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hunderds; hundered; hundert; hundherd; hundhred; hundredfold; hundreds; hundredth; hundredths; hundredweight
  1. The dungeon was wrapped in thick darkness, and Our fellow-prisoners numbered nearly a hundred and fifty souls: thieves, assassins and highwaymen.

  2. His vision of humanity as one people and of the earth as a common homeland, dismissed out of hand by the world leaders to whom it was first enunciated over a hundred years ago, has today become the focus of human hope.

  3. We were carrying about five hundred thousand feet of select lumber to Suva, Fiji Islands.

  4. Today he is supplied with everything necessary for his comfort, even to five hundred cubic feet of air space, and food as good as he was likely to get ashore.

  5. I decided to sail through Namuka Passage, thereby cutting off the distance to Suva about three hundred and fifty miles.

  6. We have in the lower hold one hundred thousand feet of kiln-dried spruce boards one-half inch thick, and twenty-six to thirty inches wide.

  7. One light is about on sea level, the other has an altitude of some two hundred feet, being back and up the hill and in direct line with the first.

  8. I drew thirty pounds (a hundred and fifty dollars), remembering that the crew had some "purchases" to make that evening.

  9. To think that I should have lost one hundred and fifty dollars on this trip.

  10. If it took one day to unload twenty thousand feet of lumber how many days would it take to unload five hundred thousand?

  11. To think he had sailed seventy-five hundred miles to find a specimen like this!

  12. One hundred and fifty dollars was not to be laughed at, when it could be had so easily.

  13. I was twenty-four years old, and weighed one hundred and eighty pounds.

  14. They were always on the lookout for anything that resembled a sailor when a ship was ready to sail, and a short-handed captain would offer one of them fifty or a hundred dollars a head blood-money.

  15. He died only about two hundred years ago.

  16. In the same year, they paid repeal rent, amounting to the enormous sum of seventy-eight thousand five hundred pounds sterling; amounting in all, to one hundred and six thousand five hundred pounds British money.

  17. Over two hundred thousand copies of this medal have been already sold.

  18. There were well five hundred men, and noble men rode with them.

  19. Then begins the day of the Vikings, who, for two hundred years and more, "held the world at ransom.

  20. But though a hundred sheep will run before a little dog, the master of them taketh care for their preservation.

  21. Do you think there is not a hundred thousand whose estates are now consumed in the flames of London, who could wish that all that had been given to pious or charitable uses?

  22. How many hundred thousands of the Albigenses, Waldenses, and Bohemians, hath the papal rage consumed!

  23. And many a hundred more hath he committed.

  24. Besides other vast sources of income, Trinity College holds about two hundred thousand acres of land, and the several endowed schools are worth seventy or eighty thousand a year and own a great deal of landed property.

  25. What impression has been made by our associations on the hundred and fifty millions of India?

  26. You're only half way out yet, and it's cost you nearly three hundred thousand.

  27. For four hours," he complained, "several lawyers and a most inquisitive police captain have been asking me the same question in a hundred different ways.

  28. I mean, James Van Teyl," his companion declared, "that I should find you a matter of a hundred thousand dollars short.

  29. Yet even if it were true, it will take you five hundred years to make a great country of China.

  30. I've sold your hundred thousand Anglo-French," he announced.

  31. We have come out less than a hundred yards from the point where our plane came down.

  32. Suddenly from a point a hundred yards to the left of the end of the land came a rattle of fire.

  33. On the plain a few hundred yards from them, a straggling line of Russians were advancing with fixed bayonets.

  34. The truck was less than three hundred yards away.

  35. A hundred yards away, the Denver rode at anchor.

  36. They were within two hundred yards of the knoll.

  37. A hundred and eighty," he shouted to Carnes.

  38. Take two stakes, X, Y, in a field, preferably two or three hundred feet apart, always marked on top with crosses so as to have exact points from which to work.

  39. It seems to reduce the propositions to be proved in plane geometry to about one hundred fifteen, and it recommends the omission of the incommensurable case.

  40. And these two theorems are perfectly fair types of upwards of one hundred sixty or seventy propositions comprising Euclid's books on plane geometry.

  41. The interesting old illustration here given shows how this form of level was used three hundred years ago.

  42. Euclid's one hundred seventy-three propositions of plane geometry were really upwards of one hundred eighty, because he several times combined two or more in one.

  43. If to this we should add those that are used in treating a considerable range of exercises, we should have a list of about one hundred thirty.

  44. The telescope used on the transit is only three hundred years old, and the world got along very well with its trigonometry before that was invented.

  45. Some effort was made in this direction in France about two hundred years ago, but with no success.

  46. Thus we have in a few lines, from one who lived perhaps seven or eight hundred years after Euclid, nearly all that is known of the most famous teacher of geometry that ever lived.

  47. It is now about fifteen hundred years since Proclus laid down what he considered the essential features of a good textbook, and in all of our efforts at reform we cannot improve very much upon his statement.

  48. These we may reduce to about one hundred thirty with perfect safety, or less than one a day for a school year, but to reduce still further is undesirable as well as unnecessary.

  49. The number of the propositions of plane geometry included in the "Elements" is not entirely certain, owing to some disagreement in the manuscripts, but it was between one hundred sixty and one hundred seventy-five.

  50. One hundred and ten thousand dollars' worth of bills for materials are now a few days overdue.

  51. They are worth two hundred thousand dollars--a rich prize to desperate thieves.

  52. Thus they proceeded for perhaps five hundred feet into the woods.

  53. For the "Pollard" had emerged barely a hundred feet to the starboard of the gunboat's line of course, and barely two hundred feet astern.

  54. Having the uniformed boy plainly in sight, though some hundred or more feet ahead, Farnum by no means felt like giving up the race.

  55. Then the six hundred and fifty thousand dollars that you and your associates are to advance, Mr. Melville, may be secured by an issue of bonds, which the company will secure authority to issue.

  56. Farnum and Pollard and Captain Jack were entertained in the ward-room of the gun-boat, while Hal and Eph ran the submarine along some two hundred yards to the westward.

  57. So, ere three hundred feet had been covered, the young submarine boy made a flying leap that carried him onto the shoulders of the fugitive down went both to earth.

  58. It would not do to offend George Melville without cause, for that gentleman was considering the raising of six or seven hundred thousand dollars of additional working capital for the making of submarine boats.

  59. At a depth of a hundred feet, say, the pressure of the water would be enough to crowd me back into the tube, crushing my body.

  60. The "Massapequa" lost headway gradually a hundred feet from where Eph sat solemnly blinking back at the sailors' faces along the forward starboard rail.

  61. I've sold her for one hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars.

  62. Now it was gone into the black night, into the chill space, carrying a hundred innocent souls and light hearts, and among them deadly crime and vengeance--the doomed man and his executioner.

  63. What was She to him if she had a hundred brothers?

  64. A neighbour, who had saved two hundred pounds in gold, kept it in the thatch of his roof.

  65. In 1847, a population of four hundred and fifty persons, who organized a town government.

  66. Things sell, on an average, at an advance of nearly three hundred per cent upon the Boston prices.

  67. Santa Barbara, after a voyage of one hundred and fifty days from Boston.

  68. So, as soon as we had got all snug, we wore round and stood off again, and had the pleasant prospect of beating up to Monterey, a distance of an hundred miles, against a violent head wind.

  69. It was my trick at the wheel from two till four; and I stood my last helm, making between nine hundred and a thousand hours which I had spent at the helms of our two vessels.

  70. Directly before us, rose the perpendicular height of four or five hundred feet.

  71. I should judge that there were about an hundred of them; and in the midst of them stands the Presidio, or fort, built of the same materials, and apparently but little stronger.

  72. Many buildings were wrecked, several hundred people were killed, the disastrous San Francisco fire resulted, water mains were broken, and fences and roads crossed by the fault were dislocated as much as fifteen to twenty feet.

  73. The amount of uplift (unaccompanied by folding) of the peneplain was commonly from a few hundred to a few thousand feet with the greatest amount in general along the main trend of the Appalachians.

  74. Shore lines of the great ancestor of Great Salt Lake also show warping of the earth's crust, some parts of a definite shore line being several hundred feet higher than others.

  75. It is not thought that shifting of sea level has ever amounted to more than a few hundred feet, at least not during the millions of years of the more clearly recorded earth history.

  76. Before the Ice Age there was a stream divide instead of a gorge, several hundred feet above the present river level.

  77. In eastern North America the Mississippian strata vary in thickness from a few hundred feet to a maximum of about 5,000 feet in eastern Pennsylvania.

  78. It has been estimated that a luxuriant growth of vegetation would produce 100 tons of dried organic matter per hundred years.

  79. In the Connecticut Valley of Massachusetts a layer of lava several hundred feet thick boldly outcrops, forming the crest of the well-known Mount Tom-Mount Holyoke Range.

  80. The Zambezi River, a mile wide, plunges over 400 feet vertically into a chasm only a few hundred feet wide and at right angles to the main course of the stream.

  81. Dust fell over an area of several hundred thousand square miles.

  82. The upper few hundred feet of the earth's crust is everywhere more or less fractured and porous and the rocks are there affected in varying degrees by most of the ordinary agents of weathering.

  83. Thus off the west coast of Africa some dust carried by the prevailing winds from the Sahara Desert, is known to fall in the deep sea several hundred miles from shore.

  84. It is difficult to believe that a single huge beast could have consumed less than a few hundred pounds of vegetable matter per day, and, on account of the very small size of the head, he must have spent most of his time eating.

  85. The best calculators compute that Ireland lost two hundred thousand of her inhabitants in that struggle.

  86. They asserted, I believe with truth, that this revocation had driven two hundred thousand of them out of their country, and that they could readily demonstrate there still remained six hundred thousand Protestants in France.

  87. Two hundred years of experiment show it to be unalterable.

  88. What is true of a robber is true of a rebel; and what is true of one robber or rebel is as true, and it is a much more important truth, of one hundred thousand.

  89. I'd rather ride two hundred miles in nine hours, like H'osbaldeston, than be shut up in this woiture another hour.

  90. He owes us a hundred pounds, and has been doing these three years.

  91. I've travelled three hundred thousand miles, and was never asked to do such a thing in all my life before.

  92. I've travelled three hundred thousand miles," said the fat man, "and never saw claret drunk in that way before.

  93. I wouldn't for anything have shaken his belief in this sacred relic, although a fleeting glance convinced me that the broad-sword could scarcely be more than a few hundred years old.

  94. Didn't they tell me a hundred times you had all your possessions on your back and no bread in your cupboard!

  95. They had been traveling two days, and were about one hundred and twenty miles from Vienna, among the beautiful Mährische mountains.

  96. To the Count's family this tree always suggested the story of a most excellent woman, who lived more than a hundred years before their day, and who well deserves a word in passing.

  97. The editions, of which there are many, vary in size from seventy-five to three hundred and seventy-five octavo pages.

  98. Look at that knot, and at this crack, which you must have noticed a hundred times.

  99. I have examined the old toasting-iron no less than a hundred times, and it isn't five hundred years old!

  100. I am so deeply in your debt for a hundred good services rendered me during your sojourn in England.

  101. He had taken perhaps a hundred steps when he heard somebody running behind him and panting.

  102. She described minutely how, after their return, she should use the hundred ducats which the manager at Prague would pay for the score.

  103. Nevertheless, expressly reserving each and every right in the matter of the second cheese due from the Oberhof, and contested now for a hundred years, I hereby receive and accept one cheese.

  104. The inn where they stopped stood alone near the end of the village where an avenue of poplar trees led to the count's garden, not six hundred paces away.

  105. This alleged second cheese was due from the Baumann estate, which more than a hundred years ago was united under one hand with the Oberhof.

  106. What says science of the first hundred men which will pass you, if you take your stand in the main thoroughfare of the great city over the hills yonder?

  107. The clock in the factory yard pointed to the hour of ten, and four hundred toilers were sweating out their lives in one of Manufacture's minting-shops of wealth.

  108. With a great swell of harmony from five hundred voices, whose training for song had been the moors, the words of Dr.

  109. Monsieur Morin had been a good friend to the order, sometimes contributing as much as a hundred dollars.

  110. Part of the mule's burden had been one hundred pounds of the finest coffee to be had in the tropics.

  111. Two weeks after that a patented, improved, burglar-proof safe in Logansport was opened like a cheese to the tune of fifteen hundred dollars, currency; securities and silver untouched.

  112. He saw, in the dim light, a crowd of perhaps a hundred people gathered to attend the sale.

  113. That was an ancient man-at-arms of many hundred years ago.

  114. Not for a hundred times a hundred would I have the tiniest thing go wrong with my plans now,' I said, 'whether caused by evil planets or the blunders of mere man.

  115. I'd be glad, Standifer, to contribute a hundred dollars personally toward the immediate expenses of Colvin's daughter.

  116. Grandemont had saved out of his salary the sum of six hundred dollars.

  117. There would be but a half-hearted resistance from the six hundred government troops stationed in the capital.

  118. I couldn't raise three hundred and fifty dollars with a search-warrant, but I can stand half.

  119. Over nine hundred dollars they had cost him to have made at ----, a place where they make such things for the profession.

  120. To his left, some hundred yards distant, he saw a cluster of flickering lights along the Plaza's border.

  121. I am four hundred and three years of old to-day.

  122. Three hundred and nine, when I counted them yesterday.

  123. It is better anyhow than a stool and one hundred and fifty pounds a year in England.

  124. He gazed at the amazing walls, erected upon granite boulders two hundred to two hundred and fifty feet above the valley, and the marvel in him that never seemed to die was, at any rate, less arresting than it had ever been before.

  125. They went on to speak of the gaiety of Salisbury; its golf and tennis and polo and dancing; and their visitor urged them to stay for a fancy-dress ball, when four hundred guests all in costume were expected.

  126. I will pay one hundred pounds into the bank for her, and she shall not have another penny.

  127. And taking the assay value in each old working to be per ton the same as it is in the reef in each case now, he estimated that at the present value of gold more than one hundred million pounds' worth had been taken out.

  128. Even two hundred years ago gold was worth very much more than it is now; so that it is inconceivable that such an amount had been produced within the last two thousand years without any mention of it anywhere.

  129. Natives a hundred miles apart communicate that sort of thing to each other.

  130. He turned his head at last, and his eyes rested upon the circular wall, four hundred feet below, that enclosed the temple ruins.

  131. I could name a well-known man who owns immense tracts, one of them two hundred thousand acres not far from a town, and there it lies in idleness, awaiting a land boom.

  132. When at last he found it, it was lost again quickly, and lost and recovered, and again lost and again recovered, a hundred times or more.

  133. And then I found there was nothing for me--not a hundred guilders to call my own when all was paid.

  134. There are a hundred ways in which you can prove yourself my friend.

  135. I have not meant it; I have said a hundred things that I have cried for afterward, that I never would have said if I had not been too proud and too angry to have controlled myself.

  136. Kitty, as we hurried up the steps, "there's a hundred chances to one we don't see him again!

  137. The questions I had meant to ask him, if I should ever have a chance, the sentences of which I had said to myself a hundred times, I could now no more have uttered than if they had been in an unknown tongue.

  138. Then, with a thud, his two hundred and ten pounds came down on the cement porch.

  139. At three hundred and four Veve lost count and didn’t want to play the game any more.

  140. It may be a new thing to some of our readers, to hear of a patent more than two hundred years old.

  141. At the beginning of the year one hundred and seventy-three public anxiety was as great as ever; and as before it brought people's superstition into unreserved play.

  142. He conceives a hundred duties, though he may not call them by that name, of the existence of which purely duteous souls may have no suspicion.

  143. One must live a hundred years: one must sustain all this labour; otherwise philosophy is unattainable.

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