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Example sentences for "fulsome"

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  1. I hardly have patience to consider the fulsome talk of the writers who print insincerities by the column year by year.

  2. Not so fulsome as some of the terms used a year later when Napoleon was made Emperor.

  3. What man of understanding but must have felt disgusted at such a fulsome panegyric, which has not so much as a word of truth to recommend it!

  4. The despicable figure which the king made at this period, and the fulsome flatteries bestowed upon him by the Irish people, did not escape the keen penetration of the illustrious and patriotic Lord Byron.

  5. He devoted his energies to writing a book in fulsome eulogy of a notorious negro which had made him famous in the North.

  6. He that brings fulsome objects to my view, As many old have done, and many new, With nauseous images my fancy fills, And all goes down like oxymel of squills.

  7. I have met some one at last whom I feel I can trust, I, who have come to distrust everybody and everything, thanks to the fulsome flattery of those around me.

  8. So fulsome is their food, that flocks refuse To bite, and only dogs for physic use.

  9. Vain was the filleted victim, the fulsome libation!

  10. In one of his dedicatory epistles, after alluding to the likelihood of that prince reading the work, he, in a vein of fulsome compliment and impudent conceit, complains of neglect from friends, and hints at a visit to Urbino.

  11. Still more is said in a somewhat fulsome strain about the kindness and generosity of the Duke, and the usual eulogy of his literary tastes is naturally emphasised.

  12. Yet there are some signs of real feeling beneath this fulsome flattery, and the praise accorded the Duke for his interest in all study, especially that of the humanities, rings true.

  13. To utter with a grimace or contemptuous expression; to utter with a sneer; to say sneeringly; as, to sneer fulsome lies at a person.

  14. The longspun allegories fulsome grow, While the dull moral lies too plain below.

  15. And lest the fulsome artifice should fail Themselves will hide its coarseness with a veil.

  16. If it be ought to the old tune my Lord, It is as fat and fulsome to mine eare As howling after Musicke Du.

  17. They aped a pompous bearing that sat with singularly bad grace upon a vanquished people, and the affectation which at first loaded their language with fulsome epithets, soon corrupted their writings by elaborate adulation.

  18. This fulsome trash is no unfair specimen of such compositions.

  19. The language of the world sounds fulsome to tastes refined by the sweets of affection.

  20. But your frank and kind epistle precludes fulsome apologies, which; though sometimes necessary, I esteem, at best, but a drug in letters.

  21. I could distinguish that which you merited from the fulsome eulogy which was uttered through politeness.

  22. He worshipped the sovereign as a superior being, erected him into a god, lavished the most fulsome flattery on him, declaring that Louis by his wisdom, wit, greatness and majesty took rank as a divinity.

  23. His abject and supple-backed courtiers offered him incense and dosed him with the most fulsome flattery.

  24. Clement Marot, the renowned poet, was committed to the Chatelet at the instance of the beautiful Diane de Poitiers for continually inditing fulsome verses in her praise.

  25. Everett, Edward, his address to Jackson condemned as fulsome by Adams, 242.

  26. The idea of either of those gentlemen looking out for some lord who would be likely to give him a few guineas in return for a fulsome dedication seems laughably incongruous.

  27. Letters full of affection, humility, and fulsome flattery were interchanged between the friends, But the first ardour of affection could not last.

  28. He still held to the theory that flattery was the most available weapon, though he saw he could employ it no longer in the form of fulsome and outspoken compliment.

  29. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fulsome" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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