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droughts; droughty; drouth; drouths; drouthy; drover; drovers; droves; droving; drow
  1. Mr. Audley hailed a passing hansom, and drove back to his chambers.

  2. Mr. Audley left my lady in a dreary coffee-room in the care of a drowsy attendant while he drove away to some distant part of the quiet city.

  3. Robert Audley was loitering upon the broad grass-plat in front of the Court as the carriage containing my lady and Alicia drove under the archway, and drew up at the low turret-door.

  4. It will save me a day," he thought, as he drove to the General Post Office with this brief epistle.

  5. He attended her to her carriage, and watched it as it drove off, not toward Audley, but in the direction of Brentwood, which was about six miles from Mount Stanning.

  6. He lifted the shivering girl into the chaise, wrapped a rough great-coat about her, and drove off through the yellow fog, followed by a feeble cheer from two or three urchins clustered around the gate.

  7. Sir Michael and I hurried up to town immediately, and drove straight to the old address.

  8. Mr. Audley seated himself close to the wide steel fender, and stretched his cramped legs upon the hearth-rug, while the landlord drove the poker into the vast pile of coal, and sent a ruddy blaze roaring upward through the chimney.

  9. The rumbling hackney-carriage drove upward of three-quarters of a mile along this smooth roadway before it drew up against a gateway, older and more ponderous than any of those they had passed.

  10. He was in London at dusk on the second day after that on which he had left Audley Court, and he drove straight to the Clarendon, to inquire after his uncle.

  11. He did not return to his chambers, but called a cab and drove straight to Crescent Villas, West Brompton.

  12. Then suddenly exhaustion and drought drove home the growing realization that this exploitation could not go on.

  13. With this advantage they overcame the Sioux and drove them south and west.

  14. Elmer, who received the appointment, drove up and down the valley in a homemade cutter, and was the first to conduct church services in many of the pioneer towns, including Fargo and Grand Forks.

  15. Centuries later the seas returned to crush it with heavy layers of shale and clay, until pressure and heat drove out most of the volatile oils of the wood, leaving carbon or coal.

  16. This happy arrangement continued for many years, but one season a fierce tribe came from the mountains to the west and drove the plains tribes from their hunting grounds.

  17. Once, as they drove home through the dusk, Miss Elvira of a sudden had laid a hand on Bab's.

  18. Every night she dined out; mornings and afternoons she either rode or drove with her new friends, now not so new either; or, alone with David, the two rambled in his roadster up and down the many unfrequented byroads of the island.

  19. Every afternoon, tucked up in the corner of a big motor landau with the top let down, he drove in the park and on Riverside Drive, Bab and David with him.

  20. The squatter walked along Pitt Street, then hailing a cab drove to Surrey Hills.

  21. You drove her away in your buggy, emptied her out, and left her insensible while you drove away.

  22. One day he drove his wife to the glittering wire and showed her where he had stood for long hours in the terrible heat and drought.

  23. He came out again in about a quarter of an hour, hailed a passing hansom, and drove away.

  24. He called at a house, remained some time, then drove to Circular Quay, catching the last boat to Manley.

  25. Bill Bigs was the most frequent visitor, and when he rode there, or drove in his buggy, it was seldom empty-handed.

  26. With their aid, Tennes, the Sidonian king, completely defeated the troops which Ochus had sent against him, and drove the Persians out of Phœnicia.

  27. Horus then renewed the war with his uncle, and finally slew him with a long spear, which he drove into his head.

  28. She coolly helped Hester prepare for the trip, and when she drove away in the buckboard, stood on the ground at the edge of the porch, watching as the buckboard and its occupant faded into the shimmering haze of the plains.

  29. He cursed hoarsely and drove the spurs deep into the flanks of his horse, and the animal, squealing with pain and fury, leaped down the side of the arroyo, crossed the bottom in two or three bounds and stretched away toward Manti.

  30. My mother is not well, and demands a great deal of care, or I should have come down to the gate to meet you when you drove up.

  31. The gentleman drove up but a moment ago on a trifling errand from my mother, and I could do nothing else than admit him.

  32. When the weather was fine, I drove him home at night, and I think we always met Bragg driving toward the town.

  33. The country being familiar to me, I drove through the field paths to shorten the distance, and hurried along as rapidly as I could, for I knew they would be waiting for me.

  34. He stopped before I came up with him, as if considering whether he should go on, or back with me, and, settling it as I drove up, he stepped into the buggy and sat down beside me.

  35. I began to understand him better, and said it looked very well when I drove up.

  36. Once when they became more noisy than usual, the printer named Adams dashed out, and drove them away as he would chase so many hens, but they soon came back again, and stared at me.

  37. During the drive back to town Barker was very grave, saying but little, and in consequence I drove rapidly.

  38. Bragg helped Mateel into the buggy with an insolent sort of politeness, and, seating himself beside her, drove away.

  39. Propitious winds drove them into the river Gase, where they landed, thirty miles from Agremore, and laid waste the country.

  40. Wynde him blewe ful fayre and goode Into the Ryver of Gaȝe, 772 Propitious winds Even over the salte flode drove them into the And ouer the profounde rase.

  41. Mr. Tweed; 'and it drove the other chap out of a good berth?

  42. On the afternoon of this same day Mr. Vanderholt entered his carriage and drove into the City.

  43. The boat drove alongside, and Mr. and Miss Vanderholt ascended the short ladder.

  44. And then she would shriek out: 'Yer drove me to it!

  45. The men led on by Hettel oft their spear-shafts drove Thro' their foes' light bucklers, as close they met together: The fighters proud from Moorland sorely rued the day that brought them thither.

  46. A wind from the south was blowing, and drove them out to sea.

  47. Finally, we drove off just as it was getting dusk, followed by many huzzahs, and much waving of grey and green caps.

  48. While I was at work, the dull grey morning grew duller and greyer; a thick sea-fog drove up from the Adriatic; and a low moaning wind came and went like the echo of a distant requiem.

  49. And it was the shock of this double tragedy that drove the younger Chessez into the church?

  50. At Carissa Creek, as we drove up, we found quite a party of these, resting there during the heat of the day.

  51. It was too late in the day to explore it, but we had a grand view of it in the shifting sunlight, as we drove slowly by.

  52. Once he drove from Salt Lake to the Missouri, over twelve hundred miles, in six days and a half, and made the total trip from San Francisco in twelve days.

  53. They attacked a ranch only three miles east of "this New-England-like" village, and seized several cattle and drove them off.

  54. Returning we drove by the ruins of the old city-wall, erected by the Mormons soon after they settled here, of concrete and adobe, as a defence against the Indians.

  55. We drove the same animals down and back, over five hundred miles continuously, without the loss of a mule, and seldom made less than thirty or forty miles a day, when on the road.

  56. Senor Dolores Machado met us at the door, as we drove up; but as he could speak no English, and we no Spanish, there seemed to be a predicament.

  57. Tucson already drove a considerable trade with Sonora, and expected to increase this much, now that Maximilian had subsided.

  58. One drove of their live stock, over two thousand head, passed down the road just ahead of us, subsequently when en route to Tucson, and we were told they had many more.

  59. The gamblers occupied corners of these, and drove a brisk trade unmolested by anybody.

  60. The smoke curled away on the breezy air, but the sound was inaudible down by the roadside as we drove by.

  61. Ten thousand "beautiful birds of song" flitted and twittered, from bush to tree, as we drove along.

  62. As we drove along, they rose up by the roadside in flocks of thousands, and fairly deafened the air with their multitudinous konkings.

  63. As we drove up abreast of it, we descried them on its dizzy edge, but took them to be eagles or buzzards, until they out with their handkerchiefs and fired off their pistols.

  64. He who drove was black and exceedingly uncomely, and beside him sat a large brown man bearing a spear and girded with a sword.

  65. Into these the Saxons put their baggage of all kinds, but they drove away their horses to a good distance down the beach.

  66. What danger to the son of Brander were a drove of these Syrian cattle, even if they were armed?

  67. The storm drove them onward steadily all day, and now and then they saw ice floating, but no sail of any ship.

  68. Ulric, as he drove his seax to the hilt into the breast and through the heart of the colt.

  69. Ben Ezra was silent, thinking of these things, and The Sword drove onward.

  70. Well I drove as fast as I could back to the farm & somebody had already told Prudence what had hapend & as soon as I drove into the yd.

  71. The next minute a bugle call sounded down the street and up drove a team of prancing grays.

  72. And as they drove up before the Pinkwoods' modest home twelve tired but happy children with one accord voted the Whisky Rebellion capital fun and Aunt Polly a brick.

  73. I bet this is him now," cried Frank, and all waited expectantly as a vehicle drove up.

  74. When they awoke round Mr. Sun was just sinking behind the Purple Hills and so, after taking a few more scattered shots at Revenue Officers, they piled once more into the carryall and drove back to town.

  75. I and Prudence drove old Bessy down to Boston Bessy is are horse see Ethen which is about 13 mi.

  76. And the little boy's pencil drove with furious ease and its path was marked with flourishes.

  77. That end disappeared in an ankle-deep swirl of white foam, the other rose suddenly, the whole timber, projected forward by the shock, drove headlong to the middle of the little pond.

  78. Nor did he look Emmy Lou's way, only drove his pencil into his slate with a fervor that made Miss Clara rap sharply on her desk.

  79. The young minister woke early on the Sabbath morning, and he may be forgiven that the prospect of the ordeal through which he had to pass drove his care for 'Lias out of mind for the first few hours.

  80. He remained at the office for two hours, trying to change the cartoon to Benson's satisfaction, with a growing hatred of the work and a disgust with himself that now and then almost drove him to mad destruction.

  81. We drove in silence through the green and gold lyric of the spring day, an elderly company sadly out of key with the triumphant note of eternal youth which rang through all the visible world.

  82. This still further restricted the profits of native authors and nearly drove them from the field of periodical literature.

  83. The excesses of the French Revolution, and the usurpation of Napoleon disappointed them, as it did many other English liberals, and drove them into the ranks of the reactionaries.

  84. The furious beast dashed at the wagon, and drove his horn into the bowels of the driver, inflicting a frightful wound.

  85. Next year affairs were not improved at Kolobeng, and while attempting the north again fever drove us back.

  86. He had it on his finger when he drove me into the streets.

  87. Conan drove his sword between the dusky shoulders with such vengeful fury that the broad blade stood out half its length from the black breast.

  88. And you--you sent your servant with a drug that drove him mad!

  89. And drove the chief from the city with threats and curses!

  90. To spite me, Totrasmek gave him a drug that drove him mad.

  91. He leaped aside from the ripping scimitar-curved horns, and drove his sword in behind the foreleg, through ribs and heart.

  92. The nearness of her vibrant body drove a flame through his veins.

  93. Then came Jack Frost with snow and ice and drove all the birds back to the place they had come from.

  94. They were long and narrow, and they drove him through the air faster than his neighbors with broader wings could fly and with a great deal less effort.

  95. He flew straight at the spot he had selected and drove his big spear-like bill into it.

  96. It was late autumn, and suddenly a storm arose which drove her out of her course, until on the Cardiganshire coast she had become a total wreck.

  97. Will felt as they drove through the lodge gates that the charm of the situation outweighed the twinges of pain in his arm.

  98. A few days later the announcement of his approaching marriage reached Garthowen, in a letter from Will himself, enclosing the unposted missive, which he had discovered in his pocket as he drove to Nantmyny on the previous Sunday.

  99. She chatted volubly as they drove under the leafy ash branches which bordered the road, her father answering only in monosyllables.

  100. That afternoon, late, when the old man drove his waggon up to me for the hundredth time it seemed, he smiled quizzically.

  101. People who drove in from the country complained about your lying here.

  102. I could perceive that that was a grotesque platform gesture of his, when he drove a comic point home.

  103. Wednesday noon Pete Willets drove up, accompanied by a grubby Woman whom at first glance I did not relish.

  104. For Randall had said to me before he drove away.

  105. The people what saw you lying here, as they drove in, stopped off at the office of the Globe .

  106. He was a railroad engineer who drove a switch engine in the yards.

  107. An old cabman who drove a dilapidated rig hailed us with uplifted whip.

  108. His pursuit drove me from corner to corner, till I lost my mischievous boldness and began to act timid and fearful.

  109. But the wedge that drove them apart was entered when his first wife, Anne, brought into their married life, Dorothy, a fellow teacher, a visiting friend.

  110. Thereupon I took a heavy spear, and, spreading the shirt upon the floor, drove the spear down upon it with all my strength, the weapon rebounding without leaving a mark upon the tempered steel.

  111. The recollection of that drove him mad, the sense of his powerlessness exasperated him, he had but one idea left: to show Lily .

  112. A strange curiosity, nevertheless, drove her toward that conqueror, once a bike-cleaning workman, who was now topping the bill at Berlin and making as much money by himself as a whole program put together.

  113. And everything drove her toward him, she always found herself on his path: Jimmy was everywhere, always.

  114. The thought drove him mad: "Damn that girl!

  115. At five the shop closed, and David and Red drove back to their hotel, where they put the envelope in the safe.

  116. They drove through miles of streets as modern as the newest of American cities.

  117. A cold, clean, steady wind drove them toward the east.

  118. As they drove away, Dulcie said, "How nice and friendly they are to each other!

  119. When Mr. Hammond's car drove up, Dulcie hopped gaily out, her little Pekinese hugged under her arm.

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