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Example sentences for "depraved"

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  1. August nights especially are irresistible, and I imagine no one, unless somebody depraved by wicked deeds and thoughts, or a born idiot, can fail to understand and acknowledge the effect.

  2. He was more crafty than ambitious, more depraved than naturally wicked," says M.

  3. This sense likewise sometimes becomes depraved from a diseased state of the brain and nerves.

  4. The natives of this place are Pagans, in the most depraved condition, and know nothing of Mahommedanism, nor any other creed.

  5. I vouch I'll make him abandon that idiotic frame of mind and that depraved language.

  6. The consequence is, that the working-men have become demoralized; they think of nothing but work, or rather of the means by which they may procure that which will enable them to minister to their depraved appetites.

  7. His father was a tinker, and the son followed the same calling, which necessarily brought him into association with the lowest and most depraved classes of English society.

  8. She had made a god of her brother; now, in her eyes, he was depraved through the exercise of his noblest faculties; he was wallowing in the mire.

  9. But let us speak no longer of the woman who must be, for all her life, the victim of a brutal and depraved husband, and speak of Jeanne Duport's brother.

  10. This female, lovely in person as depraved in mind, as fascinating as dangerous, had reached Paris the preceding evening, and had received the most minute instructions from Baron de Grauen.

  11. I ask you that you shall not drive us back to beg our rights at the feet of the most ignorant and depraved men of the nation, but that you, the representative men of the nation, will hold the question in the hollow of your hands.

  12. But unfortunately their manners and habits became relaxed and depraved in proportion as they advanced in affluence and prosperity.

  13. By reading his bible, he found that the ideas of his God were more cruel and brutal than those of the most depraved savage.

  14. With profligates, publicans were joined as depraved and contemptible.

  15. At bottom, he felt a certain ambiguous respect for his governor's exaggerated dislike of women, as if that horror of feminine presence were a sort of depraved morality; but still morality, since he counted it as an advantage.

  16. It is an infallible law of our nature that the mind, not less than the body, becomes depraved by an impure diet.

  17. While a resident in Halle he established an inn in the suburbs of the city where his depraved nature was permitted to indulge in those nameless liberties unbecoming, not only the theologian, but the rational man.

  18. Neither do they wish to know anything save what may harmonize with their own depraved views.

  19. Even the most depraved are not beyond such help.

  20. So you are not required to be frank, open-hearted, and sociable with villains and blacklegs, the depraved and licentious.

  21. We have an example of the way in which he frequently sought to curb the mischief, in his quarrel with Hans Metzsch, the depraved Commandant of Wittenberg, whom he excluded from the Supper.

  22. The result is that we are now for the most part merely Christians in name, but, so far as works are concerned, more depraved and wicked than even Jews or Turks.

  23. How could any person be so depraved in taste as to believe it other than a misnomer!

  24. These instances are of great value, because they excite and keep alive inquiry, and correct an understanding depraved by habit and the common course of things.

  25. The idols of the theatre are not innate, nor do they introduce themselves secretly into the understanding, but they are manifestly instilled and cherished by the fictions of theories and depraved rules of demonstration.

  26. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "depraved" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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