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  1. By the foregoing description of pencil or chalk drawing on ribbed surfaces, we see how a pencil drawing may be translated by an ordinary line zinco block, instead of the more expensive half-tone process described in the earlier chapters.

  2. If bitumen and albumen could receive the same amount of care and attention as is customarily bestowed upon the more expensive swelled gelatine, there seems little reason why results should not be equal.

  3. To ply him with new plots shall be my care, Or plunge him deep in some expensive war; Which when his treasure can no more supply, He must, with the remains of kingship, buy.

  4. This cottage manufacture of yarn and cloth cannot be expensive even as domestic cookery is not expensive and cannot be replaced by hotel cookery.

  5. He was a younger, more beautiful uncle, with a gay, light manner and expensive clothing.

  6. Right there," she added, pointing to the most expensive pergola on the place.

  7. Bean bitterly, and waved the expensive and lighted cigar in Bulger's face.

  8. This care and the number of operations makes Turkey red an expensive colour to dye, and so shorter methods are in use which dye a red on cotton that is cheaper, but not so brilliant or fast as a true Turkey red.

  9. This is not by any means difficult, nor does it involve the use of any expensive apparatus, so that a dyer need not hesitate to set up a small dyeing laboratory for fear of the expense which it might entail.

  10. Her house with its great rooms and galleries filled with expensive pictures lent itself well to entertainment.

  11. But Justice is too expensive a luxury for the poor.

  12. No, ma'am, nor likely to die this time; and his sister is so vexed that she bought such expensive mourning, and all for no purpose!

  13. Her mourning, in consequence, was of the deepest and most expensive kind; and she really did look charming in her "love of a black crape bonnet!

  14. The bride, who is often a young girl from sixteen to twenty years of age, is doomed for this period to sit upon a sofa or reclined in an easy chair, dressed in the most expensive manner, to receive her guests.

  15. The dress of the higher class is not only cut in the newest French fashion, imported from New York, but is generally composed of rich and expensive materials.

  16. He found it both expensive and inconvenient, providing the doctor with his nightly dose; and wishing to see how matters really stood, he followed the maid and the brandy one evening to the doctor's house.

  17. Their ideas of gentility consist in being the owners of fine clothes, fine houses, splendid furniture, expensive equipages, and plenty of money.

  18. Women whose husbands have been detained on the limits for years for debt, will give large parties and dress in the most expensive style.

  19. Silk was a very scarce and expensive article in those days.

  20. From sugar I avert my gaze; Unsweetened tea my thirst allays; I never go to any plays Or smoke expensive Henry Clays.

  21. In a somewhat expensive book, addressed only to wealthy readers, Drs.

  22. At times the little ones are put on display for a few minutes and then the parents are as proud of them as they are of the expensive paintings that adorn the walls or the blooded dogs and horses in kennels and stables.

  23. People who care enough for starch to take it three times a day, or are compelled to live chiefly upon it, grow old and homely more quickly than do those who are able to partake more plentifully of the more expensive proteins.

  24. Schiff and Andrew Carnegie, all business giants with money enough to subsist on the most expensive delicacies, are said to live more plainly than does the average American who is complaining of the high cost of living.

  25. The cheapest and toughest cuts of meat, which are fully as good as the more expensive ones and often better flavored, can be rendered very tender by steaming.

  26. Still it was not very intelligible that a man who wished to save his pocket, should choose to pay double fees for the privilege of wearing a velvet cap and silk gown, and rent the most expensive set of rooms in the college.

  27. Her expensive party was a dismal failure.

  28. He appeared to have no trouble in doing so, for in a short time she made quite a number of purchases of the finest and most expensive articles, and giving her address to Dick said that she wanted the ware delivered C.

  29. She then left the store, after picking out an expensive diamond pin to be sent with the other goods.

  30. Johannesburg is one of the most expensive places of residence in the world.

  31. Instead he finds a beautiful city, with well-paved streets, magnificent buildings of stone and brick, expensive public buildings, and scores of palatial residences.

  32. They intended to go to Italy together, and Louisa made use of this opportunity to buy all kinds of expensive things in Paris.

  33. We therefore set out to find less expensive accommodation in the country round Boulogne.

  34. If they are not so well off as formerly, it is because they have adopted a less patriarchal and more expensive style of living.

  35. A less expensive means is suggested by the statistics of foreign trade.

  36. Fifty years ago the provincial merchants vied with each other in their desire to entertain any great dignitary who honoured their town with a visit, but now they seek rather to avoid this expensive and barren honour.

  37. The question as to how far it might be appropriate to the existing conditions and to the character of the people, and as to whether it might not, though admirable in itself, be too expensive for the work to be performed, was little thought of.

  38. For aerial work with the fleet at sea the necessary preparations were much more expensive and elaborate.

  39. These are expensive and elaborate requirements, not easily furnished without co-operation.

  40. The youngest scion of the house of Larson was dressed in an expensive but dirty robe, and Jane looked at its mother reproachfully.

  41. Why did he consent in the first place to Jane's furnishing that expensive flat?

  42. They had saddled upon the reorganized finance and industry of the nation heavier taxes than ever, and a vaster and more expensive and more luxurious army of their parasites.

  43. She was very fond of him, but he was impecunious, and she was expensive and terribly jealous.

  44. I made up my mind to get even with them for marrying me off like a slave, and the first thing I did was to order the most expensive mourning New York affords.

  45. That before the Union the Scots had little trade and little money, is no valid apology; for plantation is the least expensive of all methods of improvement.

  46. Meal she considered as expensive food, and told us, that in Spring, when the goats gave milk, the children could live without it.

  47. Nor can this be prevented; for every new check is only a transfer of power from intelligent to ignorant hands; and ignorance, however honest, is a more expensive manager and easier victim than knavery.

  48. A sloven is an object of ridicule; and, in point of expensive attire, they may be considered as restricted only by their means.

  49. The two last articles cannot be expensive in a country where the children generally go naked, and where the simplest structure possible is sufficient to afford the requisite protection against the elements.

  50. The process of manufacturing the salt on the north-coast is very simple, and depending on evaporation by the heat of the sun alone, may be favourably contrasted with the comparatively expensive process adopted in the Bengal provinces.

  51. When implements of husbandry are mentioned in British agriculture, many expensive instruments, and complicated machinery suggest themselves to those acquainted with its practical details.

  52. A person of the highest rank aspires to no luxury, more delicate or expensive in this way, than the possession of a bed composed of mats from psántrem.

  53. As the bull and cow are not liable to this disease; and as, in addition to this advantage, they are less expensive in their original purchase, they are preferred by many of the natives.

  54. A single pair of oxen, or buffaloes, is found sufficient for the yoke both of the plough and harrow; and these form by far the most expensive part of the cultivator's stock.

  55. I feel myself greatly obliged, sir, by your kind offer; but I think that a smaller and less expensive house would be more suitable.

  56. He has a large family, and they are arrived at an expensive age.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "expensive" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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