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  1. These were all important points to the enemy by reason of their railroad connections, as depots of supplies, and because of their manufactories of war material.

  2. The bringing into the District of Columbia of persons held to labor or service for sale, or placing them in depots to be afterwards transferred to other places for sale as merchandise, is prohibited.

  3. There will be depots all along these lines.

  4. The bringing into the District of Columbia of persons held to labor or service for sale, or placing them in depots to be afterwards transferred to other places as merchandise, is prohibited.

  5. The bringing into the District of Columbia of persons held to labor or service, for sale, or placing them in depots to be afterwards transferred to other places for sale as merchandise, is prohibited.

  6. On the 30th he ordered General Wheeler to organize a force of his effective mounts, cross the river, and ride against the railway and such depots and supply-trains as he could reach.

  7. Your railroads and other means of transportation are removing supplies to the depots of such troops.

  8. He is accumulating near Hatcher's Run depots of supplies, and apparently concentrating a strong force in that quarter.

  9. After the war, depots may be set up by Sanitary Authorities (only) for the sale of milk for infants at cost price.

  10. The difficulties of securing pure milk make it desirable to establish municipal depots for the supply of milk to expectant and nursing mothers and children.

  11. The great depots for building material exist principally in the mountain sections, but the plains on either side are not destitute in that particular.

  12. The ordnance depots at Monterey and San Francisco are under the charge of military store-keepers.

  13. Von Toll, moreover, thought it would be important to establish some depots of provisions on the New Siberian Islands, in case the Fram should meet with disaster and the expedition should be obliged to return home that way.

  14. These depots were arranged most carefully, and every precaution so well taken that we certainly should not have suffered from famine had we gone there.

  15. As he advances far from his primitive base, he forms new depots and lines of magazines.

  16. Maritime arsenals and depots of naval and military stores on the sea-coast are more particularly exposed to capture and destruction.

  17. All depots of provisions and other supplies for an army are denominated magazines; these are divided into principal, secondary, and provisional.

  18. By the time the main army arrives the reconnoissance will be sufficiently complete to enable the chief engineer to lay before the general the outline of his plan of attack, so as to establish the position of his depots and camp.

  19. The immense daily receipts at these great depots demand immense warehouse and elevator facilities.

  20. But by far the greatest imposition is practiced at the great grain depots at Chicago, New York, and other cities.

  21. How many depots would be required in New York City?

  22. Additional supplies were thereafter cached, in depots about one degree apart, to be used on the return trip.

  23. The towns had to be made the centres of relief and the depots of provisions; and yet the towns were not suffering from famine or fever but only from penury.

  24. Certain houses near these depots had always fever in them, dysentery was frequent, and Exchange-lane never free from it[491].

  25. At length it was found practicable to set up depots of provisions in country places, and the crowd of strangers left Galway.

  26. Besides guarding against thefts of valuable freight while in transit, patrons at the crowded stations and depots must be protected so far as possible from the operations of pickpockets, swindlers and baggage thieves.

  27. They made these trips to the depots between midnight and 5 a.

  28. By detailing secret detectives to work with employees, both in the depots and on trains, I have uncovered many thefts.

  29. There was a great deal of trouble in properly distributing supplies, the rush at the depots being as great as at any time since they were opened.

  30. At Galveston their wharves, warehouses, depots and tracks were ruined.

  31. He went to one of the depots and fortunately found a train leaving toward Galveston.

  32. As fast as goods or provisions arrived from the mainland they were placed in the central warehouse, from which the different ward chairmen requisitioned them, and they were taken to supply depots in the different wards.

  33. During August 1945 Granger visited some twenty continental installations for Forrestal, including large depots and naval stations on the west coast, the Great Lakes Training Center, and bases and air stations in the south.

  34. Like the stewards before them, the security guards at closed naval installations and ammunition depots found themselves in assignments increasingly viewed as "colored" jobs.

  35. The bureau also began to attack the concentration of Negroes in ammunition depots and base companies.

  36. It is easily reached from the railroad depots by the Exchange and Main Street car lines (see map on last page of this book).

  37. The food depots are by far the most successful undertaking of the Government.

  38. Were it not for these food depots there would be many thousands of people who would starve because they could not buy and cook such nourishing food for the price the city asks.

  39. We are absolutely dependent on our depots to get off the Plateau alive, and so welcome the lovely little cairns gladly.

  40. Every detail of our food supplies, clothing, and depots made on the interior ice sheet and over that long stretch of 700 miles to the Pole and back worked out to perfection.

  41. The collections and specimens were carefully stowed in our holds, and then we took the ship to Cape Royds and Granite Harbour, where geological depots had been made by Priestley, Taylor, and Debenham.

  42. Practically all warehouses, supply depots and regulating stations must be provided by fresh constructions.

  43. When the remaining men of the Reserve and Territorial armies were summoned to the depots they were available to maintain the field army at full strength.

  44. All stores and depots in the evacuated places were destroyed.

  45. On the twenty-sixth of August he fell like a thunderbolt upon Pope's depots at Manassas and captured them.

  46. As soon as Jackson's descent upon his supply depots was made known to him, he abandoned his position on the Rappahannock and fell back to try conclusions on the historic field of Manassas.

  47. He detached Jackson, sending him with a strong force to march around Bull Run Mountain, cross through Thoroughfare Gap, and threaten Pope's depots at Manassas and his lines of communication north and south of that now historic point.

  48. Fredericton and the Great Falls would always, from their situation, be the natural depots for troops, stores, &c.

  49. The express office and freight depots began filling up until within two weeks we were compelled to open large supply rooms, which were generously tendered to the use of the Red Cross.

  50. Depots of supplies were moved from place to place as exigencies demanded.

  51. In 1868 there were in Geneva alone five depots where were accumulated one thousand two hundred and twenty-eight shirts, besides hosiery, bandages, lint, etc.

  52. In Paris ambulances were stationed at the railroad depots to pick up the wounded, and a bureau of information was created for soldiers' families.

  53. In other countries the supplies remaining after wars were gathered in depots and were added to abundantly.

  54. There are Ninety-eight Depots on the Company's Railway, giving about one every seven miles.

  55. The longest trip, taken in the following September, was arranged for, food depots being established as far to the south as the stores could be conveyed.

  56. In their absence the remainder of the explorers were busily engaged in establishing food depots to the south, along the route they would be compelled to take in the event of a retreat being necessary.

  57. Thus it was that in laying the plans for this northerly trip they provided for a series of food depots and relief parties all along the route.

  58. But what days there were were spent in sending out carts and sledges with depots of provisions, which the parties of the next spring could use.

  59. Lieutenant Pim had been appointed in the autumn to the "Banks Land search," and had carried out his depots of provisions when the other officers took theirs.

  60. To extend those searches as much as possible, and to prepare the men for that work when it should come, advanced depots were now sent forward in the autumn, under the charge of the gentlemen who would have to use them in the spring.

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