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fairgrounds; fairies; fairing; fairings; fairish; fairness; fairs; fairway; fairy; fairyland
  1. Their efforts at first were directed to securing an apartment to themselves--an achievement which, when you come to think of it, fairly epitomises the Englishman's outlook on life in general.

  2. Ally, as already related, had proved fairly tractable, but Nicky (who just at present stood badly in need of the services of a competent exorcist) had almost evaded ecclesiastical conscription by a new and ingenious device.

  3. She was fairly taken by surprise, and tried to push the whole concern into her mouth until the man should be gone.

  4. The second paragraph in the Introduction[31] I have had copied verbatim from my foul copy, and you will, I hope, think that I have fairly noticed your papers in the Linnean Transactions.

  5. I am fairly well, but always feel half dead with fatigue.

  6. You have now fairly beaten Spencer on his own ground, for he really offered no solution of the difficulties of the problem.

  7. My dear Wallace,--Your note has given me very great pleasure, chiefly because I was so anxious not to treat you with the least disrespect, and it is so difficult to speak fairly when differing from anyone.

  8. I think I have fairly heard and fairly weighed the evidence on both sides, and I remain an utter disbeliever in almost all that you consider the most sacred truths.

  9. I got the book, and have since published a letter acknowledging that I am fairly forestalled.

  10. I fear Lubbock's motion is being pushed off to the end of the Session, and Hooker's case will not be fairly considered.

  11. It is not an easy job fairly to summarise such a book, but I hope I have succeeded tolerably.

  12. Many years ago I had a dragonfly painted with gorgeous colours, but I never had an opportunity of fairly trying it.

  13. I had to quit the Methodists and be immersed in the Baptists afore she'd have me, and now she's fairly tearin' up the wind over this talk about me bein' a Roman.

  14. As Jap feelingly declared, Mabelle had even improved the dirt under the doorstep of the cottage, and Bill was fairly pushed out on the street for improving to do.

  15. And his prediction was well founded, for the town had become so used to its "morning's morning" that it fairly ravened for the blood of Mayor Bowers.

  16. Why, everybody in Bloomtown, including Isabel, knows that Jap is fairly sapheaded about her.

  17. Shortly after the boys arrived at City Hall Park, and before the business of the day had fairly begun, Teenie Massey approached to inquire if they had lately heard anything regarding Skip.

  18. III One thing at any rate now seemed fairly certain, namely, that if what Dadley told me was true it was not likely that a man of Inspector Webster's penetration would pay much attention to the mutterings of an incipient megalomaniac.

  19. Make a thing big enough, and we hang fairly well together; but take the whips off, so to speak, and we go as we please.

  20. II Since it was I who discovered Philip Esdaile's painting-cottage for him I think I may claim that I know the Santon country fairly well.

  21. Thereafter he had continued to come at fairly frequent intervals.

  22. I feel fairly certain that it was not in the very least on Philip Esdaile's account that she had given instructions at the Chelsea post-office for the readdressing of letters.

  23. Not finding her on the shore, Mollie had climbed the precipitous zigzag path to the cliff-top again and had sat down to rest, fairly blown.

  24. We have, of course, the general balance of our papers to consider, but within those limits I fairly let myself go.

  25. But I have known Esdaile for twenty years, Rooke for a dozen, and most of the others long enough to have a fairly reliable impression of them, and their accounts are quite trustworthy.

  26. In passing the colonel's door, she caught the sound of his tread as he fairly ran to and fro.

  27. And when the height of the flowering season came, she never wearied of wandering about and filling baskets with blue, golden and snowy blossoms until she was fairly drowned in a floral sea.

  28. Then I don't care for anything either," she cried, clinging to him, and drawing her arm so tight about his neck that the pressure of his body fairly robbed her of her breath.

  29. Suddenly she was fairly overwhelmed by a feeling of distrust.

  30. Lilly felt she was fairly well able to cope with the situation.

  31. At breakfast she fairly sparkled with playful conceits, chased the stiff-legged colonel about the table, and felt a warm sense of gratitude toward Miss von Schwertfeger rise within her.

  32. Lilly, fairly sick with laughter, sat on one of the steps quite surrounded by strange gentlemen, all of whom wanted to be fed by her.

  33. It fairly tore at her throat and heart like a physical affliction.

  34. She ventured to raise her look once more, and beyond the gold and silver dazzle she saw a pair of brilliant glassy eyes, which had lost their sharpness and were fairly forcing themselves on her with a mighty, greedy questioning.

  35. The thought of his desk fairly tortured her.

  36. The Roman pontiff at this time was without authority, and nothing existed in the city that could fairly be called a government.

  37. He paid for justice; for the concession of rights and privileges to which he was entitled or which he had fairly earned.

  38. At last, in the exuberance of their joy, the crowd took the horses out of the vehicle, and fairly dragged him to the village inn, leaving the unhappy ground steward as disconsolate as Ariadne on Naxos.

  39. And so the term is bandied about among us, repeated and reiterated, until it has fairly lost the semblance of anything like clear significance.

  40. The defendant was the only occupier in the parish who paid the tithes in kind, and it was alleged that he had not fairly set them out.

  41. But that these brutal attacks are fast declining in the estimation of the middle classes may be fairly presumed by the paucity in number and the circuitous route taken by many of them to the battlefield.

  42. He chose the latter course, although I know that his heart was fairly bursting with grief when I left him.

  43. It seemed as if a great fiery furnace was located within me and that I was fairly burning alive.

  44. Several senators have openly threatened to vote against these measures, claiming that Senator Grab is acting the hog and will not divide the booty fairly among them.

  45. Mrs. Melder was overwhelmed--the grandeur and wealth of her little charge fairly took away her breath.

  46. When she had seen Mrs. Catherine settled comfortably in her spacious and grand Edinburgh lodging, and the bustle of arrival fairly over, Anne, with her attendant Jacky, proceeded to Aberford.

  47. Rough Ralph Falconer, condescendingly noticed at first, in acknowledgment of his kindred pursuits, was shrinking from the neighborhood already fairly over-crowed and put down, endeavoring to hide his mortification under bitter laughter.

  48. Anne had fairly started upon her voyage of discovery.

  49. But Luna was fairly launched by the renewal of his historical remembrances and he was not to be stopped, driven on as he was by his propagandist zeal.

  50. I must follow the light on her poop until we are fairly joined.

  51. We are fairly on our way now, Captain Clarke,' said he.

  52. A few bodies, such as our own or those from Taunton, might fairly lay claim to be soldiers, but the most of them were still labourers and craftsmen with weapons in their hands.

  53. I was so astounded at the impudence of this confession, coming from the mouth of one who had been leading the exercises of a pious Christian family, that I was fairly bereft of speech.

  54. Of the Great Cry from the Lonely House And so our weary marching and counter-marching came at last to an end, and we found ourselves with our backs fairly against the wall, and the whole strength of the Government turned against us.

  55. The broth is fairly on the fire, then,' quoth Decimus Saxon, as we rode onwards.

  56. By two in the morning we were breasting Portsdown Hill, armed, mounted, and fairly started on our journey to the rebel camp.

  57. The ring rasped down the steel blade and tinkled against the hilt, fairly impaled.

  58. You may wear it with a quiet conscience, for it is fairly given to you and not filched from your entertainer whilst he slept.

  59. The clatter and shuffle of hundreds of moving feet came nearer and nearer, until the Frome men in front of us began to march, and we found ourselves fairly started upon the last journey which many of us were ever to take in this world.

  60. The works were therefore abandoned, and, fairly driven to bay, without a loophole of escape left, we awaited the approach of the enemy.

  61. He flashed round upon me with so savage a face that I could see that the wild-beast nature within him was fairly roused.

  62. At last, when I was fairly weary of my fruitless search for food, I espied a windmill standing upon a green hill at the other side of some fields.

  63. Of the Fight in Wells Cathedral I am fairly tied to the chariot-wheels of history now, my dear children, and must follow on with name and place and date, whether my tale suffer by it or no.

  64. When, at length, her inappeasable fury is fairly aroused, and all round the dismantled ship the storm howls and howls for days together, they still persevere in their efforts.

  65. The Indiaman had sheered almost broadside on to the clouds, her jib was still up, and I knew the next time the clouds rose we should fairly have it.

  66. The young fellow fairly shouted this last word into my very ear--he was in a regular furious passion.

  67. Hazard saw the ice with regret, for he had hoped to work the schooner fairly out to sea in his watch; but the field was getting down through the passage in a way that threatened to cut off the exit of the two schooners from the bay.

  68. To their astonishment, instead of being nipped, the schooner rose by a stately movement that was not without grandeur, upheld by broken cakes that had got beneath her bottom, and fairly reached the shelf of rocks almost unharmed.

  69. Every hour of my time was occupied, and I think I may fairly say I earned my wages.

  70. As I shall make my home at Fairhaven, and shall devote all my time to the furtherance of my scheme, I believe I am fairly entitled to that sum.

  71. And then, when the business of the day had fairly commenced, I was in the office of Mr. Fairhaven's lawyers.

  72. Neither in shop or parlour was there fairly room to turn round in; if you wanted to perform that movement, you had to tack for it.

  73. It was decided that we should not be married until Fairhaven was fairly established, and this I knew would occupy some considerable time.

  74. Stronger grew the light, until day had fairly dawned.

  75. I paid the cabman, and noting the inches of the two porters in their gorgeous livery, reflected with some satisfaction that Monsieur Miste would have to reckon with three fairly heavy men before he got out of the courtyard.

  76. If you want a secretary to bowl you a straight ball, or pull a fairly strong oar, I am your man, for I learnt little else.

  77. He talked thus collectedly and fairly while the Baron Giraud could but wipe his forehead with a damp handkerchief and gasp incoherent exclamations of terror.

  78. Another second, and a blow in the breast forced me fairly from the saddle.

  79. His action was observed by the king, who begged him from me, and attaching him to his own person in the capacity of clerk, started him so fairly on the road to fortune that he has since risen beyond hope or expectation.

  80. Between him and them I am fairly worn out.

  81. About four o'clock in the afternoon, straggling parties began to wend towards home, and in the course of half an hour the current fairly set in.

  82. What a sense of absolute freedom, when he was fairly out beyond the lightship, with the fresh swiftness of the wind in his face!

  83. He was fairly dazed, and for the moment entirely wordless.

  84. She began to tell him how much she enjoyed his little book on the drama, which a friend had recommended to her, but as soon as he had fairly recovered himself he led her away from his own work.

  85. IX Helen was more deeply hurt and humiliated by her playwright's flight than by the apparent failure of the play, but the two experiences coming together fairly stunned her.

  86. I was fairly in the grasp of the Evil One when your note came.

  87. My success fairly bewildered me; but oh, wasn't it glorious!

  88. When the curtain fell on the final "picture" she fairly collapsed, refusing to take the curtain call which a goodly number of her auditors insisted upon.

  89. His face would shine, he would grasp every actor by the hand, he would fairly fall upon your neck; but if business went down ten dollars on Wednesday night then look for the 'icy mitt' again.

  90. We still continued advancing in pursuit, and now were fairly in for it, half choked with dust and sulphur.

  91. Our attention has been called to what is undoubtedly a departure from the fair and liberal spirit which ought to actuate antagonists--in short, by an attempt to deprive the Edinburgh Chess Club of laurels which were fairly and honourably won.

  92. I was now fairly upon the ground, and didn't like to go back.

  93. This premised, we are aware of little else that can fairly be alleged against this very fine picture.

  94. We are aware but of two valid objections that can fairly be made to the picture.

  95. She was fairly aghast with surprise, admiration, and a sentiment very near akin to respect.

  96. She used to be fairly dazzled by all her dreams of the future.

  97. Every day there were fresh attacks and reproaches until he was fairly haunted by them; it was the terrible battle of all that is most prosaic against the conscience of a Deputy of the Opposition.

  98. They who assure us vox populi 'is the voice of God,' are fairly open to the charge of ascribing to Him what orthodox pietists inform us exclusively belongs to the Father of Evil.

  99. Only matter can be touched or touch;' and as the Christian's God is not material, his adorers are fairly open to the charge of superstition.

  100. Now, after thirty-four months of work, we contemplate a fairly rounded whole.

  101. At the idea that a murderer might escape the penalty of his crime, and steal away from the assize court, old Tabaret's blood fairly boiled in his veins, as at the recollection of some deadly insult.

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