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poonch; poond; poop; pooped; poops; poore; poorely; poorer; poorest; poorhouse
  1. The poor Duchess was infinitely chagrined by all these circumstances.

  2. A poor customer could obtain nothing but stripes and imprisonment, or, if tainted with suspicion of heresy, the fagot or the sword, but for the rich every thing was attainable.

  3. At the same time the poor President, thus maltreated and mortified, had the vanity occasionally to imagine himself a bold and formidable personage.

  4. Poor master Hopper," said Granvelle, "did not write the best French in the world; may the Lord forgive him.

  5. Arthur continued to prefer the chase to the labours of husbandry, which was of little consequence, as his separate income amounted, in that poor country, to opulence.

  6. This cost her her life; for, on the morning of the christening of my poor mother, the Baroness of Arnheim died suddenly, even while a splendid company was assembled in the castle chapel to witness the ceremony.

  7. If a physician should cut off the limb of a poor man, to save his life, is he not bound in justice, after he has commenced the operation, to take up the arteries and save the man from dying, by the operation.

  8. The man on whom the physician operated may be poor and perverse.

  9. Among the brilliant men of letters of the court of the Medici was a certain Luigi Pulci, of a poor but noble family.

  10. Now for some time past Walter had been much attracted by the gentle manners of a poor but beautiful village maiden, who lived near his castle; and it seemed to him that with her he could be happy.

  11. Thou of him The eternal portion bear'st with thee away, For one poor tear that he deprives me of.

  12. She, poor little fool, is concerned over that drunken waster--her father.

  13. It wasn't as if the poor blighter had done anything; merely because he existed and might ask inconvenient questions he had been removed.

  14. Where did the Protector of the Poor obtain the sacred cabinet of the Chow Kings?

  15. Why, you poor fool, I've got a thousand pounds in notes in my cigarette-case.

  16. And the chestnuts, who are the poor blamed decent working-men, are promptly dropped in the ash-pit to keep 'em quiet.

  17. Business had never been so poor in the memory of man.

  18. Look at that poor devil; isn't that enough by itself to make one want to kill the whole crowd?

  19. Would it be indiscreet to ask who the poor fellow is?

  20. You poor young man," she cried; "put that way it does sound alarming.

  21. The last man whom poor Sambo had words with," said Peterson reminiscently, "was found next day with his throat torn completely out.

  22. As a fight it had been a poor one, but his brain was busy with the information he had heard.

  23. I shudder to think of that poor little fly, Mr. Peterson, especially with your chauffeur grinding his gears to pieces.

  24. He did not engage a berth in the sleeping-car; he was a poor man now and must begin to economize.

  25. But Hull said: "I am too poor a man To bet a sum like that.

  26. The poor little animal almost fainted with fright, and for lack of a better inspiration he pointed at the ex-Pirate and gasped, "He knows lots of things!

  27. From that day the poor marines have been the butt of the sailors, who occasionally find the greatest satisfaction in reminding them that "Even a marine has a soul to save.

  28. Clover, in it at night, 47 coal, poor and scanty, 79 coal dust, very fine!

  29. Appeal to him in behalf of my poor wife and babies.

  30. A poor weak, miserable down-trodden set of men; what can they do?

  31. Every year, in addition to earning money to keep his wife and children alive, the poor man had to be ready for a visitor, and this visitor never received a very hearty welcome.

  32. Not only so, but I bid you restore at once the vineyards and the oliveyards, the fields and the houses, you have taken from these poor people.

  33. Poor Nehemiah must have been filled with sorrow and bitter disappointment, as he found Jerusalem and its people in such a disgraceful condition.

  34. It was righteous anger against the cruelty and selfishness of those who, in those hard times, had profited from the poverty and distress of their poor fellow countrymen.

  35. Another would have been sure to grumble at the expense, would have asked how they, poor down-trodden Jews as they were, could ever afford to give time or money to such a vast undertaking?

  36. Poor Nehemiah, unmoved though he was by the gossip, yet feels it necessary to remember the meaning of his name, and to turn from Sanballat's letter to 'the Lord my Comforter.

  37. The poor people had already lost their houses and their vineyards, there was nothing left to them but their children, and actually the son or the daughter was pledged or mortgaged to the rich money-lender.

  38. But poor Nehemiah had not come to the end of his painful discoveries.

  39. The only ones amongst the Jews who were allowed to have shaven heads were the poor outcast lepers.

  40. What an abominable thing is this, which the poor governor has discovered!

  41. See," says the wise man, "the poor Irish widow was the Liverpool people's sister after all.

  42. The poor seem in general to have lost their land, and to have become all but slaves to rich nobles, who were grinding them down, not only by luxury and covetousness, but often by open robbery and bloodshed.

  43. Either they are the most cruel words that ever were spoken on earth to tempt poor wretches into vain security and fearful disappointment, or they are-- what are they?

  44. It took one of a street and left another; took one person in a family and left another: it took the rich man who fancied he was safe, as well as the poor man who did not care whether he was safe or not.

  45. And now, blessed are the poor, if they are poor in heart, as well as purse; for Jesus was poor, and theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

  46. And all the while they knew that it was wrong, did those poor foolish lads.

  47. When people do not wish to do God's will, it is a very pleasant thing to talk about God's will as something so very deep and unfathomable, that poor human beings cannot be expected to find it out.

  48. Oh, it would be a poor world with only one friend," says she, shaking he head.

  49. She always brought in poor Duty, who certainly must have been fagged to death at that time.

  50. I don't think that poor child has so many defects as you fancy," says Miss Knollys.

  51. Did you see the poor child's eyes, and her whole air?

  52. Nature (as poor a thing at times as it is often grand) compels this step, then suddenly he stops.

  53. Yes, of course," says poor Margaret, who doesn't know on earth what she is saying.

  54. Uncle George seems to make a poor show," says Rylton.

  55. She won't prevent it, only she hopes poor Maurice won't make himself unhappy over that dreadful red-headed creature.

  56. She feels as if she hates poor Evans, and yet of course he had meant nothing.

  57. Maurice, springing to his feet, and to poor Margaret's abject fear speaking at the top of his lungs.

  58. Poor aunt and I were nearly drowned," says Mr. Gower pathetically.

  59. But what an aspersion on poor Sir Maurice.

  60. These incessant discussions are abhorrent to her, and just now her heart is sad for the poor child who has been brought down here ostensibly for amusement, in reality for business.

  61. All at once the old spirit springs to life within the poor child's breast.

  62. When especially long Nails are bluish in colour, they denote a still more delicate constitution, coupled with poor circulation of the blood.

  63. A poor or non-developed Line of Head in the right hand of any man or woman is also the indication of a lack of purpose or ambition--there being no ambition where a want of mental desire and development is so distinctly shown.

  64. When this line is poor and badly formed, then a large Mount of Jupiter gives pride, excess of vanity, a self-confident and a self-opinionated person.

  65. When made up of little pieces or linked like a chain, it is a certain sign of poor health, weak stomach and lack of vitality.

  66. Small "Moons" indicate the reverse of this; they always denote poor circulation, weak action of the heart and anæmia of the brain.

  67. When very pale in colour they show lack of force and loss of energy, and often poor health.

  68. Heaven help the other poor traveller if he should also happen to have a stiff thumb, and oppose his ideas to those of the first.

  69. They have as a rule poor circulation of the blood, cold feet and hands, very delicate teeth, and suffer much from accidents and hurts to the feet, ankles and limbs.

  70. A cold, clammy hand is also a sign of poor health, but generally that of a very sensitive and nervous person.

  71. The road to Clayton is a poor one, and we'll soon be on it.

  72. A poor widow, who has a small amount in the bank, called on me and said she had been advised to withdraw all her cash.

  73. Andy's chums joined in the laugh at poor Tom.

  74. Poor Little Freckle Frog felt very badly to think she had hurt their feelings.

  75. And poor little Freckle Frog wished that she had a blue silk dress with lace, and a pink parasol like Big Mary.

  76. Thereupon We realized that that poor man had not been favoured with a single drop of the ocean of true understanding, and had strayed far from the burning Bush of divine wisdom.

  77. Even so in this day such worthless statements have been and are being made by these poor mortals.

  78. Should a poor and obscure person, destitute of the attire of men of learning, address them saying: “Follow ye, O people!

  79. In the company of the poor We have sought their fellowship, and amidst the exalted and learned We have been submissive and resigned.

  80. You had pity on me, a poor orphan, you had compassion upon my ignorance.

  81. And, finally, knowing that their life was poor and laborious, it seemed impossible to me to summon the will to work and to share their privations.

  82. I have not, have I, Charlotte, presumed too much upon you, in counting on your help for these poor boys?

  83. Are they not lost forever to your poor mother?

  84. Dear and only child whom God has left to a poor widow--how sweet it is for a mother to embrace her son!

  85. I can well see it; you hoped to reattach the poor boy to life by displaying to him, in that fine spring morning, nature in her most smiling aspect.

  86. Poor Victoria--what a terrible end was hers!

  87. He did not call on me direct for the loan, because he thought me too poor to be able to furnish it.

  88. We are like the poor workpeople of the silk factories of Lyons and Tours, who see the holy bourgeois sporting the beautiful goods they themselves have woven!

  89. Poor old Castillon--I loved him so," sobbed Marik, while his tears poured upon the pillow.

  90. The poor woman held in her hands the head of her son, kneeling before her.

  91. Then my poor father, exasperated by the deed that marred my childhood, printed and distributed to the public with his own hand an account which he wrote and entitled A Night of Louis XV.

  92. Poor cuss, he loved the squaw and he's clean daffy, but hasn't a bit of Injun left in him.

  93. This so angered "Bill" that he shot the waiter dead, and then finished his meal, the poor waiter's body lying at his feet.

  94. The poor bulls were more forlorn than ever.

  95. He made a special petition for the relief of his poor children.

  96. We form our expectations: they take shape from our poor little limited surroundings; but the prayer in its spirit may be wider than we imagine.

  97. Crossing a field path with difficulty, as the snow was very deep, they reached the poor man's house.

  98. The poor fellow died in the clergyman's arms in the early morning, much comforted and in great peace.

  99. On inquiry, strange to say, he was found to be in the hotel, and was able to render some assistance to the poor sufferer, who died in a few hours, and to his surviving and mourning relatives.

  100. And the cracked piano, too, for music, which, on the exit of the Giants and the Columbine, comes out as strong as the poor old thing can when supported by violins and violoncellos.

  101. What time can she expect to git home, and what will her poor Mother say when she sees her?

  102. The poor drunkard liked it, and so would you.

  103. No one can deny that this state of affairs urgently needs some reorganisation or reform, for who could defend the present system that makes the poor pay most, and the rich least, towards the support and maintenance of our poor?

  104. It was noon of a summer’s day, and there they were nude as forest monkeys, and so hideously dirty that every rib-bone in their poor wasted little bodies showed plain, and in colour like mahogany.

  105. They are poor wretches who somehow or another are reduced to the lowest depths of destitution.

  106. By such a barely sufficient link will the poor little helpless victim be held to life, while what passes as natural causes attack and gradually consume it, and drag it down to its grave.

  107. Was it justifiable to dishonour the promise his face had assured to the poor young woman?

  108. Love for little children in these poor creatures seems unconquerable.

  109. As an indefatigable labourer amongst the poor and afflicted, his name will be remembered and blest long after he has passed from among us.

  110. It is not difficult to imagine a company of hard-up poor fellows genuinely destitute; mates, perhaps, on the same kind of work, resorting to this method of raising a shilling rather than apply at the workhouse for it.

  111. It must be evident by this time to the poor people themselves that they may wait and wait for years and years without getting the employment that suits them best.

  112. It seems that some of the young choristers were amusing themselves in the grounds, and saw a poor man lying on the grass partially intoxicated.

  113. Mind is best-- I will seize mind, forego the rest, And try how far my tethered strength May crawl in this poor breadth and length.

  114. Poor grey old little Laud May dream his dream out, of a perfect Church, In some blind corner.

  115. I began life--poor groundling as I prove-- Winged and ambitious to fly high: why not?

  116. In my poor mind, a fright Is no prodigious punishment.

  117. Oh, let me strive to make the most Of the poor stinted soul, I nipped Of budding wings, else now equipped For voyage from summer isle to isle!

  118. They will not let me see poor Laud alone.

  119. Oh, doubtlessly You let him speak his poor boy's speech --Do his poor utmost to disarm your wrath And respite me!

  120. Bethink thee, fair lady, Stuart is not so poor but that, if thou come with him to his lowly lair, he can deck thee with rich apparel and ribbons rare.

  121. You poor things," he said, "you just believe everything you're telled!

  122. I warrant, though, there wasna one as said 'Poor Jean Myles'?

  123. We maun all lend a hand to poor Jean's bairns," she said, with a gleam in her eye.

  124. I catched this limmer wi' eggs in her hands (and the poor birds sic bonny singers, too!

  125. The poor woman had halted many times in her tale, and she was glad to make an end.

  126. To go by myself," said the poor girl, "and I do want to be respectable, it would be sweet.

  127. The distance seems greater than ever to-day, poor woman, and you stop longer at the corners, where rude men jeer at you.

  128. He borrowed the school-mistress's blue-and-red pencil and sought the houses of the sensitive poor with the following effect.

  129. Then Elspeth was shown the article which had saved him, and she, too, shuddered at what she had been, though her remorse was but a poor display beside his, he was so much better at everything than Elspeth.

  130. I am sure the poor Indian did not try to fall in the river.

  131. I think I would make but a poor prisoner," the man answered.

  132. I shall never rest now until MacNair's power over these poor savages is broken forever.

  133. And, because I refused to grind the poor savages under the iron heel of oppression, because I offer a meagre trifle over and above what is necessary for their bare existence, the brute hates me.

  134. Here, as everywhere, the poor who must buy in small quantities get relatively less for what they pay.

  135. At the same time there is a great mass of neighborly service and of kindness of the poor to the poor, and of the stranger to the more recent comer.

  136. The daughters turned over all their earnings to the mother, but said that she was a poor manager and never had anything to show for it.

  137. If the girl is poor he may even buy her underwear and the linens.

  138. Parents are very much concerned about their boy who brought a poor mark from school.

  139. Nor would such an agency be desirable if characterized by the features of the old poor law.

  140. They found these poor substitutes for group music, where they could have not only the music but the social time.

  141. No matter how poor their furniture, most of them had one or two musical instruments which they played, and usually there was one phonograph for the group.

  142. These two arrangements, in McCulloch's opinion, converted the English provision for the able-bodied poor from what we may term a wise and conditional right of labour into an unwise and dangerous one.

  143. These facts sufficiently show that if the rich have got richer since the Revolution, the poor have not got poorer, and that the circumstances of the labouring class have substantially improved with the growth of national wealth.

  144. There are more poor in Norway than in England, and they are increasing; yet in Norway there is no rent and no great cities.

  145. The world would soon be poor if it discouraged the skill of the skilful, as it would soon cease to be virtuous if it ostracized those who were pre-eminently honest or just.

  146. One association would compete with another, and the group on a rich mine would use their advantage over the group on a poor one as mercilessly as private capitalists do now.

  147. Still the people he found everywhere content, if not exactly with squalid, certainly with poor and dull and rough conditions of life, much poorer, duller, and rougher than they might easily be.

  148. This is probably, after all, the sum of what Christianity has to say on the subject; but it seems a poor result of so much figuring and flourishing, to end in a general truth which can give no offence even in Manchester.

  149. It seems he is not explaining in any wise why the poor are getting poorer, but only why they are not getting rich so fast as some of their neighbours.

  150. To replace homework by common work in wholesome workshops, as far as that can be done, might interfere with what some poor persons found a convenient resource, but would do no harm to the working class generally.

  151. The poor girl crept in at the door, ashamed of what she was induced to do, but yet looking anxiously into her lover's face.

  152. Then poor Maurice pressed the little fingers which lay within his own, and swore that he would be at Shandy Hall on the day before his return to Mount Pleasant.

  153. You know how angry mamma will be at your staying here all the morning;" and poor Bell with a sorrowful look left the room.

  154. Then you will live and die a poor man; you mean that, I suppose?

  155. Poor Maurice had often been nearly broken-hearted in his efforts to manage his free black labourers; but even that was easier than managing such as Marion Leslie.

  156. But Maurice Cumming did not rightly calculate all this; nor indeed did Miss Jack do so as thoroughly as she should have done, for Miss Jack knew more about such matters than did poor Maurice.

  157. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "poor" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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