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Example sentences for "felt very"

  • He felt very giddy, and could scarcely drag his legs along.

  • I dare say so would Voules, for we both of us felt very hungry as we came along, and I hope after all, no bone is broken.

  • He felt very doubtful as to how this should be done, but thought he should be safe in putting some on to stew, and in carving some cutlets, which he placed before the fire to cook, as he had done the venison.

  • Everything was bathed in the dewy balm of summer morning, and he felt very happy as, with his little spaniel frisking round him, he visited the great Newfoundland in his kennel, and his old pet the pony in the stable.

  • He felt very ill; he had no means of washing or cleaning himself; no brush, or comb or soap, or clean linen; and even his sleep seemed unrefreshful when the waking brought no change in his condition.

  • This puzzled and annoyed him, and he felt very sad to have found an enemy already.

  • We were floating along very silently one day, for none of us felt very much in the mood for talking, when we heard a distant sound which we thought was very much like the firing of a gun.

  • This was the first $100 I ever had and I felt very proud to be a land owner.

  • His wife had died and he felt very lonely.

  • Neither of us felt very gleeful as we got our breakfast and made an early start down the river again.

  • The moment I stopped I felt very sleepy, but had sense sufficient to take in my oars and place them by my side.

  • Though I knew that old Thomas and his blunderbuss were close behind us, I felt very uncomfortable, as I could not tell how the men might be inclined to act.

  • Still, as we ran up the Irish Channel and sighted the Welsh coast, I felt very nervous, and could scarcely attend to my duties.

  • I was inclined to smile at Jim's modesty, though I felt very grateful to him for speaking so well of me, and was about to ask him what Mr Troil said in return, when our host called him out of the room.

  • Though I tried to keep up the spirits of Mary and Nancy, I felt very anxious, and could scarcely sleep for thinking on the subject.

  • For some time I felt very strange on board, often when half asleep fancying myself still in the boat, and the air below seemed close and oppressive.

  • After the exertions I had made during the day I felt very sleepy, and though I remained awake for some time thinking of Jack, my eyes at length closed.

  • When I had finished my supper I felt very drowsy, but was afraid of going to sleep till I had ascertained what other beings might have occupied the cavern.

  • On one point I felt very certain--and may all those similarly placed feel the same.

  • As it was, I felt very solitary, and not a little uncomfortable.

  • I felt very sad, for the doctor told me that they had seen nothing of Mr Henley's boat, so that I feared she must have foundered without even reaching the Orion.

  • We felt very uncomfortable, for we naturally expected to see him come up alongside; but he didn't, and two minutes afterwards we made him out close to the horizon, to the southward.

  • I felt very sure, from what I saw of Edkins, that he would take good care of Toby.

  • We felt very proud, for we were going to show what bluejackets could do when left to themselves.

  • I felt very tired, but as to turning in, that was out of the question.

  • So interested were we in its antiquities that we felt very thankful to the clerical dignitary at Ripon for having advised us to be sure to visit this ancient borough.

  • He was quite prepared to run the risk of being the thirteenth to sit down to dinner, but that was when he felt very hungry, and even hinted that there might be no necessity for the others to sit down at all!

  • After hearing these stories, we felt very thankful we were safely off the fells.

  • We felt very silly, and wondered why we had done so, since we had spent five weeks in Scotland and had nothing but praise both for the inhabitants and the scenery.

  • I felt very guilty, but he seemed to approve, and walked away, to return directly with a little sliding steel thing, such as the men were using.

  • I felt very uncomfortable, and wondered what I ought to do.

  • I felt very proud as I made my way along the streets, wondering what was in the packet Miss Carr had given me, and longing for an opportunity to open it.

  • But still I felt very miserable as I turned to go away, when a something, said a little louder than the rest, stopped me.

  • I asked, for I felt very much as if I should like to know.

  • Cheer up," I said, for I felt very uncomfortable.

  • I knew that there was no use in making any resistance, though I felt very indignant at being thus bought and sold.

  • That he would know the way to the fort I felt very sure, and I now hoped that I should have no difficulty in reaching it.

  • It was not till now that I burst into tears; for, thinking that I should never again see my father and mother or Ella, or my dear brother Oliver, I felt very sad at heart.

  • I felt dreadfully frightened at first," she said, "I felt very uneasy.

  • I felt very sad, and when the cart drove us back to the farm at nightfall I felt really glad to be back in the silence and the sweet smell of the meadows again.

  • I felt very tired, and I should have liked to lie down and sleep for a long time.

  • You see, I was so surprised when Phil walked in and began to talk like that, that I never thought of saying anything; but pretty soon I remembered, and I felt very uncomfortable.

  • He felt very small in the presence of that stately lady.

  • He smiled in his beard when he guessed the trap laid by the Cat and he felt very glad at it, for he had long wished to revenge the whole forest for the slavery to which Man had subjected it.

  • Mytyl nestled trembling against him; and he felt very lonely, very unhappy among those dreadful people whose anger he was beginning to notice.

  • I felt very much as he did, but while there was a chance of escaping notice, I saw that it would be wiser to remain concealed.

  • I know I felt very jovial; and my heart bumped and thumped in a way it had never done before.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "felt very" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    being rather; called attention; discovered land; felt assured; felt better; felt bound; felt certain; felt confident; felt convinced; felt inclined; felt more; felt much; felt myself; felt quite; felt rather; felt satisfied; felt somewhat; felt that; felt when; look sharp; military necessity; school system; sins against; thin coating; trade goods; useful labor