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Example sentences for "hopes"

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hopelesse; hopelessly; hopelessness; hopen; hoper; hopeth; hoping; hoplite; hoplites; hopo
  1. Cholmley tells me, among other things, that he hears of little hopes of a peace, their demands being so high as we shall never grant, and could tell me that we shall keep no fleete abroad this year, but only squadrons.

  2. Here a very good and neat dinner, after the French manner, and good discourse, and then up after dinner to the Duke of York and did our usual business, and are put in hopes by Sir W.

  3. He did discourse of his hopes of being supplied with L1900 against a present bill from me, but I took no notice of it, nor will do it.

  4. Pen, who only can tell me that they have placed guns at Woolwich and Deptford, and sunk some ships below Woolwich and Blackewall, and are in hopes that they will stop the enemy's coming up.

  5. Cholmly tells me there are hopes that the women will also have a rout, and particularly that my Lady Castlemayne is coming to a composition with the King to be gone; but how true this is, I know not.

  6. Here was discourse about a way of paying our old creditors which did please me, there being hopes of getting them comprehended within the 11 months Tax, and this did give occasion for Sir G.

  7. However, I have found what in the newspaper business is called a 'leak' and I have hopes it will produce some news before many hours have passed.

  8. Shortly before 2 o'clock, the sound of an approaching train raised the lads' hopes again.

  9. I was awaiting your return as the blind await the light, and yet from the manner in which you look upon your sister, it is easy to perceive that she was wrong in placing her hopes in you.

  10. He loves you--and he hopes again to see you.

  11. You should place your hopes in repentance and grace; and though it is most true that you are in danger of the judgment, yet there is still room for mercy; and no man, unless excommunicated, is absolutely without hopes of a reprieve.

  12. One of the most knowing of the crew declared we were near the continent of Africa; but when we were within three leagues of it a second violent storm arose from the north, so that we again gave over all hopes of safety.

  13. Friendly gently interrupted him as soon as he saw any opportunity, endeavouring to comfort him on this head likewise, by magnifying every circumstance which could possibly afford any hopes of his seeing her again.

  14. From the time he gave over all hopes of life, his conduct was truly great and admirable.

  15. I am not without hopes of a reprieve from the cheat yet.

  16. His only hopes were now in the assistances which our hero had promised him.

  17. He says that it would be of great service to him to know what are your intentions; and also that he hopes you may find it convenient to allow him to draw upon you for some portion of it at present.

  18. And then he had brilliant hopes before him,--so brilliant that they began, he thought, to assume the shape of certainties.

  19. Men who lead forlorn hopes generally push through without being wounded;--and the fifth or sixth heir comes to a title.

  20. Now he questioned himself whether a year would suffice,--whether both in mercy to her and with the view of realizing his own hopes he should give her some longer time for recovery.

  21. A pundit hopes to be paid when he handles luggage, but has no such expectation when he merely gives information.

  22. But now the azure plumage of his love had become grey as the wings of a dove, and the gorgeousness of his dreams had sobered into hopes and fears which were a constant burden to his heart.

  23. Should Major Pountney wish to remain at the Castle over the night, the Duke of Omnium hopes that he will not object to be served with his dinner and with his breakfast in his own room.

  24. The Progress was certainly a new club, having as yet been open hardly more than three years; but still it was old enough to have seen many of the hopes of its early youth become dim with age and inaction.

  25. She had so fed her mind with daring hopes that she could not bear that it should "die out.

  26. She says she hopes John will do nothing of the kind because of the expense; but we all know that she would like him to have them.

  27. Such hopes are much more common in June than in July, and, though rarely verified, serve to keep up the drooping spirits of languid senators.

  28. He, no doubt, had already formed his hopes in regard to Arthur Fletcher.

  29. Their poets never represent the Deity as an impassive principle, a mere organizing intellect, removed at infinite distance from human hopes and fears.

  30. But I have hopes of you, Hugh, or I shouldn't have spoken.

  31. Power gave to Mrs Evson the coat he had picked up, and he and Henderson hardly ever left the parents of their friend, doing all they could to cheer their spirits and support in them the hopes they could hardly feel themselves.

  32. It had been beyond his warmest hopes that he should be able to face them so.

  33. To the hopes and pleasures of earth she had bidden farewell.

  34. So the monitors separated, not without hopes that things were beginning to look a little brighter than before.

  35. Thus, in one brief moment, were all her hopes blighted,--all her expectations overthrown.

  36. If she did fall into such an error, she never once gave it a thought; but, with all the earnestness of her passionate and ardent nature, clung only to the bright hopes it raised, and the flattering prospects of which it was the fount.

  37. Hopes and fears and anxieties, the very antagonists of each other, seem to be banded together, and to unite in an inroad on the prostrate heart.

  38. He had previously learned from Halyard, on discussing the policy of such a step, that the Mexican fleet was still at sea, and he was in hopes that he would come up with it about that quarter, if he should not meet it on the way.

  39. The tall figure of Hildebrand, towering over that of Tarpaulin, who was standing before him, was there distinguished at the helm, and the hopes of the crew revived as they saw their destiny in the hands of their commander.

  40. I felt that, should my first hopes prove unfounded, my friends and many others would suffer losses which they could ill afford to bear.

  41. Nor can I hold out any hopes of its coming back.

  42. For the dreamy peace had gone for ever--as indeed it must be when the soul of man is roughly shaken into living, pulsating life, and he fevered with a hundred as yet disordered hopes and ambitions.

  43. The hopes that had been built up in that hour lay shattered, the woman for whom they had been built was lost.

  44. You have only just pulled yourself up from a hard blow, and you feel that you must have time to right yourself and all the hopes that were bowled over with you.

  45. He pays her such devoted attention that the father hopes in time to see his child become a princess.

  46. The crowd moves to and fro in a listless fashion; it hardly knows why it is there, but hopes vaguely that the election of a new ruler may bring some amelioration of its sad lot.

  47. He thinks it is the tent of the hostile leader, and Polkan endeavours to lead on the timid troops in hopes of capturing him.

  48. This storm hath dashed our hopes of an early spring.

  49. Tis openly talked that England will defer coming to terms of peace because she hopes to conquer us by this same trade," observed Robert Dale gravely.

  50. He talked of his hopes with the utmost frankness, and then questioned of theirs as one who had the fullest rights of friendship.

  51. The death of Lady Moncton, and that of Roger Mornington, followed quickly upon each other, and all my old hopes revived, when Sir Alexander renewed his attentions to my daughter.

  52. The hopes and fears which this conversation had produced had the effect of destroying my appetite.

  53. What visions of future happiness in store for me, had these presumptuous hopes foretold.

  54. The entrance of Mrs. Hepburn with letters, put an end to this painful scene; while their contents gave rise to other thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears.

  55. I no longer hesitated to take the chance she offered me, though I entertained small hopes of its success.

  56. At first I could not believe that the attachment of my poor girl to Theophilus was sincere, but when I was at length convinced that both were in earnest, my long withered hopes revived.

  57. He hopes for a change of fortune when things are menacing, he fears a reverse when things are prosperous.

  58. It is of no use to try to console and distract ourselves with lofty thoughts, and to try to keep eternity and the hopes of man in mind.

  59. They seemed to him like so many machines, incapable of hopes or fears, affections, even of sins, inhuman in their rigidity and silence.

  60. He told her of the splendid hopes of his opening manhood, when, with the magnificent self-confidence of inexperience, the whole world seemed his to conquer if he pleased.

  61. I am awfully sorry," he said, "to dash your hopes of a sensation.

  62. And whom one hates, one hopes to see him dead.

  63. He would not suffer himself to become a prey to his overwhelming sorrow at the death of the republic and the final crushing of the hopes that had risen with Caesar's downfall, but worked at the highest tension on his philosophical studies.

  64. For what is better than eloquence to awaken the admiration of one's hearers or the hopes of the distressed or the gratitude of those whom it has protected?

  65. Of a very romantic nature, her sailor husband always a hero in her eyes, for a little while she had high hopes of his quick return with an ample fortune, and chatted gaily of the good time coming “when her ship came in.

  66. Mrs. Sleeper also received a message from her eccentric husband, full of glowing descriptions of quick fortunes made in El Dorado, hopes of speedy return, and bright pictures of the high life they would lead when “his ship came in.

  67. He had heard rumors that Italy might enter the war on the side of the Allies, but he knew that it had not yet taken any action and he had high hopes of finding a path to safety in that direction.

  68. I went there at once, hoping that it had escaped destruction, and found my hopes justified.

  69. There they sat, some 300 of them armed all in robes, and thundering with their tongues, without any hopes in the earth to reduce them to any tolerable conditions.

  70. But (impar magnanimis ausis, imparque dolori) I am hurled from all my hopes by my lord's last assertion of impossibility, that the root from whence we imagine these fruits should be planted or thrive in this soil.

  71. Orthodoxy hinges most of its teachings upon the traditions of the past, the mysteries of the present and the hopes of an imaginary future.

  72. He resorts to his tom-tom, by which he hopes to frighten away the fearful monster.

  73. Again, we do not see how it can be the "safe side," to despise this life, in hopes of another that we know nothing of.

  74. The Judge thinks the purpose of the Papal plotters will be accomplished if they can slip into the present law the words "scurrilous and slanderous"; he hopes that this much can be done without the American people catching on!

  75. And yet not for the world would he again endanger his hopes by rashness.

  76. No, nor any hopes that I am conscious of.

  77. They were soon bowling away in a strong, three-seated rockaway, well suited to country roads, Graham driving, with the object of his thoughts and hopes beside him.

  78. Yes, but I wished to suggest my modest hopes and expectations so that you may have no anxieties if I avail myself, during my visit, of the chance of seeing what I can of an unusually fine girl.

  79. Reaction into new hopes and a new life will come all the sooner if you give way for the present to your mood.

  80. His hopes sank as he saw that the first floor was darkened, and in answer to his summons Jinny informed him that the major and Miss Grace were "po'ful tired" and had withdrawn to their rooms.

  81. His past with its hopes and ambitions seemed to have floated away to an indefinite distance, and he to have awakened to a new life--a new phase of existence.

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    Other words:
    aspiration; assumption; assurance; confidence; conviction; dependence; desire; expectation; faith; likelihood; outlook; presumption; promise; prospect; reliance; security; trust