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  1. The sailors had been picked up hastily and anywhere, and soon proved themselves a mutinous, and, in the case of the bark Swallow, a piratical set.

  2. In case I fall," replied Frank, with a smile.

  3. So Cary went, and then ensued an argument, as to what should be done with the prisoners in case of a surrender.

  4. The case was in an Oriental design and of great age.

  5. Sir Henry Marquis had pointed out the only element--a state of war--which could distinguish the case from plain premeditated murder in its highest degree.

  6. He opened a drawer of the gun-case and brought over to the fire half a dozen castings of the Buddha in various sizes.

  7. The whole tenor of the speech was the right to be relieved from the obligation of an error; an error that had involved him unwittingly by reason of assurances which the developments of the case had now set aside.

  8. The case was taken to your Court of Appeals of that province.

  9. He had stated a case about which there could be no two opinions under any civilized conception of justice.

  10. Either bring the money up here now, to-night, or I withdraw from the case when court opens in the morning.

  11. For example, monsieur, why should you hold a citizen responsible in all other cases only for what he does, but in the case of his own character turn about and try him for what people say he does?

  12. It was a plain case of willful, deliberate and premeditated murder.

  13. And so, monsieur, what happened along it doubtless reminded me of Cooper's story--Bough of Oak and the case of Corporal Flint.

  14. When a prisoner before me has no counsel, I sometimes look after his case myself.

  15. What you require, Sir, is the example case of some new exploration--one that you have yourself conducted.

  16. He turned and fumbled in his little case of bottles.

  17. There was never a clearer case before any tribunal in this world.

  18. I went to bed, my wife all the while telling me his case with tears, which troubled me.

  19. As about taking care to write to my uncle that Mr. Barnewell's papers should be locked up, in case he should die, he being now suspected to be very ill.

  20. Distilling can be effected by steam or direct fire heat, by taking the precaution in the latter case to place an interior grating in the copper so as to hinder the substances from sticking to the bottom.

  21. In the latter case the milk will fall to the bottom, leaving the butter floating on the surface of the water.

  22. If pears constitute the bulk of the store, the fruit-house should be rather drier and rather warmer than in the case of apples.

  23. In the latter case the tap should be inserted two or three days before the wine is to be drawn off, thus affording it time to re-settle.

  24. Rennet is added, as in the case of Stilton cheese.

  25. Where possible, fresh plants should be used for distilling purposes, as they more readily yield their essential oils than is usually the case with dried plants.

  26. The scum in this case overflows at the bung-holes until the purging process is complete.

  27. Some invalids like a little of this jelly warmed as broth; in this case omit the lemon-peel, and use as flavouring a tea-spoonful of thyme leaves finely minced and sewn up in a bit of muslin, removing the muslin before the jelly is strained.

  28. In the case of raisins and other dried fruits, it is customary to chop them into small pieces, and to soak them in water for twelve hours before crushing them.

  29. The last they will try you on, in case you meet the first and second tests successfully, will be to require you to pick me out from my three cousins, who are as much like me as my reflection in the water.

  30. This smart woman had already studied out a way in which to best this enemy, in case an enemy it should be.

  31. In case you get into any serious trouble, and can't get out by yourself, just call on me for assistance, and no matter where you are, I will come to you.

  32. With no protection but his own bravery in case anything were to spring out!

  33. And by the way, in case it's of interest to any one, I might mention that during my walk I fell over a boulder which happened to be marked with the letters B.

  34. In that case I foresaw that whatever narrow margin of faith my fellow-voyagers on the City of Quito had had in me would shrink to nothingness.

  35. In that case I felt that, like Bill Halliwell, I should walk.

  36. He bet there was one little girl that would be looked on as lucky, in case she was a good little girl and encouraged him to show his natural kindness.

  37. I can't have the sloop going on the rocks in case a blow comes up to-night.

  38. Where the treasure is, there will the heart be also," and in this case the body as well.

  39. Safely in my hammock, with a pillow under which I could slip the book in case of interruption, I resumed the reading.

  40. In case of objection by any person," said Miss Browne loftily, "the matter may be put to a vote.

  41. In case you gennelmun feels yo'selfs a li'le thursty later on," he remarked.

  42. I am making rather a liberal allowance, in case of being blown out of my course by a tropical gale.

  43. But alas, the straight and narrow path seemed to have no charms for this incorrigible, and his case seemed hopeless.

  44. If, for example, an organ degenerates from non-use, this degeneration ends finally in a complete disappearance of the organ, as is the case with the eyes of many animals.

  45. It shows itself in a specially striking manner in the case of certain diseases, and in unusual and irregular (monstrous) deviations from the usual formation of the body.

  46. This fact may be observed in domestic animals as well as in the case of man.

  47. A few years ago a case occurred on an estate near Jena, in which by a careless slamming of a stable door the tail of a bull was wrenched off, and the calves begotten by this bull were all born without a tail.

  48. Very often, however, one or the other pair is imperfect; it is seldom that both are, as in the case of serpents and some varieties of eel-like fish.

  49. And yet, in the face of these clear facts, the opponents of the theory of development maintain that the wild species are not descended from a common prototype, although they at once admit it in the case of the tame races.

  50. Man is able with the greatest nicety to pick out individuals from a large number, drop the others, and to employ only the privileged beings for propagation, which is not the case in natural selection.

  51. Instead of this, Agassiz assumes each species to have been created at several points of the earth's surface, and that in each case a large number of individuals was created.

  52. Thus Providence, by the means of this negro, saved the whole of the poor family from destruction.

  53. They were generally pursued, but mostly without success.

  54. A thousand men were collected at the Falls of the Ohio, from whence the troops marched by land to St. Vincennes, while the provisions and other supplies were conveyed by water.

  55. In this they were imitated by the officers and agents of the Royal government of the colony, who were not less fond of luxury and show.

  56. The second day was allotted for the raising.

  57. Take the case of Major Glenn, who is about to be courtmartialed for giving the water cure to the presidente in one of the Provinces of Luzon, as the testimony goes to show.

  58. In one case torpedoes were placed under a road over which our troops were marching, and several soldiers were killed.

  59. I would point them to a case in their own state, which was more severe than any act in the Philippines has been.

  60. Then there is the case of Fort Pillow; whether or not Forest gave the order it is claimed he gave, I do not know; but the fact that no quarter was shown there has been amply verified.

  61. The troops knew better than to go back to the fortified posts, as they had instructions to keep to the hills, but in nearly every case they were successful, and the daring that some of the troops showed in these fights was remarkable.

  62. I have now a city organization of about 100 men organized into companies, so that in case of an attack here I would have something tangible to lay hold of and make a fight.

  63. He stated the case as follows: I claim that when we took Vicksburg, by all the rules of civilized warfare the Confederates should have surrendered, and allowed us to restore peace in the land.

  64. It must be evident to the Government that I cannot be making war on the Indians while other parties are at the same time making peace, as has been the case so far.

  65. In reporting this case to the Adjutant General in Washington I did not approve it, as my investigation showed that the statements of McReynolds's acts were true.

  66. I had ordered the Seventy-third Indiana (Colonel Hathaway) to act as rear guard, and I remained in the rear in person, for the purpose of being at hand in case the enemy should attempt to press us as we were moving out.

  67. As a matter of fact, it's a case for a public trustee, if only we had such a functionary.

  68. It was a yellow figure lying lax upon a water-bed and clad in a flowing shirt, a figure with a shrunken face and a stubby beard, lean limbs and lank nails, and about it was a case of thin glass.

  69. In the corner of the case was a stand of glittering and delicately made apparatus, for the most part quite strange appliances, though a maximum and minimum thermometer was recognisable.

  70. And this strange bed was placed in a case of greenish coloured glass (as it seemed to him), a bar in the white framework of which had first arrested his attention.

  71. It seems to me it's a case for some public body, some practically undying guardian.

  72. He stated the case of the old days to the people of the new age, to the woman at his side.

  73. In any case not explicable as far as we know.

  74. Oh, in this case I could guess the name well enough for myself.

  75. Just a little, in case anyone should like some.

  76. You can forbid me to go away with him--to follow him--in case I should choose to do that.

  77. Why, that's exactly the case with my mermaid.

  78. Her features were large, her complexion swarthy; the only redeeming point, as not infrequently is the case with otherwise ugly people, was her eyes.

  79. In the latter case you have at least the certainty of being expected, and even if people are cross and irritated at having been kept waiting, still your place is there for you; there is no question about it.

  80. Above all, if the case be that of arriving on a first visit, I for one should prefer the risk of the disagreeables attending a tardy appearance to the far from improbable humiliations consequent upon turning up prematurely.

  81. In this case his benevolence was certainly a pleasure.

  82. There are telegraph forms in the envelope case on the writing-table," was the maid's reply.

  83. I tapped very softly, not to wake you in case you were still asleep.

  84. She, who had so proudly declared to her mother that not one finger would she move to influence him, were it the case that he had acted upon an impulse which he had afterwards regretted!

  85. In this case we cannot get rid of the liquid paste by turning the mould upside down, because of the latter's size, and, on another hand, it is necessary to take special precautions against the subsidence of the paste.

  86. A case in point where the fixture was used both as a bowl and a urinal was in a few months exceedingly offensive--a fact largely (though not wholly) due to its double service.

  87. The same is the case with large vases of wood form.

  88. In the case of the Lenoir larger engines, it sometimes became red hot, and caused complete ruin of the cylinder by scoring and cutting up.

  89. The track was all laid from one end, and in no case were rails hauled ahead by teams.

  90. If concave, a similar phenomenon is exhibited, except in the case of the convex, the broader rings are near the center, while in the concave they are nearer the edge.

  91. This is also the case when the electric contact is used.

  92. As may be seen, nothing is simpler when it concerns pieces of small dimensions; but the same is not the case when we have to mould a large one.

  93. Our supposable case is the second most difficult to take care of.

  94. The attachment continued, notwithstanding this marriage; and she procured the Dauphin's written promise to marry her in case of the death of the Dauphine and her husband.

  95. Being one day with me at the theatre, and hearing Valere say he was tired of his mistress, "That has been my case often," he cried.

  96. She thanked him, put the box in her dressing-case and the diamond on her finger, and displayed it in the best company.

  97. The King had the proofs of this by the letters which were found in the Princess's writing case after her death.

  98. It is said that he becomes a little jealous of Parabere, in which case he must love her more than he has done yet.

  99. That the case is the same in regard to wealth, unless a similitude of minds and manners, and an application of one party to the inclinations and native desires of the other, consociate them, is evident.

  100. In case favor does not cease with the wife, when faculty ceases with the man, there may exist a friendship resembling conjugial friendship, when the parties grow old.

  101. Next morning, however, when Cyril was examined before the Tavistock magistrates, he began to realize the whole strength of the case against him.

  102. Humphreys says the case is a most peculiar one, and he's telegraphed up to town for a specialist to come down this afternoon and consult with him.

  103. Even as Granville looked, their case grew more desperate.

  104. The case was as plain as a pikestaff, gossipers said in court.

  105. A hushed whisper ran round among the spectators below that the judge wasn't fit to try the case before him.

  106. Cyril Waring's case as a labour of love, and didn't doubt he would succeed in finally proving it.

  107. I wrote this paper in my room last night--in case of accident--confessing everything.

  108. There's a capital case to come on this morning.

  109. A case very much in your line of business.

  110. It's sure to be a case of his twin brother.

  111. As is usually the case when two Manuscripts of one of Borrow's ballads are available, the difference in poetical value of the two versions of Hafbur and Signe is considerably.

  112. However hard the case may be No meetings more in mist for me.

  113. As was the case with Lavengro, Borrow delayed the completion of The Romany Rye to an extent that much disconcerted his publisher, John Murray.

  114. Knights Peter and Olaf they sat o'er 22 the board] As is the case with quite a number of Borrow's ballads, two Manuscripts of Damsel Mettie have been preserved.

  115. I consider that, after all, in the case of a new author, it is the first duty of the "Quarterly Review" to introduce that author fully and fairly to the public.

  116. As was invariably the case with Borrow, his revision was a vast improvement upon the original version.

  117. It was a method to be pursued only in case of dire need.

  118. You know that's where the sponging fleet work at this time, so, in case of storm, they can shelter under the lighthouse key.

  119. From this loft a steep and narrow staircase led up into a little tower which served as a lookout, and, in case of emergency, as a lighthouse.

  120. Collins of Nebraska spoke in opposition, presenting his case in a series of over fifty questions but not attempting to answer any of them.

  121. Miss Lathrop says theirs would not be the ignorant vote, 345; their case presented at natl.

  122. The woman, however, does not vote in person but transfers her vote to her husband, her son or her son-in-law and in case these are unable to vote for her she has the right to delegate her vote to an outsider.

  123. Nobody is qualified to decide any case until they have heard all the testimony on both sides but the average woman would make up her mind before the plaintiff had concluded his testimony.

  124. The inspectors in St. Louis refused to register Mrs. Francis Minor, she brought suit against them, and her husband carried the case to the Supreme Court of the United States (Minor vs.

  125. I want to tell you about Cornelia as we find her case today.

  126. Imagine when the telephone rings for a woman doctor to attend some critical case that she shall be required either to get a male escort or remain at home!

  127. They found that either National or State constitutions had to be amended and in the latter case the consent of a majority of all men was necessary.

  128. The case was taken to the Court of Appeals and set for April 7.

  129. Gentlemen, is it not manifestly unfair to demand of women a test which has never been made in the case of men in this or any other country?

  130. Ballantyne, attorney in the noted City Hall case at Des Moines, Iowa, gave a spirited account of the way in which the women's right to vote on issuing bonds was sustained.

  131. Within a quarter of an hour Margaret had beckoned Morris out of Hester's room, and had explained the case to her.

  132. There is a case where Lady Hunter's example immediately operates," observed Dr Levitt.

  133. She had so digested Mrs Howell's fact by the time she had reached Mr Tucker's shop, that she thus represented the case of the charred stick to Mr Tucker without any immediate sting of conscience for telling a lie.

  134. You must see so many dying people, it would be hard that in every case you should be put out of the reach of pleasure.

  135. Her final question was, how soon I thought it likely that she should feel the fever coming on, in case of her having caught it, after all, by going into the room.

  136. It is no ordinary case of a village apothecary.

  137. She could not conceive of it, in the case of a young person, full of occupation, with a hundred things to think about, and twenty books at a time that she wanted to read.

  138. It was unworthy of Hope's judgment--of his faith--to view the case so wrongly.

  139. I saw two parties of these people trooping hither; and we shall have heard something of their prophecies, and of a fever case or two, before this time to-morrow, I have little doubt.

  140. The killing in this case has to be done by Clytemnestra.

  141. In the present case she was undoubtedly confronted with a great opportunity, and as she started forth on her vague search she strenuously summoned to her aid every scrap of faith that she possessed.

  142. I was thinking," said the Duke, "of the most famous case of all, the angel who koepenicked King Robert of Sicily with such brilliant results.

  143. Was it really the case that people grew in time to resemble the animals they kept as pets, and had he unconsciously become more and more like the comically solemn bird that was his constant companion?

  144. Miss Wepley rarely had recourse to her lozenges, but in case she should be taken with a fit of coughing she wished to have the emergency duly provided for.

  145. You're following his case in court, I suppose?

  146. For years it had been Danvers' habit to drop into the physician's office during the late afternoon or evening, to talk or smoke in silence, as the case may be.

  147. Burroughs had appealed, and now the case was before the Supreme Court.

  148. I'm thinking that it would be safe to approach him in this case of Bob's.

  149. It was, then, the famous case of Hall vs.

  150. The Bronx is ordered to St. Andrew's to attend to the case of a steamer loading there to run the blockade.

  151. But you need not call me by your own name any longer, cousin, for it will not help your case any more.

  152. The young officer was more excited than he had ever been in the face of the enemy, for the present looked like a case in which his honor was at stake.

  153. My cousin has made out his case before the captain of the Vernon.

  154. In that case he intended to make a strong appeal to Captain Battleton, for he would then have the means of arriving at a correct conclusion.

  155. He fixed himself up to pass for me, and that helped his case very greatly.

  156. Nichols and Sayles would be available near the quarter-deck in case any demonstration was made by any portion of the crew.

  157. Mr. Galvinne proceeded to say that he should have Rockton and Warton ready to make Mr. Flint a prisoner in case he became too inquisitive.

  158. In that case she is too big for us to fight her, and too fast for us to run away from her; and Captain Flanger may be a free man in a few hours.

  159. But we have concluded to reverse the decision of the commander of the Vernon, and submit the case to the flag-officer for final adjustment.

  160. His case had been tried, and he had been condemned to his present condition.

  161. Max is a fine fellow and has always been one of my favorites," said Rosie, "but there are others in the world that might do just as well, in case you and Max should have a falling out.

  162. But shall I not send for a physician, as I fear neither of you is well enough to manage the case of the other?

  163. In case of war, that will hardly excuse him from doing his duty," said their father; "nor would our dear brave boy wish to be excused.

  164. O brother, for me do thou observe a vow, prescribed in the case of killing a Brahmana.

  165. If a person were not, in the matter of his acts, himself the cause thereof, then sacrifices would not bear any fruits in his case nor would any body be a disciple or a master.

  166. Arvavasu said, "Do thou then thyself officiate at this sacrifice of the gifted Vrihadyumna; and for thee will I, bringing my senses under perfect control, observe the vow prescribed in the case of slaying a Brahmana.

  167. In the acquisition of his objects, there is no fourth cause in the case of man.

  168. In the case of a creature, therefore, there must be action and not inaction.

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