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  1. Upon that station platform we all stood waiting that day, Awaiting that train for Huntsville, poor boy, For ten long years to stay.

  2. Whereupon, being challenged he sat down and wrote: "I put my hat upon my head and went into the Strand, And there I met another man with his hat in his hand.

  3. Otherwise I am afraid that too many of you will look upon these songs as absolutely puerile.

  4. When Frankie got to Albert's house, she didn't say a word, But she cut down upon poor Albert just like he was a bird.

  5. Certainly, if some members of the London County Council have their way, it will soon have plenty to occupy it without being called upon to form a scheme of water-supply for the Metropolis.

  6. I was paid a week in advance, and have lived upon the proceeds ever since.

  7. Is man indeed a "brute" Because he may upon the knife-board's rack owe Some solace to Tobacco?

  8. Ah, she trampled upon me--treated me like a mat.

  9. The dome, Ben felt, was as transitory as a tear-drop of fragile glass falling down, down, to crash upon stone.

  10. Their long fingers played upon the strings of their cirillas or crawled over the holes of their flutes like spider legs.

  11. Her straight brown hair was combed backward, tight upon her scalp, and drawn together in a knot at the nape of her neck.

  12. As he turned over on his side, his gaze fell upon an object on a bureau in a far corner of the room.

  13. The hands crashed down upon his shoulders.

  14. It was based upon racial differences, but had been accented when Mr. Schwartzmeister put in a pool table.

  15. I used to roll a hoop onct upon a time, but I'm out of condition now.

  16. It was Max and Bandy-legs who started out shortly after, bent upon new conquests.

  17. Steve had himself emptied the two bags, upon their arrival in camp.

  18. T-t-too bad," muttered Toby, who seemed to feel that upon an occasion like this every member of the club ought to allow himself to be heard.

  19. Perhaps he had had a cruel experience with the world, and was accustomed to looking upon all strangers as enemies.

  20. And, smiling at the eagerness of Steve, Max drew out several large mussels from his pockets, which he clapped upon the rude table.

  21. Something in his cheery tone, as well as the kind expression upon his face, seemed to give renewed confidence to the poor little chap.

  22. To the surprise of Max he saw no such sign of guilt upon the face of his friend.

  23. As he was watching the movements of Steve at the time, it could be easily understood what pressed upon his mind.

  24. It rolled upon the board which composed the table; and as the fire burned brightly, all of the boys could easily examine it.

  25. He was smiling as they hurriedly approached, and yet at the same time the frown upon his face told that Max found himself puzzled.

  26. Upon which Toby screwed up his rather comical face, puckered his lips, and emitted a sharp whistle.

  27. When the fire burned low, as it did on several occasions, Max would crawl out, manage to toss an armful of wood upon the red embers, and immediately seek his hiding place again.

  28. Max, however, looking farther, discovered a form upon the ground, partly covered by a blanket.

  29. The big moon climbed higher and higher in the clear sky, and, mounting above the tops of the trees to the east, looked down, and smiled upon the peaceful scene.

  30. Now, the weight of his secret was weighing so heavily upon Max that he had made up his mind to take Owen into his confidence should a good chance arise.

  31. They had passed the 14th and following night under arms upon the field of battle, every instant expecting the Duke.

  32. Upon which we marched and surrounded the house, and only found in it one officer, with a footman of the Duke of Cumberland's, whom he had sent before to take up quarters for him.

  33. In the session of parliament it was carried by a vote, to make the affair of Darien a national concern: upon that, the session was for some time discontinued.

  34. He had graduated from Princeton the previous year but the responsibility of a large family prevented his entering upon professional life.

  35. He insisted upon vigorous action in relation to the loose and as he thought immoral reading of the youth of the town.

  36. Standing by himself he would shed lustre upon the names he bore, Edwards and Dwight.

  37. President Jefferson and the entire political force of the administration were bent upon his conviction, but Chief Justice Marshall, as capable, honorable, and incorruptible a jurist as the country has known, would not have it so.

  38. He made a farewell address, which produced a greater impression upon that body than any other words ever spoken there.

  39. As a matter of fact it is rather refreshing to have one upon whom the imagination can play.

  40. These things are dwelt upon as indicating the way in which every fibre of his being was prepared for the great moral and intellectual legacy he left his children and his children's children.

  41. Resolved, never to speak evil of any one, so that it shall tend to his dishonor, more or less, upon no account except for some real good.

  42. James Bryce in his comments upon America places one of this family at the head of legal learning on this continent.

  43. This produced a profound impression upon the clergymen of Connecticut, notably upon the graduates of Harvard.

  44. They had inherited capacity and character at their best, but they did not presume upon it.

  45. His masterpiece is upon the "will" which he developed to the full in himself.

  46. Human nature was the same then as now, and everyone knows how heavily the public dislike of a prominent man bears upon his children.

  47. At that time, as I daresay some of you are aware, the parties to the action could not be called upon to give evidence; and Lord Denman did not, I think, till 1843 remove the Arcadian fetters which bound the litigants in this fashion.

  48. Mr. Pickwick, "you have hit upon something that one of us, at least, would talk upon for ever.

  49. But, ladies and gentlemen, what a fortunate thing it was for Mr. Pickwick that he could not be called upon that occasion.

  50. The only effect this had upon Serjeant Snubbin was to cause him to ask rather snappishly,-- "Who is with me in this case?

  51. Wicks, upon whom I do not think we can place very much reliance.

  52. A visible impression was produced upon the auditors by this part of the learned Serjeant's address.

  53. Lowell puns upon the word collegisse with his own coinage, which may have the double meaning of going to college and collecting.

  54. The national disgrace of slavery rested heavily upon his soul.

  55. It was incumbent upon those who had charge of it to be chaste in thought, word, and deed; but, one of the keepers having broken this condition, the Holy Grail disappeared.

  56. It appears that he was reluctant to undertake the task, and for several weeks his mind utterly refused to respond to the high duty put upon it.

  57. With high waves the sand is brought in upon the land, encroaching upon its limits.

  58. Coy Hebe flies from those that woo, 25 And shuns the hands would seize upon her; Follow thy life, and she will sue To pour for thee the cup of honor.

  59. Critical judgment upon The Vision of Sir Launfal is generally severe in respect to its structural faults.

  60. Personal grief thus added intensity to the deep passion of his utterance upon this great occasion.

  61. Then she laid herself upon you with the supple tenderness of a mother, and she left her colours upon your face.

  62. He came upon the stage lightly and with a perfect ease, which in itself lent some support, in the minds of the noble public, to the idea of kindness and forgiveness.

  63. Then, barking little barks and growling little puppy growls, they fell upon the feast that their mother had brought, and gobbled and tussled while she looked on and enjoyed their joy.

  64. The dull green time-stained panes of the windows look upon each other with the cowardly glances of cheats.

  65. He worked upon Vaviloff's greed, and urging upon him the importance of immediate action in the matter, went away in a very joyful and happy frame of mind.

  66. The orator finished his speech and looked upon his hearers with his dark, pathetic eyes, seeming to apologise to them for some unknown crime.

  67. Having satisfied himself with this reflection, the worthy Captain looked round upon his staff.

  68. They will probably use threats, but rely upon us.

  69. They were well known there, where some feared them as thieves and rogues, and some looked upon them contemptuously as hard drinkers, although they respected them, thinking that they were clever.

  70. Playing around him, like little wild animals, they pushed him, jumped upon his back, beat him upon his bald head, and caught hold of his nose.

  71. He sighed and looked upon him, knitting his eyebrows.

  72. And yet the author is forced to write even of staleness freshly; and though he is treating of the world as seen by eyes darkened or blood-shot with evil experience, his own eyes look out upon the scene with a clarity that is almost babyish.

  73. Curses be upon your head, you drunken rascal!

  74. Vaviloff listened, and being a clever man, knew that to throw himself upon the enemy's generosity was the better plan.

  75. They all, as a rule, gave in to him, because they did not look upon him as a common person, and also because they wished to borrow from him on Saturdays the money which he had earned during the week.

  76. They have absolutely no trace of that quality upon which secure government rests so largely in Western Europe, the quality of being soothed by long words as if by an incantation.

  77. Upon this a set of rogues tried to steal it at night; but the dogs of the village gave such an alarm that the town was roused, and the robbers escaped with difficulty.

  78. He generally threw a strong, vivid light upon the central or important object, whether it was a single figure or a group, and the rest of the picture was in shadow.

  79. These were very famous; they were satires upon all Spanish laws and customs.

  80. They tried to show the effects of light upon satins, glass, metals, and other shining objects.

  81. As an architect Dürer executed but little work; but his writings upon architectural subjects prove that he was learned in its theories.

  82. At the foot of the cross was a rock upon which was inscribed, in Latin, "Lest the earth should be heavy upon the remains of his father, Anthony Vandyck moved this rock to the foot of the cross, and gave it to this place.

  83. He had always received generous prices for his pictures, but he left many debts as a blot upon his memory.

  84. Chaldeans portrayed with vermilion, girded with girdles upon their loins, exceeding in dyed attire upon their heads, all of them princes to look to, after the manner of the Babylonians of Chaldea, the land of their nativity.

  85. It shows all the remarkable events in the emperor's life, just as such subjects were carved upon the triumphal arches of the Romans and other nations.

  86. He worked at Rimini also, and about 1330 was employed by King Robert of Naples, who conferred many honors upon him, and made him a member of his own household.

  87. His rustic figures have the true country life in them: they seem to have fed upon the air, and warmed themselves in the sun until they are plump and rosy as country lads and lasses should be.

  88. He called upon Bluejay, upon Robin, upon Woodpecker, and upon all the birds.

  89. Soon Southeast Wind came to the door and stepped upon Halibut.

  90. Then Old One changed Earth Woman into the earth upon which we live.

  91. Let us swim together so she will fall upon our backs.

  92. There was the great ram of the mountain sheep who lived on a cliff in Bonaparte Valley and killed people by blowing his breath upon them.

  93. Then he saw that trees were piled upon it and he knew that Beaver had done this.

  94. Upon the top of the sky is the Sky Country.

  95. All at once he came upon a little flock of partridges, just newly hatched.

  96. They took him to an island lying out at sea, upon which two trees stood.

  97. Raven said, "You can depend upon me for the Silver Salmon.

  98. He would be as bright as Sun if his sister Frog did not sit upon him.

  99. By and by Something said to him, "Call upon Cold-weather, call upon North wind.

  100. Then they pushed down his house upon him.

  101. And Monsieur lay back upon the bed and sobbed like a little child.

  102. One was painted all over green, and the other was red, and they held out clutching fingers as if ready to pounce upon the passer-by.

  103. Captain and Mrs. Royston welcomed him cordially as a friend of June's and even Seki San, who still looked upon him with suspicion, was discreetly silent.

  104. The only part of him that stirred was a sparkling pair of gray eyes that were looking out upon the strangest world they had ever seen.

  105. At length, faint from hunger and fatigue, I flew down and perched upon the railing of a porch where two ladies were sitting.

  106. She would pretend not to see me till I had hopped upon the very sheet over which her pen was gliding.

  107. Mr. Abbott, writing from the same country in 1833, says he witnessed the same effects of honey upon those partaking of it as Xenophon describes.

  108. Whenever I felt lonesome down I'd fly upon the desk where my mistress sat writing.

  109. Then the water-mother finds a place upon her own knees for the duck to rest, where it lays an egg which rolls into the sea.

  110. Even his extreme fondness for the fruit of the cockle-bur, thistle, and a few other noxious plants, could hardly atone for the complete ruin of the apple crop, or his serious inroads upon the wheat or corn field.

  111. I was a helpless little creature," she said, "and upon her depended my entire comfort and happiness.

  112. As that involved the necessity of their looking upon Rayner as either perjured or grossly and persistently mistaken, no one felt called upon to do it.

  113. In October they spent a fortnight in the city, staying at the Westminster, and he was assiduous in his attentions, taking them everywhere, and lavishing flowers and bonbons upon Nell.

  114. Even in the excitement attendant upon their reception at the station neither Mrs. Rayner nor her sister could entirely recover from the surprise and pain which the stranger's singular words had caused.

  115. There had been a silence for a moment as she looked around upon the few pictures and upon that bareness and coldness which, do what he will, no man can eradicate from his abiding-place until he calls in the deft and dainty hand of woman.

  116. Officers who at other times were all gentleness now fell upon the hapless stragglers with kicks and blows.

  117. Hayne glances up, catches the lifted wrist, hurls his whole weight upon the tottering figure, and over goes the Knickerbocker prone upon the floor.

  118. As for Hayne, he had been closeted with the colonel and Major Waldron for some time after his return,--a conference that was broken in upon by the startling news of Clancy's death.

  119. As he was slowly led up-stairs to his room and his tearful wife and silent sister-in-law bathed and cleansed his wound, he saw with frightful clearness how the crush of circumstances was now upon him and his good name.

  120. I hope they may be few; for the punishment that has fallen upon me is more than I can bear, though no more than I deserve.

  121. Their lovers would not even look upon them now; and, as they had made themselves odious by their pride, nobody pitied them for their fall, though every one felt sorry for Beauty.

  122. Once upon a time there were Three Bears, who lived together in a house of their own, in a wood.

  123. And then she lay down upon the bed of the Little, Small, Wee Bear; and that was neither too high at the head nor at the foot, but just right.

  124. And next she lay down upon the bed of the Middle Bear; and that was too high at the foot for her.

  125. Illustration] Her two sisters now recognised her for the beautiful stranger they had seen at the ball; and, falling at her feet, implored her forgiveness for their unworthy treatment, and all the insults they had heaped upon her head.

  126. So she seated herself in it, and there she sate till the bottom of the chair came out, and down came her's, plump upon the ground.

  127. It was dismally dark, and I could see nothing; but while I was standing in the pew something jumped upon me behind, and laid, as I thought, its hands over my shoulders.

  128. Illustration] This terrible sentence fell like a damp upon all the company, and there was no one present but what shed tears.

  129. They had canned plums for desert and Homer had politely commented upon their quality.

  130. I call upon all of you for your support and that of your organizations if you can bring their attention to the great need.

  131. I call upon all of you to give up your present occupations and come to our assistance.

  132. The four legs upon which our life was based were broken.

  133. It was an adequate desert meal, meat being eaten not more than a few times a year by such as the Taitoq Tuareg who couldn't afford to consume the animals upon which they lived.

  134. However, the so-called Enaden smiths were well concealed, their weapons silenced except for the explosion of the tiny shells upon reaching their target.

  135. Meanwhile, the ruler's eyes went around the room, decided that the couch was the only seat that would accommodate his bulk, and descended upon it.

  136. So thy manhood has been spat upon by one who fights only with his mouth!

  137. It drew to a halt upon seeing him and a turbaned Arab Union trooper swung a Brenn gun in his direction.

  138. That my manhood has been spat upon by this warrior who does his fighting with his loud mouth.

  139. In time we will be able to farm these million upon million of acres of fertile land.

  140. Upon their entrance the Swede came to his feet, shook hands abruptly with both of them and sat down again.

  141. As has ever been our wont, we travel from encampment to encampment to sell our products and to make repair upon your metal possessions.

  142. We were fired upon first," Crawford said.

  143. I tink maybe you ver' nice man," she tipped it off upon her finger ends half playfully, constantly flashing her eyes up into his puzzled face.

  144. He durst not speak the words of rebuke trembling upon his lips.

  145. Surely, you cannot hint that we stand upon the same level.

  146. Bareheaded, the two men, groping through the darkness, bore Mercedes within in all tenderness, and placed the slender form upon the bed, covering it with the single sheet.

  147. Hicks wet his lips with his tongue, pausing, after the manner of a good raconteur, to gaze calmly about upon the faces of his auditors.

  148. I 'm not very much worried regarding your suddenly expressed sympathy for this fellow, or your desire to get him off unscratched; but I feel compelled to insist upon receiving all the law allows me in this game we 're playing.

  149. Then, in the silence of his room, he resolved upon an immediate change in conditions, or else the deliberate giving up of further experiment altogether.

  150. The former, her gaze lowered upon the floor, did not glance up; but Mercedes flashed her black eyes into his face, recognizing his confusion, and hastening to relieve it.

  151. Nervously gripping a freshly lighted cigar, Winston finally strolled forth upon the wide porch to await, with all possible patience, the opportunity he felt assured was fast approaching.

  152. The birds at once commenced to remove it, and in a couple of days carried off: every particle of it to another tree about 100 yards off, upon which they built a new nest of the materials they had removed from the other tree.

  153. It breeds in May and June, and builds upon lofty trees in dense forests, usually in some deep damp valley.

  154. Its shape depends upon that of the hole in which it is placed, but the egg-cavity or depression is about 3 inches in diameter and an inch in depth.

  155. Where a jungly or watered piece of country borders upon the open plain, you may see half a dozen of each kind within an area of half a mile radius, and yet never find the one trespassing upon the domain of the other.

  156. It is placed at all elevations, and I have as often found it high upon a mango-tree as low down amongst the leaves of the edible egg-plant (Solanum esculentum).

  157. The greatest number of eggs found in any nest by Captain Cock and Mr. Brooks was five; frequently, however, four was the number upon which the bird was sitting; eggs partially incubated.

  158. It chooses an old cleft or natural cavity in a tree, usually the hill-oak, and makes a nest of wool and fur at the bottom of the cavity, upon which it lays five eggs much like the eggs of Parus monticola.

  159. The nest consists of a few dry leaves at the bottom of the cavity at no great depth, and upon this four eggs are laid.

  160. There were whirrings as recorders trained upon Betsy captured every flickering of her screen and every peeping noise or deep-toned rumble.

  161. All about, the sun shone down upon buildings with a remarkably temporary look about them, and on lawns with a remarkably lush look about them, and signboards with very black lettering on gray paint backgrounds.

  162. In particular, the finest of violins lost its splendor of tone if left unplayed, and any violin left in a repair-shop for a month had to be played upon constantly for many days before its living tone came back.

  163. It delicately circled the shrub and went on upon its proper course.

  164. So he snorted, upon receipt of the message.

  165. The broadcasts," said Lecky mildly, "claim a remarkable reason for certainty about an extremely grave danger which is almost upon the world.

  166. It appeared that humanity was upon the threshold of a new era, in which the value of personality would reappear among the things taken for granted.

  167. There is scarcely a sand beach, field or mountain side upon which this mineral cannot be found in some form or other.

  168. Those who have spent any time along the sea shore will recall the familiar seaweeds washed upon the bank by the tide and have watched them idly waving to and fro in the water near the shore where the depth does not exceed several meters.

  169. A little brown bird much the size and shape of an English sparrow seated on a shrub projecting from the briars raises his head and whistles a sound as pure and free from flaw as the little spot of white upon his throat.

  170. Soon his hand came down upon something hard under the dead leaves which covered the ground.

  171. One summer a ball of twine left over from the harvesting was placed upon a shelf in our tool-house.

  172. Other boats approached and threw their harpoons, and the whale either turned upon its tormentors or ran, dragging the boats after it.

  173. In fact, it is usually seen when least expected and almost always but for a few moments, unless when it has procured some prey and is engaged in feeding upon it.

  174. Barely had he departed with the immortalizing draught before he was overtaken by a lightning bolt and stretched lifeless upon the earth.

  175. Its pointed top looks down upon all the other great trees in this cemetery.

  176. All these feed, to a great extent, upon the smaller birds, grouse and poultry.

  177. Hunting a loose brick he cracked it upon a stone.

  178. It is not the English mistletoe of Christmas stories which grows upon fir-trees in preference to all others, but is of similar habit.

  179. The victims of vice we have observed lying in the gutter, companied by vermin, trampled upon by sensuality and ignorance, and saw those who wished not to rise, and those who strove so to do, but fell back through weakness.

  180. The figures traced upon it are instinct with life in its fulness and depth.

  181. Since the state of things is such, we see no extremity of censure that should fall upon the great French leader, except that he was like the majority.

  182. Give open sunlight to the free; But for Truth's equal sake, When night sinks down upon the land, Proclaim dead Freedom's wake!

  183. But in the Grand Duke of Weimar he seems to have met a character strong enough to exercise a decisive influence upon his own.

  184. They knew the secret of the sacred oil Which, poured upon the prophet's head, Could keep him wise and pure for aye.

  185. The subjects touched upon were, often, of a nature to demand as close attention as an audience of regular students (not college students, but real students) can be induced to give.

  186. The offer was gladly accepted by the trembling citizens, and the good archbishop went, bearing the keys of the town, to visit the camp which the Northmen had begun to erect upon the bank of the river.

  187. They sang, made a noise, and talked they did not know what; you yourself seemed to have forgotten that you were king, and they that they were subjects; and when you would have danced you could not stand upon your legs.

  188. A knight amongst the Scots there was Who saw Earl Douglas die, Who straight in wrath did vow revenge Upon the Earl Percy.

  189. The harp of Judah, silent upon the devastated banks of the Jordan, was hung upon the Babylonian willows, for how could the exiles sing the Lord's song in a strange land!

  190. The majesty of the consuls was insufficient to preserve order, and while the discord was rapidly increasing horsemen rushed into the gates announcing that an enemy was actually upon them, marching to besiege the city.

  191. The watchful warrior bent his head, And shunned the coming stroke; Upon his taper spear it fell, And all to shivers broke.

  192. So the day passed, and when the twilight came He woke to find the chapel all aflame, And, dumb with grateful wonder, to behold Upon the altar candlesticks of gold!

  193. At the head of the Adriatic Sea an Aryan troop had divided, sending down into the eastern peninsula the ancestors of the Greeks, and into the western peninsula the train destined to establish upon the seven hills the power of Rome.

  194. Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth: 6.

  195. There they lay, six very fair-looking cigars, not too pointed and not too stubby, all in a row in front of him upon the table.

  196. I counted upon these things when I took the chances.

  197. Do you actually propose to appear upon the public stage attired in a pair of knickerbockers?

  198. I imagine that Mr Hollis perceived that there was something on my countenance which made it desirable to throw light upon words which distinctly needed it.

  199. Pretty steep bit here," said a man upon my left.

  200. He already had his hand upon the sash, to throw it open, when he changed his mind.

  201. The next day you come again upon prison rations, eked out, if you choose, with what is left of your own supplies.

  202. She exclaimed at the sight of her cousin lying so still upon the floor.

  203. You have laid the hands of violence not only upon a much older man than yourself, and one who is your own flesh and blood, but also upon a priest of God.

  204. Stretching out the mattress upon the wooden frame, you endeavour to digest the circumstances of your situation and the prospect of such a dietary.

  205. Although he did not say so, the Master appeared to think that it might be advisable that he also should keep an eye upon the stag.

  206. But in view of that old man's malicious glance, and with a suspicion flashing through my brain that some of the other men were grinning, I did not feel called upon to admit it.

  207. The responsibility which Philipson was desirous that we should assume was not, however, forced upon us.

  208. The only ornaments upon the festive board are skeletons, cross-bones, and skulls.

  209. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "upon" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    about; above; against; attend; chore; concerning; drudge; help; hereby; herewith; opposite; over; per; regarding; respecting; serve; tend; thereby; through; touching; toward; upon; valet; versus; wait; wherefore; whereupon; with

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    upon account; upon another; upon being; upon conviction; upon earth; upon entering; upon every; upon examination; upon hearing; upon her; upon him; upon himself; upon his; upon one; upon our; upon pain; upon receipt; upon reflection; upon some; upon that; upon the; upon the other hand; upon thee; upon them; upon what; upon which