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closures; clot; cloth; clothe; clothed; clothesline; clothespin; clotheth; clothier; clothiers
  1. Our clothes were in rags; one of the doctor's pantaloon-legs had entirely disappeared, and he had improvised a substitute out of a coffee-sack.

  2. The mighty forest through which we traveled from Carbonado to the crossing of Carbon River extends over the country all about Mount Rainier and clothes the sides of the mountain to a height of about 6,000 feet.

  3. The foolish Greeks were very angry, and declared that any dealer presuming to export their fine clothes should be flogged, Luitprandi Opera, p.

  4. The Greeks making a display of their dress, he told them that in Lombardy the common people wore as good clothes as they.

  5. These cities imported, besides natural productions, the fine clothes of Constantinople; yet as this traffic seems to have been illicit, it was not probably extensive.

  6. The clothes of men were of leather unlined: scarcely any gold or silver was seen on their dress.

  7. In the very heart of the city, in daytime, you have your clothes taken off your back literally.

  8. Kept naked in intense cold for three hours while his clothes were being searched, German officers stood about laughing.

  9. She was taken away from her own house in Galicia in the clothes she stood in, allowed to take nothing with her.

  10. It is a sorrowful spectacle, and the unfortunate people often have their faces and clothes covered with dust and mud.

  11. The body had been buried at Choombi, but her clothes had been sent to Toomlong, and her soul was supposed to accompany them.

  12. An image representing the patient, and supposed to resemble him, was constructed, and a suit of his clothes placed in front of it, together with portions of his usual food and drink.

  13. In the Kalpa-sutra of the Jains we read that Maha-vira himself began his career by wearing clothes for one year and one month, and after that he walked about naked.

  14. There, for three days the figure was seated before the altar, and the monks chanted the litanies for her soul, which had accompanied her clothes from Choombi.

  15. Their eyes were reddened with sulphurous fumes and their clothes torn with splintered planking.

  16. The officers of the French Royal Marine wore red breeches, and, if by chance a democrat were given a commission, he had to appear in blue small-clothes throughout his entire career.

  17. B; a2] {1} for clothes to be drooping or loose as if wet or because of s.

  18. Ang sinínà níyas balay mau puy uran sa uma, The clothes he wears around the house is what he wears in the fields.

  19. Nabuling ang linadlad kay gilapákan sa bábuy, The bleached clothes got dirty because pigs stepped on them.

  20. Ilátad ang putì, Bleach the white clothes under the sun.

  21. Pagkúhag nuug arun himúung pahiran, Get some discarded clothes for rags.

  22. A13] wear clothes of the same color or style.

  23. Mau kini ang mga saput nga ighalatag sa mga pubri, These are the clothes to be given to the poor people.

  24. A1] wear civilian attire or ordinary clothes as opposed to a uniform or frock.

  25. Lubági ang linabhan arun daling mauga, Wring out the clothes so they will dry quickly.

  26. You seem perfectly normal, and nothing could be plainer than the clothes you wear.

  27. Then the two slipped out of their clothes and stepped naked into the water to their waists, where each laid hold of an end of a strip of calico and stood motionless.

  28. Symbolically the clothes of the dead had been washed.

  29. I can't sit and talk about clothes and dances, and gossip, and what one did on one's vacation last summer.

  30. They were always so serious, so intent, so devout; and their poor, ragged clothes and bare feet were so evident.

  31. She knew her friend's resolute temper, and that any offer of clothes or money from her would be worse than useless.

  32. He must have known that she had neither clothes nor money.

  33. Get warm clothes ready for him against I bring him home.

  34. It is a kind of suicide to wander about all day in wet clothes as you have done.

  35. Not much, perhaps, if he is able to change his clothes directly afterwards.

  36. One of the men servants slept in his clothes on a truckle bed in the corridor, ready for service in any emergency.

  37. His clothes and boots were perfect of their kind, albeit they had seen good wear.

  38. I'll make an example of her,' said Miss Pew, flinging back the bed-clothes with a tragic air as she rose from her couch.

  39. He dashed into the cottage, and came out again five minutes afterwards, having changed his boating clothes for a costume more appropriate to the streets of London.

  40. Do not delight in strutting like a peacock, or look proudly around to see if you are well decked, if your breeches and other clothes fit well.

  41. Do not let your clothes be dirty, torn, covered with dust or threadbare.

  42. Two hours later or more they were awakened by the arrival of Father Henriques and the barber-surgeon, accompanied by the woman-servant, and who brought them back their clothes cleaned and dried.

  43. Also he promised to bring them some clothes and cloaks of Spanish make, since those they had were not fit to travel in through that country, being soiled and blood-stained.

  44. The governor laughed, and said he thought that might be arranged, and even allowed them another five minutes, while they talked of what these clothes should be.

  45. It had been their purpose to buy Spanish clothes in this town, but, as it happened, it was a feast day, and at night every shop in the place was closed, so they could get none.

  46. He brought with him a stock of clothes of Spanish make, hats and two heavy cloaks fit to travel in, which they bought from him at a good price.

  47. The clothes and furniture belonging to the sick (excepting such things as are of a hard and solid texture, which it will be sufficient to wash with vinegar) must be burnt.

  48. I had the children who were brought to this quarantine-house, stripped to the skin; after which their clothes were burnt, their bodies washed all over with vinegar and water, and new clothes put upon them.

  49. The pestilential germ confined in clothes or bales of merchandise acquires a greater degree of virulence, and may in that manner be transported to very great distances, and be preserved for a great length of time.

  50. But they would not attend to these precautions, believing it to be impossible to be hurt by merely touching the bodies or clothes of the dead, and attributing the effects of the contagion to an inevitable destiny.

  51. The relations and friends of the sick should be persuaded to burn the clothes and other effects which they may at different times have received; and the health of such friends and relatives should be well watched by the physicians.

  52. You remember, sir, there were no old clothes of Allister's to be found when you wanted them for Jamie Duff.

  53. I am not going to spoil it by turning it out of its own natural clothes into finer garments to which it was not born--I mean by translating it from Scotch into English.

  54. I jumped in and seized the oars, intending to row across, and get the big boy to throw the clothes of the party into the boat.

  55. When I told my father, he desired me to take the boy to the tailor and shoemaker, and get warm and strong clothes and shoes made for him.

  56. I'd fit him out in new clothes and give him money, and never want to lose sight of him.

  57. He wore a new suit of clothes and had recently had his hair trimmed.

  58. The idea of the soldiers pursuing a man in citizen's clothes furthered the idea, but we assured them that it was only General Miles going somewhere.

  59. A California saddle stands on a rack by the desk, and the latter is littered with photographs of men in London clothes and women in French dresses, the latter singularly out of character with their surroundings.

  60. Accordingly, at the next town they passed through, Sidi and Edgar went together to the bazaar, and the latter purchased, after the usual amount of bargaining, clothes similar to those worn by his friend.

  61. On the third morning he put on his midshipman's clothes for the first time.

  62. Of course I have my European clothes here, and though I fancy I have grown a couple of inches in the last five months, I daresay they will do very well for me.

  63. There are plenty of shops close to the gate, and I will buy a burnoose that will cover you, and a change of clothes for you to make afterwards.

  64. Now, Sidi, you may as well get rid of those clothes and put on the peasant's suit I bought you.

  65. I ran into a house close by and sheltered there until the French column came out, and then went out in some European clothes I found there, and had no more trouble.

  66. We won't go aloft till you have got your togs; a fellow going aloft in landsmen's clothes always looks rather a duffer.

  67. While he was talking the two midshipmen were throwing their spare clothes into the kit-bags, in which they had brought them ashore.

  68. I know the French officers were all permitted to take their clothes away with them; so no doubt the lockers are empty.

  69. Sidi wound his turban for him, and gave him instructions how the clothes were to be worn.

  70. I shall get some fellah's clothes for myself, a basket of food and other things to take out to your father, and I will hire a couple of donkeys.

  71. Then, going out with the provision-basket and the clothes in a bundle, he went to the gate again, chose a couple of donkeys from those standing there for hire, and went along the road for a short distance.

  72. The clothes moth loves to lay its eggs in wool.

  73. At night the clothes worn during the day should be aired and dried thoroughly.

  74. Be sure that they are pure when they reach her, and keep them so by keeping her body, clothes and room clean with the help of sun, soap and water.

  75. If there is not a screen, one can be made by hanging a shawl or a blanket over a clothes horse or a high-backed chair, or over a line stretched across the lower part of the window.

  76. Swim twenty-five yards with clothes and shoes on, or hold the swimming merit badge.

  77. Be able to measure for and put up a rod in a clothes closet, OR Be able to repair the spring in a window shade and tack the shade on the roller, OR Know how to keep clean and care for window and door screens.

  78. What should be done to clothes after drying before they are ironed?

  79. In one of the finest hospitals for children in the world, in Switzerland, the main treatment is to have the children play outdoors without clothes in the sunlight, and they do this even when there is heavy winter snow on the ground.

  80. Protect the bedclothes and the patient's clothes with towels.

  81. But clothes and shelter may make you overheated, which is nearly as bad as being cold; they may also shut out fresh air.

  82. Stand on a rubber mat or on dry boards, or glass, or in dire necessity dry clothes can be used to stand on.

  83. This will help much in maintaining the right body temperature, because clothes become damp from wearing, and dampness uses up body heat.

  84. If damp clothes are hidden away they will mildew.

  85. His clothes fitted him well, and displayed to advantage a figure which, although short, was well made and athletic.

  86. Now go and wash the clothes and spread them out to dry.

  87. Old Stina was milking the cows in the farmyard, and there was a very familiar lady in a check woollen shawl on her way to the bleaching green to see if the clothes were bleached.

  88. My wife told me that I had all my clothes on,' answered he.

  89. The clothes he had on him were as ragged as you please, but he had his crowns safe under his old cloak.

  90. First they bathed in green marble baths where the water looked like the sea, and then they put on silken clothes that felt soft and pleasant.

  91. Full of this idea she walked up the marble staircase, and entered the little room where her sister-in-law sat making clothes for her children.

  92. The girl thanked her, and put on the clothes and went down the road to do her bidding.

  93. He and his wife were always looking out for something to do, and never spent a penny that they could help, but luck was against them, and at the time of his father's death they had hardly bread to eat or clothes to cover them.

  94. So Maie got several servants, and clothes fit for a great lady.

  95. Without waiting for orders, they sat down in the nest and, crossing their legs comfortably, began to prepare the suit of clothes for Bellah.

  96. So he went up a hill and set up two forks on the top, and while he was doing this he saw a scholar coming towards him, whose clothes were tattered.

  97. If she had only been like me, who never want to know anything, we should all have been as happy as kings to-day, with plenty to eat, and warm clothes to wear.

  98. Yes, thou art,' she answered; 'take off thy clothes and lie down.

  99. I think the rough clothes they wear throw their good looks into relief.

  100. In some places up here he has had to sleep in puppy's parlours, which means with his clothes on.

  101. His clothes have the odour of the forest--that is to say of leaf mould, poplar smoke and spruce resin.

  102. Both are cinched into their clothes like a cayuse into its pack-saddle.

  103. When birds fly low, lady, and when fish swim near the surface, it is well to bring in the clothes off the line.

  104. He says he ties his clothes together with a rope and lets the current of the river wash them, but I think this statement is what Montaigne would describe as "A shameless and solemne lie.

  105. Their clothes seem to have no visible supports, but are held to their small fat bodies by some inexplicable attraction.

  106. They were plain clothes she wore, but nobody save herself and mother gave them any thought.

  107. His clothes were torn, his face pale and haggard, his eyes closed.

  108. The job in the mill--that will feed me and pay my room rent, and my clothes will do me for another year.

  109. This, in connection with his careful clothes and rather modish riding-boots, might have given him the reputation of a dude, had it not been for several other essential details of his appearance.

  110. They dived into the dust for them, rising white of face and clothes to fight and struggle over their prizes.

  111. In my part of the country they dress this kind of a man in gal's clothes so's nobody'll ever get sore at him an' spoil his pretty face.

  112. I shall forbid my daughter the house, and her wedding gift will be simply the clothes she happens to have.

  113. THESE clothes are for the ranch," Nina said, smiling.

  114. Fine clothes were neither so durable nor so cheap as home-made suits.

  115. If the men's clothes were not made by a member of the household, they were made in the house by a sewing girl, or a roving tailor, and the boots and shoes were made by cobblers of the same itinerant stripe.

  116. Clothes of finer and more expensive materials were worn, and a little more polish and refinement were noticeable.

  117. If one of them got under his clothes and was crowded too much, he might be reminded that there was something wrong, but the sting only troubled him for a minute or two.

  118. Accompanied by a black boy, who wore no clothes worth mentioning, but could speak English and prided himself thereon, they went for a grand tour of inspection.

  119. Up tumble the men, many undressed, with their clothes in a bundle.

  120. Some of our people said they could distinguish several of the natives parading about in the clothes of our unfortunate comrades; and among them a chief, brandishing Captain Cook's hanger, and a woman holding the scabbard.

  121. For we observed, that they not only eat and sleep frequently in them, but strip off their clothes and lay themselves along to bask in the sun, in the same manner as we had seen practised at their village.

  122. His own clothes being wet, I gave him others, in which he dressed himself with as much ease as I could have done.

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