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vertuously; vertus; verum; vervain; verve; verye; veryly; vesica; vesical; vesication
  1. Dear me, then you've done very well over it.

  2. I'm afraid I shan't have very much chance of forgetting you.

  3. He says it's very bad for the trees to have the sods close up to their trunks.

  4. Of course there is nothing very new in the idea of a cripple loving a beautiful maiden, while the beautiful maiden bestows her affections on somebody else.

  5. Now, Gentlemen, give me a bidding for these very finely-executed works by BIMBI.

  6. Very glad it was found out in time, I'm sure.

  7. Thank you very much, but--er--I think not.

  8. In the Scandinavian countries the Yule candle is, or was, very prominent indeed.

  9. To suggest a religious origin for each would be going too far, for merely economic considerations must have had much to do with the matter, but it is very probable that in some cases they are relics of sacrifices or sacraments.

  10. Lastly we have noted the survival, in the most varied degrees of transformation, of things which are alien to Christianity and in some cases seem to go back to very primitive stages of thought and feeling.

  11. In Berlin, too, the pyramid was once very common.

  12. Another very widespread custom is to put nutshells to float on water with little candles burning in them.

  13. In the Isle of Man very early on Christmas morning, when the church bells had rung out midnight, servants went out to hunt the wren.

  14. The mingling of Roman and non-Roman customs makes it very hard to separate the different elements in the winter festivals.

  15. The Scandinavian countries are very rich in Christmas games and dances,{53} of which it would be interesting to attempt explanations if space allowed.

  16. The suggestion of a clearing away of evils is here very strong.

  17. I have, however, very many named as well as unnamed black walnut seedlings that are very excellent nuts.

  18. Cleaning quality was very good and the flavor was sweet and pleasing.

  19. The appearance was very attractive as the color was a rich brown and there was very little down over the surface.

  20. The bur is very thick and fleshy, with close-set spines.

  21. Late spring frosts in 1945 were very extensive, reaching throughout the eastern and northeastern States, and there were practically no chestnut crops.

  22. Many salts are more soluble in a water solution of urea than in water alone, and many such mixtures are very hygroscopic.

  23. A hobby, like a shadow, is necessarily a very personal thing.

  24. Its long graceful leaves provide a light dappled shade and grass will grow luxuriantly up to the very base of the tree.

  25. This, with removal of sprouts or suckers from the stock below the graft are two very important features of after-care, and neglect can nullify the most expert work in the grafting operation.

  26. In preliminary work carried on by the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine at Beltsville, DDT has given very encouraging results in the control of the weevil.

  27. The very first discharge sent havoc into their first line and killed a color bearer.

  28. Our horses were not very strong, and after they had dragged the guns and caissons about a mile, their strength was gone.

  29. Had he been able to capture the knob which our people had strongly fortified, it would have been very disastrous to us.

  30. Its lands were very extensive and beautifully situated.

  31. In fact, during the whole siege, we were never very much interfered with on the south side of the river opposite and above Knoxville.

  32. This was a very large plantation owned by a Dr.

  33. Our front line of battle was partially in the village of Campbell's Station, protected very well by the buildings.

  34. We found the roads in very fair condition.

  35. At Campbell's Station, it was in the front line of artillery, first on the left of the Knoxville road in a very prominent position.

  36. He speaks English very well, indeed, and appears to be possessed of considerable education.

  37. This feminine outburst of anger rather bewildered Denzil, who saw very plainly that Diana was by no means the lofty angel he had taken her to be in the first appreciation of her beauty.

  38. And no evenings," cried Lydia, who was very glad there were not.

  39. Very good," said Lucian, explaining just as much as would serve his purpose.

  40. Her scanty hair was drawn off her high forehead very tightly, and screwed into a cast-iron knob at the nape of her long neck; and she smiled occasionally in an acid manner, with many teeth.

  41. It was no use forcing her to speak, as he saw very plainly that Rhoda was one of those obstinate people whom severity only hardened.

  42. He made no attempt to turn when Lucian touched him, but with downcast head continued to weep and moan in a very frenzy of self-pity.

  43. Indeed, Jorce was a very humane man, and had a theory that more cures of the unhappy beings under his charge could be effected by kindness than by severity.

  44. A very ingenious and plausible plan," said Lucian.

  45. Well, sir, the weapon proved to be useful in the way it was intended by Clyne, for Clear was killed with that very weapon.

  46. With such evidence she cannot deny that she visited Wrent; and was in the vicinity of the house wherein her husband was murdered on the very night the crime was committed.

  47. Evidently--and with reason, poor soul--he considered the doctor his very good friend.

  48. He was very like Clear in figure and manner; but, of course, the resemblance in the face was not very close, as Clear had been clean shaven, whereas the real Vrain wore a beard.

  49. The very thing I've been telling my wife," he exclaimed in his extra- manly bass.

  50. The very last tears turned cold on her cheek.

  51. She said, alluding to the Fynes: "They have been very good to me.

  52. Young Powell, glancing round, saw Mr. Smith raise his head with his faded eyes very still, puckered at the corners, like a man perceiving something coming at him from a great distance.

  53. But it may be that a glimpse and no more is the proper way of seeing an individuality; and de Barral was that, in virtue of his very deficiencies for they made of him something quite unlike one's preconceived ideas.

  54. She had a very long sight, and these elms were grouped on a rise of the ground.

  55. And he had permitted himself his very first and last gesture in all these days, raising a hard-clenched fist above his head.

  56. She looked very hurt, apparently by the desertion of the dog.

  57. My certificate open on the desk was under his left elbow and I couldn't very well go up and jerk it away.

  58. Nice girls they were and very friendly to him when he was but little more than a boy.

  59. Those men of sober fancy, when anything rouses their imaginative faculty, are very thorough.

  60. He did not regret, he said, having spoken openly on this very serious matter.

  61. He was not a common sort of lover; and he was punished for it as if Nature (which it is said abhors a vacuum) were so very conventional as to abhor every sort of exceptional conduct.

  62. He bowed cordially to the lady in charge of Miss de Barral's education, whom he saw in the hall engaged in conversation with a very good-looking but somewhat raffish young gentleman.

  63. I seem to see her very delightful disciples singeing themselves with the torches, and cutting their fingers with the swords of Mrs. Fyne's furnishing.

  64. It did not take them very long to see that they were all of one mind, and then they both turned to Gordon and dropped on one knee, and placed his hands on their foreheads, and Stedman raised his cap.

  65. Yes; they tell me the man was a very bad lot.

  66. We are going to miss you very much," Mrs. Carroll said.

  67. I come here very often to tea," she said.

  68. I wish you would bring him to see me, Helen," she said; "I think I should like your friend very much.

  69. He found it very amusing, and the situation appealed strongly to his somewhat latent sense of humor.

  70. He was humble enough concerning himself, but of his love he was very proud.

  71. He's in a very hard place," she began, abruptly, and then stopped as though she had thought better of what she intended to say.

  72. I'd have you dragged to prison from your bed this very night, or I'd have you seized as you set your foot upon the wharf.

  73. The Chief Justice certainly didn't love us very much, that's sure; and he wasn't going to let anybody else love us either.

  74. He had a very strong face, with white hair hanging at the side, but was still a young man for one in such a high office.

  75. Our loss in men was very small, but in horses large.

  76. I was curious to know how the captain could run a gig on water, and the crew of the boat laughed very heartily at my ignorance.

  77. In the latter part of October our brigade did some very effective work in the engagement at the Davis farm, on the left and rear of our lines at Petersburg.

  78. We captured about six hundred of his stragglers and a very important dispatch from Longstreet to him, informing him that he would be through early next morning.

  79. General Gregg was anxious to connect with Hancock's left flank, but as he could only move his division in columns of twos through the dense woods, the movement was very slow.

  80. During the months of July and August, Sheridan was kept very busy marching his cavalry from the left of the Army of the Potomac over to the right of the Army of the James and back again.

  81. At that time the enemy seemed to be retiring very rapidly, as though they were retreating from the field.

  82. Our duties during the winter were not very arduous.

  83. The First Pennsylvania Cavalry joined the brigade and resumed the fighting, for the rebels were very sore over the captures and were trying hard to retake their guns, but we succeeded in getting back to Jetersville safely.

  84. General Gregg was not aware of the loss of the guns until late in the day, when I told him of it, and he was very much annoyed to think that such a thing could happen, and so unnecessarily, and he be in entire ignorance of the matter.

  85. The orders were carried out to the very letter.

  86. We were being pestered all day by a regiment of rebel cavalry, and General Davies sent two of his staff back to look after his extreme rear and watch these troublesome people, for they were very annoying to our column.

  87. Our losses in killed, wounded, and captured upon the field were very heavy.

  88. We held our ground and captures until General Davies came to our relief, which he did very promptly.

  89. Of course it is a very complex relationship.

  90. It will involve the very difficult determination of many correlation coefficients and constants--and for some of these our data are, it must be confessed, both scanty and unreliable.

  91. Another very important point is that cognitive relatedness is effective.

  92. Now we live in a world of what, in a very broad and inclusive sense, may be called things; and these things are in varied ways related to each other.

  93. The correlation between the two is only discoverable through a very elaborate and complex[73] application of further cognition in interpretative knowledge.

  94. Cognition is a very complex network of relatedness involving many terms.

  95. If a Source of phenomena be postulated, why not postulate One Source of all phenomena from the very meanest to the very highest?

  96. Granted that we may say, in a very liberal sense, that the earth in its motion has this gravitative knowledge--is such knowledge accompanied by awareness?

  97. Bergson Life, while for Spencer it is that very vigorous agency--the Unknowable.

  98. But that molecule is something very much more than two atoms of hydrogen + one atom of oxygen.

  99. But the knowledge-relations are of so very special a type; and the relations in the environment are so many and varied.

  100. Ollie was very unhappy about it because it interfered with his eating, and he felt more hungry than ever.

  101. By that time, he was too sleepy to wonder very much.

  102. The very mountain was invisible from here.

  103. The Lord Advocate I think a strong sketch of a very difficult character, James More, sufficient; and the two girls very pleasing creatures.

  104. At last she took pity on us, and very nobly proposed that Belle and I should ride ahead.

  105. I should say that the prison ava was of that not very welcome form that we elegantly call spit-ava, but of course there was no escape, and it had to be drunk.

  106. It is only a question of time and prayer and ink, and should leave something, no, not good, but not all bad - a very genuine appreciation of these folks.

  107. A very gay evening, with all sorts of chaff and mirth, and a moonlit ride home, and to bed before 12.

  108. I should say I am the less willing to pass Chatto over, because he behaved the other day in a very handsome manner.

  109. Two nights ago the club had its first meeting; only twelve were present, but it went very well.

  110. I always consider the wearing out of one's winter things a grievous bother which falls most heavily on the shoulders of those who are very careful wearers of their garments.

  111. You must be very careful about yourself, and the least bit of a cough or cold which may attack you must be carefully attended to.

  112. Disease of the heart is very frequently due to rheumatic fever; and the tendency to rheumatism is; to a certain extent, hereditary.

  113. One of these costumes with a tight-fitting coat is shown in our illustration of "a gown with braid and fur," which is a very handsome example of the walking-gowns of the winter.

  114. Severe headache is a very common symptom, and though it is usually caused by some trivial ailment, it is often the only subjective sign of a serious disease.

  115. Very many diseases cause fatness of the face.

  116. Silk braids, very fine and very narrow, in black and white, form a feature of this year's decorations, and silver braids as well.

  117. If you turn to the advertisement sheets at the back of this paper you will see notices of a number of very good books on both science and travel.

  118. The watchful eyes could detect very little that was amiss that day.

  119. It is very common for women to get double chins and extra plump cheeks when they have passed their thirtieth year.

  120. May it prove a very happy one to you all.

  121. The young often shrink from the very thought of being old.

  122. We have not forgotten you, and are very glad you have taken up some special study.

  123. How very few errors that child commits, even in cases where you have laid down no rule.

  124. But the moment a question of moral reform starts with the church, it works from the very first upon and through an organization.

  125. When the water is first let into a reservoir, it is apt to be very muddy; but that is no reason why the reservoir should remain dry forever.

  126. He was condemned for the very same reason for which hundreds condemn a so called liberal Christian to-day; because he used the world which other men used, and thought it not necessary to abstain from use because others abused.

  127. They think they are going into the very jaws of death and destruction.

  128. The apostle, in giving us an answer, takes up the question at the very point at which most inquirers do, viz.

  129. But the two are commonly actuated by very different impulses.

  130. Nay, the very fact that many of them are forced, as a condition of their existence, to denude themselves of anything but the most general and vague religious character, makes them incapable of fostering any high moral development.

  131. Peter would have looked very strangely skating, therefore it is sinful to skate.

  132. As to other matters, things whose moral value arises entirely from circumstances, a love to Christ as sincere and as ardent as yours, may lead him in a direction the very opposite of yours.

  133. Many, very many of the best, most efficient, and most steadily growing Christians in the church exhibit habitually a keen relish for amusements, and for some which are most sternly condemned, and participate in them most heartily.

  134. Common sense testifies that, in very many things, every Christian must, more or less, conform to the world.

  135. But those who are much with men under such circumstances, and come perhaps as close to their hearts as it is possible for man to do, recognize a very decided difference.

  136. Men do not care to counterfeit a coin of inferior value; and the world is very clear-sighted to discern the best and richest sources of worldly pleasure, and utterly unscrupulous in appropriating them entirely to itself.

  137. He must be a very cold philosopher indeed, who, even in intellectual analysis, can retrace the early impressions of his youth, with as little interest as that with which he looks back on the common occurrences of the past day.

  138. He appears like one of those dethroned monarchs, who, on the very ruins of their empire, still seem born for the sovereignty of mankind.

  139. In a very few years, after the termination of his dazzling career, every thing on the earth was almost as if he had never been.

  140. The market-place, in the centre of which stands the town hall, is spacious, but the market is very indifferently supplied with every thing except fish.

  141. The proportion which they bear to the general produce of the industry of the state is very high; and their rapid and continued progress holds out the most encouraging prospect of still greater accessions in every department of trade.

  142. In the course of the following winter, however, this head was destroyed by the storms; but being rebuilt with a slope towards the sea, it has since stood without very material damage.

  143. It is faced with Aberdeen granite, and has a very gentle acclivity.

  144. Scale Force, near Buttermere, has a fall of more than one hundred and fifty feet, and is very nearly perpendicular, besides uniting its waters with a small fall below: it is said to be the deepest in the lake district.

  145. These boats are very generally employed in the coast fishery from the Tweed to the Humber.

  146. To remedy this evil was, from a very early period, the ardent desire of the citizens, and to some of their first efforts in this direction we have alluded in our notice of Aberdeen Light-house.

  147. In a very advantageous situation seaward, a very elegant and finely contrived light-house has been erected; and, in pursuance of the comprehensive schemes of Sir Hesketh Fleetwood, Bart.

  148. But commonplace weak can be very lovable.

  149. My very silence should prove how intently my thoughts were fixed on you, and on the weird web which springs under your hand in meshes that bewilder the gaze and snare the attention.

  150. What you say confirms my belief that your daughter's constitution is the very opposite to that in which the seeds of consumption lurk.

  151. When he quitted me, which he did very soon, I remained for nearly an hour giving directions about the placing of furniture, which had just arrived, from our late residence.

  152. In a very few minutes I was once more in the grounds of that old gable house; the servant, who went before me, entered them by the stairs and the wicket-gate of the private entrance; that way was the shortest.

  153. Low Town soon ranged itself, with very few exceptions, on my side.

  154. Lilian Ashleigh will have, however, a very good fortune,--is what we genteel paupers call an heiress.

  155. I think you said your daughter was very much attached to Miss Ashleigh?

  156. Electro-biology was very naturally the special entertainment of a man whom no intercourse ever pleased in which his will was not imposed upon others.

  157. She seemed listless and dejected, and was very pale; but she denied that she felt unwell.

  158. Lloyd replied; and as he was no very skilful arguer, his reply injured him perhaps more than my assault.

  159. The Bohemians, especially the Praguers, being in great majority Protestants knew very well that Leopold was fighting the cause of the Papacy and Spain in Bohemia as well as in the duchies.

  160. He next alluded to the charges then considered very grave against certain writings of Vorstius, and with equal fairness to his accusers as he had been to the Professor gave a pledge that the subject should be examined.

  161. But the circumstances were in reality threads of iron which led down to the very foundations of the earth.

  162. Not that the sword of James was in reality very likely to be unsheathed, but his shriekings and his scribblings, pacific as he was himself, were likely to arouse passions which torrents of blood alone could satiate.

  163. The commissioners, having read this letter to Lord Salisbury before communicating it to the King, did not find the Lord Treasurer very prompt or sympathetic in his reply.

  164. No resolution can be taken as to that," said Cecil; "the death of the French king has very much altered such matters.

  165. But his Majesty answered very generously that he would take no conditions; that he considered your Mightinesses as his best friends, whom he could not and would not forsake.

  166. The House of Austria had not been divided, Matthias succeeded his brother, Leopold's visions melted into air, and it was for the future to reveal whether the Majesty-Letter and the Compromise had been written on very durable material.

  167. It was very obvious however to the commissioners that their statement gave no thorough satisfaction, and that grave suspicions remained of something important kept back by them.

  168. These tables are very useful in tracing the transits that occur in connection with the horoscope for the year.

  169. For the calculation of the approximate geocentric longitude of the major planets these periods are very useful, but are of less value in regard to the minor planets Venus and Mercury.

  170. Falling on the Ascendant or the Moon they affect the health and general fortunes very seriously, and only a series of subsequent good directions can avail to restore the Subject to his normal condition.

  171. The conjunctions of Neptune with the other major planets are necessarily in terms of the periods of the latter, those of Neptune and Uranus being very infrequent, while those with Jupiter will be proportionately more frequent.

  172. Prior to the time of Ptolemy nothing was known of the Moon except that it had a certain mean motion and formed its syzygies at definite periods, the mean values of which were very closely known.

  173. At the same time there is sufficient patience, method, caution, and watchfulness to make this extreme definition of purpose very effective.

  174. The means of judging the effects is very simple, when once the natures of the planets and the dominion of the several Houses have been thoroughly digested.

  175. Suffice it to say that the modern student of this most ancient of all sciences is at all times in very good company.

  176. But as very few people possess records of the planets' places for these long periods, the following table of the longitudes of the planets for the next 12 years has been prepared.

  177. But it should be observed that the constitution may be strong and the health may be at the same time very bad, or, on the other hand, the health may be good and the constitution may be weak.

  178. The highly educated man is apt to be very oblivious of the brotherhood of the ignorant Christian, and he, on his part, finds the recognition just as hard.

  179. A knowledge of the place to which a letter was sent cannot do much to help in understanding the letter, for local circumstances leave very faint traces, if any, on the Apostle's writings.

  180. The alternative rendering "ambassador," while quite possible, has not congruity in its favour, and would be a recurrence to that very motive of official authority which he has just disclaimed.

  181. The very purpose of God's merciful summons and invitation to them in the gospel was that they might share in this peace.

  182. Warning so easily passes into scolding, and sounds to the warned so like it even when the speaker does not mean it so, that there is special need to modulate the voice very carefully.

  183. Very noteworthy is the tenderness of the description of the fugitive as "my child, whom I have begotten in my bonds.

  184. There is but one way to secure that calm wisdom, which feels their meaning even while they sting and burn, and can smile through tears, as sorrowful and yet always rejoicing; and that is to keep in very close communion with our Lord.

  185. Here, however, we come to one of the very few sections which may be called personal, though even here it is rather Paul's office than himself which is in question.

  186. The metaphor of putting clothing on or off is very frequent in this Epistle.

  187. What he says of Epaphras in this very Epistle was true of himself.

  188. Then he remembered that it was a hundred years, and that his very race had perished, and he turned with contempt on the little men and their little horses.

  189. As they came nearer yet, there is a tradition that Rodrigo looking on the Moslem, said, "By the faith of the Messiah, these are the very men I saw painted on the walls of the cave at Toledo.

  190. This was, as it happened, the very thing which the French government and all Europe had most hoped to find.

  191. They came next to an island where there was but one man visible, very aged, and with long, white hair.

  192. The last island to which they came was called Raven's Stream, and there one of the men, who had been very homesick, leaped out upon shore.

  193. Nor did the questions themselves seem very pertinent to the object of investigation.

  194. You will read and edit this memoir; you are the very man he himself would have selected.

  195. After this statement, it was very naturally and generally conjectured that Sir Philip was an amateur disciple of homoeopathy, and that the casket contained the phials or globules in use among homoeopathists.

  196. He began apologizing, very unnecessarily, for the state of his establishment.

  197. He seemed to be very much afraid of spending, and still more appalled at the idea of being cheated.

  198. Very dear people," said Adrien, with a far away look in her eyes, "and people that loved justice and right.

  199. He means that there is something very dark and mysterious, Mamma.

  200. Patricia's voice was very pathetic and her eyes very gentle but very piercing.

  201. But he must straighten things out with McNish at the very first opportunity.

  202. Jack is very much engaged," said her mother quietly.

  203. The very first time when 'Jack' Johnson came against Jumbo, Jumbo found himself sitting on the ice.

  204. Captain Jack, sitting up very straight and looking very grave, felt the thrill of the timid touch run through his very heart.

  205. For a minute or two he fussed with the tea things till he could master his voice, then he said very quietly: "They are very decent chaps--really very good fellows and they have taken their training extraordinarily well.

  206. It is vital to the very existence of unionised labour.

  207. Jack," she said softly, turning toward him and standing very near him, "you remember the note you sent me?

  208. These are very radical views you are advancing, Adrien," said her father, rising from his chair.

  209. Very grave were the faces gathered about the breakfast table next morning, and very anxious the glances cast on Sir Jasper as he came in, late as usual, looking uncommonly blithe and well.

  210. I'm getting very expert, and really surprise myself sometimes by the depth of my researches.

  211. She is miserable with the old man, and her only hope is in his death, for he is very feeble.

  212. Continue to be so, and you will find me a very faithful friend.

  213. Once upon a time, when we were paying a visit to my blessed grandmamma, I saw a ghost in this wise: The dear old lady was ill with a cold and kept her room, leaving us to mope, for it was very dull in the great lonely house.

  214. Treherne had more the air of a doomed man, being very pale and worn, in spite of an occasional gleam of happiness as he looked at Octavia.

  215. I love her very dearly, but I am not mad enough to dream of telling her so.

  216. You are very pale this morning; are you in pain, Maurice?

  217. I remember you let me chatter away about my family, my cousin, and my foolish little affairs with the sweetest patience, and made me very happy by your interest.

  218. He was poor, young Jasper rich, and it seemed but just, though Madame Mère was very angry when she learned how the will was made.

  219. Very well," replied the young man easily, and Raikes, entering his room, fastened the door with his usual elaborate precaution.

  220. A very riot of irradiation and gleam met his eyes.

  221. Shrewd, intelligent, persistent, he soon discovered that the very qualities which made him successful in his calling rendered him obnoxious to those who were unable to harmonize his promise with his condition.

  222. Very well, that will suit," answered the widow; "but you have not asked me what your salary will be.

  223. The professional instincts of the detective, reinspired by his better nature, were making some very obvious appeals.

  224. Very well; I will not return until the time appointed," said the Sepoy.

  225. It was very pleasant to be told by this child of Nature that he knew "such a lot about things.

  226. It's a very good tip to start by taking the waiter into your confidence," he assured Kitty, when it had just been settled for them that they were to have bisque soup.

  227. Katharine confessed that she had never lunched at a restaurant before; and the savoury smell that greeted them as they entered reminded her how very hungry she was, and drove away her last impulse to object.

  228. We only know him very slightly, and we haven't seen the Keeleys for years.

  229. You are most kind," she said sarcastically, emboldened by the presence of the office boy, "but I feel that the work would be very much too hard for me.

  230. I was very sorry for you, I was really," she said.

  231. But that is surely of the very first importance.

  232. It is very prosaic to have to acknowledge that a man's most characteristic pose is merely due to his laziness.

  233. She tried to obey him, but she could think of very little to say; and towards ten o'clock, Paul looked at his watch.

  234. The streets seem very full," she said, as they came to a block in the traffic.

  235. It isn't so very long since I learnt how to idle.

  236. And I'm sure I was very sorry to be obliged to refuse him, because I felt there was no one else in the place he could possibly ask.

  237. However, I shall be very pleased if you really care about it.

  238. But she had learnt something already that day, and she remembered Mr. Parker, and thought that Paul very possibly was wrong on this occasion.

  239. It means either that you have a high psi-quotient, or that you were very hungry.

  240. Matilda was not very good at this sort of thing.

  241. He smiled, but it was a sad smile, a smile of resignation, and he said, "Very well.

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