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mossed; mosses; mosso; mosstroopers; mossy; moste; mosten; moster; mostest; mostly
  1. The Foolish Wolf A WOLF and an Ass were great friends, and they spent most of their time playing at an original game of their own.

  2. They were very pleased to get a Rhinoceros, because his horn is good for curing many diseases, and the court physician ground his horn into powder, and made out of it a most wonderful medicine.

  3. But the King and his Court got off their horses, and said good-day in the most civil way.

  4. Most of them are new, or have been published only in the North Indian Notes and Queries (referred to as N.

  5. The Camel turned his long neck, and sniffed and sneered as Camels have a way of doing, and a most unpleasant way it is.

  6. This was a kind of tree you have most likely never seen.

  7. Goats can talk to each other, as you must have heard; but most of them do not learn English.

  8. At this the Shopman went down on his knees, and put his hands together, and said-- "O most respectable Demon!

  9. This," said the Jackal, rolling up the whites of his eyes to the sky in a most pious fashion; "this is the result of telling a lie.

  10. At last he lit on a long winding cave that held most of his long neck.

  11. Were I to drink a single drop, My life would then most likely stop.

  12. He sighed, and asked again-- "O most ancient and wise Owl!

  13. Goats are wonderfully good at climbing rocks, but I think most of them cannot climb trees; still, whatever may be true of other goats, Roley could.

  14. When the King came in, and all his courtiers, in gorgeous array as before, our Monkey underneath the throne sneezed in the most auspicious manner he could contrive.

  15. It appears to be a woman's, and it is a most unclerkly scrawl.

  16. Loyalty to a great leader is one of the strongest engines in the world, least visible to the eye, most potent in effect.

  17. And now, most learned doctor, surely your powers of divination do not end here.

  18. They might boast contemptuously of favours behind their charmers' backs, while professing a most poetical admiration to their faces.

  19. Thus ended a hitherto unrecorded episode in the Thirty Years' War, and a most momentous chapter in the history of Nigel Charteris of Pencaitland and his rebel Habsburger.

  20. That she was a girl of the richer class of farmers, and therefore above most of themselves in social consideration, was in itself an inducement to believe ill of her.

  21. At length the two cavaliers professed themselves sleepy and called for candles, and Nigel and his comrade, not only professing, but most indubitably inclined the same way, also made for their night quarters.

  22. The profound humiliation of having to confess in open audience to the Emperor the loss of his despatches was perhaps the most poignant of his anticipations.

  23. A very wise homily, Father, and a most pertinent example!

  24. Like most women she was herself prone to the practices of religion, and in the conduct of life a pagan.

  25. On the morrow when day broke the artillery on both sides began their clamour, and, although a few shots fell into the midst of the most forwardly placed regiments, the battle for hours was between artillery.

  26. They dared the most hazardous risks, while they carried his orders to the different contingents, with an air of doing nothing notable which charmed Nigel, though it made him shake his head.

  27. It is but a day or two at most and I must ride into the very teeth of Gustavus.

  28. There is a most interesting resemblance between the effects of stimulants, narcotics or hypnotic control and blind, unreasoning faith.

  29. He found that certain xanthines and albuminoids derived from decaying animal matter were the most effective for this purpose and induced more rapid cell proliferation than any other substances he was able to procure.

  30. He sits in the corner with an idiotic smile on his face, playing with straws; he is forgetful, he cannot remember even the most ordinary events.

  31. This work is the most scathing arraignment and condemnation of modern medical practice, especially of poisonous drugs and of surgery.

  32. The diseases which we find most difficult to cure, even by the most radical application of natural methods, are cases of drug-poisoning.

  33. It is where eating is made an art that cancer is most prevalent.

  34. But, strange to say, the importance of this most essential natural remedy is as yet not universally recognized by the representatives of the regular school of medicine.

  35. They win say that most of my teachings are contrary to the firmly established theories of medical science.

  36. Osler says that most drugs have no effect whatsoever, he makes a serious misstatement.

  37. The Story of Inflammation To me the story of inflammation has been one of the most wonderful revelations of the complex activities of the human organism.

  38. In most cases, the existing spinal lesions are themselves the result of other primary disease conditions which must be removed before the bony lesions will remain corrected.

  39. Is it not self-evident that in a digestive tract filled most of the time with large masses of partially digested and decaying animal food enormous quantities of alkaloids of putrefaction are created?

  40. Many times apparently hopeless cases have responded most readily to our treatment, while more promising ones offered the most stubborn resistance.

  41. The letter and epitaph are good enough specimens of his humor to be quoted in full: DEAR MISS, I lament with you most sincerely the unfortunate end of poor Mungo.

  42. This is one of the Doctor's most intimate friends, with whom he dines once every week, and she with him.

  43. You might easily display your excellent Talents of reasoning upon a less hazardous subject, and thereby obtain a Rank with our most distinguish'd Authors.

  44. Their Parliament makes a most respectable Figure, with a number of very good Speakers in both Parties, and able Men of Business.

  45. Most people have naturally some virtues, but none have naturally all the virtues.

  46. In a letter to the Bishop in 1771, Franklin says: I regret my having been oblig'd to leave that most agreeable Retirement which good Mrs. Shipley put me so kindly in possession of.

  47. Most touching of all are the words which she addressed to her brother shortly before his death, "Who that know and love you can bear the thought of surviving you in this gloomy world?

  48. Of all the falls the fifth or last is the most considerable: you view it from a kind of den, to which the last flight of steps, the ruggedest and most dangerous of all, has brought you; your position here is a wild one.

  49. He was whipping his horses, who were straining up the ascent, and was swearing at them most frightfully in English.

  50. These southern Berwyns form a very extensive mountain region, extending into Brecon and Carmarthenshire, and contain within them, as I long subsequently found, some of the wildest solitudes and most romantic scenery in Wales.

  51. Even the most advanced social science, try to hate him as it may, cannot dim his glory.

  52. I am most happy to have met you,” said I; “but tell me how am I to get to Llanfair?

  53. These rows and the walls are certainly the most remarkable memorials of old times which Chester has to boast of.

  54. He composed pieces of great excellence on various subjects; but the most remarkable of his compositions are decidedly certain ones connected with Owen Glendower.

  55. Most of the Indian tribes lived only in the present; when they had food they feasted upon it from morning to night, and when their provisions were gone they starved.

  56. At the time when he was most eager in the good work, envy won the day, and he saw the posts he had established and his own work pass into other hands.

  57. The month of May went by, then June, then {75} most of July, with still no sign of the missing band.

  58. I believe that the firmness with which I spoke somewhat frightened them, especially as I put four of the most resolute out of the door, without their saying a word.

  59. Finally, when day broke, the French had gained possession of most of the village.

  60. This murder of his son was the most bitter blow that had yet fallen upon La Vérendrye.

  61. The women, indeed, were the burden-bearers and had to carry most of the baggage.

  62. To find ourselves thus excluded from the West would be to find ourselves robbed in the most cruel manner of our heritage.

  63. In face of the pressing need, it was decided to send a party down to meet the boats at Kaministikwia and to fetch back at once the supplies which were most urgently required.

  64. The most valued presents consisted of knives, chisels, awls, and other small tools.

  65. The most remarkable thing about these people was their prudence for the future.

  66. The party lingered with these Indians in their {88} village until the beginning of April, and François spent most of his time learning their language.

  67. They had found the camp, but the enemy had fled; and had, indeed, gone off in such a hurry that they had abandoned their lodges and most of their belongings.

  68. Most of these have included a number of dialect poems, but I believe that the volume which the reader now holds in his hand is the first which is made up entirely of poems written in "broad Yorkshire.

  69. In John Hartley, Halifax possessed the most versatile dialect-writer that Yorkshire has so far produced.

  70. Most of the poems in the little volume which his friends put through the press in the year 1800 are written in standard English.

  71. Of the younger generation of Yorkshire poets, most of them still alive, I must speak more briefly.

  72. I am afraid I may have given offence to those whom I should most of all like to please--the living contributors to this anthology--by tampering in this way with the text of their poems.

  73. Had I attempted to do this, I should have destroyed what was most characteristic.

  74. Airedale still has its poets, among the most ambitious of whom is Mr. Malham-Dembleby, who published in 1912 a volume of verse entitled, Original Tales and Ballads in the Yorkshire Dialect.

  75. Among the most hopeful signs of the times has been the recent extension of dialect to poems of a more sustained character.

  76. In "Owd Moxy" his subject is the old waller who has to face the pitiless winter wind and rain as he plies his dreary task on the moors; but in most of his poems it is the life of the handloom-weaver that he interprets.

  77. He had got himself up most elaborately for the occasion.

  78. Attack the canoes while the most of them are marching round.

  79. The thing he had regretted most in leaving Rugby was that he would never be in the Sixth and a "power.

  80. They were at home equally in the forest and the plain; the enemy were for the most drawn from the Lower Congo--an inferior type of negro and less used to fighting in wooded districts.

  81. He had scarcely finished his breakfast when he saw, hurtling down the rapids above him, a huge forest tree--a mass of green, for most of its branches in full leaf were still upon it.

  82. Pat has been most uncommon restless for two days.

  83. Where he and his men went they left a wilderness behind them; but the amount of rubber they collected was most gratifying; and if Maranga stock stood high it was largely through their exertions.

  84. Harris and Mrs. Harris, who have spent several years on the Upper Congo, for their kindness in reading the manuscript and revising the proofs of this book, and for many most helpful suggestions and criticisms.

  85. I've always heard that these niggers are arrant thieves; the villagers were unfriendly, you remember, and most likely 'twas one of them who took a fancy to our canoes.

  86. Barney suggested dropping a heavy boulder on the barrel most dangerously near, but Jack saw that the effect of this would be merely to spread the flames without necessarily extinguishing them.

  87. He listened intently, and replied in brief phrases, most often contenting himself with exclamations of assent--"Inde!

  88. Surely, Jack thought, he would now at any rate take that most obvious step towards the reduction of his enemy.

  89. With that she began to bustle about most vigorously; presenting, as she did so, an appearance sufficiently peculiar to justify a word of introduction.

  90. As she uttered no sound, and as her dumb motions like most of her gestures were of a very extraordinary kind, this unintelligible conduct reduced Mr. Britain to the confines of despair.

  91. But the most extraordinary thing, Clemmy, is that I should live to be brought round, through you.

  92. The East Indian Archipelago, the most broken land in the world, is in most parts an area of elevation, but surrounded and penetrated, probably in more lines than one, by narrow areas of subsidence.

  93. If beneath England the now inert subterranean forces should exert those powers which most assuredly in former geological ages they have exerted, how completely would the entire condition of the country be changed!

  94. The rockets were most admired, and a deep "Oh!

  95. We rode during this day to the last, and therefore most elevated, house in the valley.

  96. During most earthquakes, and especially during those on the west coast of America, it is certain that the first great movement of the waters has been a retirement.

  97. The scene by the dimmed light of the moon was most desolate.

  98. It was the most laughable thing I ever heard.

  99. In Europe, the most southern glacier which comes down to the sea is met with, according to Von Buch, on the coast of Norway, in latitude 67 degrees.

  100. Most people know the English Phallus, which in autumn taints the air with its odious smell: this, however, as the entomologist is aware, is to some of our beetles a delightful fragrance.

  101. This line of road is the most frequented, and has been the longest inhabited of any in the colony.

  102. Of these the most active, the most extreme, and the best organised was undoubtedly the London Corresponding Society.

  103. The conditions most favourable to reasoned enquiry and calm persuasion are to be found in small and friendly circles.

  104. A few doors away Godwin had his study, where he spent most of his industrious day, often breakfasted and sometimes slept.

  105. But his most characteristic pre-occupation was a study of finance in the interests of national thrift and social benevolence.

  106. The most eloquent verses are those which describe Cythna's leadership of the women in the national revolt, and enforce the theme "Can man be free, if woman be a slave?

  107. The business of a woman was to cultivate those virtues most conducive to her prosperity in the one avocation open to her.

  108. Godwin was a communist, and so, in some degree, were most of his friends.

  109. The most interesting of them was an adventurous young Scot named Arnot who travelled on foot through the greater part of Europe during the Napoleonic wars.

  110. He remembered women when he wrote of public affairs as naturally as most men forget them.

  111. Such an attitude, which is, he thinks, that of most professing believers, makes for insincerity, and for an indifference to all honest thought and speculation.

  112. He is filled with the afflatus of prophecy, and there flow from his lips, as if in improvisation, surely the most limpid, the most spontaneous stanzas in our language: A brighter Hellas rears its mountains From waves serener far.

  113. What is most characteristic in his line of argument is his insistence on the moral corruption that monarchy and aristocracy involve.

  114. What seemed to worry him most after he got well was his enforced use of my wardrobe and outfit.

  115. I have seen a good many starving men in my time, but this lost stranger when I found him was the most miserable object I ever beheld.

  116. The home, being presided over by a woman, presumably of some education and intelligence, should be a most fitting place in which to apply a law designed to protect women against excessive hours of labor.

  117. Most of them are of a very humble origin, and being debarred from business positions on account of their ignorance and inexperience, they are thankful to earn money in any kind of employment regardless of the length of working hours.

  118. Startling discoveries have been made at the most unexpected times and from the most unexpected quarters.

  119. This schedule has been tested, not merely once for a few months, but several times, and not with the same employee, but with different employees, and it has always been most satisfactory.

  120. In public demonstrations of dissatisfaction between employers and employees the most oppressed class of the working people--the women who do housework--has never yet been represented.

  121. For, although she offers good food and a bed besides excellent wages to all who work for her, she is the most poorly served of all employers to-day.

  122. It is also the most advantageous way of bringing the employer and employee together, inasmuch as it dispenses entirely with the services of a third person, who, naturally can not be expected to offer gratuitous service.

  123. I think," she said, "that you have trusted most to your good instincts.

  124. If he stands by Father most of the others will also.

  125. That Mrs. Page is the most beautiful woman I ever saw--but she can't be very young.

  126. The very absence of all sense of dignity impressed him suddenly as the most tremendous dignity a human being could attain--the unconscious dignity of natural forces--of storms and fire and war and pestilence.

  127. In ten, fifteen, at the most in twenty years, I shall have lost it all," she thought.

  128. It was true, as his mother had observed, that he was happier to-day than he had been for weeks; but this happiness was founded upon what Mrs. Culpeper would have regarded as the most reprehensible of deceptions.

  129. Of course they don't call their way common," she pursued, with what seemed to him the most touching candour.

  130. I can handle most situations; but I have never had to handle the love affairs of a girl, and I'm perfectly capable of making a mess of them.

  131. Charm she had unmistakably; but it was a charm that men would feel rather than women; and of all the feminine varieties that Corinna had known in the past, she disliked most heartily "the man's woman.

  132. Most people would admit that he was good-looking in a common way, she supposed; and it was only of late that she had realized how essentially vulgar he was.

  133. Her confession struck him, while he listened to it, as the sweetest and most womanly one he had ever heard.

  134. I think if I could feel an overwhelming emotion, I should hug it to my heart as the most precious of gifts.

  135. I am not sure that Ernest thought exactly as he spoke; but it was the most delicate consolation to offer to a man whose abrupt frankness embarrassed and distressed him.

  136. We commence with the small nucleus of passion and experience, to widen the circle afterwards; and, perhaps, the most extensive and universal masters of life and character have begun by being egotists.

  137. Reserved as he was, something in Maltravers attracted him; and, indeed, there was that in Ernest which fascinated most of those unhappy eccentrics who do not move in the common orbit of the world.

  138. Her earlier youth had been spent upon the stage, and her promise of vocal excellence had been most brilliant.

  139. He enjoyed life with sober judgment, and pursued the path most suited to himself, without declaring it to be the best for others.

  140. Enough for most of them to be good and honourable citizens.

  141. He had no object but to please himself, and to find a vent for an overcharged spirit; and, like most writings of the young, the matter was egotistical.

  142. When stars are in the quiet skies, Then most I pine for thee; Bend on me, then, thy tender eyes!

  143. Mr. Dwight was appointed General Manager of the Great North-Western Company and most of the officials and employees of the Montreal Telegraph Company were retained by him.

  144. His industry is universal, and he seems to take rest by turning from one difficulty to another, difficulties that would appal most men, and be taken as an enjoyment by no one else.

  145. Most of the principal officers of these companies have been brought to their present positions by these gentlemen, and the business is conducted with singular harmony and efficiency.

  146. It was most unfortunate for Mr. Morse that his mind from the very first seemed prepossessed in favor of underground lines which had been adopted in England.

  147. The Glasgow chair was a source of inspiration to scientific men for half a century, and many of the most advanced researches grew out of the suggestions which Thomson scattered as sparks from the anvil.

  148. The success of this great telegraph enterprise, the most stupendous ever taken, was a fitting prelude to the dawn of the new century and a splendid triumph to the genius and foresight of Sir Sandford Fleming.

  149. Several other crowned heads have been pleased to consult with Mr. Stone, who naturally is one of the most prominent of Americans.

  150. Like Yorick, “A man of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.

  151. One of the most notable telegraph men in America, the first pupil of Professor Morse and the first to inaugurate an electric telegraph system in Canada on an extensive scale.

  152. She thought, too, that he trembled more than most of them, and that he was whiter and more slippery.

  153. The leaves hung limp and brown from the trees; the blue plush grass, and even the blue bark of the Gugollaph-tree, had turned a most sickly green.

  154. She thought it was the most completely satisfying sound she had ever heard.

  155. After thinking about it most carefully, I have worked out a tentative plan.

  156. He was the most attractive-looking person you can imagine.

  157. The Echo, who could not leave the pool to march, spread out the lyre-shaped feathers on the top of her head and played the most beautiful rippling chords for them to march by.

  158. His eyes, which stuck out several inches in front of his face on long prongs, were delightfully mischievous and confiding; and he was covered with the most beautiful snow-white, curly hair.

  159. They have a Custom In this most beastly Country, out upon't.

  160. The best, and most Canoniz'd ever was More than a seeming goodness?

  161. Of all that ever breath'd, a man most wretched.

  162. The taste is perfect, and most delicate: But why for me?

  163. Pray you follow her: I will along with you: I more than ghess the cause: women that love Are most uncertain, and one minute crave, What in another they refuse to have.

  164. As his interests and investments widened, he took the most seductive inmates traveling with him.

  165. Although most of her boarders in 1878 were Tabor's clerks, they spent every hour of their free time searching the hills for silver like everyone else.

  166. When I saw how things were going, bankruptcy staring me in the face, ruin yawning at my feet, I was suddenly seized with an irresistible desire to go on to Paris, I had a French fever of the most violent character.

  167. Of all criticism they have the most power to refresh our interest in familiar topics, and to kindle curiosity in regard to those with which we are unacquainted.

  168. Sometimes, also, one gets a little too much of herself, and an overdose in this direction is about as bad as most insufferable things.

  169. There is something to make us distrust the stability of the firmest and most upright statesman in the spectacle of that remarkable conquest.

  170. I do not know whether the imputation were just or not, but certainly on this May-day his courtesy veiled that haughty mind, and he was the most patient and gentle of hosts.

  171. Their simplest ideas, such as the names of the most familiar objects, are expressed by brief melodic phrases, uttered by one mouth alone.

  172. Hitherto he had addressed only the most select audiences.

  173. Now when they had awhile consumed their grief Outspoke the Bishop: "Syrian, it is well If this sad death be not more sad for us, And most especially more sad for thee, Than thou hast dreamed of.

  174. Methinks an island would be the most desirable of all landed property, for it seems like a little world by itself; and the water may answer instead of the atmosphere that surrounds planets.

  175. It is he who can call together the most select company when it pleases him.

  176. The Cock water, most delicate and precious for restoring out of deep Consumptions, and for preventing them, and for curing of Agues, proved by my self and many others.

  177. A most excellent Water for the Stone, or for the Wind-Cholick.

  178. It is most excellent Medicine, and never faileth, if taken before the heart be utterly mortified with the Disease, it is also good for the Small Pox, Measles, or Surfets.

  179. The Plague-Water which was most esteemed of in the late great Visitation.

  180. A most excellent Cordial proved by very many.

  181. The famous Spirit of Salt of the World, well known for a sovereign Remedy against most Diseases; Truly and only prepared by Constantine Rhodocanaces, Grecian, one of His Majesties Chymists.

  182. The girl sometimes did not move from her chair throughout the long morning any more than if she had been paralysed, or at most she tried to tend the flowers.

  183. Giovanni was a soldier and would impose his military punctuality upon the prelate, who, like most churchmen, had a clearer idea of eternity than of definite time.

  184. He had done the most rash, inconsequent, and uselessly bad deed that had ever suggested itself to his imagination, and now that all was over he wondered how he could have been at once so foolish, so brutal, and so daring.

  185. Giovanni Severi was in the main building over the vaults a short time before the catastrophe, having just finished a special inspection which had occupied most of the afternoon.

  186. The only danger he reckoned with lay in Sister Giovanna's own heart, and he felt that he could count on her courage, her self-respect, and most of all on her profoundly religious nature.

  187. In most respects she changed very little, so far as any one could see.

  188. The Princess was not so restless as most people are in fever, and she did not try to talk, but took whatever was given her like a model of resignation.

  189. Away the two boys started, but they had not reached the house before, out in the street in front, they heard a loud bang, a most awfully loud bang.

  190. Well, most persons are frightened by ghosts," said Grandpa Ford with a laugh.

  191. Each story has a little plot of its own--one that can be easily followed--and all are written in Miss Hope's most entertaining manner.

  192. Well, I guess that would be the most proper sort of tree to drive," said Grandpa Ford, who came in just then with Daddy Bunker.

  193. Laddie will, most likely, make up a riddle about it.

  194. They fell on a paper and most of 'em were clean.

  195. However, he pulled himself together and put on his grandest and most overwhelming manner.

  196. But the man who behaved most strangely of all was Mr. Brooke-Hoskyn.

  197. At the point of time we have now reached, Madame Lachesnais and her daughter, Marjolaine, were the most popular inhabitants of the Walk, and nobody had anything but good to say of them.

  198. Then in his softest and most caressing tones he exclaimed, "Why, Miss Marjory--!

  199. Madam," said he, in his most winning manner, "will you do me a great favour?

  200. The bird had made a long journey in the lieutenant's cabin, and had acquired all the lieutenant's most picturesque expressions.

  201. That young man who had so suddenly appeared: who had so suddenly revived the most poignant memories of her own youth!

  202. To be sure, girls do fall in love with the most improbable men: even short and puffy ones; and perhaps the lieutenant's strange oaths bewitched her in some inexplicable way.

  203. Approaching it, he knelt down, and while most of the boys were washing, said his prayers.

  204. His brothers were his equals in most respects.

  205. Lemon was not so strong as Blackall, but he had a more correct eye, and a calmer temper; both very important qualifications, especially in most athletic exercises.

  206. No other kite got even so high as the Green Dragon, so the Silver Knight was most justly declared to be the winner of the prize.

  207. His chief rival was Miles Lemon, who could perform most of the exercises he could, and did some of them better.

  208. He had at first felt an inclination to patronise the new boy, but he now tacitly acknowledged him as his superior in most respects, except perhaps a small amount of the details of school knowledge.

  209. I understand now why you are so different to most new boys," answered Buttar.

  210. Most of them loved their homes; but really our school was so pleasant a place, that very few regretted returning to it.

  211. Cricket was now in, and in that finest and most interesting of English manly games he soon gained considerable proficiency.

  212. The prisoners were most of them young men: some had been tried, others had not; and some had been confined seven or eight years.

  213. Marriage, being considered in this country as the most important and solemn act of life, is celebrated with the utmost gravity.

  214. Next to the Slavonians and Germans, the Magyares or Hungarians are the race most widely spread in the Austrian monarchy.

  215. Bohemia, Hungary, and Moravia are the countries in which they are most numerous.

  216. Most of these Socinians are Hungarians or Szeklers, and their number throughout Hungary is so considerable that they have founded one hundred and sixty churches.

  217. In order that the most necessary trades may not be wanting, particular places are appointed where the mechanic, artist, tradesman and merchant may exercise their respective professions without being subject to military duty.

  218. The hunting of the chamois, which is indisputably the most arduous and difficult species of sport, since that animal frequents only the highest mountains, is what the Tyrolese takes most delight in.

  219. Bright pronounces to be the most interesting at Graetz; this is the Joannaeum, which takes its name from the archduke John, its founder.

  220. Nature has rendered the valley watered by the Unna one of the most fertile and delightful of the abodes of man.

  221. Bright draws a striking but most revolting picture of a Hungarian prison.

  222. The men invoke all the saints and all the devils to their assistance: in the most fortunate event, the vehicle is left behind, but more commonly it is broken to pieces.

  223. The most striking feature in the character of the Tyrolese is their love of independence and their attachment to their native land.

  224. The most dreadful oppression, the most execrable tyranny, and the most wanton cruelties, were daily exercised by the nobles on their unfortunate peasants.

  225. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "most" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    about; absolutely; acme; almost; approximately; authority; authorization; best; better; body; bulk; championship; command; completely; control; dead; directorship; dominion; downright; effectiveness; essence; essentially; extreme; extremely; fundamentally; furthest; generality; gist; gravamen; greater; greatest; hard; height; highest; immeasurably; indefinitely; infinitely; influence; jurisdiction; kingship; leadership; lordship; majority; management; mass; mastership; mastery; maximal; maximum; meat; most; nearly; outside; palm; paramountcy; perfectly; plurality; power; practically; preponderance; presidency; primacy; purely; radical; radically; record; roughly; round; roundly; rule; say; some; sovereignty; substance; superlative; supremacy; supreme; sway; thrust; top; topmost; totally; ultra; unconditionally; uppermost; utmost; utterly; very; zenith

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