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seventieth; seventy; seventyfour; sever; severa; severall; severally; severals; severalty; severance
  1. The Gare du Midi, or Central Station, they found surrounded by a crowd of shouting, noisy, officious guides, and also several individuals who looked none too honest.

  2. The old and the new standards of conduct in and out of school meet, battle, and cause sweeping changes in the lives of several of the boys.

  3. It was half an hour’s ride to Braine-l’Alleud, for the most famous battle of modern history was fought several miles from the village whose name it bears.

  4. He was just in time to see several men carrying up a limp form from the engine-room and taking it into the captain’s cabin.

  5. Jack was surprised to see that there were several vague figures flitting about the elevated after-structure of the “tanker.

  6. As for the gang in the boats, they, too, were rounded up after several shots had been exchanged without bloodshed.

  7. Several times during their walk to the railroad station where they were to take a train for Waterloo, the boys were much amused and interested by the working dogs hitched to small carts.

  8. He had made several experiments along these lines at his station on the old Venus, which now seemed so far away, and had met with fair success.

  9. We talked about Sappho all through dinner, and he gave me several details about that young woman which I did not know before.

  10. First, Liszt played himself, then a young lady sang several songs, then there was a piece for piano and flute played by Liszt and a flutist, and then I came.

  11. He declared that it could not be better played, and said he would not hear anything else after that, and so the school was dismissed, although several had not played that expected to do so.

  12. She kept inviting people to meet us, and had several tea-parties, and when we had no company she took us to the theatre or the opera.

  13. There were several eminent Germans there, and I was taken out by Boetticher, the Herr who has arranged all the casts in the Museum, and who knows everything about Art.

  14. There were several kinds of wine, and everybody drank the greatest quantity.

  15. I did not play that time, as my piano had only just come, and I was not prepared to do so, but I went home and practiced tremendously for several days on Chopin's B minor sonata.

  16. And then several hours at Liszt's, where one succession of concertos, fantasias, and all sorts of tremendous things are played.

  17. Quite a number of Deppe's scholars were present, all of them critics and several of them beautiful pianists.

  18. At any rate we must have the apparent intention of spending several hours, for nothing provokes him so as to have people come in simply to call.

  19. He draws the most extraordinary tone from his violin, and such a powerful one that it seems sometimes as if several were playing.

  20. They had an immense army of several hundred thousand men.

  21. I have finally made up my mind to go to Pyrmont when Deppe does, and spend several weeks, keeping right on with my lessons, and perhaps, giving a little concert there.

  22. I've been straining every nerve over it for several weeks, practicing incessantly, and had learned it perfectly.

  23. All the world's bravery that delights our eyes Is but thy several liveries; Thou the rich dye on them bestowest; Thy nimble pencil paints the landscape as thou goest.

  24. At the right of the room, opposite the bar, were several round, green-topped card tables.

  25. They kick if a man loves several women at once!

  26. Some basins and several chunks of yellow laundry soap were on a bench beside an irrigation ditch that ran along the fence just inside the gate.

  27. Read it out loud," several spoke at once.

  28. Ben was absorbed in his flags, which were sprinkled all down the avenue with a lavish display, suggesting several Fourth of Julys rolled into one.

  29. Mills drove on to relieve baby Flynn's inner man, a little disturbed by a bit of soap and several buttons, upon which he had privately lunched while his mamma was busy at the wash-tub.

  30. Several petitions seemed as if especially intended for him; and he repeated them to himself that he might remember them, they sounded so sweet and comfortable heard for the first time just when he most needed comfort.

  31. Lita enjoyed that race as heartily as she had done several others of late, and caracoled about as if anxious to make up for her lack of skill by speed and obedience.

  32. The thought of a cat in trouble would have nerved Betty to face a dozen boys; so she followed at once, meeting several lads hurrying away on some important errand, to judge from their anxious countenances.

  33. The merry black eyes seemed to see every thing, the voice had an honest sound, and the sunburnt face looked several years younger since the unnatural despondency had gone out of it.

  34. I swept all the paths," added Bab, with a reproachful glance at several green sprigs fallen from the load of clover on the smooth walk.

  35. Ben found it impossible to resist giving Bab several hard shakes, which made her yellow braids fly up and down like pump handles.

  36. I suppose this has been said by several people several times already, but for the moment both Celia and I thought it was rather clever.

  37. Members of several guilds carried their banners in the procession which went round the church to the accompaniment of impressive music and the swinging of censors.

  38. The case has been investigated by several eminent inquirers and they are satisfied with her story.

  39. That there were once two additional towers, besides the ten that have been enumerated, is evident from several Oscan inscriptions, painted in red letters on the street walls of houses.

  40. One, entered from the atrium by a stairway, extends under the tablinum and the front colonnade of the peristyle; the other is accessible from a side atrium and is divided into several rooms, in one of which is the oven mentioned above.

  41. They are for the most part late, and afford little help in determining the time of commencement of the various decorative styles; but in several cases they indicate a later limit clearly.

  42. A series of paintings in the largest of the fulleries, on the west side of Mercury Street, picture several of these processes with great clearness.

  43. Several inns have been identified from signs and from scribblings on the walls within.

  44. A similar arrangement is found in several other rooms decorated in the first style.

  45. Several charred loaves in the Naples Museum have the stamp: [C]eleris Q.

  46. In several houses, as in the house of Apollo, there is a sleeping room with alcoves for two beds.

  47. As several pieces might be produced one after the other, it was necessary to arrange for the shifting of scenes.

  48. On the same side of the court is a tool room (J), in which were found remains of tools; several sickles were hanging on the walls.

  49. Several of these ardent wooers sent envoys to England to plead their cause; the king of Sweden sent his brother, and the king of Denmark straightway despatched his nephew on the same errand.

  50. Before he returned, several of Queen Mary's councilors made a hurried journey to Elizabeth's house at Hatfield.

  51. Elizabeth deprived him of several valuable monopolies and even after his release forbade him to appear at court.

  52. Cambridge had long expected the honor of this visit, and the members of the various learned societies had made preparations for it by composing poems of welcome and praise in Greek, Hebrew, and several other languages.

  53. Henry then asked the opinion of several universities in England, Italy, and France, and it is probable that his question was accompanied by either bribes or threats.

  54. Several noble ladies had been brought into the council chamber, but not one had even a glance of sympathy for the young girl.

  55. Elizabeth bore its appearance several times, then she had it brought to her secretly and put it on.

  56. One part of the Christmas celebration must have pleased her, and that was the acting of several plays by a company of children who had been carefully trained to entertain the little princess.

  57. Several foreign husbands were proposed for the princess, one of them the son of Philip by a former marriage, a boy of ten years.

  58. The words and looks of several of the conspirators gave gloomy confirmation to the story.

  59. Over several of the streets great arches had been built with various exhibitions called pageants.

  60. With all this love of magnificence Elizabeth had a thrifty notion of the value of economy in the adornments of others, and several times during her reign she had laws passed forbidding expensive attire.

  61. It is no wonder that a close watch needed to be kept for conspiracies, for several were formed against the queen.

  62. But it was actually several miles from wall to wall, and the Gap was more than as much in depth, as it ran back to a mere wedge between unnamed Superstition peaks.

  63. He waited several minutes before he heard any sign of life above.

  64. Among several groups of men standing before the long bar, one party of four near the front end likewise engaged the interest of those keener loafers who were capable of foreseeing situations.

  65. Several days passed with no sight of Nan and no word from her.

  66. I have several pressing matters to discuss with you.

  67. No reason is given, but it is rumoured in the diplomatic circle that certain grave administrative scandals have been discovered, and this dismissal is the first of several which are to follow.

  68. And so it is he whom you've met several times of late--eh?

  69. He has been responsible for several attempts from which I have narrowly escaped with my life.

  70. At Her Highness's side I had strolled through the smaller salon and along the several great corridors to the splendid winter garden, on the opposite side of the palace.

  71. The General means mischief, for he is in hourly fear lest Her Highness should expose certain facts contained in those fateful letters which have already cost two ladies their liberty and a Grand Duke and several Cossacks their lives.

  72. I have several questions I wish to put to you.

  73. Straining my tired eyes, I discerned upon the far skyline a quantity of low, snow-covered, wood-built houses from which rose the pointed cupolas of several churches.

  74. He was, I saw, a thin-faced man with a black moustache and deeply-furrowed brow, and then I recognised him as a man whom I had seen on several previous occasions.

  75. The hall-porter, however, told me that their visitor was well-known to them, and had frequently stayed there for several months at a time.

  76. I've been in Brighton several days," my visitor said.

  77. Several other couples were seated there, away from the whirl and glitter of the Court; but taking no notice, we halted at two wicker chairs set invitingly in a corner.

  78. It was a very large room, and might have accommodated several families, if they could have agreed.

  79. In addition, several trawlers, while engaged in mine-sweeping operations, were also destroyed.

  80. Several German infantrymen had entered a house in a small village on the Meuse, and he, with four other Belgians, lay in wait for them.

  81. Young girls have been raped and little children outraged at Orsmael, where several inhabitants suffered mutilations too horrible to describe.

  82. Several of these men were known to Mr. Couzy as honest and trustworthy citizens.

  83. A workman, whose burnt body has been seen by several witnesses, had been struck several times with bayonets, and then, while still alive, the Germans had poured petroleum over him and thrown him into a house to which they set fire.

  84. As a matter of fact,’ I remarked, ‘they destroyed only private houses and innocent civilians, several of them women.

  85. Like several others in the neighbourhood, it was close to the border-line, and courteous relations continued between its inhabitants and the enemy, even after the first days of the war.

  86. Taking of several millions of francs from the private National Bank at Liége and Hasselt.

  87. Hearing shrieks from the inhabitants of our streets, I rushed to the window and saw that several houses were already in flames.

  88. Several witnesses affirm that the German garrison which occupied Louvain was erroneously informed that the enemy were entering the town.

  89. The firing stopped after a while, but was resumed during the night and continued for several nights following.

  90. For in every household there were several women, and it was impossible to know which one was to be arrested.

  91. The special train consisted of one first-class carriage for the governor, the officials, and officers, and several luggage vans crammed full of soldiers.

  92. These men had been sent for soldiers, but they would not serve; they had been several times flogged and made to run the gauntlet, but they would submit readily to the cruelest tortures, and even to death, rather than serve.

  93. As a real historical fact there has existed, and still exist, several bodies of men, each asserting that it is the one Church, founded by Christ, and that all the others who call themselves churches are only sects and heresies.

  94. The miserable governor, intoxicated with power, was counting the strokes on his fingers, and never left off smoking cigarettes, while several officious persons hastened on every opportunity to offer him a burning match to light them.

  95. Be that as it may, certain it is that he had a presentiment that he never would come out of that day's action, and he made no secret of that feeling either from me or several others of his friends.

  96. We came up with several regiments of militia on their line of march.

  97. There are several readable sketches of these campaigns, but none with the freshness and spirit of Dunlop's.

  98. But Lydia wore a grave face for several days, and annoyed and amused her younger sister with the attitude that something was wrong.

  99. For several days after Sally's extraordinary marriage Mrs. Monroe had wept continually, and even her always mild and infrequent attempts at conversation had been silenced.

  100. Malcolm Monroe had been deeply involved for several years in "the firm" by which term he and Len referred to their real estate business together.

  101. She felt that Martie was merely easing her indignation when the younger sister spent several evenings attempting to write an article on the subject of economic independence for women.

  102. There was no doubt of it now; she and her mother had told each other several times during the last month or two that there was still doubt.

  103. By that time the trembling Martie had weathered several storms, had rented the long-vacant front room, and was more brisk and happy than she had been for months, than she had ever been perhaps.

  104. Martie listened to him, and Martie walked with him, and several people noticed it, and spoke to me about it!

  105. His sisters were not enough of the village to be asked either to walk or drive with the local swains, and he had been away for several years.

  106. Well, I hadn't been thinking she looked very well for several weeks, do you see?

  107. It was several weeks, and April had clothed Monroe in buttercups and new grass, before Martie became aware that the name of Clifford Frost was frequently associated with Lydia's long protests.

  108. With two or three other members of the cast, they went to dine at the Cliff House, preceding the dinner with several cocktails apiece.

  109. The fact is, you're known to have threatened on several occasions to get rid of both of them.

  110. Crandall examined the forms and summaries for the two men who had been discharged, and compared them with several random samples from the satisfactory pile.

  111. After several tries, he got his arms under his chest, and only then did he realize that he had been lying prone, his right cheek pressed against cold, slimy stone.

  112. The light evidently came from a glow-plate several yards away.

  113. After several minutes of walking and climbing stairs--Sixers did not use lift chutes or drop chutes--he found the room where Deyla had told him to meet her.

  114. I have several times been asked what the principal industry of Bastia was.

  115. Several of the papers referred to this peculiar action of the authorities with ridicule, and blamed the Home Secretary for giving an unnecessary prominence to the lately resuscitated party.

  116. Dutch son-in-law, they are not above agitating in a constitutional way, and have secured several Legitimist candidates to stand at the general election.

  117. For several years father and son have not spoken, each claiming to represent the Imperialist party in France.

  118. There are several strict laws in existence enacted against this barbarous practice, but they have fallen into disuse and are unregarded.

  119. Imagine vast arcades surrounding an open space of several acres and these arcades crowded with wonderfully beautiful statues.

  120. San Remo is particularly suited, on account of its peculiarly antiseptic climate, to persons troubled with throat complaints, and several really wonderful cures have been wrought by its balmy air.

  121. Several packs of hounds meet on the downs near by, and although the country is a bit stiff, the going is fairly decent.

  122. Even the pawnbrokers display second-hand stilettoes in their windows, several of them covered with a rust that has been blood.

  123. The cabin had been hermetically closed on account of the rain, and on the floor about the tables were stretched in various attitudes of abandon several human forms, who proceeded to rise and shake themselves.

  124. I visited several houses near Newton Abbot with a view to taking one furnished for the sake of the good fishing near, and although none was found to suit I had some droll experiences.

  125. He told me much that was new of him and several stories of his wonderful tact in social matters, by means of which he had averted serious scandal from a family well known to readers of Burke and Debrett.

  126. He well understood the advantages of a judicious division of labour, according to the several capabilities of artisans.

  127. The dispositions of men vary in few things more than in their several modes of conferring a favour.

  128. These showers sometimes spread over several provinces at once, and far out to sea.

  129. From this, to be sure, the interior could be watched from several windows on both sides; but the journey up the steps was precisely enough to disincline the idle, and this was counted a sensible thing by the law-makers.

  130. He listened to a piece of late Arizona news some one was in the middle of telling--the trial of several Mormons for robbing a paymaster near Cedar Springs.

  131. All had taken a hand at first, and played for several hours, until Fortune's wheel ran into a rut deeper than usual.

  132. But even Pretty Eagle began to be shaken, and he heard several of his brother chiefs during the next few days openly declare for the medicine-man.

  133. They went down steeply by cactus and dry rock to a meeting of several cañons opening from side rifts in the Sierra, furrowing the main valley's mesa with deep watercourses that brought no water.

  134. Well, that would keep her alive several hours more.

  135. This one had paid for everybody's drink several times, because he felt friendly, and never noticed that nobody ever paid for his.

  136. The sessions of the Legislative Assemblies of the several Territories of the United States shall be limited to forty days' duration.

  137. The Governor had vetoed several bills, but Price's Left Wing had had much more than the required two-thirds vote of both Houses to make these bills laws over the Governor's head.

  138. Jones had thought out several things, and he was not going to order bayonets fixed until the final necessary moment.

  139. Besides the shredded spiced stew of meat, there were several dishes for supper.

  140. He concluded with the various alternatives of fact according to which the jury must find its several possible verdicts.

  141. If one of them was in winter, it must have taken place not long after the capture of Elateia, and several months before the battle of Chaeroneia.

  142. Several times last night, when the supernumeraries entered the arena to drag out the bodies, the young ruffians in the gallery shouted, "Supe!

  143. In the catacombs were buried St. Cecilia, St. Agnes, and several other of the most celebrated of the saints.

  144. In that country you might fall from a third story window three several times, and not mash either a soldier or a priest.

  145. She has been here several days and will remain several more.

  146. A matinee for the little folks is promised for this afternoon, on which occasion several martyrs will be eaten by the tigers.

  147. This business-like way of illustrating a touching story of the heart by laying the several fragments of the lover before us and naming them, was as grotesque a performance, and as ghastly, as any I ever witnessed.

  148. There was more applause, mingled with laughter, and Elsie whispered to Carol, quite loud enough to be heard by several others: "Did you ever hear anything so silly?

  149. She was put on the pension list several years ago, and now has a cabin to herself.

  150. I don't think Elsie has seemed quite like herself for several days," said Miss Jessie, a little anxiously.

  151. Marjorie assented, and the two girls rode on in silence for several minutes.

  152. Several of Miss Lothrop's girls had already arrived, and there were also present a few more young people, particular friends of Lulu's, who had been invited to join the Club.

  153. The doctor doesn't want me to use my eyes much for several days.

  154. Accordingly she turned her steps in the direction from which she had come, and walked on rapidly for several minutes.

  155. Elsie had several invitations for the holidays, but Marjorie, whose New York acquaintances were still limited to the girls at Miss Lothrop's, had only the first meeting of the Club on Friday evening to which to look forward.

  156. Several times she glanced at Elsie, fully expecting to see some expression of shame or remorse but that young lady was looking the picture of smiling content.

  157. Beverly sang several more ballads, and one or two college songs, and then, after strumming idly on the piano for a moment, as if uncertain what to sing next, he suddenly broke into an air Marjorie knew.

  158. Several people in the hall looked at her curiously, and a man in brass buttons asked her if he should call a cab.

  159. He was lost in thought for several minutes, and then he grinned.

  160. Entering the building, she met several men who appeared to be officials of the company.

  161. Inside the lighted room were the professor, his wife, Mr. Johnson, and several other persons Penny had never seen before.

  162. Mr. Parker, after telephoning several places, found the major registered at the St. Regis Hotel, not far from the Parker home.

  163. Several times Editor DeWitt glanced impatiently at her, and finally he said: "Let's have a start on that story, Elda.

  164. It explains why the Star photography room was broken into several times.

  165. He was told that Ben Bartell had identified several of the Snark's crew from police pictures, and it was expected all would be arrested within twenty-four hours.

  166. He turned several switches and the room was filled with a low humming sound.

  167. The professor made several adjustments on his machine, and again struck the musical note.

  168. In the front window, a revolving spit upon which were impaled several roasting chickens, captured all eyes.

  169. But as he tossed the story to a copy reader, she saw that he had pencilled several changes.

  170. There were several things she had heard about him--that he was undependable and that he drank heavily.

  171. In a pocket of the case Penny found several letters from Mr. Johnson which she gave to her father.

  172. As the ladders went up, and streams of water began to play on the blazing structure, Salt snapped several more pictures.

  173. I have my suspicions that--" Ben suddenly broke off, for several men had appeared on the deck of the Snark.

  174. The house had to be prepared for visitors; not only for the wedding guests; but also for friends and relatives of the family, who were coming from a distance and would remain for several days.

  175. I have already received several retaining fees from clients who are able to pay, but whose cases may not come on until the next term.

  176. Several times she looked up at Claudia's face, noticing its marble whiteness; but at length concluded that it must be only the effect of late hours, and so dropped the subject from her mind.

  177. The check for several thousand dollars which I gave you on the day of my departure, to be used for Ishmael's benefit.

  178. Leaning on Lord Vincent's arm, she went down the whole length of the room until she paused before the sofa on which sat Miss Tourneysee and several other ladies, attended by General Tourneysee, Captain Burghe and other gentlemen.

  179. Ishmael had not once set eyes on Claudia, though he had chanced to see the judge on horseback at a distance several times.

  180. As Bee poured out his coffee she informed him, in answer to his remarks, that all the members of the family had breakfasted and gone about their several affairs.

  181. It lasted several days, and then was decided in favor of the plaintiff--Toomey receiving every dollar of the damages claimed for him by his attorney.

  182. But he returned in the afternoon and recommenced work; and not only on this day, but for several succeeding days, Ishmael toiled cheerfully at this task.

  183. Besides Judge Merlin's brougham and Mr. Middleton's barouche, there were several other carriages drawn up before the house.

  184. The crimson-lined Brudenell pew remained vacant, as it had remained for several years.

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