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Example sentences for "hark"

Lexicographically close words:
hares; harf; haricot; haricots; harina; harke; harked; harken; harkened; harkening
  1. Hark to the tramp of the bearded shellbacks!

  2. O hark to the haunting chorus of the capstan and the bars!

  3. And ashore yonder you shall hear our Christian messmates a-quarrelling over their rum as is the way o' your Christians hereabouts--hark to 'em!

  4. See yon Spaniard I shot, God forgive me--hark how he groaneth, poor soul!

  5. Then hark thee, good wife, not one word to him of the writing.

  6. And, hark thee," said the Queen, "what becomes of the young gallant?

  7. And, now that I am clothed as thou wert clothed, it seemeth I should be able the more nearly to feel as thou didst when the brute soldier--Hark ye, is not this a bruise upon your hand?

  8. Hark ye: before the night come, she shall hie her to the Tower.

  9. Hark ye; 15 The queen your mother rounds apace: we shall Present our services to a fine new prince One of these days; and then you'ld wanton with us, If we would have you.

  10. Hark you, sir; you mean not her to-- Tra.

  11. Arranged as in Ff; as prose in Pope; as three lines, ending Hark you!

  12. Hark and approve, as did thy Hark and approve!

  13. Hark ye, comrade," he said to one, "how long is it yet to midnight?

  14. Hark you, my good lad, she says you found her, and have been good to her.

  15. Blane the Smith tapped Stead on the shoulder, and said, "Hark ye, my lad.

  16. Hark to the grand lilt of the "Good Time Coming!

  17. There 's tempest in yon hornèd moon, And lightning in yon cloud; And hark the music, mariners!

  18. Hark to them; they sing of their own destinies--and it may be also of yours and mine.

  19. Hark ye, Laurence," said Sholto, returning from a visit to the door of the smithy, the upper part of which was open.

  20. The game is in view and well worth pursuit; so hark forward!

  21. If opportunity and humblest suit Cannot attain it, why then-hark you hither.

  22. Hark ye, Master Slender would speak a word with you.

  23. Hark ye, sister,' says he, 'where is this sick woman?

  24. But hark ye,' says his brother, 'are you in earnest?

  25. He was pressing his hand on his chest, as if to lessen the pain, while with a thick and trembling voice he whispered, 'Hark ye, Joergen!

  26. Hark ye, Lionel, you are nearer akin to these fine folks than I knew of.

  27. And, hark ye, Vance, we'll toss up which shall be the first to take that little girl's head.

  28. Hark to the child," said granny, while the two men laughed uproariously.

  29. Hark thee, brave Sir Damian, I have a mighty secret still to impart, and as this Saxon churl understands no French, this is no unfit opportunity to communicate it.

  30. But hark you," continued the Constable, "are there left no ancient servants of the House, that could speak out as well as you?

  31. But hark ye, Dame Gillian, who is he that presses forward next, like a man that scarce sees how he goes?

  32. And, hark thee, do thou, in the first place, try the temperature of the kettle with thy forefinger, and that shall be thy penance for the trick thou hast played me.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hark" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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