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Example sentences for "hundred weight"

  • It is true that with regard to wool you may be right; but a bag of corn, a bar of iron, a hundred weight of coal, are these the produce of labor?

  • Those of the other provinces were rated at a quarter of an hundred weight of cotton.

  • When this fish came to a tortoise, it clung so close to the under shell of the tortoise, that the men drew up one of an hundred weight or more into their canoe.

  • They brought much cotton on board to barter with the Spaniards, and some of them gave as many clews as weighed a quarter of a hundred weight in exchange for a small brass Portuguese coin called centis, worth less than a farthing.

  • A hundred weight of sugar is an everyday fact; but a hundred weight of gold is a phrase scarcely known in the English language.

  • Everybody has a hundred times seen a hundred weight of flour.

  • To treat two tons and a quarter of roasted ore, which furnish one ton of pig iron, 19 hundred weight of limestone are employed; constituting nearly 1 of limestone for 3 of unroasted ore.

  • The metal intended to be converted into bar iron, or to be cast again into moulds, is run into small pigs 3 feet long, and 4 inches diameter; weighing each about 2 hundred weight and a half.

  • They yield above 2000 Hundred Weight of Cloves Yearly; which the Jaos are Masters of, none being to obstruct them; they go over and Barter, and carry it away in their Junks.

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