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  1. A valet of the Abbe Porto Carero having a bad horse, and not being able to get on so quick as his master, stayed two relays behind, and met on his way the ordinary courier from Poitiers.

  2. When the valet heard this he instantly took a fresh horse, and, instead of following his master, he came back full gallop to Paris.

  3. At four in the afternoon I received a note from the valet to the effect that he had heard from his master, and that the latter would be with me the following morning.

  4. I accordingly framed a message for the valet to send in his own name, and this I--still in bed--requested him to dispatch.

  5. There were days when Pasquale felt out of sorts and indisposed, and since it was the orders of his medical man that he should be soothed and not opposed at such periods, the valet made no intrusion on his privacy then.

  6. I noticed that Pasquale had brought back a French valet with him from Paris, a tall, muscular and rather forbidding man in appearance, with the stamp of the army or police about his square shoulders, stiff neck and mechanical step.

  7. There was fire in the master’s eye, but the well-trained valet answered with stoical calm.

  8. As I left my apartments with my friend, I caught sight of his valet standing at the entrance to the adjoining house.

  9. At the end of the third week of search Pasquale’s valet called to explain that his master had suddenly been summoned abroad to a family council, but that his absence would probably not extend beyond a week.

  10. I thought that in a gentle and careless way I would hint to my friend that however faithful a valet or detective Jacques might be, something less like a cast-iron sphinx would better meet the exigencies of ordinary life.

  11. Well, sir,” replied the valet with much deference, “most gentlemen wear knickerbockers and lacing boots in the morning when they are going shooting.

  12. A knock at the door, and his valet came in, and walked close up to the bed.

  13. Yet he would have to get into that bed and pretend that he had slept in it, before his valet came into the room at half-past seven.

  14. Don Juan rang the bell for his valet to fetch him a fur-lined overcoat, and I told the waiter to tell my man Brooks to bring mine.

  15. It was like this, sir: when I left the army I was taken as valet by the Dook of Birmingham; his brother had been an officer in my old regiment, and I had been his servant.

  16. At the very moment I was asking myself if some treachery was not at work around us, I was joined by my valet Cecilio.

  17. Unfortunately, there was a question of wages between the valet and his master which the gift of a foundered horse, fit only for the knackers, could scarcely cover.

  18. According to a habit common enough in Mexico, Cecilio never stirred abroad without being provided with a pack of cards; and master and valet sat down, face to face, beneath a clump of trees on the off side of the road.

  19. My valet Cecilio waited on me with as much impatience as curiosity in his countenance.

  20. Don Jaime had thought that I might be able to accompany them, leaving my valet at the venta, while we accommodated ourselves with his horse.

  21. He told me, that he was come in the King's Name to arrest me, and that he had Orders to commit me to the Citadel, together with my Valet de Chambre.

  22. Upon this he order'd Paper to be given me; and I wrote in short to my Landlady at Paris, by the Name of a Valet de Chambre, whom I left there when I came away.

  23. I said, That I was a German, that I had been the Valet de Chambre of a German Nobleman, who dy'd at Paris, and that I was returning from thence Homewards.

  24. Two Days after this my Valet de Chambre was set at Liberty, and had Leave to attend me.

  25. THE company retired, Camillus said, He meant to write before he went to bed, And told his valet he might go to rest A lucky circumstance, it is confessed.

  26. While the gardener shuffled away to play valet to his flowers, Persis stood irresolute.

  27. He had once organized a campaign against a decision of the court sentencing a valet to the penitentiary, and kept it up until the prison gates were opened and the man gained an opportunity to tell his story anew.

  28. He was glad that there was no valet to unpack his things, for he was afraid that his secret wardrobe might not pass such experienced inspection.

  29. As I passed the housekeeper's room I heard the valet say: 'What!

  30. His valet was put to sleep in the tapestry chamber.

  31. Monseigneur is much engaged, said a kind of valet de chambre with a sneaking look; I don't think he can receive you.

  32. Monsieur Fortin was accustomed to say that no one is a great man to his valet de chambre; and I add, that no one is a saint to his cook.

  33. A valet called him back, and Gaudinet, after bringing out the little girl, introduced him to Monseigneur's presence.

  34. His head was still in a maze; he remembered nothing after drinking the glass of wine which Lepage the valet had given him.

  35. The valet wore an even unusually demure and uninterested expression.

  36. His first duty was to open communications with Lepage and arrange that the valet should send to him all the information which came to his ears, and any impressions which he was able to gather in the Palace.

  37. Then the King, having refreshed himself with a draught which his valet Lepage brought him, turned to his most pleasing task.

  38. Ten minutes before, the valet had ridden up to the city gates, waving his handkerchief above his head.

  39. General Schmitz has a valet who has a wife, and this wife is a German.

  40. He was looking it over when the valet came in, telling me that Madame F---- desired to see me.

  41. He came to offer me the services of his young brother Petronio during my stay in Ancona, instead of my engaging a valet de place.

  42. I had been with him only a few minutes when his valet brought a letter saying that Madame F----'s adjutant was waiting for an answer.

  43. Here I am appointed lover and valet in one," thought Julien, and he bowed, amused himself by wrinkling his face up like Arsene, the old valet of the marquis.

  44. Finally as the silence continued he looked at her, like a valet looking at his master to receive orders.

  45. At that moment a valet offered Julien some Rhine wine in a green glass and Madame Valenod made a point of asking him to note that this wine cost nine francs a bottle in the market.

  46. He would not be sorry if I were to spare his valet the trouble of killing me.

  47. The valet added in a low voice, as he walked by Julien's side, "He is beside himself: look out!

  48. One day Madame de Renal was giving an order to her husband's valet who was Julien's enemy.

  49. She heard her husband speaking to the valet in Julien's very room.

  50. Save my life," said Julien to Madame de Renal; "only you can do it, for you know that the valet hates me desperately.

  51. It was in the midst of the ecstasies of the most reinless ambition that he was surprised by the arrival of a young valet from the Hotel de la Mole, who had come with a letter.

  52. In all of them, except the Negromante, we have a sub-plot which brings a tricksy valet into play.

  53. The first thing, master, is to send the Spanish valet away; that you must do, and therein lies our chance.

  54. He had hardly done so when the cloaked figure of the valet came out from behind a buttress.

  55. Out of it jumped that bully-rook John Shelton, and close behind him the Spanish valet Torrome, that is the King's private servant.

  56. It is all right," the valet said, in French.

  57. He connected it at once with the appearance of Shelton and the valet at the end of the tourney, but it was not his business.

  58. I was told at high noon yesterday that a girl was to be sent here, that Sir John and the valet of His Highness would bring her.

  59. At the hotel he found the French valet setting forth a shirt.

  60. You can leave us," said Philip to the valet in French.

  61. He was about to leave the room for the purpose, when the valet said: "Another portmanteau has arrived for monsieur.

  62. His portmanteau followed quickly, and a valet entered.

  63. My uncle had taken into his service a valet named Narcisse, the queerest individual possible; he had been a domestic in my grandfather's house, and his drollery as well as his zeal prompted my uncle to engage him.

  64. So we left our room and went down the stairway, hot on the trail of the slippery valet from Venice.

  65. I was valet to a prominent banker in Venice.

  66. The Italian valet we examined first accused you of having stolen the Earl's precious heirlooms.

  67. And Holmes flourished his revolver at the valet again.

  68. In a moment the other valet confronted us.

  69. The valet looked like Mephistopheles, as he glanced around with a triumphant expression on his swarthy face, and left the room.

  70. The intervening rooms were occupied by his valet and her maid.

  71. He had engaged him on the count's recommendation, after dismissing his English valet on the instant for, as he thought, trying to learn more than he ought to know from his correspondence.

  72. He then retired, and on leaving the asylum I heard him ask the governor if he would allow himself and his “valet de sham” to stay a few weeks in the place, promising to pay all dues and demands.

  73. I remember accompanying him as “valet de sham”—as the old gentleman was pleased to style me to inquiring friends—to Wakefield.

  74. Don't do any of the many things which belong to that life of self-indulgence of which the keeping of a valet in college is a flaring illustration.

  75. The valet then went to the duke's room, which looked upon the garden and communicated with the dressing-room of the duchess by a balcony and window as well as by the door.

  76. The day before the one chosen for the attempt, two English gentlemen, probably by a previous understanding, had visited the prisoner, and he asked one of them to lend his passport to the valet Thélin.

  77. At once the valet and the concierge ran for the police, for members of the family, and for a doctor.

  78. The valet ran for the nearest water at hand, and abruptly entered the duke's dressing-room.

  79. He had made his valet the night before pack the linen and other necessaries for a long absence, and now he was going away, leaving as his temporary address Fontainebleau post-office.

  80. When his valet brought in his mail he would look for an envelope bearing the longed-for handwriting, and when he recognized it an involuntary emotion would arise in him, succeeded by a beating of the heart.

  81. At length the valet brought an iron bar, and we forced the door.

  82. Froeber took upon himself to send the Count's valet to knock at his master's door.

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