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Example sentences for "expeditious"

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expedited; expediting; expedition; expeditionary; expeditions; expeditiously; expel; expell; expelled; expelling
  1. This was almost equal to railroad speed; but it was good sleighing, and we had with us, in the sleigh, the United States mail, which imposed on the driver a necessity of being as expeditious as the nature of the case would admit.

  2. Having occasion to go to the metropolis, one day, I took the most expeditious public conveyance which the times and the season afforded.

  3. The hands left at the camps at the time the team breaks up, to make the necessary instruments for river-driving, are soon joined with the addition of such forces as are requisite for an expeditious drive.

  4. This expeditious method of loading is particularly convenient and desirable, as may be imagined when one takes into consideration the biting winter winds which sweep across these wide meadow fields.

  5. An expeditious method, as is admitted in 191, but there, I think, all praise ceases.

  6. Cremonini had a rival in one Cesare Baglione, an artist in the same sphere, and of the same eager and expeditious character in the art.

  7. He could commend this expeditious way from personal knowledge, and could assure the Queen that the people of the country would soon 'consume themselves and devoure one another.

  8. Sidings, large stations, and establishments of every kind are being constructed by the most modern and expeditious processes.

  9. Second, a more expeditious instrument called the syphon recorder.

  10. From Pittsburg I chose passage by the canal to Harrisburg, rather than by the more expeditious stage.

  11. Stevenson's brigade was sent to cut off the rebel retreat, but was too late or not expeditious enough.

  12. We were but forty-seven miles apart, yet the most expeditious way for us to meet was for me to take the rail to Columbus and Sherman a steamer for the same place.

  13. This is often a very convenient and expeditious mode of cooking; but though one of the most common, it is as commonly performed in a very imperfect manner, and meets with less attention than the comfort of a good meal requires.

  14. It is made in the following easy and expeditious manner.

  15. The most expeditious way of fattening chickens is to mix a quantity of rice flour sufficient for present use, with milk and a little coarse sugar, and stir it over the fire till it comes to a thick paste.

  16. Commerce cannot be carried on to great extent, or in a regular and expeditious manner, by natives ignorant of the use of money; but money seems to be not at all requisite to the purposes of piracy.

  17. The trade in a certain district improves, and of course requires more easy and expeditious communication among different parts of this district: the roads are consequently made better, and the waggons, &c.

  18. But as it may not be known to every one, I must inform you that from very long observation, I find the pigeon is the most expeditious of the two.

  19. The committee of public safety employed in the army of the Rhine the expeditious measures peculiar to its policy.

  20. For the more expeditious preparation of the wares, it was necessary that each workman should devote the whole of his time to a special branch of his art.

  21. To lay a thin coat of glaze on the surface of earthenware, is a most expeditious process.

  22. In addition to the coaches, people often travelled by what were termed "expeditious wagons," which carried goods.

  23. It is the return from that country immediately for Europe, by the safest, most certain, and expeditious route, that should be the object of our particular attention.

  24. Here too were they in luck if they obtained a few fragments from the grand board; for, such determined voracity was there exhibited, that so many vultures or cormorants could not have been more expeditious in clearing the dishes.

  25. Thanks to her friend, their shopping had been so expeditious that the day was still young.

  26. Stefan's first idea had been the City Hall, as offering the most expeditious method, but Mary had been firm for a church.

  27. On this occasion Fabius was extremely fortunate and expeditious in recovering the states.

  28. The charge of this business was committed to lieutenant Fufius Kalenus, with orders to be expeditious in transporting the legions.

  29. The diagram shows the most expeditious manner of attaching another hook by what is known as the "sinker hitch," described further on (Fig.

  30. Footnote 2318: At the Jacobin Club, Legendre proposes a much a more expeditious measure for getting rid of the priests.

  31. Nothing tends more to check the proper expeditious working of the traffic than a confined space for the movement of the passengers and of the station staff carrying luggage.

  32. Soft wet clay, quicksands, or other strata having springs of water percolating through them, are serious obstacles in the way of expeditious tunnelling.

  33. In very many cases brick will be found cheaper and more expeditious for arching than stone, unless the quarries turn out stone in blocks which can be conveniently trimmed for arching.

  34. They are much more expeditious than the hand drills, but they are costly in 174 their installation, and also in their working and maintenance.

  35. The works named, assisted by the Erie Canal, now afford ample means for the expeditious and cheap transportation of produce-seeking Eastern markets, and could without being overtaxed transport the entire surplus products of the interior.

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