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  1. The huge granite blocks, each taller than a man, which form the battlements, still stand erect and immovable.

  2. It was a wonderful American doll with yellow hair and with eyes which would shut and open, and it was dressed all in white, just as Joanna had sometimes, on rare visits to Guimaraes, seen foreign children dressed.

  3. This yard was formed by one side of the house and by a small granite building which held the grape-vats.

  4. Along the street through which Jose Almaida passed with the oxen, the market-day produce was spread out under the trees.

  5. In this Portuguese country, autumn meets winter with pouring rain and with strong winds, which break down almost everything in the gardens and which cover gardens and fields with wet leaves and long sprays of vine.

  6. It had two wheels of solid wood, without spokes, and with iron tires, fixed fast to an axle which turned with the wheels.

  7. There has been a constant demand for publication in separate form of these six stories, which were originally included in six of the "Little Colonel" books.

  8. The new harrow which Antonio bought had many strong, close-set teeth.

  9. This is the way that port, the wine for which Portugal is famed, is made throughout the country.

  10. To Antonio, Guimaraes seemed very old-fashioned and slow, compared with the busy American cities of the same size which he had seen.

  11. He looked up with eyes which seemed full of sympathy, and put his nose into the boy's hand.

  12. While these students, in long black coats buttoned close to the chin, ate the broa and the fresh fruits which the good mother set before them, Jose asked them many questions about the place from which they came.

  13. We shall have more feed for them, and with our larger crops to sell, we can soon pay back to Antonio the money which he has spent for new farm implements and tools.

  14. The fleet consisted of fifty-seven ships of war, of which twenty-four were Dutch vessels under Admiral Warmond, with three thousand sailors of Holland and Zeeland.

  15. He furthermore expressed the strong desire which he felt that the king might be induced to make a personal visit to the queen at Dover, whither she would gladly come to receive him, so soon as Calais should have been saved.

  16. It was difficult, however, for any diploma to confer anything more noble upon him than the name which he hade inherited, and to which he had so well established his right.

  17. You cannot be ignorant," replied Bouillon, "of the purpose for which we have been sent hither by his Very Christian Majesty.

  18. The wrath to come of that horrible Thirty Years' War, which he was not to witness seemed to inspire all his prophetic diatribes.

  19. They were characterized by the same mutual complaints of overreachings and of shortcomings by which all the previous discussions had been distinguished.

  20. They were afoot at once, passed the stream upon some stepping-stones, and began to mount on the other side, which was steeper, towards the margin of the wood.

  21. If ye oppose to me my word, which I have plighted, I will yield.

  22. Ten men were left to guard the horses; signals were agreed upon by which they could communicate in case of need; and Dick set forth at the head of the remainder, Alicia Risingham walking stoutly by his side.

  23. Hurriedly thanking the man, he moved round the shore to a certain sandy creek, for which the skiff was heading.

  24. Dick breathed deep, and then, and not till then, he gave ear to the disturbance which had interrupted the attack, and which was now rather increasing than diminishing.

  25. But though he was searched from head to foot, not a penny was found upon him; nothing but Lord Foxham's signet, which they plucked savagely from his finger.

  26. The house to which they were bound was the last in the village, standing alone among lilacs; and beyond it, on three sides, there was open meadow rising towards the borders of the wood.

  27. I have come into mine estate which doubtless ye remember to have heard on.

  28. There is a window, out of which the messenger descended; the rope should still be in the chamber.

  29. The chief part were in Sir Daniel's livery, murrey and blue, which gave the greater show to their array.

  30. In the next room he heard a stir, as of a person moving; then followed a sigh, which sounded strangely near; and then the rustle of skirts and tap of feet once more began.

  31. I began to paddle for dear life toward the other side of the Wide Blue Water, which was a long way off, with Old Man Moccasin gaining fast.

  32. There wasn't one of them that could unwind himself from his limb, except old Mr. Waters, who had got only a teaspoonful of the medicine, which very likely was just about the right amount.

  33. He and Minty would have to elope, of course, and he told me to tell her just what to do, because I could get to see her alone, which he couldn't.

  34. She used to set Uncle Silas to peeling potatoes, after supper, for next morning, and would make Winters help my young lady cousin do the dishes, which you would not think he would like; but he did.

  35. I was limping, too, and afraid I was injured internally, for I didn't feel hungry, which is always a bad sign.

  36. The contemptuous glance which he threw at the dwarf made Kreiss aware of what he was discussing in his mind.

  37. You must understand me clearly; you will not be our protector, but our servant; you will unhesitatingly perform every kind of work which may be required of you for our safety or our comfort.

  38. Dressed in her most costly robes she put an embroidered cloth upon a table of polished wood and offered him in silver dishes all the varieties of fish and game, in which the lake and the park near the house abounded.

  39. Thanks to these ablutions and certain prayers which accompanied them, the river carried down with it all the diseases, which would otherwise have attacked them during the coming year.

  40. He lived alone, friendless, childless, without a family and giving up even his mother country, finding that everything had to be done over again in this world, which he had not created.

  41. The German Druids veiled their faces, but the people and the whole party which was opposed to Jupiter the wicked, and to Venus the shameless, joyfully accepted the proposition.

  42. I cannot reconcile it to my principles as an author nor to my conscience as an honest student of genuine myths, to repeat here a story, which is altogether apocryphal, and which belongs much less to tradition than to mystification.

  43. Soothsayers, Godmothers, Fairies, Strong Women, and Serpent Women are not the only women of this class which we ought to mention here perhaps.

  44. This Black God now became for all the German {258}nations the army leader of their proscribed gods, an army which was presently to be largely increased.

  45. After a host of adventures in which our men, that is to say, our gods, are continually victimized, Thor in his rage challenges the giants to single combat.

  46. Odin opened first the vessel which contained {146}Poetry and tasted the contents.

  47. His hand moved instinctively toward his eyes, which were veiled by a dimness that made everything swim vaguely before his vision.

  48. Mahmud's fall was generally accepted as prophetic of worse things to follow, and Arzemia, seeing her empire crumbling, turned to the Magi for an ungarbled version of her horoscope which was kept for reference in the royal archives.

  49. Surrounded by a formidable bodyguard, appeared the Commander of the true faithful, whose pavilion was pitched at the foot of the hill on which Omeyya stood, in the midst of the minor pavilions of His Majesty's ministers.

  50. Flee not hence before I kiss the hands which brought me succor,' cried the maiden passionately stirred.

  51. What you see is no water, but a heavy fog, which looks like water," corrected Cordosa, much surprised however at the phenomenal denseness of the cloud.

  52. Because thou hast broken the spell which for many hundred years held the denizens of this city enthralled by enchantment," was the answer.

  53. The discharge of artillery shook the air; the musicians played, and the pageant moved on and out of sight, except the column of moonlight, which faded slowly in the hazy distance.

  54. Muley had worn the crown upon his head while the great battle was being fought, after which that invaluable symbol of imperial grandeur was not to be found.

  55. The Koran says: "And in like manner al Zameri also cast in what he had collected, and he produced unto them a corporeal calf which lowed.

  56. During the chaotic conditions which followed the fall of Kavadh, Shahrbaraz matured a plot for the usurpation of Iran's sovereignty.

  57. With his countenance shining like the sun, he rushed down from the mountain, dropped and shattered the tablets, which bore the Commandments he had received from the hand of God, and reduced the idol to powder which he scattered to the winds.

  58. In this especial case the remembrance of a broken leg and dislocated jaw seemed to justify any step calculated to afford some recompense for those injuries which gave the aspirant to prophetic veneration a hideous aspect.

  59. Three weeks passed, during which we did a mere nothing: we were waiting till the season was more advanced, when we should have longer days, and so we made ourselves as contented as we could.

  60. And suddenly all these colours vanished, and the sky was covered with what looked like luminous clouds, through which moved shapes of wavy light, forms which could be likened to angels or spirits.

  61. By May's desire I read the proper service from her own prayer-book, with which she had entrusted me for the purpose.

  62. We had now reached the place to which Jim and Fan had agreed to accompany us.

  63. I was standing in an open space, clear of trees, on the surface of the frozen stream indeed, when I was more than usually struck with the sublime, the awful spectacle which the heavens exhibited.

  64. It seemed to me the very forest would be uprooted; the hill shook, inside which I lived.

  65. I had broiled him a bit of bear meat lately, which he enjoyed.

  66. Then we trudged on a piece farther up the arm, which pointed, as nearly as I could guess, south-west, and this was towards where I thought that I had heard the shots.

  67. An immense amount of snow falls on these coast ranges; luckily we had none during our crossing--neither did it rain, which was wonderful.

  68. I opened the door, brought in some snow, which covered everything outside now.

  69. For weeks there had been no darkness, there was only what the Shetlanders call "the dim," and which we could then perceive was becoming more pronounced.

  70. A few dollars one way or the other were no particular consequence to us, and we thought it wiser to keep dark, so we agreed; at which the boss, calling to an Indian, took him aside.

  71. Often I gazed longingly at her, yearning for the time when I could honourably ask her the question which was uppermost in my mind--"Could she ever love me?

  72. Ah, Mrs. Morley, do not lower your friend into an ordinary girl in whom idleness exaggerates the strength of any fancy over which it dreamily broods.

  73. I cannot bear that bloodless, mocking, cynical mode of dealing with grand emotions, which belongs to the generation of the Doctrinaires.

  74. It is the opinions that you so condemn which alone at this moment supply bread to the writer.

  75. And yet, if Isaura were the missing heiress, could Graham Vane admit any excuse for basely withholding from her, for coolly retaining to himself the wealth for which he was responsible?

  76. Thus it went on, till I had grave symptoms of a disease which rendered the duration of my life uncertain.

  77. This it is which makes the Press more dangerous in France than it is in any other country.

  78. The waiters had flocked round him, and were pointing to a table by the window, which a saturnine Englishman, who had dined off a beefsteak and potatoes, was about to vacate.

  79. She found a rich protector, who had influence to get her an appointment in the ballet: and there she did as most girls so circumstanced do--appeared under an assumed name, which she has since kept.

  80. Surely they would capitulate before the bombardment, which the Germans themselves disliked to contemplate as a last resource, could commence.

  81. I perfectly understand, my dear Marquis, that you would destroy all letters which your father himself would have destroyed if his last illness had been sufficiently prolonged.

  82. Unaware of the rivalry between these friendly diplomatists and schemers, Graham and Isaura glided hourly more and more down the current, which as yet ran smooth.

  83. In a similar manner they led forth the Silver Tsaritza and the Copper Tsaritza, and these also brought linen sheets for the device which Ivan had designed.

  84. No," cried Ivan in a heroic voice which in spite of himself seemed to echo throughout the world.

  85. For a moment Ilya left his side to wrench from moist Mother Earth a ring-barked oak which he bound to the left stirrup of his shaggy bay steed.

  86. But it seems to me that either they are not at home or they have locked up their beauty very securely;" for the entrance to the pavilion was secured by a stout bar on which was a lock of damascened steel.

  87. Which is now of greatest worth in Russia, gold or silver or damascened steel?

  88. So he fastened Cloudfall to the oak, crept into the bed, and fell into a deep slumber which lasted for three days and three nights.

  89. At the top of the mountain he found a huge stone on which was carved the inscription: "He who shall comfort himself at this stone and divert himself by leaping along it shall break his turbulent head.

  90. Then he placed her upon his good steed, took from her the mace of steel and the sharp sword which she bore, and, mounting behind her, rode onward to the city of Prince Vladimir.

  91. So Ilya and his elder brother went into the palace of white stone and rested as long as they could, which was not really long, for one morning the sun shone and each found the other at the gate looking with longing eyes upon the world.

  92. With a low reverence to the holy pilgrims, Diuk rode to his home, which he reached in a short space of time; and on the next day after having been to vespers he sought out his lady mother.

  93. Then the waters of the Dnieper were strangely troubled, the banks of the river quaked and fell, and trees which once had waved upright now spanned the stream.

  94. She was a peaceable, gentle lady, who was greatly alarmed at the strength which her son was developing, and she upbraided him with tears in her eyes.

  95. It is a stout club, this of mine," he cried grimly as he dealt blows to right and left; "and it has a hard end to it with which to crack infidel pates.

  96. Place an oaken plank upon the heaving dark-grey sea upon which I shall journey; and fill a bowl with red gold, another with white silver and a third with fine seed pearls and place them upon the plank.

  97. Archie sprang out and followed Peter to the open window, from which they had a full view of the landing-place, where lights were moving and their bearers could be seen hurrying to and fro.

  98. They don't know which sentry it was," thought Smithers, and he was raising his piece to fire and bring the relief to his side, when it struck him that he should be leaving himself defenceless if his prisoner should make a dash to escape.

  99. On his twisting the cork, the neck emitted a peculiar squeak, followed by a gurgling sound, which lasted till the bottle was half-empty, by which time the thirsty private had become fully conscious of its contents.

  100. Peter Pegg started up into a sitting position, vacant of face and staring at the straightly streaked rays of sunshine that made their way through the plaited and latticed sides of the stable-like building in which he had dropped to sleep.

  101. Nothing at all, sir, except that there's a bit of a lodge here which seems as if it might belong to the Rajah, and be where he lived and slept.

  102. Is it not an unrighteous system which is crushing and cursing our beloved country?

  103. The cannon shot came from the direction in which the troops had gone.

  104. In the hall his mother met him, weeping and calling him her dear son, and begging him never to leave her again--a promise which he readily made.

  105. Uncle Dan then returned to his cabin for his gun, and Joe went to Snagtown, which was between Mr. Tompkins' plantation and the hunter's cabin.

  106. His companions, who were several rods in advance, suddenly turned abruptly to the left, which he, evidently too terrified to comprehend which way he was going, kept straight ahead.

  107. I intend to," he said, bringing his musket to his shoulder, which movement made Diggs fairly howl with fear.

  108. This was the only question on which she and her husband differed, and it was avoided by both as much as possible, yet sometimes, in spite of their precautions, it would creep into their family conversations.

  109. The men gathered about Mr. Diggs could no longer restrain themselves, and burst into peals of laughter, which made Mr. Diggs furious.

  110. The lieutenant took a circuitous route, walking on tiptoe, lest he should disturb the slumbers of the dead, until he reached the camp, which the Union soldiers had just left.

  111. There was no moment's lapse of his melancholy madness, which yet seemed to have a peculiar method in it, and the mystery that hid his past but deepened and intensified.

  112. Shouts and yells of laughter greeted Mr. Diggs as he scrambled to his feet and picked up the glasses which he had lost in his fall.

  113. It so happened that Joe, who had so often been Uncle Dan's companion, was at the cabin, which he kept always ready for the old man's return.

  114. It was Abner's own regiment which had stormed the village.

  115. The stranger carried a rifle, from which a wild turkey was suspended, and wore the usual bullet-pouch and powder-horn of the hunter slung across his shoulder.

  116. A ruin which she had not previously noticed showed itself among the trees on her left hand.

  117. Here was a steady, resolute young woman, possessed of qualities which failed to show themselves on the surface--whether good qualities or bad qualities experience alone could determine.

  118. I only recommend the sort of separation which will suit our convenience.

  119. I have claret in my cellar which is not so good as this, and which costs more than you have asked.

  120. Here was the wine which had been an object of derision to Mr. Vimpany and his friends.

  121. The second letter, which reached her the same day, was from Mr. Mountjoy.

  122. The perilous position in which I stand obliges me to ask for two or three days more of delay, before I can safely make an appointment with you.

  123. On that leaf he discovered two little lines of print, presenting, in the customary form, the address of the house at which the letter had been written!

  124. If he was still recklessly lingering, on the watch for assassins in the dangerous neighbourhood of the farm, who but herself possessed the influence which would prevail on him to leave the place?

  125. An ordinary man might have resented the familiar manner in which she had expressed herself.

  126. One morning, when she opened the letter of that day, there passed over her a change which is likely to remain in my memory as long as I live.

  127. I believe there may be a good reason for the distrust of the doctor which possesses her so strongly; and I feel the importance of having this faithful and determined woman for an ally.

  128. He sighed heavily; his eyes rested on her with a trustful appealing look which she had never observed in them before.

  129. Fanny answered with an effort to preserve her gravity, which was not quite successfully disguised: "I beg your pardon, Miss; I think they notice the curious contrast between your beautiful bonnet and your shabby cloak.

  130. Dennis left the newspaper office an enlightened man--with information at the disposal of Sir Giles, and with a sense of relief which expressed itself irreverently in these words: "Now I have got him!

  131. And, verily, he died as the fool dieth, for what is the gain or the loss of money compared with the unsearchable riches of eternal life which are beyond the reach of speculation, loss or change?

  132. How much have we denied ourselves or given of our personal ease and pleasure to bless the place in which we live or imitate the life of the Savior of the world?

  133. It was easy for their talk to settle finally upon Rachel because of the place she was to occupy in the plans which were being made for the purchase of property at the Rectangle.

  134. They had read the superintendent's notice which he had posted up in various places, and came largely out of curiosity.

  135. I propose certain changes which I believe are necessary.

  136. And I do not know that any time is more appropriate than the present for me to propose a plan, or a purpose, which has been forming in my mind as a satisfactory reply to much that was said here last Sunday.

  137. The winter was gone and the year was ended, the year which Henry Maxwell had fixed as the time during which the pledge should be kept to do as Jesus would do.

  138. Was it true that the church had lost its power over the very kind of humanity which in the early ages of Christianity it reached in the greatest numbers?

  139. He had not reckoned on Rachel's tense, passionate absorption of all her feeling in the scenes at the tent which were so new in her mind.

  140. The Holy Spirit was battling with all His supernatural strength against the saloon devil which had so long held a jealous grasp on its slaves.

  141. She did not seem yet to realize that the money which had been so large a part of her very existence was gone.

  142. She went to her book case and took out the novel which Jasper had given her.

  143. And what is more, I am making plans for a special kind of reporting which I believe you can develop because you are in sympathy with what Jesus would do.

  144. If there be an object to hurry any of you, in hot haste, to a step which you would never take deliberately, that object will be frustrated by taking time: but no good object can be frustrated by it.

  145. His were the words to which "the common pulse of man keeps time.

  146. You cannot destroy that judgment and feeling--that sentiment--by breaking up the political organization which rallies around it.

  147. As soon as she had tidied herself and put things straight, she was to hand the care of the house over to Job Toms, and go to the Mill House as early as she could, which was only a few minutes later than her mistress.

  148. The litter that lay about was the litter of books and papers, which was what Audrey liked.

  149. Audrey was glad that she did so--she was glad to be alone for one moment, in which to recover herself.

  150. Phipps had dashed all the hopes which had risen afresh with the morning, and sent her to the sick-room unnerved and full of fears.

  151. Faith opened her sister's door nervously, and the face which appeared round it was decidedly apologetic.

  152. By the time they reached the Mill House, Mrs. Carlyle was almost borne down with the weight of love and tenderness which had been poured out upon her--but, oh!

  153. Tom and Debby did not speak, but they exchanged glances which would have told a tale to anyone who had intercepted them; and as soon as they were allowed to leave the table, they strolled in a casual way to the back door, and through the yard.

  154. She had been taking unusual pains with her appearance to-day, and she was rather late-- which was not unusual.

  155. Irene's encouragement had filled her heart and brain again with the joy of creating something with her own hand and pen; with the hope of helping others in the way in which help was so greatly needed--and by her own work too.

  156. One of her eyes was swelled, and fast discolouring; on her forehead a great lump stood out, scratches decorated her cheek, from which the blood still oozed.

  157. The rain had ceased by that time, and the air was laden with a sweet freshness which told that the storm had passed.

  158. And none of those she loved best could feel thankful enough that they had had that pleasant time which had brought them all closer together than they had ever been before, and had left not only one happy lifelong memory, but many.

  159. He had no suspicion of the awful fear which had haunted her every waking moment, and even her dreams, or he would not have kept her in suspense while his thoughts ran on to plans for the future.

  160. In the middle of the floor sat Mary, propped against the table leg, while on either side of her knelt Audrey and Faith, trying to staunch the blood which flowed freely from Mary's hand.

  161. Montoya, accompanied by six Indians, set out upon the journey, which by land to-day is enough to appal the boldest traveller.

  162. At Irala's death the usual feuds, which have for the last three hundred years disgraced every part of Spanish America, began.

  163. Fathers del Techo and Charlevoix both speak of the `rebounding balls' with which they played, which, thrown upon the ground, start up again as if they were filled with air.

  164. On arriving at Madrid, which he did after a prosperous journey of four months, he waited on the King (Philip IV.

  165. From the very first he encouraged the soldiers to marry women of the country, thus creating ties which bound them to the land.

  166. When Cardenas used the place as a sort of Avignon from which to safely utter his anathemas, it must have worn a different aspect.

  167. These rumours were always set about when there was nothing else by means of which to attack the Jesuits.

  168. Like most names which are wrongly given, it remained to testify to the want of knowledge of the giver.

  169. His quick action, initiative, and courage drove the enemy from a position from which they could have swept the hill with machine-gun fire and forced the withdrawal of our troops.

  170. His indifference to the heavy fire, to which he himself was exposed at the head of his regiment, showed him to be fearless and courageous in battle.

  171. He put out the burning waste while the casemate was filled with clouds of smoke, knowing that there was more powder there which might explode.

  172. His gun was almost disabled by the bursting of a shell, which destroyed much of the material and killed seven men, besides wounding several others, and among them himself.

  173. He indicated the rather negative wrapper, and went on: "As you see, it hasn't any of that lush darkness which one usually associates with potent tobacco.

  174. But the place where they were to meet was never given to the dealer, for the call terminated abruptly in a confusion of voices, and then a blank silence which told him that the receiver had been hung up.

  175. There was a smell of uncleaned corners and open drains; the very mud of the streets held a greasy quality which made the unaccustomed passer shudder a little, and make haste.

  176. The big headquarters man was in the room across the hall from the one in which the crime had been committed.

  177. Once more he uttered the high pitched laugh which had affected Bat so disagreeably.

  178. It may have been that the mind which weighed and valued so many things, unnoticed by the crowd, had given something of the same touch to the face as the pondering of the secrets of life is said to give to the oriental anchorites.

  179. The vision Bat had in his mind became more and more clear; not only would the bald head be moving from side to side, but it would be thrust forward in the deadly snake-like motion which the big athlete had seen once before.

  180. He went slowly down the hall and turned in at the first door to the left, which stood partly open, and from behind which he heard voices.

  181. And as he did so, Bat Scanlon once more saw the look in his face which he had seen a few moments before, and which he had failed to interpret.

  182. I answered his sneers in a way which I saw took him aback; he resumed his old threat of the divorce court, but I defied him.

  183. A second thought was illuminating; the building beside which he stood was to be the scene of their effort.

  184. The young man was in that queerly relaxing state which causes men to tell their private griefs to even casual acquaintances.

  185. However, Nora only remained at the window for a few moments; then she disappeared in the direction from which she had come.

  186. It is true they had long been held by astronomers to be suns, but this was only an opinion of the accuracy of which it did not seem possible to obtain any proof.

  187. There is one striking feature of the globular clusters which calls for notice; the presence in some of them of enormous quantities of variable stars, while in others few or none can be found.

  188. The two chief sources of this dust--the total quantity of which in the atmosphere must be enormous--are volcanoes and deserts, and we are therefore sure that these two great natural phenomena have always been present.

  189. I therefore wish to adduce a phenomenon which has a real bearing on the question.

  190. The density of a cloud will therefore depend not only on the quantity of vapour in the air, but on the presence of an abundance of minute dust-particles on which condensation can begin.

  191. Thus Li is said to have been a native of the Province Shantung, which is certainly untrue.

  192. It is this edition which has been chiefly used by European readers and to which references are made in the present paper.

  193. It was, indeed, this fashion which caused the decay which set in after the Chien-an period (i.

  194. No one who reads much of Li's poetry in the original can fail to notice the two defects which are emphasized by the Sung critics.

  195. To the west across T'ai-po Shan there was a bird-track, by which one could cross to the ridge of O-mi.

  196. But the Nine Hills of Deceit stand there in a row, each like each; and which of them covers the lonely bones of the Double-eyed One, our Master?

  197. Mr. PAUL KING: All of you who have been lately in China must be struck with the extraordinary difference between the China described in these poems and the China which has come into being since the revolution.

  198. Most of the accounts of Li Po's life which have hitherto appeared are based on the biography given in vol.

  199. The text of the poems is remarkable for the number of variant readings, which in some cases affect crucial words in quite short poems, in others extend to a whole line or couplet.

  200. Like Miss Havisham's clock, which stopped at twenty to nine on her wedding-day, the clock of Chinese esteem stopped at Li Po centuries ago, and has stuck there ever since.

  201. The Anglo-American people have produced an enormous amount of poetry which they do not often quote, and the Chinese have produced an enormous amount of poetry which, according to experts, they quote a great deal.

  202. A legend says that the spots on the bamboo-leaves which grow on the Hsiang River were caused by the tears of these two queens.

  203. But they made his grave at the eastern hill-base, which is not what he desired.

  204. She wiped her eyes, no doubt thinking of the early days at Turnham Green, when she married Nixon; and when the pocket-handkerchief had done its office she replaced it in a shabby black bag which she clutched rather than carried.

  205. Its pigeonholes and drawers teemed with documents on the most morbid subjects, and in the well reposed a large manuscript volume, in which he had painfully entered the gems of his collection.

  206. Darnell showed him the prophetic leaflet which Mrs. Nixon had dropped in the garden.

  207. So, surpassing these, it surpasses also the understanding, the faculty that takes note of that which comes before it.

  208. The murderer murders not from positive qualities, but from negative ones; he lacks something which non-murderers possess.

  209. She rather taught herself to be troubled over little things; she asked herself what attraction there could be in the old records over which she supposed Edward to be poring night after night in the cold room upstairs.

  210. In a small town near Caermaen there is a museum, containing for the most part Roman remains which have been found in the neighbourhood at various times.

  211. I waited at the corner, keeping my eye on her all the time, and I took particular care to note the house at which she stopped.

  212. Again: on our left was Barnsbury, which is like Africa.

  213. There were some sixty to seventy prisoners in all, of all nationalities, a considerable number being Englishmen, and all of us were dressed in those hideous San-benitos, which make the most shameful garb that a man can wear.

  214. So we sat down amongst the undergrowth, which was there thick and luxurious, as it was in every wood we had yet crossed, and served to conceal us very well from observation.

  215. But ere we left Mexico every man of us had fastened to his left wrist and ankle a heavily-weighted chain, which would have made it impossible for us to attempt an escape even if we could have eluded the vigilance of our escort.

  216. He smiled at the question--a mysterious smile, which had a grim meaning behind it.

  217. Yet there is one matter which I must speak of before I say farewell to you.

  218. Now, our first quarrel had arisen over the ultimate disposition of my uncle's estates; our second was as to which should be lord over the heart and hand of a fair maiden.

  219. Leaving Java about the end of March we sailed for the Cape of Good Hope, which we sighted about the middle of June.

  220. The Inquisitors sat in a small apartment hung round with black and lighted by torches, and there was that in their appearance which was calculated to strike terror into the stoutest heart.

  221. Also, I was certain that there was in store for me some unpleasant and possibly terrible fate, which I was powerless to avoid and which was certain to come.

  222. Fortunately a pair of oars had been left in her, and these Pharaoh now took in hand, bidding me steer for the volcanic flame, which played over the peak of Tuxtla, immediately before us.

  223. At that he seized his staff and went down the slope himself, examining all the likely places in which a man might have concealed himself.

  224. As soon as the Indian's face appeared above the rock Pharaoh and I instinctively moved towards him, whereupon he disappeared again with a sudden sharp cry, which was immediately answered from above.

  225. He was the guide and steersman of the Hudson Bay inland boat, in which my wife and I travelled from Fort Garry, on the Red River of the North, to Norway House, situated on Playgreen Lake, beyond the northern extremity of Lake Winnipeg.

  226. Big Tom steered our boat with a long oar, which he used as a rudder.

  227. Then he proceeded to give me his explanation, which deeply interested me, and which will also I am sure interest my readers.

  228. We praised him for his skill and industry and very quickly discovered, that kind loving words were the highest reward which could be given him.

  229. So, the threatened loss of all he had except what he wore, was to him a dire calamity, I let him grieve for some hours, saying but little to him, resolved to put a stop to his nonsense which was only making himself and others miserable.

  230. Then Mamanowatum made his address, always good and suggestive, the keynote of which was thanksgiving and gratitude to God for the blessings of the year.

  231. The fact was, he had a good deal of vanity about him in those days, and I made the discovery that he had become very proud of the clothes we had given him in place of the wretched ones in which he had been brought to us.

  232. However, as the missionary and his Christian Indians remained true, the company were obliged to yield so far as to send off a Sabbath-keeping brigade, which they did with many fears and misgivings.

  233. Name the equipments or implements which each member procures and places in proper position at the command "Posts!

  234. Companies which cannot have subcaliber practice at home station have only one-half the annual subcaliber allowance.

  235. Before firing a hole is punched through the hole on the time-cone corresponding to time of flight at which it is desired that the projectile burst.

  236. How is the kind of metal of which it is composed marked?

  237. It is then cut into various lengths and sizes, according to the caliber of gun for which it is to be used.

  238. Name the details into which it is divided, and give the posts of each.

  239. Take the difference of the scales and multiply by 10, which gives the velocity.

  240. One which does not explode until a short time after striking.

  241. General Orders of the War Department for first- and second-class gunners, and also owing to the extreme difficulty the average enlisted man has in comprehending the technical language in which these books, pamphlets, etc.

  242. By using the range-arm that is constructed for the scale to which the board is drawn, setting the zero on one point and reading the number of yards on the arm where the point cuts the scale-edge.

  243. Name the details into which a gun detachment is divided, and give posts of each.

  244. Ammunition, Nomenclature, and Service of Guns assigned to the Company of which the Candidate is a Member.

  245. Unlay one strand for a considerable distance and fill up the interval which it leaves with the opposite strand from the other rope.

  246. A straight line which touches but one point on the circumference of a circle and is perpendicular to the radius at that point.

  247. In all my hard life, which has seemed like a night, you have been the kindly star which was always shining and bidding me hope.

  248. That they had been very fond of each other I felt sure; and when the winds blew furiously around our house, as they often did, she seemed greatly distressed, as though it was just such a storm as that in which her father’s ship went down.

  249. There was a look of mingled timidity, sorrow, and sickness in her face which comes to me yet when I am alone, and which I can never forget.

  250. I think he was greatly disgusted at the absurd manner in which we carried on, and if his spirit has been released from the deep, and is hovering around this place, I desire that he hear my declaration that I am ashamed of myself.

  251. Among the books I had access to at Barker’s was one on chemistry, and on pretence of illness I procured a drug which first put me into a pleasant sleep, and then killed me.

  252. Although slight in figure she was the picture of health, of which she was as careful as of her dress and manners, which were never anything but mild and gentle.

  253. He had no desire to do anything which was not religious; and the higher walks of his profession, and heaven finally as his reward, were all he desired or expected.

  254. They are no poorer to-day than they were fifty years ago when no one thought of moving even a league from the village in which he was born.

  255. They were close to every heresy which threatened the early Church, and were not far from worshipping Conrad Beisel as a reincarnation of Christ; while in the mystic Sophia they came close to the adoration of the Virgin.

  256. There was, or there had been, a third man; for even as we turned towards him, a rattle in his hollow chest gave sign that he had crossed to another harbour than that for which he had embarked.

  257. Living in these wretched huts among stunted trees, the leaves of which are shrivelled and blackened by coal dust, I found young men with whom I had walked among the olive groves near Spalato.

  258. I know the home of this woman in Hungary, and the very village from which she comes.

  259. There are several facts which this author has forgotten, as have those from whom he draws.

  260. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "which" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    which are; which shall; which the