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Example sentences for "stopped before"

  • The pope bowed, and followed the countess until she stopped before a closed door, and said: "In this room, my uncle awaits the gracious visit of your holiness.

  • While all this was transpiring at the market-place, an imperial state-carriage had been hurrying through the streets until it stopped before a gloomy house, of which the doors and window-shutters were all closed.

  • The same evening, Baron Eskeles Flies left his hotel on foot, and hastily traversing the streets, stopped before a house where, ascending to the second story, he rang the bell.

  • At last he stopped before a white marble slab, to which he pointed without a word.

  • The Lady Ortensia has not come home,' he heard Pina say behind him, in a tone of such astonishment that he stopped before he had reached the door of the sitting-room.

  • Cucurullo took off his hat civilly as he stopped before them.

  • Ortensia was not in the least surprised when the carriage stopped before a decent-looking little house, after ascending a steep hill.

  • We stopped before an unregal gateway, and were conducted with much ceremony into the palace.

  • At the foot of the mountains we stopped before a long wall, less ruinous than most--a bare mud wall, straight and uncompromising, with an arched doorway in the midst of it.

  • On our way home we stopped before a confectioner’s shop and invited him to let us taste of his preserves.

  • Ellen turned into the corridor and stopped before Anne's door.

  • It stopped before a tall, narrow house with an English basement.

  • He stopped before an open door and stood aside for her to precede him.

  • Back in the main trench, I turned off with the Lieutenant, going down what seemed to be a retreating trench until he stopped before a wooden sign that read Kamp Fuhrer.

  • Off we rattled, down another vista of gray cobbles and squat gray houses, and presently we stopped before a clean-looking house of stucco, before which paced a soldier in the long dark gray coat of the Landsturm.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "stopped before" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    could sleep; dear chap; dear papa; external goods; had never heard before; internally displaced; killed them; make their; may come; must think; not sufficient; now she; raising water; save her; seems reasonable; shall find; sixteen miles; small gold; stopped abruptly; stopped again; stopped and; stopped before; stopped short; stopped suddenly; things pertaining; west half