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emblematical; emblematically; embleme; emblemed; emblems; embodies; embodiment; embodiments; embody; embodying
  1. After the fact had been made known to him the claim embodied in this bill was suggested to or invented by him, which, if allowed, will not only extinguish his indebtedness to the Government, but leave a balance due to him.

  2. The results of the conference were embodied in a formal act of the nature of an international convention, which laid down certain obligations purporting to be binding on the signatories, subject to ratification within one year.

  3. After many conferences and protracted efforts an agreement has at length been arrived at, which is embodied in the treaty which I now lay before you.

  4. Was it from fear of the truth, or under that terror of the unknown embodied in this question.

  5. If they ever embodied their opinion, as Mr. Spedding thinks probable, in words, he certainly is correct in his conjecture that it was wholly condemnatory.

  6. A treatise, never printed, and now lost, which he had himself composed on the West Indies, may have embodied the results of his enquiries.

  7. The idea of the opportunities embodied in an occupant of the throne was too engrossing for Ralegh to weigh the character of the individual.

  8. Sir John Millais in his 'Boyhood of Ralegh,' which was painted at Budleigh Salterton, has embodied it.

  9. The information embodied almost everything pertaining to the strike, and over an hour was consumed in its reading.

  10. Mr. Pullman: "The reason is embodied in my statement, it is a matter of opinion, and then there is the principle involved.

  11. The plan of reconstruction, as here presented, embodied many impracticabilities and impossibilities, but it indicated in broad outlines the propositions to be discussed in the succeeding months.

  12. The bills in which they embodied the results of their investigations constituted the basis of the final reconstruction.

  13. The veto message embodied an exhaustive review of the bill, a criticism of its "cruelty," and an attack upon its constitutionality.

  14. They have done more than all else of their period to rationalize the application of our knowledge of the Vertebrata, and have now left their mark for all time on the history of progress, as embodied in our classificatory systems.

  15. Without embarking on controversy, he embodied his conclusions in his teaching.

  16. For society not only has a moral end, but in its perfection social life is embodied morality.

  17. But this step gave fresh fuel to the calumnies of her enemies, who saw in her the embodied remembrance of the empire which they hated and at the same time feared.

  18. As we have said, Hortense was the embodied remembrance of the empire, and it was therefore determined that she should be destroyed.

  19. But what they told me I need not here recapitulate, as I have already embodied it with much else in my Egyptian Memoirs.

  20. The President, always welcoming advice, approved and embodied some of these suggestions in his speech of acceptance.

  21. This letter contains the details of a large and armed assembly at La Chine, near Montreal, of French Canadians, who refused to serve in the embodied militia.

  22. The town militia of this and Quebec, to the amount of 3,000 in each city, have volunteered being embodied and drilled, and will take their proportion of garrison duty to relieve the troops.

  23. Confederate States to consent to the yielding of the great principle embodied in the Monroe Doctrine.

  24. The position of their houses was of vital importance to the Forsytes, nor was this remarkable, since the whole spirit of their success was embodied therein.

  25. In its final shape the policy of the Congress was embodied in the Holy Alliance.

  26. It embodied an appeal to the Jews of the world to form a representative council through which they could negotiate with the Directory for Palestine.

  27. The proof is embodied for all time in the Peace of Westphalia--chiefly in the Treaty of Osnabruck, which was signed in 1648, at the same time as the famous Treaty of Muenster.

  28. The change accomplished by the embodied wishes of the two discontented mortals was, to all appearance, perfect.

  29. Implacable as the embodied Parcae, she advanced towards him.

  30. Most of the information embodied in this volume has heretofore existed only in the memories of the eminent mechanical engineers from whom it has been collected.

  31. It is the organized idea of our nation, and is embodied in that nation.

  32. The Declaration embodied every principle he had been asserting, and indeed Cobbett is correct in saying that whoever may have written the Declaration Paine was its author.

  33. In the next year those principles were embodied in the Constitution; and in 1792, when a State pleaded its sovereign right to repudiate a contract ("Chisholm vs.

  34. In each case it is will embodied in events.

  35. Such has been the history of our civilization, and still is, and must be till the whole earth's surface be conquered for mankind, embodied in its highest ideals, personal and social.

  36. We've embodied our ideas in this," said I, holding the paper toward him.

  37. The forms of words embodied in charms and incantations were originally intended to be sung, and usually contained some rhyme, jingle, or alliterative verses.

  38. Thought of Beauty embodied into human sweetness and made perfect?

  39. The French women have again and again embodied this view of human nature in their novels, which are essentially of the inner life.

  40. Hannah More finally embodied her theories on the education of women in a book which she thought might appeal most strongly to the young ladies themselves, Coelebs in Search of a Wife.

  41. In her Political Economy Tales, she selected certain principles which she wished to set forth, and embodied each principle in a character.

  42. The Congress has already provided for a survey which will soon be embodied in a report.

  43. A most thorough and elaborate survey of the whole situation has been made and embodied in a report with recommendations for future flood control, which will be presented to the Congress.

  44. And the right kind of purification is to turn our gaze inwards and to observe how the soul and embodied Mind are a sort of mould(816) and likeness of the forms that are embodied in matter.

  45. But this it is perhaps worth while to inquire, how the cyclic substance(814) can contain the incorporeal causes of the forms that are embodied in matter.

  46. A black meteoric stone embodied the goddess of Pessinus.

  47. For not only the forms embodied in matter, but to a still greater degree the causes of those forms, voluntarily serve her and obey her will.

  48. We assert that matter exists and also form embodied in matter.

  49. Therefore it only remains to search for immaterial causes which exist in actuality prior to and of a higher order than the causes that are embodied in matter.

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