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Example sentences for "hundred dollars"

  • Still our people cannot deny some consideration to a man who gets a hundred dollars a thousand words or whose book sells five hundred thousand copies or less.

  • That young skunk had paid a hundred dollars for a watch for Anna.

  • And then--give me a hundred dollars, if you have it.

  • How do you know it cost a hundred dollars?

  • Do you know you've loaned me over a hundred dollars, Graham?

  • I believe there are people here that would give a hundred dollars to find out who he is, and where he came from, and what he is here for, and why he does n't act like other folks.

  • I 'll give you a hundred dollars in gold to let me go.

  • At the lowest, we need a hundred dollars a month--and I'm going to make thirty-two.

  • Ambersons bought their dog, and you can't get one without paying for it: they cost from fifty to a hundred dollars up!

  • In less than six months he had worked out nearly a hundred dollars of what he owed, and had regular employment that brought him in six dollars every week, besides earning, by odd jobs and light porterage, from two to three dollars.

  • Equivalent to a hundred dollars more, at least.

  • After the first year, if he likes us, and we like him, we may give him seventy-five or a hundred dollars.

  • But you don't mean to say that in six months you have saved one hundred dollars out of three hundred?

  • I shall take a hundred dollars in my pocket-book!

  • Probably some nester who never saw a hundred dollars all in one place until recently.

  • I s'pose her things'll eat up the best part of a hundred dollars, won't they?

  • Fellow in Dallas brought in the first well, and it was so big that his stock went from a hundred dollars a share to twelve thousand.

  • They had fooled the company, however, for her son was a skilled man, who made as high as a hundred dollars a month, and as he had had sense enough not to marry, they had been able to pay for the house.

  • He might go to some hotel or railroad depot and ask to have it changed; but what would they think, seeing a "bum" like him with a hundred dollars?

  • In the latter part of November they hired a hall, and invited all their new acquaintances, who came and left them over a hundred dollars in debt.

  • When Jurgis first set out, the captain of the precinct gave him a hundred dollars, and three times in the course of the day he came for another hundred, and not more than twenty-five out of each lot got stuck in his own pocket.

  • I had a second cousin once who'd paid a hundred dollars--a hundred dollars!

  • The town was paralyzed with astonishment, and the daily receipts took an upward jump of nearly a hundred dollars.

  • Barnum tried all sorts of excuses to prevent his getting it, for it had cost a hundred dollars, and was a great curiosity.

  • But I shall lose more than a hundred dollars by being two hours instead of one," said Stratton.

  • And when he had paid everything, and lifted the hundred-dollar note with Brissenden's lawyer, he still had over a hundred dollars in pocket.

  • Every debt he owed in the world, including the pawnshop, with its usurious interest, amounted to less than a hundred dollars.

  • Two cents a word--twenty dollars a thousand; the check must be a hundred dollars.

  • The Shame of the Sun" for a hundred dollars, but they did not care to take the risk.

  • So I bought her and paid only four hundred dollars; and now you see she looks hale and hearty, and I wouldn't take double that for her.

  • In her distress she went from house to house, to plead for a buyer who would advance the five hundred dollars, and take a mortgage on her until she could make it.

  • At length she found a Baptist deacon who purchased her daughter, and she paid him the four hundred dollars.

  • Mrs. Sieppe knew a gasfitter in Oakland who had won several times; once a hundred dollars.

  • That day she drew a hundred dollars more, in twenty-dollar gold pieces as before.

  • For it had been finally decided that two hundred dollars of this amount should be devoted to the establishment of the new household.

  • If we needed a hundred dollars or so, we sold some; if not, we hoarded it away, satisfied that it would ultimately be worth a thousand dollars a foot.

  • You give him a hundred dollars, yet you refused to give Godfrey ten dollars last week.

  • Yet you lavish a hundred dollars on this boy.

  • It was very provoking to Mrs. Preston that her husband should have given away a hundred dollars to Andy Burke's mother, but the thing was done, and could not be undone.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    assume the; catch the; head black; hundred and; hundred and twenty years; hundred ducats; hundred fathoms; hundred feet; hundred florins; hundred francs; hundred guineas; hundred gulden; hundred heads; hundred horse; hundred lashes; hundred leagues; hundred miles; hundred other; hundred paces; hundred pieces; hundred sons; hundred things; hundred twenty; hundred weight; neutral flag; pipe organ