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Example sentences for "heretical"

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heresies; heresy; heresye; heretic; heretica; hereticks; heretico; heretics; heretike; hereto
  1. For example, he adds a paragraph to the citation of a catalogue of heretical writers compiled by Bernardus Luxemburgensis: Regarding these men [i.

  2. Labbe does, to be sure, often express his opinion about heretical books, and his warnings have awakened Protestant wrath and have caused Protestant bibliographers to speak harshly of him.

  3. Bibliographies of] Religions and Religious Orders," which does not include non-Christian religions or heretical sects, give him no trouble.

  4. So in 1500 he despatched inquisitors to Moravia with orders to burn all heretical books, and especially those of Peter of Chelc̆ic.

  5. But these complaints were quoted by Pas̆ek’s friends as evidence of an heretical plot.

  6. Men stopping to speak to each other in the streets were accused of heretical conspiracies, and the enforcement of a more rigorous form of confession put a powerful weapon into the hands of the persecutors.

  7. It was evident that these articles were intended to identify still more closely the struggle of the Archbishop and clergy against secular intrusion and heretical doctrine with the struggles of the Germans for supremacy in Bohemia.

  8. The Roman pontiff, as long as he maintained his station and his principles, was guarded by the warm attachment of a great people; and could reject with scorn the prayers, the menaces, and the oblations of an heretical prince.

  9. The council of Rimini was not allowed to separate, till the members had imprudently subscribed a captious creed, in which some expressions, susceptible of an heretical sense, were inserted in the room of the Homoousion.

  10. The Catholic, who shrank from acknowledging the heretical Government of England, always, I believe, sued in her courts.

  11. Moreover, as my good friend at Turin had told me, and they repeated it, such a doubly heretical baptism as mine was probably invalid, and accounted for my being as much a vessel of wrath as even my father was pleased to call me.

  12. So I thought; but Father Geronimo says that at the best it was but heretical baptism, and belike hastily and ineffectually performed.

  13. In the same way, what in this generation is heretical alike to the Christian theologian and to the man of science may in coming generations be accepted as orthodox.

  14. But he is enabled to do so by lending credence to a legend that Aristotle in his old age recanted his heretical doctrines, in particular that of the eternity of the world.

  15. This seemed in opposition to the words of the Koran, which frequently speaks of God's knowledge, power, and so on, and was accordingly condemned as heretical by the orthodox.

  16. They evince effects, as I shall demonstrate in due course, of heretical teaching, Lectionary practice, and regular editing, which no manuscript could have contracted in the first ages of the Church.

  17. For that manuscript is disfigured by heretical blemishes of the grossest nature, and the obliteration of it for the purpose of covering the vellum with other writing was attended with circumstances of considerable significance.

  18. He may have been heretical in his notions, and obstinate in persevering in them: but he certainly died like a philosopher.

  19. Heretical or otherwise, I want to believe it.

  20. They indicate at first a fear of certain of the newly translated books on account of their heretical views, as is stated by Roger Bacon (p.

  21. Capital punishment, however, was always to be inflicted on whoever bought an heretical book, or sold it, or even copied it for his own use.

  22. In addition to their appointments to civil offices, many of them were advanced to high military posts; and Europe beheld, with astonishment, the armies of the king of France led by heretical generals.

  23. To this there were added several other privileges, such as no Catholic Government, except that of France, would then have granted to its heretical subjects.

  24. But, at the end of the fifth century, the Franks, on their conversion from Paganism, adopted the opposite and orthodox creed, and were encouraged by their clergy to make war upon their heretical neighbours.

  25. As for Bob, he would have considered it heretical to employ any other character, in a case of this kind, than the x to which he had been accustomed.

  26. Among men, my Agathos, this idea would be considered heretical in the extreme.

  27. Vasari tells us that Leonardo da Vinci had formed such heretical opinions that he accepted no religion whatever.

  28. It was not difficult for his enemies to fasten upon him the charge of heresy, adducing as proofs his intimacy with wicked or heretical men whom Rome had already doomed.

  29. He pursued the system of Bonfadio with such success that many young men were affected with heretical views and the teacher was forced to seek his personal safety in exile.

  30. Disappointed at the frustration of all his schemes, a victim to gout, asthma, and other ailments, he determined to abandon the heretical Germany to Ferdinand, and to resign the government of his other territories to his son.

  31. Meanwhile, the Inquisition assailed the Jews and any Spaniard suspected of heretical views.

  32. The tone of the document was avowedly defensive, and its aim was rather to show that the Lutheran doctrines were not heretical than to attack those of the Church.

  33. After deciding to inaugurate a reform of some of the worst abuses of Christian discipline, and of the system of indulgences, they prohibited the reading of Luther's books, and forbade students to attend the heretical university of Wittenberg.

  34. The new phrase does not indeed convey the meaning of Muláhidah, but it expresses a main characteristic of the heretical doctrine.

  35. In 1865 he was accused by some theologians of the Hengstenberg school of heretical doctrines.

  36. Henry of Navarre, the Protector of the Churches, induced the Guise party to declare that they would never accept a heretical monarch, and, at the instigation of Henry of Guise, Cardinal de Bourbon was nominated by them to succeed.

  37. He had even taken upon himself to preach a sermon against the heretical school, by which we had been excessively wounded.

  38. If any temporal lord, after having been admonished and required by the church, shall neglect to clear his territory of heretical depravity, the Metropolitan and Bishop of the Province shall unite in excommunicating him.

  39. It is of faith that the Pope has the right of deposing heretical and rebel kings.

  40. If any temporal lord, after being admonished and required by the Church, shall neglect to clear his territory of heretical depravity, the metropolitan and bishops of the province shall unite in excommunicating him.

  41. Whence have you taken the false and heretical notions you have, for instance, about the wives of the apostles?

  42. It is the exposition and defence of the most heretical doctrines I have ever heard.

  43. Before demonstrating the existence of sufficient grace it is necessary, in view of certain heretical errors, carefully to define the term.

  44. It stands to reason that if these Fathers had taught a different doctrine, the Church would not have so vehemently rejected Pelagianism as an heretical innovation.

  45. This view is incompatible with the definition just quoted; in fact Suarez, Bellarmine, Ripalda, and others regard it as positively heretical or at least intolerably rash.

  46. This heretical teaching is sharply condemned in the Bull “Auctorem fidei.

  47. Heretical Predestinarianism was taught by Lucidus, Gottschalk, Wiclif, Hus, the younger Jansenius, and especially by Calvin.

  48. The second assumption would entail the heretical inference that the state of grace can be lost without mortal sin.

  49. The quintessence of this heretical system is embodied in the proposition that whatever a man does in the state of mortal sin is necessarily sinful for the reason that he is not in the state of grace (status caritatis).

  50. This teaching was condemned as heretical by the Second Council of Orange (A.

  51. To avoid the heretical extreme of Baianism, however, he makes a twofold limitation.

  52. The heretical notions being those on the eucharist, his denial of the need of priestly absolution, his declaration that clerical endowments were unlawful, and his condemnation of the papal infallibility.

  53. A few months only elapsed after the return of Wiclif, when he was summoned to appear before a convocation to answer the charge of holding heretical doctrines.

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