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minced; mincemeat; minces; mincing; mincingly; minde; minded; mindedly; mindedness; minder
  1. I have lost my memoranda as to the number of these vellum Alduses; but the impression upon my mind is, that they have not more than six.

  2. The apparently interminable excavation into which the figures are about to move, helps to impress your mind with this idea.

  3. Where the workings of the mind were not to be depicted by strong demarcations of countenance, he was generally unsuccessful.

  4. It is the MAN; with all his MIND in his countenance; without the introduction of any sickly airs and graces, which are frequently the result of a predetermination to treat it--as Phidias or Praxiteles would have treated it!

  5. Indeed I seem to have been mingling with a new set of human beings, and a new order of things; though there was much that put me in mind of the general character of my ever-cherished University of Oxford.

  6. While enjoying this interesting ride, my mind suddenly fell back upon Orleans, and was at once wrapt in thoughts of futurity.

  7. This statement proves the commerce of Orleans to be very great, but it must be borne in mind that it is constantly on the increase, and no calculations can be made upon it in future, as to where it will stop.

  8. Pon my word, I've a good mind to go round, and have a straight talk with one or two of them.

  9. The snatching of the dinner from his very mouth, as it were, and the substitution of a bread-and-cheese and sardines menu had brought him to the frame of mind when men turn and rend their nearest and dearest.

  10. These are the pipes to which a man looks back in after years with a feeling of wistful reverence, pipes smoked in perfect tranquillity, mind and body alike at rest.

  11. And mind what you're doing with that gun.

  12. We saw the professor off the premises in his dried clothes, and I turned back to put the fowls to bed in a happier frame of mind than I had known for a long time.

  13. You will bring to the work a mind unclouded by theories.

  14. My dear old son, he didn't mind being called a fat little buffer.

  15. I was desperately in love with your daughter, and as long as you were in the frame of mind in which you left I could not hope to find an opportunity of revealing my feelings to her.

  16. Bless you, people don't mind what breed a fowl is, so long as it's got two legs and a beak.

  17. I'd had half a mind to give Harrod's the miss-in-baulk and hand my whole trade over to these fellows.

  18. And, mind you, old greybeard, do it quickly!

  19. When I die, mind you come and read prayers over my grave.

  20. Whatever happens there, whatever horrors may appear, mind your own business and go on reading, reading.

  21. Well now, mind this," says the fair maiden; "the Devil will begin giving you silver and gold.

  22. And mind you receive him as pleasantly as you can.

  23. You went out of your mind and ate people.

  24. And mind you have it all done--if you don't, I shall eat you!

  25. If you like, I will set your mind at rest.

  26. The moment he had made up his mind to the sin, all of a sudden there arose a storm--such a tremendous one!

  27. By the end of the third night the queen gives up all hope of squeezing her husband to death, and makes up her mind to conjugal submission.

  28. Go; if you don't mind all these matters better, you'll never come to anything.

  29. Chapter vi -- Containing a dialogue between Sophia and Mrs Honour, which may a little relieve those tender affections which the foregoing scene may have raised in the mind of a good-natured reader.

  30. Have you a mind to oblige her to take such another step?

  31. Welcome indeed it was, and luckily did he come; for it was the only accident upon earth which could have preserved the peace of her mind from being for ever destroyed.

  32. While I have been endeavouring to fill her mind with maxims of prudence, you have been provoking her to reject them.

  33. Now there is no one circumstance in which the distempers of the mind bear a more exact analogy to those which are called bodily, than that aptness which both have to a relapse.

  34. She soon perceived these agitations of mind in Jones, and was at no loss to discover the cause; for indeed she recognized it in her own breast.

  35. Did she not lose, as men so often have lost, all sobriety of mind when standing upon the pinnaclè of successes so giddy?

  36. Figure to yourself, reader, the elements of the case; suffer me to recall before your mind the circumstances of the unparalleled situation.

  37. Nobody could give his mind to them, had they been of better quality.

  38. Such luxury untunes the mind for doing and suffering.

  39. But it is pleasing to the mind of sensibility to know that, as science expanded, sounder views were adopted.

  40. But the mind of sensibility requires something more.

  41. Michelet is anxious to keep us in mind that this Bishop was but an agent of the English.

  42. I kept jerking my mind away from the subject of food, but it kept flopping back again before I could fasten it.

  43. This apple shall become an emblem, a token, a symbol, a prize bestowed by the mind and heart of beauty upon the most deserving.

  44. These fancies occupied the mind of the mail-carrier until he reached the big post oak forest, eight miles from Ballinger's.

  45. It seems she's made up her mind not to touch that piano at present.

  46. I don't mind telling you about it while we smoke.

  47. They're fixed that way in my mind and memory.

  48. It took a third of the fall clip to buy it; but I don't mind that if it makes my good girl happier.

  49. As you gazed at him there passed through your mind vague impressions of mummies, wax figures, Russian exiles, and men lost on desert islands.

  50. Ripley Givens, foreman of one of the Espinosa outfits, saw her one day, and made up his mind to form a royal matrimonial alliance.

  51. The consciousness of his clothes kept his mind busy; the knowledge that he could say nothing of interest kept him dumb; the feeling that Panchita was there kept him happy.

  52. Henry had an actual place in mind for the setting of this story.

  53. And I don't mind telling you that I was guilty in the second degree of hanging around old Cal's ranch all the time I could spare away from lambing and shearing.

  54. He orders Amos to cease speaking and to go back to the hills and mind his sheep.

  55. As a final summary, let it be ever kept in mind that this dramatization functions as a factor in religious education only when the highest development of the children is the aim.

  56. Before any attempt is made to select parts of the Bible narrative for dramatization the leader, or director of the children, should have well in mind standards which will help in making the part that is chosen a well-organized story.

  57. The point that must be kept in mind in all of this work is that the dramatization of a story begins with the action and that the words are developed.

  58. Although the dramatization should be a product of the children's work, yet the leader should have well in mind the three main divisions of the story that she may guide the children by her questions.

  59. They had naturally been thinking a good deal about what Ed had told them concerning food, and now and then a question would arise in the mind of one or another of them which would set the conversation going again.

  60. I've thought out the situation as well as I can, and have made up my mind what we ought to do.

  61. Would you mind telling us just what you meant by that?

  62. Irv had prevented a scene, so he didn't mind Ed's criticism.

  63. After working out all the probabilities in his mind as well as he could, Phil called below for all his comrades to come to the sweeps.

  64. Ed, with his ready mind and big, generous heart, understood, though he wondered.

  65. It never occurs to his mind that anybody is really honest.

  66. Such has been the paralyzing menace of religion that has prevailed over the mind of man.

  67. He also knew, however, that once a person's mind had been poisoned with religious superstition, it was almost impossible to free it from the paralyzing fear which destroyed its ability to think.

  68. His fears produced such fantastic monsters of the air that it was first necessary to relieve his tormented mind of these terrifying myths of ghosts and gods before he was able to acquire even the simplest rudiments of knowledge.

  69. Nourishment for the mind is just as necessary as nourishment for the body.

  70. Ingersoll could not understand the mind of those who, once having been told the truth, preferred to remain under the spell of superstition and in ignorance.

  71. They eat and ravage his mind and body with excruciating pain and torture, and he is utterly helpless against them.

  72. You are to make up your mind whether it is to be God or man.

  73. At the same time we try to fortify his mind with courage to withstand the rebuffs, the trials and tribulations of life.

  74. Our fellows are of sterner stuff, and they will have a mind to fight, if it be but to show that they can fight as well as their betters.

  75. Men risk their lives in battle; women stay at home and mind their castles.

  76. You must be clothed as befits the son of a gentleman, you must be taught as it is right for the son of a scholar to be, and you must bear in mind that some day you will become a gentleman yourself, and I trust a learned one.

  77. So far as I understand, you have not made up your mind in what path you will embark.

  78. I thank you much for the offer, Sir Ralph, and will bear it in mind should there be an occasion, but I think that I may be able to manage without need for bloodshed.

  79. As Van Artevelde had hoped, the message taken back by the knights as to his strength and position was sufficient to induce the earl to give battle at once, as he feared that they might change their mind and retreat.

  80. We have never questioned him about it; indeed, I should as soon have thought of asking him whether he had made up his mind to become king, as whether he had begun to use a sword.

  81. Bear in mind that if you draw sword for Mynheer Van Voorden you are doing it for England.

  82. They will not mind if they find that there is money sufficient to buy them new ones.

  83. It is no small thing that he will allow to disturb him at his work, but methinks that he will not mind upon such an occasion.

  84. Now, you will see that, having done so much, he may well do more, and it may be that in time he may himself speak to you and tell you that he has changed his mind on the matter.

  85. In this inner ego the mind-readers recognize the essential identity and being, the noumenal self, the core of the soul, and the true hiding of its eternal life, to which the mind as well as the body is but the garment of a day.

  86. A woman of mind and heart has no more need of beauty to win love in these islands than a beauty elsewhere of mind or heart.

  87. But I knew, from the moment she first fixed her eyes on me, and I felt her mind brooding upon mine, how truly I had been told by those other women that the feeling with which they had inspired me was not love.

  88. Your characteristic and habitual frame of mind is what he takes account of.

  89. Now, among the scraps of useless information which lumbered my mind was an acquaintance with the deaf-and-dumb alphabet, and forthwith I began to spell out with my fingers some of the phrases I had already uttered to so little effect.

  90. There is nothing which is more profitable and more consoling to the mind than to frequently remember the Blessed Virgin.

  91. Turn away the eyes of thy body and those of thy mind from seeing others, that thou mayest be able to contemplate thyself.

  92. It avails nothing to subdue the body, if the mind allows itself to be controlled by anger.

  93. The perfect champion is he who establishes complete control over his mind by overcoming temptations and the inclination of his nature to sin.

  94. In recalling to mind the life and actions of the saints, walk in their footsteps as much as possible, and humble thyself if thou canst not attain to their perfection.

  95. For one thing, there was plenty of hard work to keep my mind from moping.

  96. Honest Injun, now, do you take me for the kind of a man to be treed by a young Dutch muskrat-trapper if I have a mind not to be?

  97. I could not help suspecting that he had too open a mind to be a very valuable fighter, and, indeed, this proved to be true.

  98. As she spoke there rose in my mind a sudden consciousness that perhaps my wisdom was at fault.

  99. But it was the only thing possible to be done, and with all his soul and mind he was resolved to as nearly do it as might be.

  100. Mr. Stewart's mind is still in a sad way.

  101. Doubtless it was wise not to approach the Indian mind with less practical arguments.

  102. They themselves time out of mind had applied them to me.

  103. It was you who poisoned Mr. Stewart's mind against me.

  104. Yes, I forced myself to believe so, and began to find comfort of mind again.

  105. To-day you could no more get your mind into the same honest course of thoughts you used to hold than you could your body into your wedding waistcoat.

  106. I could not ask Enoch if he knew its contents--which it turned out he did not--but I was unable to keep my mind from speculating upon them.

  107. I did not so much mind doing his work for him, since he was company, so to speak, but it did go against my grain to have to manufacture the missiles for my own hurt.

  108. But his mind was prone to wander mysteriously.

  109. And then we had fish for breakfast too--siscoes--mebby that put me in mind on it some.

  110. But anyway, when he made up his mind to leave her, he gin the nurse strict orders to not go down into the city below a certain street, which wuz a good high one, and not let The Little Maid out of her sight night or day.

  111. She oversees her own kitchen, and puts on her own hand and cooks, jest when she is a mind too.

  112. I'd often turned it over in my mind in hours of ease which I'd ruther have appear to me in the night--a burglar or a ghost.

  113. As I have said more formally, Christopher wuz sot up in my mind to a almost tottlin' hite, on account of several things he did, and several things he didn't do.

  114. But after I got it all fixed out in my mind what that lofty and impressive figger meant, a bystander a-standin' by explained it all out to me.

  115. Lay up the toy in case of need, but an thou claim overmuch he may mind thee in a fashion not to thy taste.

  116. Since he had found the means of rising out of the slough, he had made up his mind to continue to serve till he had won some honour, and had obtained enough to prevent his return as a hungry beggar.

  117. It was a good offer, and one that Ambrose would fain have accepted, but Stephen had no mind for the cloister or for learning.

  118. Sir, I am beholden to you, but my mind is set on study.

  119. And then, if 'tis your will, I will take you to what to my mind is the best healing for a sore heart.

  120. Mind you the golden whistle that the grandame keepeth?

  121. Tis the week's mind of his burial," he said, half choked with tears.

  122. I mind how thou didst make the like notes for us when we were no bigger than my Giles!

  123. As well as having distinguished himself in the dreary wars of Ireland, Sir Francis had applied his mind to the problems of scientific mining on his estates, to his own great profit.

  124. Sidney Godolphin was before his age, and his philosophic mind revolted at the miserable tangle of religion and politics, and the degrading spirit of religious intolerance and persecution manifested by all parties.

  125. Most possibly in his own mind he regarded such institutions as unnecessary for one who was led by the Spirit of God.

  126. William Lemon was endowed with breadth of mind and grasp of detail in a marked degree, and the means which his wife brought him enabled him to bring these faculties into play with the most successful results.

  127. His mind was utterly untroubled so far as the lawlessness of his life was concerned, or the questionableness of many of his deeds; indeed, he made careful preparation for continuance in lawless courses by the study of navigation.

  128. On the Continent, in Italy especially, the human mind in the previous century had begun to awake from the torpor and lethargy of a thousand years.

  129. In the record of his institution in the Episcopal Registers he is described as "Preacher of the Word of God"; this phrase will perhaps serve to disclose the bias of his mind and the theological bent of the times.

  130. It is evident that he had inherited the nature of his mother, and was a Sidney both in mind and in person rather than a Godolphin.

  131. We must bear in mind also that in Celtic times there were no Parishes and no Dioceses.

  132. He describes him as of small stature, but of sharp and keen wit, with a mind tinged with melancholy and fitfulness.

  133. With its superficial diffusion knowledge has in a measure lost its prestige and fascination, and education has been in a sense debased and vulgarised in the popular mind into a mere instrument of livelihood.

  134. The little woman immediately whipped out the heck from her own wheel, and giving it to the boy, desired him to take it to his sister, and never mind Donnel M'Cusker.

  135. For a long time she would give me no answer but 'I always mind my own affairs and they always mind theirs.

  136. There were two, however, whom he thought a trifle above the rest; but so nicely balanced were Biddy Corrigan and Sally Gorman, that for the life of him he could not make up his mind to decide between them.

  137. However, her mind was changed wonderfully when he was brought before her, covered with gold and diamonds, and all sorts of grand things.

  138. The heart loves repose and the soul contemplation, but the mind needs action.

  139. Go, my dear friend, go; take Lilian away from this place as soon as you can; divert her mind with fresh scenes.

  140. The heart that took in the venom cast its poison on the brain, and the mind fled before the presence of a thought so deadly to all the ideas which its innocence had heretofore conceived.

  141. By an irresistible impulse I dashed the wand to the ground, and bowed my head as I had bowed it when my infant mind comprehended, without an effort, mysteries more solemn than those which perplexed me now.

  142. My mind reverted to the wild phenomena associated with its memories of Margrave.

  143. Therefore I deepened over her mind the spells I command; therefore I have drawn her hither as the loadstone draws the steel, and therefore I would have borne her with me to the shores to which I was about this night to sail.

  144. It was not now the time of night in which the imagination is most liable to credulous impressions, nor was I now in the anxious and jaded state of mind in which such impressions may be the more readily conceived.

  145. There was a pause, during which my mind passed rapidly through links of reminiscence and reasoning, which led me to a mingled sentiment of admiration for Mrs. Poyntz as a diplomatist and of distrust for Mrs. Poyntz as a friend.

  146. Then seeing that it was vain to continue imploring the abbe, whose looks and gestures spoke a mind made up, she turned towards the chevalier.

  147. So far as I can see, he is very uneasy; but he has great trust in what I tell him: however, his confidence does not go so far as to allow him to open his mind to me.

  148. Amidst the general feeling of relief afforded to the public by these favours, another tragical event changed the papal mind and frustrated all his humane intentions.

  149. At last she made up her mind to go, and was escorted by the whole court, who had never changed towards her for a moment in their chivalrous and respectful devotion.

  150. Mary; "and see where those unlucky lines which returned to your mind have led you, the very day when you were beginning to recover a little of your cheerfulness.

  151. General," he said, "believe that I distinguish in my mind the instrument which strikes me and the hand that wields that instrument.

  152. Only let thy sister / hear our mind and mood: So shall for this our journey / her good service be bestowed.

  153. Yet might not then by any / the lady's mind be bent, That any man soever / to love she would consent.

  154. Then did they bid for Gernot / and Giselher to go, For wished they of the royal / twain their mind to know, If that the mighty monarch / Kriemhild for spouse should take.

  155. Of friendly mind I deemed thee, / as trusting in thy faith I came.

  156. Of thinking on that plaisance / his mind he could not free, And what her love would bring him / before the night be past; He many a glance full tender / upon the Lady Brunhild cast.

  157. The night through until day, Upon her couch the lady / with mind full troubled lay.

  158. To the king ye now shall go, And from his lips hear spoken / how is his mind to you.

  159. How stood the mind of Kriemhild, / came the tidings unto Hagen's ear.

  160. I was very late in getting home, and we're still at table; but you won't mind coming out into the dining room.

  161. Put your mind on the managing of your own car, and let the other fellow attend to his.

  162. Now that my mind was at ease, I sat me down by the fire near which a savoury smell of supper arose.

  163. Life is sweet, mind you, and we’s a right to be as happy as we can.

  164. Keep a sharp look out, and mind you let me know if anybody comes to fetch that hare.

  165. Ay, I mind her well, but Ryley I don’t remember.

  166. I mind it all, rashai, as if it had happened only yesterday.

  167. Going along that road, I stretched out my limbs, and in so doing the very thews and sinews of the mind became more elastic.

  168. Come and see me a little later at the kitshima (inn) down the road, and mind you bring the missis and your fiddle.

  169. To my mind the sight was an agreeable variation from the daily procession of miners so black with coal-dust that you could not for the life of you distinguish Bill from Bob, or Jack from Jerry.

  170. You must mind you don’t never get across wi’ that woman, or she’ll sartinly mek things awk’ard for you.

  171. Mind you look severe-like and say to Belinda, ‘Is your husband at home?

  172. Having for many years made a study of Gypsy pedigrees, I have often been able to give a temporary shock to a Gypsy’s mind by telling him the names of his great-grandfathers and of his uncles and aunts, paternal and maternal.

  173. This brought to mind the red-shawled woman whom I had seen down the road.

  174. Well, whatever they are, I shouldn’t mind if they had been larger.

  175. While the scope of the human mind is vastly wider than that of the ape, it does not follow that it can act with more precision in all things.

  176. I have read and heard descriptions of the sounds made by the gorilla, but nothing ever conveyed to my mind an adequate idea of their true nature, until I heard them myself within a few hundred feet of my cage in the dead of night.

  177. Mentally the chimpanzee occupies a high plane within his own sphere of life, but within those limits the faculties of the mind are not called into frequent exercise, and therefore they are not so active as they are in man.

  178. It is the same faculty of the mind that men employ to solve the problems that arise in every sphere of life.

  179. He did not mind getting wet in the rain, but rather seemed to like that.

  180. It did not strongly depict a high mental status, nor yet portray the instincts of a brute; but her countenance was as safe an index to the mind as that of the human being.

  181. The smirk of indifference on the little lover's face belied the state of mind that impelled his action, and it was patent to all who witnessed the tilt that Aaron was jealous of his guest.

  182. The public mind does not seem to have grasped the correct idea of evolution, and prejudice has blinded, to some extent, the judgment.

  183. There are, perhaps, instances in which the mind of the ape excels that of man, by reason of its adaptation to certain conditions.

  184. Whatever of mind we will to do, we can do!

  185. She is a woman, indeed,--in mind I mean, and heart.

  186. Pain I might suffer, I should be forced to exclaim, 'O what a noble mind is here o'erthrown, Blasted with ecstacy.

  187. My brother George is a man of reflective mind and elegant genius.

  188. I know that at present, and I hope that it will be so; my mind has disciplined itself into a willing exertion of its powers, without any reference to their comparative value.

  189. It is almost painful and a thing of fear to tell you that I have another boy; it will bring upon your mind the too affecting circumstance of poor Mrs. Richard Poole!

  190. The motives which led to this determination are numerous and weighty; I have thought much and calmly, and calculated time and money with unexceptionable accuracy; and at length determined not to take the charge of Charles Lloyd's mind on me.

  191. I wrote you a friendly reproof, and in my own mind attributed this unwonted style to your earnest desires of realising our plan, and the angry pain which you felt when any appeared to oppose or defer its execution.

  192. But verse was what he had been wedded to, And his own mind did like a tempest strong Come thus to him, and drove the weary wight along.

  193. On the whole, I have rather made up my mind that I am a mere apparition, a naked spirit, and that life is, I myself I; which is a mighty clear account of it.

  194. I do not mean to exclude these formal similes; there are moods of mind in which they are natural, pleasing moods of mind, and such as a poet will often have, and sometimes express; but they are not his highest and most appropriate moods.

  195. I am completely homesick, I must walk half an hour, for my mind is too scattered to continue writing.

  196. I mind we laughed at the knave; he swelled himself out like a turkey-cock.

  197. How long he remained there he knew not; his mind wandered a little: he thought afterwards that he had probably slept, for he suddenly awoke to the consciousness of a gnawing hunger.

  198. Once on a time 'twas covered with trees, but a great stretch of the forest was of late burned black by a fire; I mind it well, for the shape of the black patch is like to a monstrous cayman, upwards of a mile long.

  199. Come, young sir, methinks I know your face, though rabbit me if I can mind the when or the where of seeing it.

  200. Drake was not easy in mind about Le Testu.

  201. When he should see it, he would halt and consider his course of action: whether to advance and risk the meeting with strangers, or to retreat until with recovered strength and a clearer mind he could prepare himself for what might be in store.

  202. Tis certain we cannot fight her; our armament will not suffice; furthermore, from her size I reckon her crew be three or four times ours, and our men have no mind to be captured and cast again into a Spanish dungeon.

  203. His mind had been so occupied with thoughts of human enemies that the possibility of the island harbouring wild beasts had not, in the daylight, occurred to him.

  204. To my ears Mirandola hath a pleasant sound, and it will always keep me in mind of my good friend.

  205. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "mind" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    aim; ambition; anima; animus; appetite; aptitude; ardor; aspiration; assumption; atavism; attend; attention; attitude; balk; begrudge; belief; bent; bias; brain; breath; care; cast; chaperon; character; cherish; choice; cite; cognizance; command; comply; conceit; concept; conception; conclusion; concupiscence; conform; conscience; conserve; consider; consideration; constitution; contemplate; conviction; counsel; curiosity; damn; decision; desideratum; design; desire; determination; diathesis; dig; discretion; dislike; disposition; drive; eagerness; ear; eccentricity; effect; ego; enjoin; esprit; estimate; estimation; ethos; evoke; excogitate; eye; fancy; fantasy; feeling; flair; follow; frame; function; grain; grudge; guard; hark; head; headpiece; heart; heed; hope; humor; idea; idiosyncrasy; impression; inclination; individualism; intellect; intelligence; intend; intent; intention; judgement; judgment; keep; kidney; leaning; libido; lights; like; liking; listen; look; lucidity; lust; make; makeup; mark; mean; meaning; memory; mentality; mettle; mind; mold; mood; morale; mother; motive; mould; moulder; mouldy; mystique; nature; need; note; notice; notion; nous; nurse; nurture; obey; objective; observance; observation; observe; opinion; passion; perceive; perpend; persona; personality; persuasion; plan; pleasure; pneuma; point; ponder; position; posture; prana; predilection; predisposition; preference; preserve; presumption; proclivity; project; propensity; proposal; propose; prospectus; protect; purpose; ratio; rationality; reaction; reason; reasoning; recall; recapture; recollect; recollection; reflect; regard; relish; remark; remember; remembrance; remind; resolution; resolve; retain; retrace; retrospect; review; revive; sake; sanity; see; self; sense; sentiment; shade; shadow; shepherd; sight; skill; slant; smarts; soul; soundness; souvenir; spirit; spirits; stamp; stance; strain; streak; stripe; striving; study; subconscious; submit; support; temper; temperament; tend; tendency; theory; think; thinking; thought; tone; turn; twist; type; unconscious; understanding; urge; vein; view; volition; want; warp; watch; way; weigh; will; wit

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
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