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  1. The coping has been badly cemented, and a crack extends from the upper right-hand corner to the base of the plinth, right across the inscription.

  2. If politics be indeed that base thing connoted by the term "drift of public affairs," then the axiom rests on wisdom after all.

  3. Sometimes he consciously expounds it; oftener he leaves you to seek and find it, but always (I believe) you will find this happy hope in youth at the base of everything he writes.

  4. It is all cant, my friends--nothing but cant; and at its base lies the old dispute between principle and casuistry.

  5. This is the second time that he has wilfully deceived me; and this time he has involved others too in his base deceit.

  6. No," he thought; "bad I may be, but I could not have done such a base and cowardly trick.

  7. And it was that fellow, that stupid, clumsy, base compound of meanness and malice, that had ruled like a king among them.

  8. Does it not look as if Hood was going to attempt the invasion of Middle Tennessee, using the Mobile and Ohio and Memphis and Charleston roads to supply his base on the Tennessee River, about Florence or Decatur?

  9. By the other route Brandy Station can be used as a base of supplies until another is secured on the York or James rivers.

  10. We had intended to abandon it because the James River had now become our base of supplies.

  11. Smith moved along the east base of Missionary Ridge; Loomis along the west base, supported by two brigades of John E.

  12. Halleck informed Sheridan that it was my wish for him to hold a forward position as a base from which to act against Charlottesville and Gordonsville; that he should fortify this position and provision it.

  13. He said that it was an axiom in war that when any great body of troops moved against an enemy they should do so from a base of supplies, which they would guard as they would the apple of the eye, etc.

  14. As he had no base of supplies until the road could be completed back to Nashville, the first matter to consider after protecting his men was the getting in of food and forage from the surrounding country.

  15. On the night of the 24th his division, having crossed with Sherman, occupied our extreme left from the upper bridge over the plain to the north base of Missionary Ridge.

  16. He had no base of supplies to protect, but was at home wherever he went.

  17. As soon as a wagon was empty it would return to the base of supply for a load of precisely the same article that had been taken from it.

  18. I also asked Halleck to secure the cooperation of the navy in changing our base of supplies from Fredericksburg to Port Royal, on the Rappahannock.

  19. If the entire plant comes complete on one base, all that is necessary is to bolt the base securely to the floor, which should be as nearly level as possible.

  20. Surrounding the filament but not touching it is a helix of wire, only one end of which is brought out to a terminal in the base of the bulb.

  21. The plate has one terminal in the base of the bulb.

  22. In the center of the bulb is a short tungsten filament, the ends of which are brought out to two terminals in the base of the bulb.

  23. That principle lay at the base of our institutions; it was illustrated in all the achievements of our past; it, and it alone, would enable us in safety to go on and extend our institutions into new regions.

  24. The Indian village occupied a lovely situation at the base of a gentle hill or rising ground, the summit of which was clothed with luxuriant trees and shrubs.

  25. The Great Oolite Series has at the base the Upper Estuarine clays; in the middle, the Great Oolite limestone, which forms the escarpment of Alwalton Lynch; and at the top, the Great Oolite clay.

  26. The uppermost of these extends from the south-eastern base of the Adirondack Mountains to the northern portal of the Highlands in Dutchess and Ulster counties.

  27. Addison, who did much to clean it of mere nastiness, gives an excellent example of the base use of the word in his day.

  28. The presence of a base contagious cloud is painfully felt in the so-called humorous literature of England till the 18th century.

  29. It wanted still some miles of the spot in which Habti Mariam had resolved to encamp, near the borders of the Muttahara lake, whose placid surface, not less than two miles across, extended almost to the base of Fantali.

  30. Supported from the base to the utmost summit by artificial terraces, and clothed with the most luxuriant cultivation, there were parts over which it seemed hardly possible that the plough should have passed at so great an angle.

  31. A bare alluvial plain, skirting the base of the Koomi range, led to a few acacia trees of larger growth than had heretofore been seen.

  32. From the base of the trunk, and about treble its diameter, a very round thick substance is protruded, of a nature between bark and wood.

  33. As for the village properly so called, it is situated below, at the base of the plateau.

  34. He was in some ten or fifteen feet of water, at the base of the cliff, which was here very steep, and at the very spot where Torres had disappeared.

  35. As for the two young fellows and Minha, they were walking up and down in company with Padre Passanha, and from time to time the lady stopped and watered the plants which were placed about the base of the dwelling-house.

  36. The boats approached the bank, and the Indians, furnished with long poles, began to sound every part of the river at the base of the bluff which had served for the scene of combat.

  37. As this dam will have to hold back five hundred acres of water, containing 7800 million gallons of water, its base has been made as wide as its height.

  38. When this huge pile of loose stones and rubble more than a mile long, rising from a broad base at the bottom of the sea, had been formed into a close mass by the action of the waves, a coating of masonry was laid over them.

  39. These are indicated by the appearance of a pair of tiny buds on each side of the base of the tail; day by day they grow longer and longer, and finally assume the form of the hind-leg of the adult.

  40. A rivulet, spanned by a cranky bridge, swept round the base of the hill to the left, and down the centre of the village street, till it found its way into the sea at the harbour.

  41. Nearly the whole of the space between the base of these cliffs is taken up by the river itself, though for several miles a sufficiently wide ledge was found to lay the rails upon, just out of reach of the roaring torrent of water.

  42. The grey, crumbling stones seemed to spread its heat, and the grass at their base seemed withered and brown.

  43. The broader base helps to prevent the bridge see-sawing when a heavy train goes over it, and it is further assisted by the landward ends of the other two cantilevers being heavily loaded.

  44. A search finally disclosed, at the base of the ridge on our right, a single possible passage.

  45. When the dam was finally completed, it was approximately eight feet wide on the base and stood four feet high.

  46. If their subway is choked with ice, and food becomes exhausted, they will sometimes bore holes through the base of the dam.

  47. From the river a crescent-shaped canal, about thirty-five feet in length, had been dug halfway around the base of the house.

  48. Up and down this basin are groups of fine parti-coloured houses, all with a certain well-kept and prosperous air, with nothing of the sordid or base aspect about them, such as one sees on so many watersides.

  49. Near by, on a rocky promontory, with a base so firm that all the winds of the four quarters could never shake its foundations, is the significantly named village of Ventabren.

  50. The mass of loose rock fragments that accumulates at the base of a cliff or steep slope.

  51. That the mountain top sank rather than exploded is proved by the absence of volcanic d├ębris over the sides and base of the mountain.

  52. They constitute a complex lot of crystalline metamorphic rocks, combining certain characteristics which lie below the base of the determined sedimentary succession.

  53. This thrust faulting was accomplished before the development of the geologically recent normal fault along the western base of the range.

  54. A great fault also extends along the eastern base of the great Wasatch Range of Utah and the steep slope thousands of feet high is a fault scarp only slightly modified by erosion.

  55. Base level of erosion is reached when any stream has eroded to its greatest possible depth, and a whole region is said to be base-leveled when, by the action of streams, it has been reduced to a practically flat condition.

  56. The left flank swung forward and encircled the base of an imposing kopje.

  57. My dear General, look to the flattering addresses presented by the servile of all countries to the most base in power.

  58. Are these people so base as to be determined to force the squadron to mutiny?

  59. He had yet his nightcap on of hazy grey, but enough of the giant hill could be denoted that his base on that side was hewn away, facilitating the great track.

  60. These rows of pillars stand up the face of the cliff, which is 360 feet high, from the base of which three broad causeways extend, of honeycomb shape, nine hundred feet into the sea.

  61. She gathered the tallow drops together and dropped them in the base of the brass candle-stick.

  62. Practically all the two teams were heaped in a human haystack, from the base of which emerged a grinning blonde face.

  63. At baseball, the major sport of the year, he toiled incessantly, and when he was ten years old, he was pretty sure of his job at second base on the Hancock Avenue Orioles.

  64. This held his attention until Tiburcio, gaining courage, dashed past him from the rear and planted a musket ball behind the base of his ear, and the patriarch succumbed.

  65. After the first few days' work, we found that the most vulnerable spot was where the spinal cord connects with the base of the brain.

  66. It is for her to speak; it is for her to accomplish her work of base ingratitude; it is for her to give the last finishing stroke to the fabric she has secretly been laboring to build up for the last three years.

  67. It is by the same processes that we get most of our explanations of the world as we go through it, and most of the facts on which we base judgment and action.

  68. Our next step is to consider how we get the generalizations on which we base so much of our reasoning.

  69. A not uncommon form of faulty generalization is to base an argument on a mere enumeration of similar cases.

  70. The considerations upon which I base this conclusion are of the simplest possible character.

  71. This is one of the varieties in which the side of the leaf is bare at the base for a considerable distance.

  72. He followed them, and then drove them to where they could see the base of the cliff from whose top they had tumbled stones--and then run away.

  73. At some past flood-time the water had lapped at the base of the cliff along which Burl was strutting.

  74. It was the larval form of a beetle, fragments of whose armor could be seen near the base of the clayey cliffside.

  75. Built in the magnificent days of the neighborhood, by a senator of the United States, it had fallen to the base uses of machine workers on the lower and furnished lodgings on the upper floors.

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