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expedite; expedited; expediting; expedition; expeditionary; expeditious; expeditiously; expel; expell; expelled
  1. Formerly he had been used to disappear from Rome periodically, making long journeys, generally ending in shooting expeditions in some half- explored country.

  2. Unfortunately, Faustina's early expeditions to church were by no means certain or regular, and it would be necessary to convey a message to her before the day arrived.

  3. Shirley hastened back to New England, burdened with the preparation for three expeditions and the command of one of them.

  4. Their military expeditions were mere raids, great or small.

  5. Louis had to coax and persuade his people to follow him, and even his earnest purpose and real ability could not save his expeditions from disastrous failure.

  6. He probably possessed some privilege, like that bestowed on Henry Jasomirgott, rendering it optional with him to accompany the Emperor on expeditions out of Germany.

  7. From that period, however, he ceased to take the field in person, and intrusted the conduct of expeditions to his sons and his captains; excepting in one instance, the occasion of which was as follows.

  8. Everything therefore seems to show, that these Pillars near Iberia in Asia, and not the Pillars of Hercules in Europe, formed the boundary of the expeditions of Sesostris, Tearcho, and Nabuchodonosor.

  9. It was the place of rendezvous for the Persians in their expeditions against Egypt.

  10. But how can we place any just confidence in the accounts of India derived from such expeditions as those of Cyrus and Semiramis?

  11. His expeditions with Charley in search of pleasure had been, though he did not find pleasure, more agreeable to him than the being left to his own resources; and now this was more the case than ever.

  12. He took part in the various expeditions against Burgundy, and after the destruction of that kingdom in 534 obtained Grenoble, Die and some of the neighbouring cities.

  13. He at once concentrated the British forces at New York, pursuing a policy of foraying expeditions in place of regular campaigns.

  14. He also ruled over the greater part of Germany, made expeditions into Saxony, and for some time exacted from the Saxons an annual tribute of 500 cows.

  15. These easterly winds have been observed by the recent expeditions which have penetrated far enough south to cross the low-pressure trough.

  16. There was no country in the world that had so tried the endurance and perseverance of the men on exploring expeditions as South Australia had done, and explorers should receive all the credit that could be given.

  17. Last year was the year when I should have undertaken the exploration, and I was, of course, quite prepared to do so; but in the meantime a whole host of expeditions from South Australia had come into the field.

  18. As the history of the principal expeditions into the interior of Australia has been narrated by several able writers, I do not propose to repeat what has already been so well told.

  19. In Western Australia a good deal of exploration was done before his time, and expeditions had been very common.

  20. Several expeditions were undertaken to ascertain his fate; at various times expectations were aroused by finding trees marked L; but Leichardt himself, on previous journeys, had met with trees so marked, by whom is unknown.

  21. This might therefore be considered the eastern boundary of the unknown districts, and moreover was the point of departure for the South Australian expeditions in a westerly direction.

  22. The facts observed and the information collected by him during his sojourn in eastern Kafiristan, and during short expeditions to the inner valleys, are the most trustworthy foundations of our knowledge of this interesting country.

  23. These expeditions were dangerous to say the least.

  24. You know how dangerous those South American expeditions are?

  25. He added, that after these nocturnal expeditions he invariably fell into a profound sleep, often before he could get home, and that always, during that sleep, he was conscious of undergoing peculiar metamorphosis.

  26. On one of his marauding expeditions Bonivon sailed up an estuary of the Rhone rather further than he had intended, and having no pilot on board, ran ashore in the darkness.

  27. It is my belief that the animals represented were tamed, but not domesticated, and were the result of great hunting expeditions in the desert.

  28. I have attempted to get these expeditions off twice.

  29. All travel had been stopped and no expeditions against the Indians had been made.

  30. I stopped my expeditions on the southern route to give him an opportunity to accomplish this object.

  31. In the meantime the soldiers, who had been brought in by Otto to carry out his tyrannical purposes, began a series of plundering expeditions on their own account.

  32. Like Vratislav, however, he now felt himself forced by the opposition which he had encountered at home to rely more than ever on the German Emperor; and he was thus dragged into expeditions which had little concern for Bohemia.

  33. A project was then started for sending expeditions to various parts of the world, in order to find out where the simplicity of faith was still maintained.

  34. In earlier times the nobles had claimed the right of demanding forcible quartering in the houses of citizens for those who were engaged on expeditions in the king’s service.

  35. On one of these expeditions we were encamped in the shadow of some great rocks, which had once been covered by the giant flood.

  36. Of late, several attempts have been made by French expeditions to reach that uncanny realm of eternal darkness, but without success.

  37. Each of us slept at night with one of the soldiers, and we went on several midnight expeditions in company.

  38. Most of these expeditions got off finally, but too late to render any service in the direction for which they were designed.

  39. There were still a few expeditions out in the South that could not be communicated with, and had to be left to act according to the judgment of their respective commanders.

  40. Little expeditions could not so well be sent out to destroy a bridge or tear up a few miles of railroad track, burn a storehouse, or inflict other little annoyances.

  41. They shewed their superiority and address in the numberless expeditions which they made, and the difficulties which they surmounted.

  42. They were joined in their expeditions by other nations, especially by the collateral branches of their family, the Mizraim, Caphtorim, and the sons of Canaan.

  43. There never were such expeditions undertaken, nor conquests made, as are attributed to these princes: nor were any such empires constituted, as are supposed to have been established by them.

  44. King of Spain, made three expeditions to explore the antiquities of southern Mexico.

  45. These exploring parties, as well as the military expeditions during the war with Mexico, were accompanied by scientific men and artists, whose observations were made public in their official reports, together with illustrative plates.

  46. It is true that he did not sail in all the expeditions fitted out at his expense, but he did in many of them.

  47. Thousands of men would no doubt have died from scurvy and want of food, but that was usual even with the successful naval expeditions of the time.

  48. The narratives which illustrate the adventures of our seamen with the Algerine pirates and the expeditions of 1620 have been collected by Lediard in his Naval History.

  49. The three thousand five hundred soldiers of Don Juan del Aguila, and the fleet that carried them to Ireland, were a great fall from the standard of the Spanish expeditions of earlier years.

  50. Two expeditions were fitted out in England.

  51. They might take English ships and seamen with them on their expeditions as far as Syria.

  52. It followed from this double disability that warfare on sea was conducted by expeditions of brief duration.

  53. Although Queen Elizabeth consoled herself for her disappointment by snubbing the unctuous piety of Hawkins, she did not cease sending out these expeditions to the "Isles.

  54. This vigorous measure brought the Algerines to reason for the moment; but it was only for the moment, and several expeditions were required during the reign of Charles II.

  55. The sums spent by his Government on maritime expeditions were not greater than those pilfered and wasted during the reign of Charles II.

  56. General Scott, Franklin Pierce's opponent, defeated the Mexicans in four decisive battles, captured the capital of the country, and conducted one of the most skilful military expeditions of the past century.

  57. Hawthorne may have made other expeditions to the White Mountains, but we do not hear of them.

  58. On one of his viking expeditions to England he was converted to Christianity.

  59. Magnus died in Denmark on one of several successful expeditions against the rebellious Svein Jarl.

  60. It was his work that led to the deep-sea expeditions of The Challenger and other similar voyages.

  61. It was this zeal for scrapping and the adventurous tendency that led minor expeditions against German positions to exceed their orders or to penetrate too far without support into the domain still held by the enemy.

  62. These Arabians are Bedouins, who live in tents in the deserts and have no fixed abode, and who are in the habit of undertaking marauding expeditions into the province of Yemen.

  63. They possess large and strong cities and are not subject to any of the Gentiles, but undertake warlike expeditions into distant provinces with the Arabians, their neighbours and allies, to take the spoil and the prey.

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