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Example sentences for "bringing"

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bringer; bringers; bringest; bringeth; bringin; bringinge; brings; bringt; brinish; brink
  1. To one of our ordinary festivities, where he was the life and soul of his own mess, Pinkerton himself came incognito, bringing the algebraist on his arm.

  2. Nay, and the picnics were the means, although indirectly, of bringing me a singular windfall.

  3. Of course we lost no time in lighting a fire and bringing our horses.

  4. The earth was shaken and rent asunder; the waters ceased to flow in the rivers, and large streams of fire and burning sulphur rolled down from the mountains, bringing with them terror and death.

  5. But then it might happen to one of us," retorted Bobolink; "and as a wise general I hope you've thought of bringing a gallon or two of strong drink along.

  6. He even showed the boys how this could be done, without, of course, bringing into play the roughest part of the rescue act.

  7. So far as our saving the world is concerned and our bringing in the Kingdom of love and peace, which Christ came to establish, does not the war write in flaming judgment against us, "Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting"?

  8. In the meetings this week he turned to Christ and has been working right and left bringing in others ever since.

  9. Some day the manœuvres which led to the destruction of the German Pacific squadron will be described by an expert, and the world will know what part the Australia played in bringing about that desired consummation.

  10. For two months the slightest sign of any diminution of that force was the signal for a demonstration by the Anzacs, which at least had the effect of bringing the Turks back to the trenches they are so anxious to vacate.

  11. Narrow was my dwelling for them, Homes they builded o’er the ocean, Yet they leave all for me, Hearing their Mother calling, Bringing their lives for me.

  12. As all wanted the honor of bringing down the mink, Shep and Snap fired at one and Whopper and Giant at the other.

  13. The mill was a good half mile from the orchard, but the boys were all good runners and covered the distance in a few minutes, Shep and Snap arriving there first and little Giant bringing up the rear, with a face as red as a beet.

  14. Some men were bringing out a line of hose, which was presently attached to the engine of the mill itself.

  15. The bringing down of this game served to raise their spirits a bit, but they still felt decidedly sore whenever they thought of the deer.

  16. Even if Shep did go after them we may as well do our share toward bringing some of 'em down.

  17. Up the shore Shep saw some rabbits, and went after them with his shotgun, bringing down a pair that promised good eating.

  18. The arrow fell near the base of the pole bringing the right wing with it.

  19. The miners brought him all the emeralds they could find, because this was the happiness-bringing stone.

  20. We will bring you food in the morning," they said, and at daybreak they appeared again bringing plenty of fish, roots and fruits.

  21. I begin by bringing the Golden Hearted from an island in the east, the Tlapalla, from whence he came, and to which he returned in the legend.

  22. For several years before Columbus arrived the priests and wise men had been prophesying that the Golden Hearted was soon to return, that the sun was bringing him back, accompanied by companions like himself, who would rule over them.

  23. So I'm bringing it along in case I meet him.

  24. Is there any recipe in the French books for bringing shot princesses to life?

  25. Each moment, as it passes rapidly over us, we know is bringing us nearer to that period, when all our hopes and fears for this world shall lie with us in the grave.

  26. First came the beavers, each bringing a present of a lump of clay on his flat tail.

  27. Then bringing his war-club down, he struck a tree, and it fell as if hit by lightning.

  28. In a few days he returned, bringing a beautiful maiden with him.

  29. Next came the otters, each bringing a large fish in his mouth.

  30. Girby then swam backwards and forwards to the vessel fifteen times, bringing someone with him to shore each time.

  31. His trousers luckily came off clear, and he swam to the surface, bringing the drowning man with him.

  32. When membership becomes a business, bringing in say £6 a week, the charm will be gone.

  33. With it should disappear the consequent wanton waste of time involved in members bodily bringing in their Bills, a performance that appropriated nearly half the sitting on the second day of the Session.

  34. When a private member has in charge a Bill or resolution, much depends on the opportunity he secures for bringing it forward.

  35. Sam Underhill was the only man I knew capable of bringing this about.

  36. If he does, trust to my bringing him to order.

  37. He telegraphed for me, and I went West to assist him in bringing home the remains of his young wife.

  38. The odour of prussic acid thus communicated to it came near bringing his favourite young master into jeopardy.

  39. It was evident to those on board of the Josephine that there was some reason for the delay of the boat in not bringing off the survivors of the wreck.

  40. I have used so many similes that I must apologise for bringing in one more.

  41. He used an attack of Russia upon Turkey as an excuse for bringing about the Crimean war in which England and France combined against the Tsar on behalf of the Sultan.

  42. He snicked his first ball for a single, bringing the novelist to the fore again, and Samuel Wilberforce Gosling vowed a vow that he would dismiss that distinguished novelist.

  43. Incogniti came down, bringing seasoned county men who knew what fast bowling really was, and rather preferred it on the whole to slow, then Gethryn was called upon.

  44. But the On Leon Tong knew, and the Four Brothers knew, and both sides began bringing in their hatchet-men.

  45. She likewise recognized and understood, as only a mother can do, the complex character of her son, and she foresaw the effects that were likely to be achieved by bringing the two men once more into communication with each other.

  46. But every year since the fall of Bismarck has had the effect of bringing the mother and the son nearer to each other.

  47. Which was a worthy thought, and he saw for himself great gains in bringing to the doors of rich and poor alike the water from the wells.

  48. The path down the mountain-side is empty, except for the men with the great umbrella hats and capes of straw, bringing the vegetables to the monastery below.

  49. She yearns to tell him that a man knows how to spend a million pieces of money in marrying off his daughter, but knows not how to spend a hundred thousand in bringing up his child.

  50. His mother feared that a spire would be placed upon its rooftree that would intercept the good spirits of the air from bringing directly to her family rooftree the blessings from the temple.

  51. These secret plottings, like the weeds that thrust their roots deep into the rice-fields, cannot be taken out without bringing with them some grain, and many an innocent family is now suffering for the hot-headedness of its youth.

  52. Ting-fang has been bringing home with him lately the son of Wong Kai-kia, a young man who has been educated abroad, I think in Germany.

  53. By means of stimulants I succeeded in bringing her around, however, and she recovered.

  54. But the slow murders, one by one, bringing the family estate nearer and nearer--they were done by one who hoped to throw the blame on Dr.

  55. Here the picot is made by bringing the thread out through the loop and beginning the buttonhole stitches, 4 or 5 in number, according to the size of the thread, quite close to the pin, so that they entirely cover the loop.

  56. For a triple treble, twist the cotton three times round the needle, for a quadruple one, four times, then form the treble in the usual way by bringing the needle through two of the loops at a time.

  57. She could not get rid of the idea that the enchantment had threatened to punish both of them, the mother and son, who were bringing shame on the home.

  58. A horse for the doctor was quickly forthcoming, and he rode out of Mostyn in the company of his escort, just as the cart which was bringing the weekly mail entered the town.

  59. You never know what hornets' nest you're bringing about your ears.

  60. There seems to be some sort of consolation about figuring out just what share luck had in bringing about disaster.

  61. Jack overtook his man, and made a beautiful tackle, bringing Oldsmith to the ground just in time to prevent him from scoring his touchdown.

  62. The nesters are shipping in more stock--I heard in town that they're bringing in all they can rustle, thinkin' the stock will pay big money while the claims are getting ready to produce.

  63. These are bona fide settlers we are bringing in; men and women whose sole object is to make homes for themselves.

  64. They had already talked over a tentative plan of bringing water to their desert claims, and had ridden over the bench-land for two days, with the plat at hand for reference, that they might be sure of choosing their claims wisely.

  65. Some of the boys have run across him by this time, most likely, and are bringing him in.

  66. That is, they look with favor upon bringing settlers into the country.

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