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  1. Her mother begged them to remain, "so that there should be at least some English"; she spoke as if the old actress were an army of Frenchwomen.

  2. It's a poverty in the supernumeraries of our stage that we don't pass once for all, but come round and cross again like a procession or an army at the theatre.

  3. There is no doubt, but that for these wagons, Lee's escape would have been insured, but they had to be protected, and the army dallied day and night by the roadside.

  4. At about four o'clock it was announced in Grant's army that the surrender had been consummated and signed.

  5. I did not intend to propose the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia, but to ask the terms of your proposition.

  6. At last one loud huzza proclaims the fort lost, and with it the Confederate army cut into two parts.

  7. Back into the capital, a mighty procession--an army headed by its rulers, and victorious without striking a blow.

  8. I lost the best part of a whole army in capturing him.

  9. Then the man of the strong arm killed the King and every one of his army with a single blow.

  10. The King and his army approached rapidly, and demanded the Queen.

  11. He opened the window, and, on looking out, saw a great army approaching.

  12. The Princess thanked him a thousand times for his goodness, and then the King ordered the army to return to the city, for there would be no war, but only rejoicing.

  13. Turning quickly, he at once recognized his faithful old army friend Cap'n Cod, and gave him a cordial greeting.

  14. After four weeks of agony and want, the Prussian army could leave their encampment and seek both food and rest.

  15. It is a fearful army we are to attack," said Seidlitz; "more than twice our number.

  16. Utterly broken by these losses, dead and dying from starvation and weariness, the army drew off toward Zittau.

  17. The Russian army was greatly superior in numbers; they received the Prussians with a fearful, deadly fire!

  18. You will immediately convey the order to the king's army, that all intercourse between them and the third army corps is forbidden, as this corps seems to have lost all courage and all honorable feeling.

  19. They are usually taken from the released soldiers and put amongst the army stores.

  20. Inspiration shall not be wanting, and my army as well as yourselves shall know the many causes we have for this war.

  21. The king rode up the slight eminence from which, on that morning, his army had fallen like a glittering avalanche upon the enemy.

  22. Even though Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria, and niece to the Queen of Saxony, as her army were in want of horses, gave up all her own to carry the cannon.

  23. While one part of the army deserted or died of hunger or exhaustion, another part fought with an intrenched enemy, for three long days, in the narrow pass of Gabel, under the command of General von Puttkammer.

  24. The newly-supplied French army, and the army of the States, were on the Rhine.

  25. Allow me, however, first to sign these dispatches which I have written to my gracious sovereign, announcing the victory which the Russian troops have this day achieved over the army of the King of Prussia.

  26. Proceeding on their journey, they receive letters from the Spaniards relating the brisk and adverse struggle they had had against the army of the Indians.

  27. The natives all came out along the road in order to look at the Christians, celebrating much their coming because they thought that, through it, they would issue forth from the slavery in which that foreign army [the Incas] held them.

  28. And, by a contradiction, the real British army was in the navy; the boldest of the islanders were scattered over the moving archipelago of a great fleet.

  29. The strange army passed and vanished almost like a Moslem invasion; but it had made the difference that armed valour and victory always make, if it was but a negative difference.

  30. There were a thousand Harries in the army at Agincourt, and not one.

  31. He said the army he commanded was the scum of the earth; and the remark is none the less valuable because that army proved itself useful enough to be called the salt of the earth.

  32. I had on all my army equipment--gray uniform, two army pistols around me, and haversack in which I carried all my papers as adjutant of the Regiment.

  33. The Federal army was driven off at Kingston.

  34. Joe Wheeler’s Corps, Army of Tennessee), and sent to Franklin, Tenn.

  35. No army ever marched forward with higher hopes of success and more eager for the fray than did the Army of Mississippi move into Kentucky.

  36. Johnston was again called to the command of the Army of Tennessee.

  37. In May, 1865, the remnant of the Confederate army returned to their desolated homes.

  38. I received the officer with courtesy, and he presented an official communication addressed to General Bragg, sent for no other purpose, in my judgment, than to ascertain the movements of the army and General Bragg’s whereabouts.

  39. I do not think that he was of the temperament to command an army or direct its campaigns.

  40. Frank Cheatham, with two thousand of the Army of Tennessee, joined him there, and small squads of that army continued from time to time to come up, marching on foot from Corinth, Miss.

  41. He was confronted by an army double the numerical strength of his own, with all the resources at hand that could be asked for.

  42. We met the Army of Tennessee again in North Carolina, and served with it till the surrender at Greensboro, N.

  43. Both fleet and army were also provided on a scale of unexampled profusion, and the officers who were to lead, and who were of the noblest families of Spain, even embarked their suites of attendants and their physicians.

  44. For the castle altogether, with its numerous flanking towers, and the additions which had been made to it from time to time seemed capable of containing an army within the roundure of its walls.

  45. Nay, an I were appointed general-in-chief, I would conduct an army over to Holland, and deliver the country from the danger at once.

  46. That was a splendid move of General Miltiades at Marathon," said one of the party, with a most solemn face; "he attacked in two columns an army larger than his own.

  47. They were camped in the plain, and sent an army up here.

  48. It was not perceived by the Army of the West until it was within a couple of yards of the commissary depot; there a shot from a picket gave the alarm and the Army of the West fell into line at once.

  49. The cavalry sounded its trumpet as it jumped the Rubicon, and just as it reached the corner leading to the fortified camp, the whole army of the East came to its support.

  50. The army of the West was "licked" out of its boots, and with shattered battalions and wide gaps in its ranks it came limping and howling home, leaving the ground covered with a debris of ears and tails.

  51. The Moslem army attacked them at dawn, and all day the battle continued.

  52. The Christian army came to this plain and encamped there without water and greatly fatigued by their march.

  53. Just as the army came to the edge of the town, some angels came down and took the house away.

  54. The Persian army was drawn up in the Plain of Marathon, with its center directly in front of the Greek position.

  55. Four months later, the Austrian army retreated over the same bridge, pursued by the Hungarians.

  56. The army contains about five thousand regulars and one hundred thousand militia.

  57. And, hot and thick, His army rushed, in double quick.

  58. The rats, awakened by the clatter, Rushed out to see what was the matter, Then down the whole mouse-army flew, And many thieving rats it slew.

  59. The efforts of France and Prussia to secure the alliance of Italy are most amusing, as if the events of late had not shown how totally inoperative Italy was, and that nothing could be worse than her army except her fleet.

  60. With this army he attacked and conquered his neighbours in all directions, until he became an object of universal terror.

  61. We are to advance to Luneberg, where a junction will be effected with Sir Evelyn Wood; and then the whole army will proceed to Ulundi for what will be, I trust, the final struggle.

  62. Bitterly and notoriously as he dislikes the English, he means to join their army as a mounted volunteer.

  63. His army is destroyed, or too widely scattered to be gathered together again.

  64. His army alone contains four times as many men as our whole white population, and every man among them is a trained warrior, as fearless of wounds and death, as any man in your English regiments.

  65. Zululand is a difficult country for an army to traverse.

  66. My birth is as good as his own, I have served in the same army as himself, and I have twice challenged him.

  67. If Cetewayo had ever intended to be faithful to his engagements with the English, of what use could this enormous and costly army have been to him?

  68. I was an English soldier in the Zulu war," returned George; "but I left the army at its conclusion, and am now a clergyman of the Church of England.

  69. On the day following the conversation between George and his friends, the English army formed in square and marched on the royal kraal.

  70. One day in the spring of 1900, when the army of gold-seekers was beginning to land on the "Golden Beach," I was standing with Bill near his saloon.

  71. Bill agreed at once, found a man to tend his bar, secured a squad of strong and willing men, a stretcher from the army post and a good physician and went with me on the errand of mercy.

  72. There the rabble ended and the army began.

  73. The marauders in the train of an army were more or less in number, according as the chief was more or less severe.

  74. The army was mined at the same time as the population, as was proved subsequently by the operations of Beford, Luneville, and Epinard.

  75. Where is your army of schoolmasters, the only army which civilization acknowledges?

  76. He formed a part of the eighth corps of the grand army which Mortier commanded, and which captured Hamburg.

  77. An army could not retreat thither without dissolving; the regiments would have broken up immediately there.

  78. There existed in the army of order, veritable guerilleros, some of the sword, like Fannicot, others of the pen, like Henri Fonfrede.

  79. During the operations of the army commanded by the prince generalissimo, a squadron had been cruising in the Mediterranean.

  80. Getting together as large an army as he could in Normandy, he sailed across the Channel.

  81. When Santa Anna and his army had arrived and surrounded the flimsy Spanish convent-fort, he called on Colonel Travis to surrender.

  82. In a hard-fought battle, Alfred was defeated and most of his army was slain.

  83. He is said to have become commander-in-chief of the Egyptian army that conquered the black and savage race living a thousand miles up the Nile.

  84. As the Americans came rushing in from all sides, shouting and shooting, the British thought they were attacked by an army instead of by thirty guerrillas.

  85. Lee resigned as colonel in the United States army and went with her.

  86. In advance of the Norman lines rode a knight in armor, bearing the duke’s colors, singing the Song of Roland, the great paladin in the army of Charlemagne, who had lived and fought nearly three hundred years before.

  87. But he was a Virginian, and he could not bring himself to lead an army to burn his own home or to kill or drive out his relatives, friends, and neighbors.

  88. William, who was now twenty years old, gathered an army of loyal knights and men, and waged fierce warfare against the traitors, who retreated within the walls of a Norman town.

  89. The Danish army was now encamped not far from the king’s hiding place.

  90. In August General Wolfe was ill in bed, and it was reported in the British army that he was not likely to live long.

  91. It became necessary for Alexander to lead his army farther eastward into Asia.

  92. If he had left his post and sneaked off the Academy grounds to drink, or gamble, or break some other rule, he would have been a deserter who, in real army life, would have deserved to be shot.

  93. He wrote home often about his army life, his hopes, and his aims.

  94. As a member of General Braddock’s staff young Washington saved the remaining part of the British army at Fort Duquesne.

  95. If they refused to bring back the little King, the Duke would doubtless raise an army and come against them and compel them to give him up.

  96. French King to get together a great army to go to England and fight against Edward.

  97. He has chosen the army as his profession.

  98. It is a good thing to think that these boys are growing up happy and good, and passing on into the army to be among England's brave soldiers.

  99. He sent so large an army that to fight against it was hopeless, and so there was no fighting.

  100. For several hundred feet around the great stone quay extended a perfect army of Chinese boats, clustering together like bees; but Mrs. Sam soon made her way through them, and Austin leaped ashore.

  101. But we are wandering from the subject: Let us therefore return and enquire how the tyrant will maintain that fair and numerous and various and ever-changing army of his.

  102. In the first place, he shall receive honour in the army from his youthful comrades; every one of them in succession shall crown him.

  103. To return to the tyrant--How will he support that rare army of his?

  104. In the first place, I said, if we have to fight, our side will be trained warriors fighting against an army of rich men.

  105. Cowards skulk about the dead, pretending that they are fulfilling a duty, and many an army before now has been lost from this love of plunder.

  106. Coiling it upon his saddle horn, he swung to the asphalt and saluted her, army fashion.

  107. Yes, Kicko was a police dog, the gift of a returned army captain and the only herder of his breed in captivity.

  108. One of his foibles as a Grand Army veteran was to come here at sunrise on victory anniversaries and run up a flag on that staff.

  109. Myriads of these destructive pests, an army of famine and despair, rolled in black legions down the mountain sides and attacked the growing fields of grain.

  110. No man could judge of my feelings when I beheld that army of men, as plainly as ever I saw armies of men in the flesh; it seemed as though every hair of my head was alive.

  111. In this bow an army moved, commencing from the east and marching to the west; they continued marching until they reached the western horizon.

  112. Word was brought to head-quarters on the Missouri, that a United States army officer with a squad of soldiers had arrived at Mt.

  113. Pisgah, with a requisition for five hundred men, to be furnished by the Mormons, to enter the army and march to California to take part in the war against Mexico.

  114. In the army they become, occasionally, the most bigoted worshippers of red-tape.

  115. A couple of army sisters, lugging suit-cases, clinging to the flying folds of their grey cloaks, walk, bent forward against the wind and rain.

  116. He did not know--few people in the army ever do know--where he was going.

  117. For the men of the old army the officer was a leader because he was recognisably in some sense a superior.

  118. In the foreground there were two incinerators, a dump of old tins, and a Salvation Army hut.

  119. He belonged, of course, to that part of the army which is officially described as "other ranks"; and only commissioned officers are trusted to wander at will through that town.

  120. The Church Army put up a small hut, but sent no worker to look after it; and even that hut was not opened till the early summer of 1916.

  121. It is a magnificent record to have established in an army like ours, a wonderful record to have kept through a long-drawn war like this, when every regiment has been destroyed and remade of new material half a dozen times.

  122. But the story gives us a true idea of the impression made on the minds of the home army by the democratic spirit of the men from overseas.

  123. On one side of the room stood the colonel's bed, a camp stretcher covered with army blankets.

  124. The authorities who are responsible for the religion of the army believe in this plan for teaching chaplains their business.

  125. It was worse when a whist drive or a singing competition in the Church Army hut was interrupted by one of these Egyptian plagues of darkness.

  126. What has really happened during the war is that the army has changed in the essential spirit of its organisation.

  127. The difference between the cavalry troopers and the infantry privates of the army of to-day is difficult to define; but it is very easily felt and plain to recognise.

  128. The cavalry is, with the possible exception of the Guards, the only part of our force in which the spirit of the old army survives.

  129. Two days later the excitement was increased by the arrival at the fort of some Delaware Indians, who brought the great news that Washington was killed and his army totally routed.

  130. Carleton that "all accounts confirm Washington being killed and his army defeated in December last, and that Gates was sent for to take the command.

  131. For once, the man who had disciplined the American Army met his match.

  132. Washington at this time, the reader will remember, had gone into winter quarters with his army at Valley Forge.

  133. Cade retired from Blackheath to Sevenoaks on an equal force being sent to oppose him, but there turned at bay upon his pursuers, and the Royal army dispersed, leaving London at the mercy of this rabblement.

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