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Example sentences for "hundred gold"

  • The first was priceless, worth what any fool collector was ready to pay; the copy was worth perhaps a hundred gold.

  • What is there about this string of beads that makes it worth a hundred gold--and life worth nothing?

  • And where will you get five hundred gold?

  • Get that necklace back for me and I will give you a hundred gold.

  • You can go to Bourrienne and have him pay you a hundred gold pieces.

  • I only know that my gracious emperor and master has given me a hundred gold napoleons, and present happiness has so overpowered me, so bewildered my senses that I have lost my memory.

  • But listen, you rogue: besides my hundred gold portraits, I'll give you a bit of advice which is worth more than the gold coins.

  • Then Prince Yusuf robed Ibn Ibrahim in a robe of green; and giving him an hundred gold pieces, entrusted him with the letter which he carried to Al-Hayfa and handed it to her.

  • Then do thou greet him with the salam from me, and inform him of all that I am in and what I have seen and what thou hast witnessed, and for this service I will give thee an hundred gold pieces.

  • A hundred gold pieces to row us across," he yelled, for the night was closing in upon them and the boat was being carried swiftly downstream.

  • A hundred gold pieces is a great sum," mused Mehmet, "a great sum!

  • And here was a man who did not know whether she knew any of these things who staked his life for her and offered a hundred gold pieces in the bargain!

  • To hear is to obey, answered I and rising arrayed myself in my finest raiment and ornaments, and took with me a purse containing an hundred gold pieces.

  • Quoth the Caliph, "Say me, wilt thou return with us to Tigris' bank and cast thy net on my luck, and whatsoever turneth up I will buy of thee for an hundred gold pieces?

  • FN#267] and the other answered, "For an hundred gold dinars!

  • Saith he who telleth the tale), Then Sindbad the Seaman made Sindbad the Landsman sup with him and bade give him an hundred gold pieces, saying, "Thou hast cheered us with thy company this day.

  • Whereupon he confessed himself beaten and redeemed his foreit by paying an hundred gold pieces.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hundred gold" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    beaten yolks; hundred and; hundred and fifty dollars; hundred and twenty thousand; hundred different; hundred fold; hundred gold; hundred knights; hundred louis; hundred marks; hundred million; hundred pieces; hundred pound; hundred roubles; hundred sous; hundred things; hundred thousand; hundred times; hundred tons; hundred twenty; hundred yards from the; hundredth part; other birds; well educated; will thee; yonder town