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  1. With one he had been intimately connected early in life; Hariot had been his mathematical tutor, was domesticated in his house, and became his confidential agent in the expedition to Virginia.

  2. He was already in favour with the queen, for she sanctioned a renewal of the unfortunate expedition under his brother.

  3. And he absolutely insisted that the expedition should not be abandoned altogether.

  4. The fact that Othomar was contradicting Ducardi gave them all grounds for thwarting the old general, who hitherto had conducted the expedition with a sort of military tyranny which had frequently annoyed them.

  5. Herman and the others have gone on; to-morrow I hope myself to lead our second expedition from here.

  6. But Henry had chosen a very poor moment to administer this final rebuff; for the Emperor had departed on an expedition against Tunis, and thus left Francis a comparatively free hand on the Continent.

  7. The expedition for Cape Breton had just embarked and "taken their departure from this place," and this was deemed, in addition to the usual custom, occasion for a fast.

  8. The expedition sailed soon after, and arrived at Canso, under Col.

  9. The next is a longer article in relation to the expedition to Canada under Gen.

  10. If she were going camping she would know that certain things were necessary to make the expedition a success.

  11. But the freshman year, what about the thinking and planning for that, also an expedition into a new world, and a veritable adventure of a vast deal more importance than a few days or weeks of camping?

  12. This expedition passed through its perils of land and water, and arrived in due course at the capital of the remote province which was its destination.

  13. From the course mapped out for the explorers, there is no doubt that, even if the aim of the expedition had not been reached, an earlier knowledge of much unknown country would have been obtained.

  14. A second expedition was then undertaken, and this time the boats penetrated between sixty and seventy miles, inclusive of the windings of the river.

  15. Wills, William John-- Surveyor and astronomer on Burke and Wills' expedition (See Burke.

  16. Frederick Walker, leader of the Rockhampton expedition in search of Burke and Wills.

  17. In October, Oxley started from Sydney on a very different kind of expedition to those lately undertaken by him.

  18. In 1879, Alexander Forrest led an expedition from De Grey River to the telegraph line.

  19. On the 9th February the remainder of the expedition reached Prospect Hill more dead than alive.

  20. Gosse; in charge of Central and Western Exploration expedition from Alice Springs.

  21. The objects of this expedition are not very definite.

  22. The West India expedition was organized and all expenses guaranteed by private individuals.

  23. In January joins expedition to San Juan and Grenada, Nicaragua.

  24. Nelson's opinion was that the Spanish portion of the expedition had gone to Havana, and that the French would make for Cadiz or Toulon, the latter he thought most likely, with the ultimate object of Egypt.

  25. This was the last episode of plunder connected with an expedition that was ripe with thrilling incidents, and added to the fame of the most enterprising figure of the Elizabethan reign.

  26. So far as the West Indies were concerned, the French expedition ended not only in a dead loss, but was a humiliating fiasco, unless, as I have stated before, it was a preconceived decoy for some other purpose.

  27. Drake's voyage in the Pelican excelled anything that had ever been accomplished by previous sea rovers, and his expedition to the West Indies was a great feat.

  28. His expedition to the West Indies might never have been undertaken had he not been a dare-devil fellow, to whom Burleigh's wink was as good as a nod to be off.

  29. This post she resigned for a while to join as a volunteer in the expedition of twelve thousand men, commanded by General Klapka, who captured Raab.

  30. The expedition owed its success almost entirely to the Amazon of Liege.

  31. The regiment was embarking to join the expedition against Cadiz.

  32. The King undertook a second expedition against Abbeokuta in March, 1864.

  33. During her father's lifetime she had entered heartily into state affairs and was Regent for a short time during the absence of Altumsh on an expedition against Gwalior.

  34. The one little comfort that he was to get out of the expedition was that of seeing his raiders taken out of Macdonald's hands and marched off to be set free.

  35. This expedition has come to the relief of certain men, attacked and surrounded in the discharge of their duty by a band of cattle thieves of which you are the acknowledged head," replied Major King.

  36. Whether Major King would make her attempt against Chadron's life, or her interference with his military expedition his excuse for placing her under guard, remained for the future to develop.

  37. With great expedition I rose and shaved and making myself as smart as possible in the private's uniform, hurried off to the General's camp home.

  38. An expedition of this kind was made doubly charming by having in it a touch of adventure.

  39. It was strange and exhilarating to go off on an expedition of that kind in the cool air and fading light of the evening.

  40. So it was with very mingled feelings that I contemplated an expedition to the battle-fields of France, and I trusted that the difficulties of Europe would be settled without our intervention.

  41. Before leaving Allumette Island on his return, Champlain invited Tessoüat to send a trading expedition to the Falls of St. Louis, where he would find an ample opportunity for an exchange of commodities.

  42. Pont Gravé and the principal men of the expedition could return with them to Quebec, where he proposed to give them a more public and formal trial.

  43. He appears in 1629 to have turned traitor, to have sold himself to the English, and to have piloted them up the river in their expedition against Quebec.

  44. His majesty gave the conduct of this expedition to the Sieur du Mont.

  45. To Champlain even, although the expedition had been accompanied by hardship and suffering and some disappointments, it was by no means a failure.

  46. The expedition seemed more like a holiday excursion than the grave prelude to the founding of a city to be renowned in the history of the continent.

  47. Champlain received on his arrival the painful intelligence that the Commander de Chastes, his friend and patron, under whose auspices the late expedition had been conducted, had died on the 13th of May preceding.

  48. He commanded the expedition sent out by De Chaste in 1603, when Champlain made his first exploration of the River St. Lawrence.

  49. Then it was that Champlain fought the Iroquois; that the second Virginia charter was granted; and that Hudson's expedition gave the Dutch a claim to territory in the New World.

  50. On his first expedition La Salle was accompanied by Father Hennepin, whom he sent down the Illinois and up the Mississippi.

  51. But the land attack failed, the fleet was badly damaged by shot from the fort, and the expedition sailed away to New York.

  52. In 1884 a rescue expedition was sent out under Commander W.

  53. The king dispatched (1501) an expedition which explored the coast southward nearly as far as the mouth of the Plata River.

  54. Vasco Nuñez de Balboa had come from Spain to Haiti and settled down as a planter, but when (1510) an expedition was about to sail for South America to plant a colony near Panama, Balboa longed to join it.

  55. On the way over a storm scattered the fleet; one ship was lost, and another bearing the leaders of the expedition was wrecked on the Bermudas.

  56. Gushing planned an expedition to destroy her by a torpedo.

  57. Burr was arrested and sent to Virginia, charged with levying war against the United States, which was treason, and with setting on foot a military expedition against the dominions of the king of Spain, which was a "high misdemeanor.

  58. Against these forts and villages George Rogers Clark, a young Virginian, planned an expedition which was approved by Patrick Henry, then governor of Virginia.

  59. Footnote: An account of this expedition will be found in Chapter ii of 'The War Chief of the Six Nations' in this Series.

  60. And neither the naval nor the military leader of the joint expedition against Louisbourg was the proper man to act either alone or with his colleague.

  61. Strangely enough, neither Whitefield nor his friend Pepperrell was at all sure that the expedition was a wise or even a godly venture.

  62. Mordaunt and his pettifogging councils of war turned the joint expedition against Rochefort into a complete fiasco; while Montcalm again defeated the British in America by taking Fort William Henry.

  63. In the end Whitefield warmed up enough to give the expedition its official motto: 'Nil desperandum Christo Duce.

  64. So in May his expedition left for Canso, where there was a little home-made British fort on the strait between Cape Breton and the mainland of Nova Scotia.

  65. The British expedition proved a failure, but Souvorof's strategy and indomitable courage shed glory upon the Russian army.

  66. He determined to send an expedition strong enough to insure respect, and lost no time in preparing it.

  67. In the Byzantine expedition against Crete, 700 Russians served in the army.

  68. Napoleon had a far better idea of the difficulties, but he did not consider the expedition as hopeless.

  69. In 1722, Peter led an expedition to the Caspian Sea.

  70. This prince made an expedition down the Volga, levying tribute as he proceeded.

  71. There is a story that he was defeated by the Hungarians, who had crossed the Dnieper, but it is doubtful, because in the year 907, we find him preparing another expedition against Constantinople.

  72. They persuaded its people to prepare an expedition against Czargrad, the City of the Czar or Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, now known as Constantinople, but at that time named Byzantium.

  73. At the beginning of his reign, in 1551, Ivan was preparing an expedition to Kazan, and in June of the following year he descended the Volga and laid siege to that city.

  74. He led another expedition against Constantinople, but it ended in disaster, because the Russian fleet was destroyed by Greek fire.

  75. Following the usual custom, the expedition was accompanied by scientific men to survey the river, prepare maps, explore the country, and examine its resources.

  76. He arrived at Moscow and after the czar had heard his report, the expedition was given up, but Alexis wrote to Stepanof, upon whom he conferred some honors, and told him to continue the good work.

  77. Alexis intended to send an expedition of 3,000 men to occupy and hold this treasure grove, but he was prudent enough to dispatch an officer to order Khabarof to Moscow, so that he might learn the facts.

  78. The two parts of Montgomery’s expedition south of the Dordogne, first the union with the viscounts, and second, the campaign against Terride are to be distinguished, although they have been much confounded.

  79. This was followed by a demand that Coligny, under whose sanction the expedition had sailed, should be punished.

  80. But the expedition came to an untimely end.

  81. It was a pose of Philip’s that the expedition was purely political; cf.

  82. The foreigners in Cocqueville’s band were summarily beheaded at St. Valéry, the leader himself was sent to Abbeville for trial for treason and executed, and the whole expedition came to naught.

  83. Exasperated by Spain, Turkey whose war policy was guided by the able grand vizier, Mohammed Sokolli, prepared a vast expedition to expel her from all points which she occupied in Africa.

  84. Before news of the massacre reached France, Philip II, knowing the facts, inquired if the French expedition had been commanded or sanctioned by the French King.

  85. The recent expedition against La Rochelle had also angered her subjects, so that now the negotiations were once more apparently at a standstill.

  86. The objects of the expedition were speedily accomplished; and the whites, after a few days' rest, returned to safer haunts.

  87. The expedition was perilous from its commencement, and the danger increased with each day's journey.

  88. The whole history of the expedition had been detailed to them by Ma-què-a-pos.

  89. The Bayeux tapestry, representing the expedition of William the Conqueror, is curious and valuable as an historical monument, though it cannot be proved to be contemporary.

  90. Don and his uncles joined an expedition bound by air across the north pole.

  91. The two naturalists of the expedition were therefore anxious to land and explore the shore.

  92. In this expedition to Canada Cook distinguished himself greatly-- especially in his surveys of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and in piloting the fleet safely through the dangerous shoals and rocks of that inland sea.

  93. We hasten, therefore, to that point in the narrative which describes the visit of the expedition to the island of Owhyhee, where its heroic commander terminated his brilliant career.

  94. The priest finished off by encouraging all present to be obedient to the god of war, and to do their best to gratify his appetite, adding, that the success of the whole expedition depended on their obedience.

  95. The latter agreed; all the warriors of the island and the surrounding district were gathered together, and an army of two thousand men finally set forth on this expedition in forty war-canoes.

  96. This was indeed a high honour, for the success of that expedition depended on the man who should be placed at its head.

  97. As soon as the equator was passed, the expedition would see the sun on the north, i.

  98. The name of the father of Theocles determines me in accepting Bergk's opinion that these inscriptions of the Ethiopian expedition of Psammetichus II.

  99. The king of Assyria sent an expedition against these, overran all Phoenicia with war, made peace with them all, and returned.

  100. Greek: hoka basileus helase ton straton to praton]" the date of the expedition of the son of Theocles must be put earlier.

  101. A rumour of the affair at Beachley had penetrated his prison; and he knew Massey had been long contemplating an expedition across the Forest and over the Wye.

  102. The rising sun saw his back turned upon Bristol; he and his Cavaliers venting loud curses--reviling their partisans inside, whose misleading correspondence had lured them to an expedition ludicrous as bootless.

  103. Fort Finney at the mouth of the Big Miami, and subsequently took part in the expedition of General George Roger Clark against the Kickapoos on the Wabash, and in 1790, in the disastrous expedition of Gen.

  104. In order to punish the Indians for their atrocities in the Wyoming Valley, as well as the western part of New York, Washington had induced Congress to fit out an expedition against the Indians under Sullivan.

  105. Peter Fabian, who accompanied an expedition sent by the English Carolina Company to that colony in 1663.

  106. An entire bundle of dried scalps, amounting to 1,062 in number, taken by the Seneca Indians, fell into the hands of a New England expedition against the Indians.

  107. Michael Fink and his companions were the first to descend the Mississippi on a trading expedition to New Orleans, where the officials in 1782 had never heard of their starting point, Pittsburg.

  108. As early as 1711 a German battalion, mainly natives of the Palatinate, was part of the force, a thousand strong, which was to take part in the expedition against Quebec.

  109. During a scouting expedition commanded by Lieutenant Woodworth of Fort Dayton the Americans came into contact with Indians double their number.

  110. Later entered the service of Sweden, and in 1637 commanded an expedition which founded New Sweden in the Delaware River region near Cape Henlopen and Christian Creek.

  111. Here Sutter joined an expedition to Santa Fe and returned to St. Louis with a substantial profit.

  112. One of Custer’s Sergeants and Survivor Greeley Arctic Expedition 152 Lossing, Benson J.

  113. His next trip was undertaken with an American fur expedition and, crossing the Rocky Mountains, he reached Vancouver, the headquarters of the Hudson Bay Fur Company on the Pacific, in September, 1838.

  114. The relief of Lieutenant Greeley by Schley when the exploring expedition was practically down to a few starving survivors forms one of the heroic chapters in the history of the American navy.

  115. The history of this same eastern expedition furnishes a case somewhat in point, and which may serve to show in what light he would probably have regarded Zenobia.

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