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Example sentences for "furious"

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furgit; furgot; furie; furies; furieux; furiously; furl; furled; furling; furlong
  1. Without halt or pause, and with the furious velocity of a wounded wild-boar, Pelletier went, without help of omnibus, from the Madeleine to the Bastille.

  2. Toussaint Gilles, with a furious glance at his friends; 'are you all afraid of one man?

  3. Yvon and Finette plunged into the sea; a rope was thrown them by an invisible hand; and when the furious giant reached the shore, the ship was receding rapidly at full sail, leaving behind it a long furrow of shining foam.

  4. Horses, carriage, Baron, betrothed, coachman, all were hurried away by the furious animal.

  5. The giant ran backward and forward along the abyss like a bear in his cage, seeking a passage everywhere and finding none; then, with a furious jerk, he tore up an immense oak by the roots, and flung it across the gap.

  6. I am furious against these wicked men, who are carrying her away, and did I not do the same myself?

  7. But furious storms again overtook her, and ere she landed at Weymouth, her fortune had again forsaken her.

  8. After a furious contest, in which Fox, Grey, and Sheridan, stood by the popular cause, the bills passed.

  9. A furious debate sprang up, which terminated in a resolution to commit Burdett to the Tower.

  10. In the midst of this furious contest, whose issue was shrouded in darkness, light suddenly broke in from an unexpected quarter.

  11. From April to November everything is wet; vegetation revives without a spring, and the slender streams suddenly become furious rivers, which often sweep away the improvements of man, and change the face of the country in a single night.

  12. The leader of the little wretches seemed furious at the idea.

  13. They fall into the temper of a furious populace provoked at the disorder of a house of ill-fame; they never attempt to correct or regulate; they go to work by the shortest way: they abate the nuisance, they pull down the house.

  14. But a moment later, when he looked over the end of the pew to see if it was safe, he was furious to perceive that it was gone.

  15. And then the frog'd give six or seven more hollers, so that the minister would stop and look at Barnes, and Barnes'd get up and skip down the aisle and go home furious about it.

  16. With a furious oath Praga ran to his horse, caught it cleverly, jumped into the saddle, and dashed after the fugitive in mad pursuit.

  17. He said this with as much earnestness as I had ever observed in him save in his moods of furious passion.

  18. He put his head out and called to the driver, and a short heated altercation took place, which ended in von Nauheim bidding him drive as fast as he could, since we were in a furious hurry.

  19. Swiftly brushing o'er the pavement, At a furious pace I go, Till I reach my darling dwelling In the wilds of Pimlico.

  20. I know the rage and wrath that my furious brother hath Is less against us both than at me.

  21. Their onslaught was furious and brutal, and for a time successful.

  22. After exhausting himself with his furious endeavours, he went down, and I saw him no more.

  23. He saw at last that they had fallen behind the furious onset of the flood, but Roger was still swimming with it, desperately throwing up his head from time to time, and snorting the water from his nostrils.

  24. He was suddenly disturbed by loud hurrahs from behind, and by a furious pelting of balls of snow and ice upon the top of his wagon.

  25. The pain put him into a furious passion, and, like you, he vowed revenge.

  26. Six or eight were among them, who feared not, nor were ashamed to appear there in the full splendor of their distinctive garb as Senators, prominent among whom was the most rash and furious of them all, Cethegus.

  27. I know not whether most to marvel at the insane and furious temerity of this one, or at the idiotic foolery of that!

  28. Give me a sword," shouted the fierce conspirator, furious at being foiled, and perceiving that his whole enterprise depended on the young man’s destruction.

  29. But he was soon made sensible that a furious onset was fruitless here.

  30. The attack of Wittgenstein was furious and obstinate; it failed; but he retained his offensive position, and Marshal Oudinot had been wounded.

  31. At the same time Ney made so furious an attack on the two other redoubts, that he wrested them from the enemy.

  32. Rushing from their woods, the Russians then exhibited their whole force, and attacked Saint Cyr in the most furious manner.

  33. On the 3d of September, a Frenchwoman, at the risk of being torn in pieces by the furious Muscovites, ventured to leave her hiding-place.

  34. The Emperor, striking the ground with his stick, and darting a furious look to heaven, pronounced these words, "It is then written above that we shall now commit nothing but faults!

  35. The prince was rallying all his forces to make a general assault, when suddenly his attention was diverted by furious cries proceeding from his left.

  36. According to their different characters, some furious and determined, with sword in hand, cleared for themselves a horrible passage.

  37. It was at this moment that the furious flames were driven from all quarters with the greatest violence towards the Kremlin; for the wind, attracted no doubt by this vast combustion, increased every moment in strength.

  38. The American boats made furious havoc with Cardenas harbor and town.

  39. He said that the fight was growing furious in all directions.

  40. Their felts, besides, as I know from experience, are so well made, as to shelter them completely from the most furious tempests.

  41. Some moments elapsed before we could account for this strange disaster, and comprehend the meaning of the furious abuse with which the Turkmans assailed our escort.

  42. The Huns, from the heart of Asia, came down to the Asiatic side of the strait, and soon the terrified Bosphorians beheld those furious hordes traversing the Sea of Azof, which had for a while arrested their progress.

  43. A furious burst of rain, the last expiring effort of the storm, at last cleared the sky, which became coloured towards the west with purple bands, that contrasted gloriously with the darkness of the rest of the firmament.

  44. Nothing can be more frightful than those snowy wastes recently swept and tossed by furious winds.

  45. Anthony was furious every time we yielded to his importunities, and ceased not in revenge to torment him in a thousand ways.

  46. They come down on the land with such whirling and driving gusts, such furious and continuous tempests, such whistlings and groanings of the wind, and a sky so murky and threatening, that no hurricane at sea can be more alarming.

  47. There were moments when he actually did not know whether he was furious or delighted, bored or amused.

  48. Clatter--clatter along in the keen morning air; a few workmen on their way to work gaze in surprise at this furious rider.

  49. A furious crowd broke into the prison and lynched the prisoners.

  50. Furious at having been cowards and at having allowed themselves to be deceived and made game of, the Republicans turned against the monks and clergy.

  51. Soon a tempest arose full of darkness and groanings, and the trough, driven by a furious wind, flew like a sea-mew through the mist and the surge.

  52. Immediately a furious gust of wind filled with the noise of sobs and howls struck the stone trough, carried off the mast with all the sails, and tore away the rudder and the stem.

  53. They began to scramble out of the excavation, darting furious glances behind them.

  54. It was done, and the frigate, rolling heavily in the trough of the sea, and impelled by the furious elements, rapidly closed with the stranger.

  55. Another and another shock from the resistless and furious waves decided the fate of the resolute captain and master.

  56. Has it remained here for ages to be dashed by the furious ocean?

  57. Zilahs resound, no longer above the clash of sabres and the neighing of furious horses, but within the walls of a courtroom, and in presence of a gaping crowd of sensation seekers?

  58. Here Miliukov was interrupted by furious cries from the Left, demanding what Socialist had ever advised such action….

  59. So he came at last to Room 17, office of the Military Revolutionary Committee, and stood there in the midst of all the furious coming and going.

  60. At the end he could hardly be heard for the furious storm of abuse which beat upon him.

  61. At this report there was a furious outcry.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "furious" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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