my eyes and left me somewhat weak.

  120. She had brilliant eyes and auburn hair and was exceedingly clever and amusing.

  121. The organs pealed, the trumpets gave their challenge, A stormy shout of gladness rent the air, All eyes beamed welcome, and all hearts bowed with her When low she bent her royal head in prayer.

  122. It was, probably still is, necessary to keep eyes and ears open in dealing with the "childlike and bland" race.

  123. Grand and stately it is, but I think that unsophisticated eyes must have endowed it with motherly grace and beauty, as I gave life and softness to the baby and the lamb.

  124. It represented the Holy Family, and my childish eyes carried away the impression of a lovely infant patting a soft woolly lamb.

  125. She was pretty, with green eyes and a nervous manner.

  126. Alice~ (with a look in her eyes which shows that she is recalling a tender memory).

  127. Beneath this cloak the wearer is invisible to the eyes of his enemies.

  128. Otherwise, no sooner are his eyes closed than he opens them with a sudden start and looks round in terror.

  129. At last, just when they were ripe for picking, I found that the young onions had actually brought tears to the eyes of the potatoes--to such an extent that the latter were too damp for baking or roasting, and had to be mashed.

  130. A scar over one eye was just testifying---- I suppose he had two eyes in the ordinary way?

  131. That miserable dwarf," said Charming savagely, "swore solemnly to me that beneath this cloak I was invisible to the eyes of my enemies!

  132. Then her eyes brightened as Lord Beltravers came towards her with long swinging strides.

  133. In a dream of happiness Gwendolen revolved with closed eyes round Lord Beltravers of Beltravers Castle, Beltravers.

  134. All the islands are well timbered, but have little water.

  135. Cudmore--his eyes staring half out of his head.

  136. The Squire elevated the cane, and his eyes shot fire.

  137. He fixed his eyes upon hers with a deadly gaze.

  138. The bride was a fair and delicate lady, with abundant black locks, a pale nervous countenance, and blue eyes of that unusual lustre which one finds only in Polish blue eyes.

  139. Was it to be expected that he would have done otherwise, seeing that the vast majority of the American public are thoroughly imbued with the same doctrines, however false and heretical they may appear in the eyes of Manchester?

  140. I've half a mind to,"-- Mr Stirn cast his eyes on the eyes of the Stocks.

  141. He closed his eyes and kept silence, enduring their ill-treatment without sign or sound of complaint.

  142. At sight of her lover, her alabaster cheek was overspread with the roses of love's spring-time, and her eyes beamed like the rising sun.

  143. One tear and then another fell upon the paper; slowly he bent his knees, and turned his glistening eyes to heaven.

  144. He was the handsomest sovereign in Europe, the black eyes and hair of his elegant father, James III.

  145. Under Canvas; or, The Hunt for the Cartaret Ghost It was hard to disbelieve the evidence of their eyes but the boys by the exercise of common-sense solved a mystery which had long puzzled older heads.

  146. Besides this, there was a quizzical gleam in his eyes that told the scout master the other was fond of humor, and could enjoy a joke, providing it was not along the lines of practical ones that hurt too deeply.

  147. Lil Artha could hardly keep his eyes off the man's face.

  148. Of course the others also kept their eyes about them, in hopes of sighting a lone cabin, or discovering smoke rising amidst the trees.

  149. Every one I've ever set eyes on was either gray or red.

  150. The cat was an exceptionally large one, and it stood there in the middle of the floor, its hair bristling with fury, and its eyes glaring like yellow balls.

  151. Just keep your eyes and ears open, and you'll be well paid.

  152. As a rule his eyes were fastened upon the beaming and genial face of Uncle Caleb, who, however, made out not to notice this attention he was receiving, though naturally he could not help knowing it.

  153. He thereupon drew something from its place of concealment, and held it up before the eyes of his astonished companion.

  154. I've tried to get a picture of the beast several times, but all I managed to secure has been a rolling ball of fur for one, two glaring eyes for another, and the end of a stubby tail for a third.

  155. Jimmy stood silent a moment, trying to impose a due restraint upon himself, until she lifted her eyes and looked at him.

  156. His eyes were more watery than ever, and when he spoke his voice was a trifle thick.

  157. He went on for a considerable time, with features hardening into intentness and dark eyes scintillating, and when at last he stopped, Leeson made a sign of concurrence.

  158. The gleam in her pale-blue eyes grew plainer, and it said a good deal for Jordan's courage that he persisted, since most of Eleanor's acquaintances had discovered that it was not wise to thwart her when she looked as she did then.

  159. The man winced when she flung the question at him; but when he did not answer she appeared to rouse herself for an effort, leaning forward a trifle with a gleam in her eyes and the red flush plainer in her cheek.

  160. His face burned as he thought of it, and he drew in his breath with a curious little gasp while he gazed at her with a look in his eyes that sent a thrill of dismay through her.

  161. Anthea nodded, and her eyes rested on the big white mail-boat again.

  162. I mean just that, and I am not afraid of you, though at times one can see something in your eyes that would scare off most men.

  163. Indeed, his eyes were growing very heavy, and he realized that after forty-eight hours' continuous watching he could not keep himself awake much longer.

  164. Then Jordan glanced at Jimmy with apprehension in his eyes as Eleanor came in.

  165. Jimmy watched her with eyes half-closed to keep the spray out, which had a portentous glint in them.

  166. He saw the twinkle in the girl's eyes as she glanced at her companion, who sat close by.

  167. You must;" and Eleanor's eyes grew suddenly hard again.

  168. How terrible I cannot tell you," and her eyes filled with tears as she looked in mine.

  169. Whenever I felt in the way to trying it, there was always Marjory's face to come before my eyes and make me think shame of myself.

  170. Their roving eyes could not miss in that narrow glen so fair a sight, and straightway one called out to the other that there was a girl at the burnside.

  171. His dark eyes blazed, and his brow and cheeks were crimson.

  172. I began to think that after all my eyes had deceived me, and taken nowt for dragoons.

  173. The sweat began to trickle over my eyes with the exertion, and my sight was half dazed by the rapid play.

  174. The man spoke all the while with great effort, and his eyes searched my face as though he would wrest from me my inmost thoughts.

  175. His long hair fell down almost to his shoulders; his features as the light fell upon them were strong, but his eyes were sightless and dull as stone.

  176. His eyes were wild and keen as a hawk's, and his tongue hung out of his mouth like a dog's in a chase.

  177. Wherever you were," said she, with her eyes drooped, "I would be content to be.

  178. And the first man I clappit eyes on was yin Jock Cadder, whae was yince a freend o' mine, so sitting doun aside Jock, I fell into crack.

  179. I marked their fierce sun-brown faces and their daredevil eyes as they looked haughtily down on the crowd as on lower beings.

  180. Every man turned his eyes thither and strained them to pierce the gloom.

  181. Eyes are on you, and you can't take a step without my knowing.

  182. Sylvia shrieked, and sank back in her chair, staring with horrified eyes at the cruel face before her.

  183. He cast down his cunning eyes and shuffled with his feet while Hurd lectured him.

  184. The old man's mouth became hard and his eyes sharper.

  185. Mrs. Krill gave a yell and her eyes blazed.

  186. Hurd's brown eyes shot a red flame which showed that he was excited, though he was cool enough externally.

  187. In her low voice, which was the sweetest of all sounds to Paul, she explained this, looking into his dark eyes meanwhile.

  188. But his eyes were on all those connected with the late Aaron Norman, indirectly or directly, although each and every one of them were unaware of the scrutiny.

  189. The sweetest cottage at twenty pun' a year as I ever set eyes on.

  190. Mrs. Krill's fresh color turned to a dull white, and her hard eyes shot fire.

  191. I liked you when first I set eyes on you, and determined to help you to discover the assassin of Aaron Norman--" "Lemuel Krill you mean.

  192. She was of the same gigantic build, with the same ruddy face, sharp, black eyes and boisterous manner.

  193. She was a delicate and dainty little lady, with large grey eyes and soft brown hair.

  194. Were I well off I should not fear to tell your father everything; but as I am a pauper he would forbid my seeing you did he learn that I had raised my eyes to you.

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