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Example sentences for "antiquities"

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antiqui; antiquis; antiquitate; antiquitatis; antiquitie; antiquitus; antiquity; antiquo; antiquorum; antiquum
  1. The Goths are apparently Germans: but all beyond Cæsar and Tacitus is darkness or fable, in the antiquities of Germany.

  2. Footnote 77: See the xxviith Dissertation of the Antiquities of Muratori, and the 1st Instruction of the Science des Medailles of the Père Joubert and the Baron de la Bastie.

  3. Footnote 39: In his xxviith dissertation on the Antiquities of Italy, (tom.

  4. Dennis, made a study of the antiquities of Etruria and gave particular attention to the remarkable rock-cut labyrinths of which that province furnishes several examples.

  5. And yet, who can deny that they are worthy of at least as much care and interest as many of the obvious and commonplace antiquities upon which the guide-books lavish their encomiums?

  6. I'm interested in antiquities and archaeology, and anybody who's long in my society finds it out.

  7. Footnote 142: A fine specimen has found its way into the collection of Egyptian antiquities in the British Museum.

  8. Catalogue of Early Christian Antiquities in the British Museum--Cemetery Glasses.

  9. In the Museum of Silesian Antiquities at Breslau.

  10. For an excellent summary of what is known on the subject, see also the catalogue of the early Christian Antiquities in the British Museum, by Mr. O.

  11. History and Antiquities of the Colleges and Halls in the University of Oxford.

  12. Antony Wood: History and Antiquities of the University of Oxford.

  13. The antiquities of Greece and Italy, and the fables of every ancient poet, contain examples of its force.

  14. If conjectures and opinions formed at a distance, have not sufficient authority in the history of mankind, the domestic antiquities of every nation must, for this very reason, be received with caution.

  15. The antiquities of every people, however diversified, and however disguised, contain the same information on this point.

  16. Some very rare volumes of Mexican antiquities have recently been purchased from England by the School Board and added to the library, at a cost of four hundred dollars.

  17. Omittinge (bisides many other singularities) foure Bridges, and an infinite number of other honourable Antiquities dayly apparaunt vnto those, that be to curious to viewe and looke vpon them.

  18. Origines Hebraeae: the Antiquities of the Hebrew Republick.

  19. By the bridge at the foot of the North Inch, a pretentious classical structure, marking the era of Provost Marshall whom it commemorates, rears its dome above a Museum of Antiquities such as becomes an ancient city.

  20. He devoted his leisure time to the examination of the antiquities which abound in his native island; and his researches afford important information concerning the language and manners of the Cymmry.

  21. He was a member of the council of the marches, and was well versed in the history and antiquities of his native country, and a great patron of its literature.

  22. From all his ample materials, he only published a small tract entitled “British Antiquities Revived.

  23. Having been presented to the living of Llanarmon, he dedicated his leisure time to the elucidation of the antiquities of his native country.

  24. There was no part of the county into which he did not extend his personal researches, inquiring most minutely into the natural history and antiquities of every place and parish.

  25. It was on those very boards that Ruskin knelt to examine the Cypriot antiquities of Cesnola.

  26. Antiquities in metal-work have their share of romance.

  27. They have in the course of the last fifty years made very considerable progress, as we all know, in literary antiquities and in works of art.

  28. I have already observed that the Agency in Bloomsbury is the resort of well-nigh all the most eminent hunters, not only for coins and medals, but for antiquities of every description.

  29. Crusading fortress and bridge, are among the best preserved antiquities of western Palestine.

  30. The corn-lands are wide and fertile, but the place has no antiquities beyond a few bad coins and gems.

  31. He was a man of robust constitution, facile temper, an ardent nationalist, and well read in the history and antiquities of his country.

  32. There are also an interesting national museum, with Roman antiquities and numismatic collections, a national library with a wealth of old Servian MSS.

  33. Mr. Forbes's long personal acquaintance with Rome gives him access to sources of information which are beyond the reach of ordinary tourists, and confer special value on his oral as well as printed explanations of the antiquities of the city.

  34. A Photographic Souvenir of the Principal Antiquities grouped in One View.

  35. Birch, the eminent antiquarian, formerly at the head of this department of the British Museum, has prefaced a catalogue of the antiquities alluded to.

  36. In Mr. Herbert's "Antiquities of the Courts of Chancery," there are several facts of interest in connection with the woodwork of Middle Temple.

  37. The manufacturers of antiquities who sculpture granite for the benefit of tourists, have found a simple solution of this problem.

  38. It is impossible to pass through a gallery of Egyptian antiquities without being surprised by the prodigious number of small objects in pietra dura which have survived till the present time.

  39. He did not confine his attention to heraldry, but studied antiquities at large: his collections he bequeathed to the College.

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