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Example sentences for "hundred different"

  • Naturalists count nearly a hundred different species of ducks; and there is no doubt that the intending keeper of these harmless and profitable birds may easily take his choice from amongst twenty different sorts.

  • The skilful chef-de-cuisine of the royal household covered the great marble table of the regal palace with no less than a hundred different dishes, prepared in a hundred different ways.

  • And on the shores of the Nile and Mediterranean, of the Tygris and Euphrates, the accumulated riches of India and of Europe raised in successive splendor a hundred different cities.

  • Their eyes sparkled like precious stones, and by the light of the lantern I could see them change, as they moved their position to face me, and assume a hundred different hues.

  • I have seen the natives exhibit their proficiency a hundred different times--and the more I saw of the game, the more I became bewildered at the science displayed.

  • This popular dish is made in a hundred different ways, but the result is about the same.

  • A hundred different kinds of souffles can be easily made by following the above directions.

  • Puddings are made of several materials and in a hundred different ways.

  • Innumerable blends are possible with more than a hundred different coffees to draw upon.

  • With a hundred different kinds of coffee coming to this market from nineteen countries, so many combinations are possible, that there is sure to be a straight coffee or a blend to suit any taste.

  • To count them as a hundred would be the same thing as to count a hundred printed copies of the same book as a hundred different documents.

  • When one statement reproduces another, it does not constitute a new observation, and even if an observation were to be reproduced by a hundred different authors, these hundred copies would amount to no more than one observation.

  • I thought of it in a hundred different ways, trying to devise some way to rob the meeting of its terror, but I could never arrange it satisfactorily, and suffered as the damned are said to suffer.

  • Men who are fed with carnivorous aliments, and drenched with spirituous liquors, have a sharp adust blood, which turns their brains a hundred different ways.

  • They considered the matter in a hundred different lights, but never in its true point of view.

  • There might be a hundred different endings to your tale, Dunbar,' he said, 'each one as likely as the other.

  • Now, if we asked a hundred different language-teachers to design what each considered an ideal course or text-book, the result at the present day would certainly be a hundred different courses.

  • Were we to ask a hundred different bicycle-makers or boat-builders to design what they considered an ideal model, the hundred resultant models would be for all practical purposes identical.

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