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Example sentences for "conviction"

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conveyors; conveys; convict; convicted; convicting; convictions; convicts; convictus; convien; conviene
  1. I had not the remotest idea that Johnson would dare to veto the Freedman's Bureau bill, and I made a speech on the subject, declaring a firm conviction to that effect.

  2. He resolved to lay down for himself a course of action demanded by his then conviction of duty.

  3. I have always had the firm conviction that if he had remained loyal and had supported me for re-election in 1900, he would have been re-elected Governor himself, and would have succeeded the late John M.

  4. With a self-reliance born of earnest conviction he said that the time had come when the sentiments should be uttered, and that if he should go down because of their utterance by him, then he would go down linked with the truth.

  5. It is my firm conviction that long ago Robert T.

  6. Mr. Teller's withdrawal from the Republican party after its declaration for the Gold Standard in the St. Louis Convention of 1896 was due to his abiding conviction in support of the principles of bimetallism.

  7. Whoever reads history with a mind free from prejudice cannot fail to arrive at a conviction that of all military virtues, energy in the conduct of operations has always contributed the most to the glory and success of arms.

  8. Energy in action expresses the strength of the motive through which the action is excited, let the motive have its origin in a conviction of the understanding, or in an impulse.

  9. It is all the greater, from my firm conviction that all they have done was not only on my own account, but for the friend whom God has thus called away from them so soon.

  10. Now the chief treasure of his heart had always been his little sister Mara, chiefly from his conviction that he was the one absorbing thought and love of her heart.

  11. So saying, Miss Roxy drummed away on the little back of the party in question, authoritatively, as if to pound in a wholesome conviction at the outset.

  12. She could not impress this conviction on Sir Robert's mind; but in her last moments she extorted from him the promise that he would never urge the union.

  13. Moreover, there was a growing conviction that there are no active volcanoes on the moon, and other considerations of the same tenor led to the complete abandonment of the selenitic theory.

  14. We have to discover the difference, inasmuch as the self-developed conviction of the truth of a story is never so [1] A.

  15. Then he expected that this conviction would be obvious also to other people whom he was examining.

  16. But this state of conviction is a goal to be reached and our work is not done until the convincing material has been provided.

  17. It is for this reason that the mere fact of arrest is to most people a conviction of guilt.

  18. As a rule, this conviction is justified, and it is proper to say that if a person is still sufficiently in control of himself to do all these things he must be considered capable of understanding the difference between right and wrong.

  19. Mittermaier[2] calls conviction a condition in which our belief-it-is-true depends on full satisfactory grounds of which we are aware.

  20. The answer is far from being perennially identical, though it might have been expected that the conviction of knowledge would be ever united with identical conditions.

  21. We must, of course, not have in mind that conviction and persuasion which is brought about by the use of many words.

  22. The variety of such conviction is well known to experience.

  23. Our knowledge, when named modestly, is only the innermost conviction that some matter is so and so according to human capacity, and ``such and such a condition of things.

  24. The expression of this rock-bound conviction that the defendants were guilty, on the part of a man who, because of his great talent, had tremendous influence on juries, caused an astounding impression.

  25. Especially dangerous are the *similar experiences, for these tend to lead to the firm conviction that the present case can in no sense be different from former ones.

  26. And this pure form of change of opinion and of openness to conviction is commonest among us.

  27. It is idle to oppose to this conviction the fact of the littleness of the terrestrial globe.

  28. Instantly the conviction penetrated his soul, "He liveth by the power of God.

  29. This grand conviction beats down all caste-pride.

  30. There is nothing more bitter and humiliating to a conscientious man than the conviction of this penetrating Divine insight, this detection to himself of his incurable sin and the hollowness of his righteousness before God.

  31. This amazing statement is only the logical consequence of St Paul's experience of Divine grace, joined to his conviction of the infinite wisdom and eternal being of God.

  32. It might be some demon sent to torment him; and this conviction strengthened when he saw the dismal and hideous things that surrounded him.

  33. Every feeling was absorbed in the conviction that some horrid incantation had for ever deprived him of his beloved.

  34. Now he hasn't the spirit of a sick kitten.

  35. Shade of King Solomon," said Kent to Abe, after their party had ridden for two or three hours through the mountains toward London.

  36. Too late, also, came that of the pickets, who were firing their guns and rushing back to camp before an awful wave of men that had rolled out of the cedars on the other side of the cotton field.

  37. Your mountain stills make the finest apple jack in the world.

  38. All the imps of confusion held high revel in his mind when he attempted to give the orders which he had conned until he supposed he had them "dead-letter perfect.

  39. You surely can not be blind to the fact that I love you devotedly--absorbingly.

  40. I'd do hit now, but I'm a-trailin' bigger game.

  41. All readily agreed to this plan, Aunt Debby leading off by volunteering to ride ahead on her mare, as a scout.

  42. I'm only troubled with the fear that I've overslept myself, and missed the duty that I was intended for.

  43. But ef His will's different we'll be by thet time whar the Rebels cease from troublin', and the weary are at rest.

  44. I have tried hard to keep the news from you," answered Dr.

  45. Some tubs and barrels, in which the lees of cider were rapidly turning to vinegar, gave off a fuity, spirituous odor, but for awhile their eager search did not discover a bit of the distilled product.

  46. Then the conviction was reached that a guest "need not and should not pay any more" for hotel service than the rate paid at the desk.

  47. If the public conscience reaches the conviction that tipping is detrimental to democracy, that it destroys that fineness of self-respect requisite in a republic, the right will be abridged or withdrawn.

  48. This shows that, at first blush, a social custom of long standing has a stronger influence upon the people than a conscientious conviction registered in a new law.

  49. Apparently this hotel reached the conviction that this was not hospitality.

  50. I told him all about my visit to Ratsch's, repeated the veteran's remarks and those of his wife, described the impression they had made on me and informed him of my conviction that the unhappy girl had taken her own life.

  51. An obscure but strong conviction told me that it would be no use to apply to Fustov for the solution of them.

  52. Out of this conviction which has taken hold of men almost everywhere has resulted in the universal movement towards democracy.

  53. And this is the conviction of her northern sister, the first of nine generations to be born beyond the borders of the old Bay State, so she can hardly be accused of a biased opinion.

  54. The maiden aunt was her father's sister, an austere dignified old party who resided most exclusively in her ancestral home on Beacon Street, and lived in a rut worn ages deep by tradition, conviction and self-will.

  55. There are legends enough to explain how the King suddenly acquired his conviction of the "piety" of the Abbe de Perigord.

  56. But he did oppose on conviction the tactics of the Genevese banker.

  57. The latter conviction was, however, rudely shaken when at the end of a week I was told that two men had been at the Virgin Queen inquiring after me.

  58. But, although the thought fretted me sorely, the more I reflected, the stronger was my conviction that she had left the house by some other means.

  59. Yet I came to this conviction quite coolly and deliberately.

  60. More and more the conviction forced itself upon me that I was decidedly a monomaniac already.

  61. It was no use reasoning with myself; I had the ineffaceable conviction that I had heard the voice.

  62. The Tryals, Conviction and Sentence of Titus Oates.

  63. I then felt a strong conviction that they were built for at least one useful purpose, and that purpose was the survey of the country.

  64. The conviction that my companions viewed life differently from myself somewhat inclined me to silence.

  65. But we need seek no further for their conviction of error, than the examination here alluded to.

  66. This the orchestra here, do in the most admirable manner; and under such a conviction I do, in my inmost heart, consider that the salaries fixed in the contract between the lessee of the theatre and the orchestra, are unjust.

  67. Whether it be attended with a happy result or not, I would not give up such a conviction for anything in the world.

  68. The over-sea British had made up their minds in June; and nothing occurred in the subsequent negotiations to deepen their conviction of the essential justice of the British cause.

  69. What has sustained me personally--if your kindness will allow me to make a personal reference--what has sustained me personally on the weary road is my absolute, unshakable conviction that it was the only one which we could travel.

  70. From the presence of this danger Lord Milner was now relieved, since, as he instantly foresaw, the whip-lash of this frank appeal to force brought conviction where marshalled arguments were powerless to move.

  71. Or, rather, should we say, that makes the need of conviction as unnecessary as a lamp in daylight.

  72. But the unwelcome discovery was accompanied by a conviction that only a thoroughly united nation might aspire to preserve its independence, and thus the abolition of the dual form of government became more than ever an article of public faith.

  73. Throughout the troublous events that preceded and followed the Restoration, it is not possible to point to one man whose obedience to duty or conviction was visibly weakened by prospects of personal peril.

  74. But the broad fact that they had sealed with their life-blood an appeal for a political change indicated the existence of a strong public conviction which would derive further strength from their act.

  75. But he says nothing to indicate this, while on the other hand he distinctly proclaims that his purpose is to produce and confirm conviction of the divine claims of Jesus Christ.

  76. Some such insane conviction must have been at the root of it.

  77. He no longer burned to know the truth; he wanted nothing to confirm his fixed internal conviction by faith, that he had blundered, that he had misread the situation, misinterpreted her tears, written himself down a slanderous fool.

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